FUT 20: Icon Swaps – Top 7 Picks, Including Drogba, Wright and Gerrard

Symbol Swaps enable players in Ultimate Team to pound Objectives to win tokens that they can trade for certain Icon cards, basically for nothing.
So far there have been 12 tokens accessible to granulate, and with another arrangement of tokens set to be available to anyone from Friday, we set up together a rundown of the most elite decisions dependent on card details, and long haul convenience in your Ultimate Team.

Rio Ferdinand (OVR 85)
Stature: 189cm/6’2″
Position: CB
Nation: England
Best details: 85 dash speed, 86 standing tackle, 85 quality
Cost: 785,000 (PS4)/730,000 (XB1) or 16 Icon Swap Tokens
Rio Ferdinand’s base Icon card is an incredible decision. Master FUT players have been utilizing him in qualifiers as of now this year with incredible outcomes. Tall, quick and with extraordinary physical details, this card will in any case be in your group by Team of the Year.
At just 16 Tokens you can get him and another card like Pep Guardiola (8 Tokens) and rock two quality Icons in your squad.

Steven Gerrard (OVR 89)
Stature: 183cm/6’0″
Position: CM
Nation: England
Best details: 91 long shots, 91 short passing, 93 long passing
Cost: 940,000 (PS4)/923,000 (XB1) or 19 Icon Swap Tokens
Steven Gerrard is a definitive midfielder. He truly has everything.
His passing details are in actuality top level, and his shooting details are up there as well. The card being referred to is his center adaptation (OVR 89) which is as of now available for just shy of 1,000,000 coins.
For 19 Tokens he would be an incredible decision however remember whether you pick him, you won’t have the option to get another Icon from this round of swaps.

Javier Zanetti (OVR 92)
Tallness: 178cm/5’10″
Position: RB
Nation: Argentina
Best details: 92 stamina, 91 responses, 94 short passing
Cost: n/an or 17 Icon Swap Tokens
Javier Zanetti is presumably the most ‘end-game’ card accessible – which means he is the in all likelihood card not to be supplanted by a superior card from a future advancement, similar to Team of the Season or Team of the Year.
Another appealing element about Zanetti is that his card gives us a solid Argentinian science connect to the unparalleled, Lionel Messi.
At just 17 tokens it implies you’ll have the option to get him too Peter Schmeichel (6 Tokens), in the event that you gather each of the 23 Tokens.

Hernan Crespo (OVR 85)
Stature: 184cm/6’0″
Position: ST
Nation: Argentina
Best details: 90 completing, 88 readiness, shooting 85
Cost: 516,000 (PS4)/460,000 (XB1) or 12 Icon Swap Tokens
Crespo is a great card, and a great decision. In case you’re searching for a tricksy assailant with mind blowing completing and nimbleness, Hernan is your man.
At just 12 Tokens, picking Crespo implies you’ll have the option to get yourself ‘The Bullet Man’ Roberto Carlos who is accessible for a measly 11 Tokens.

Didier Drogba (OVR 89)
Tallness: 189cm/6’2″
Position: ST
Nation: Cote d’Ivoire
Best details: 93 completing, 92 quality, 92 situating
Cost: 1,287,000 (PS4)/1,239,000 (XB1) or 23 Icon Swap Tokens
Didier Drogba is one of the current year’s new FUT Ultimate Team Icon cards, and what a card he his.
For 23 tokens you’ll get his center adaptation (OVR 89), and with 92 situating, 93 completing, 91 shot power, and 92 quality, your new striker is a flat out tank.
The main downsides about this card appear to be his generally low deftness and parity details, yet for a card that is right now available for around 1,200,000 coins, you may very well get a deal.
Ian Wright (OVR 89)
Stature: 175cm/5’9″
Position: ST
Nation: England
Best details: 90 situating, 92 completing, 88 speeding up
Cost: n/an or 16 Icon Swap Tokens
Everybody adores Ian Wright! Another new expansion to the Icons of FUT Ultimate Team, Ian Wright’s prime card (OVR 89) is accessible for just 16 tokens.
His pace and shooting details look incredible and with a 87 stamina rating, he will keep going for the full an hour and a half. A solid decision without a doubt.

Roberto Carlos (OVR 86)
Tallness: 168cm/5’6″
Position: LB
Nation: Brazil
Best details: 94 increasing speed, 92 shot power, 90 free kick precision
Cost: 599,000 (PS4)/539,000 (XB1) or 11 Icon Swap Tokens
Roberto Carlos isn’t new to Ultimate Team, however don’t rest on this card!
For just 11 Tokens you’ll get your hands on his base Icon card (OVR 86). With 94 speeding up, 92 shot power, 87 sliding tackle, and 90 free kick precision details, one thing is without a doubt; you’ll have a great deal of fun utilizing this card.

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