FUT 16 MOTM Cards and FIFA 16 Gameplay Tips

Do you know what’s the MOTM? That is the one of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team cards called Man of the Match. Today we are going to talk about the details about the FUT 16 MOTM Cards. Today, the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team MOTM Cards list have been public. There are three men on the list. Keep reading will know all the FIFA 16 MOTM Cards players. They are ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC, JONATHAN WALTERS, TAMÁS KADAR. You guys should pay attention to the start and end time, which is start on 18/11/2015 6pm UK and end on 25/11/2015 6pm UK.




















For the first FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Card is the ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC, whose regular rating is 89. But for the FUT 16 MOTM Rating, it is rating is 89 and the reason is the Euro 2016 qualification. For the second FUT 16 MOTM card is JONATHAN WALTERS and its regular rating is 71 and for his MOTM rating is 74. The third player is TAMÁS KADAR and its regular rating is 69 and its MOTM rating is 72. For the next paragraph, we would like to introduce the Intermediate Skill Moved Tutorial for you guys and hope it can give you guys some FIFA 16 Gamepaly Tips.






















Good performance skills will make you get more chance to create the space and best defenders. There are three kind of Intermediate skill in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, including the stand fake pass, simple rainbow and heel flick turn. When you play FIFA 16, you can hold RT (XBox)/R2(Playstation) to perform the stand fake pass. You can hold RB (XBox)/R1(Playstation) to perform the heel flick turn. Practice makes perfect. There is a good news about the big discount on www.fifa-coins.com to buy cheap FIFA 16 coins and FIFA 16 points. There will be the Black Friday activities from Nov.25 to Dec.2, 2015 in UK Time. Besides, you will get the chance to win free FIFA 16 coins and free FIFA 16 Voucher. Don’t miss it. We will give more details about the Black Friday activities. Stay Turned!

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