Guides to Make FUT 14 Coins during TOTS

 FIFA 14 Ultimate Team TOTS Release Format Guides


Having talked about FIFA 14 Ultimate Team TOTS Release Format Guides, today we will introduce some ways of making PlayStation, Xbox and PC coins during TOTS pack openings!



TOTS Market Analysis



Supply and demand dictate a player’s price. When supply exceeds demand, prices fall, like when many packs are opened due to a pack offering and/or the star-studded TOTW/TOTY/TOTS. When demand exceeds supply, prices rise, like when packs aren’t opened due to a weak TOTW.



During TOTS, numerous packs become available and the supply of many non-IF/TOTS players increase, thus prices fall. Besides, lots of gamers will constantly undercut one another to make a few quick coins to open more packs, thus the market will crash.



In the coming weeks before TOTS buildup, regardless of whether there is a good TOTW, FUTers will avoid opening packs in anticipation for the TOTS. This MAY temporarily cause consumables to rise, and player prices to steadily fall. Since many gamers will follow advice and sell their players, thus increasing the supply, and lowering their prices, and gamers will sell their high-end superstars to accumulate coins to afford either a certain TOTS version or the specialty packs accompanied them. Most won’t sell their consumables as they need them for their teams, causing consumable prices to rise.



TOTS Coins Making/Saving Guides



First, gamers can sell mid-expensive players now or within the next week or so and play with a cheaper team. For example, holding out for a month or 6 weeks with a cheaper team to buy back desired team significantly cheaper during the market crash.



Second, for those who have an in-form that they believe will feature in the TOTS, sell him ASAP is the best choice. Because these in-forms will most likely drop in price due to their supply temporarily rising due to FUTers anticipation of their TOTS in-form releasing and desires of putting what will be the “inferior” in-form card on the Transfer Market.



Third, gamers can invest in consumables and players (primarily gold) that provide a lot of upside during the market crash. Some players’ prices will drop to a much larger extent than others. What gamers can do is to identify these players by experience or analyzing the market and pick them up when feeling they are at their cheapest. This mainly coincides with when most packs are being opened. Generally, the best time to invest in Gold superstar players is during the BPL TOTS week, the Bundesliga TOTS week and the BBVA TOTS week. These players will actually rebound after the TOTS releases end as there are still several weeks left before the EA release FIFA 15!

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