FUT 18 TOTW 42: 92 Pogba, 88 Mane

totw 42 1

Hey look: It’s a FIFA 18 Team of the Week with people you’ve actually heard of.

Team of the Week 42 marked the start of the 2018/19 Premier League. While one would be predisposed to think that being this late in the game’s lifecycle may disqualify some of the more marquee names, a few big ones still managed to squeeze their way in. Amongst them, Paul Pogba gets a TOTW-topping 92 CM player item. Someone’s Draft rewards are about to cap their FUT 18 run in style. Sadio Mane gets one pretty similar to his early-in-game PL POTM item. But beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, etc, etc, etc.

The good news: roughly a month from today we should see FIFA 19′s first TOTW. And that’ll be something really worth getting excited about.

Here’s the complete FUT 18 Team of the Week 42:

totw 42 2

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