FUT 16 Draft: Catch the New Way to Play FIFA


As the closer of FIFA 16, there is a new way for you guys to play FIFA. That is the FUT Draft, which is a fresh method to play and run your FUT 16. For this way, you guys can have a test the skills for setting a team because you can know and to choose the best one from the five-player draw to match the best position so that you can build your dream FIFA Ultimate Team. As we all know, the key factors to get the large rewards for your FUT club are covering the  the challenge opponents and draft a squad. Also you can have the right to begin your Draft of your FUT and then to choose the formation from the five different formations. 

The second step for you need to do after you chose your formation is to set up your squad. Then you may make up your mind to pick the captain to choose your first players from the superstars which is a set and cover five superstars. Third, for each position, you guys need to fill out the rest of your squad with your 23-man. In such case, you may have a hard decision to choose the best top rated player to create the chemistry or try your best to discover the best combination by yourself. Although it is a hard decision, you still need to choose and start the first try of your FIFA Ultimate Team. 

These FUT players will be a part of the draft, covering the current, Legends (Now this one is only available for Xbox) and the former special in-forms. Due to there are so many kinds of the FUT Draft, it will be a great chance for the gamers to pick the best players in FIFA 16. When you prepare everything for the game, then you can start to challenge the opponents via choosing your squad so that you can finish in a four-match series, which is a great way to make progress. Then the best rewards for you is to get the packs, coins and etc. 

But one thing you guys need to remind that is you need to pay the entry fee for the FUT Draft series, which is refer to 300 FIFA Points and 15,000 coins and 1 Draft Token (which is can be used in FUT packs). Good luck to you. If you want to buy the cheap FIFA Coins and Points, click here to buy. http://www.fifacoinszone.com/?aff=130

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