FUT 20 Patch Title Update #11 OUT NOW all stages – MLS update, 24 new Star Heads and more

Title Update #10 was out only half a month prior, however Title Update #11 has just shown up!

The most recent FUT 20 fix was itemized on FUT Forums, in a post from EA people group director, EA GZaro.

Title Update #10 was a broad update, so Title Update #11 just has a couple of changes.

The update is currently accessible to download on all stages.



There has been one change and two issues tended to in FUT.


Made the accompanying FUT change

Player Bios now show Weak Foot and Skill Move stars in a similar request as the Player Item itself

Tended to the accompanying FUT issues

Dynamic Images were not adjusted accurately on the Player Item during a pack opening

Some of the time, interface components stalled out on the screen in the wake of utilizing the Compare Prices work


Career Mode

No progressions for Career Mode this time, however three issues have been settled.


Tended to the accompanying Career Mode issues

Clean Sheets were not tallied if the rival group scored a claim objective

Focal advances were now and then grumbling about being happened of position when put in the CF/ST/LS/RS space

Tended to uncommon examples of the Title surprisingly shutting when endeavoring to enter Career Mode or Tournaments



There’s one change and a few issues tended to for VOLTA in the new update.


Made the accompanying VOTLA change

Added capacity to skip Player of the Match cutscenes by holding the Skip button


Tended to the accompanying VOLTA issues

The player Avatar was not wearing the right garments in the New York and Buenos Aires story occasions

Some story occasions were not showing the fulfillment checkmark in spite of being done

Availability portrayal was wrong for VOLTA TOUR and RESET VOLTA STORY

Current area defaulted to Warehouse when returning VOLTA FOOTBALL following story finishing



There are two new visual increases and a visual issue settled.


Made the accompanying visual changes

Included 24 Star Heads

Discover increasingly about the new Star Heads here

Updates to various packs and arena promotion sheets

MLS update units and new groups


Tended to the accompanying visual issue

Coordinated shots would show a “Past the point of no return” message when performed with explicit late planning, paying little heed to Trainer settings

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