Today, we’ll be looking at the last Friday released Classic European Hero (read: unofficial icon) Arjen Robben.
This 94-rated item is a throw-back to his FIFA 15 TOTY item, which at the time, was almost game-breaking.
Robben’s in-game stats are truly one of a kind. The highlights include
99 acceleration, balance and dribbling,
98 sprint speed, long shots,
97 shot power and curve,
96 volleys, agility and ball control,
94 finishing, positioning and short passing,
I used the Marksman chemistry style on him, boosting his shooting, dribbling and physical stats.

Here are my stats with Robben:
Price: 550,000
Games: 7
Goals: 12
Assists: 3
Let’s get into the review.
Pace: 10/10
99 acceleration and 98 sprint speed, with 96 agility, 99 balance and 99 ball control — what did you expect? Possibly the fastest player I have ever used.
Shooting: 10/10
He can do everything. Inside the box, he can power it home, drive it past the keeper, or finesse it into the top corner. Outside the box, he can pull off across-the-body bangers, long range missiles, exceptional low-driven strikes, or the best finesse shots I’ve seen this year. Truly one of the best shooters I’ve ever seen.
Now, you might be wondering why I’m not penalizing him for having a two-star weak foot. Sure, it limits his abilities, but his left foot good enough to make up for it. As long as you have a yard of space for him to swing that left foot of his, he can score. And in all honesty, the weak foot wasn’t awful – from close range, he got the job done.
Passing: 9/10
I had absolutely no issues with his passing. His crossing was fantastic, his short passing reliable, and his curve is game-breaking. The reason he gets a 9/10 here is because of his 79 long passing. It didn’t cause any issues, but I was never confident enough to really try the hardest long passes. Also, his weak foot can hurt him here, since he can’t whip in crosses without having to cut in first.
Dribbling: 10/10
Unbelievable. Astounding. Perfect. With the marksman chemistry style, he has 99′s in all his stats here, and it feels like this. His dribbling is flawless — he can weave and turn and stop with ease, and do it all at top speed. He’s unbelievable on the ball.
Oh, and the 93 composure is stunning too.
Defending: N/A
He’s a winger — give him a break. But he’s fast enough to sneak up on defenders, and latch onto loose balls.
Physical: 8/10
He feels so strong in game, and his aggression is good enough to hold off a lot of players. He’s still going to get hammered by the Ferdinands and Ramos’s of the world, but he’s strong enough to hold his ground against full-backs and wide players. What hurts him here is his relatively low stamina — he’s pretty dead by the 80th minute — and his aggression can feel inconsistent at times.
Overall, this is a phenomenal player item. His pace, shooting and dribbling are second to none, and he feels incredible in game. He’s effective, and super enjoyable to use. The elephant in the room will be his two-star weak foot, but it didn’t really affect my experience with the item. He’s pretty expensive now, so I’d recommend waiting for the price to drop before getting him. But when that price drops, this is an item you cannot miss out on.
Rating: 9.5/10

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