Futties Winner AlessandriniL, GKS Vote to end FUT 18

GKS Vote to end FUT 18

The penultimate FIFA 18 FUTTIES Winner and the final vote of the game’s lifecycle is here.

With the lowest rated of the three free “ballot” player items, it’s not surprising that LA Galaxy’s Romain Alessandrini is the second to last FUTTIES Winner. Its ratings though are just about enough to get you to put your fist through drywall should you come across it in the final Weekend League of FUT 18. 99 Pace, 86 Physical ensures one of the more OP super-subs of this past year’s game gets even more ridiculous. You can check out the full ratings for the 92 Alessandrini, and see what the SBC requirements for it are here.

And that brings us to the final vote of the year: the goalkeepers. Two of the three firmly represent FUT 18′s meta in their own right, while the last made for a nice perfect link to TOTY Bonucci until he was no longer a viable superteam option. Previous FUTTIES voting trends would suggest Bournemouth’s Asmir Begovic or AC Milan’s Gianluigi Donnarumma will be our winner, but you can’t rule out FIFA 18 demigod Ralf Fahrmann. The last FUTTIES Winner of 17/18 should be incoming Tuesday.

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