FUT 15 Price Ranges: What Impact on Transfer Market and Coins Selling?


FUT 15 Price Ranges What Impact on Transfer Market and Coins Selling

If there’s one thing Price Ranges make FUTers worry about most, it’s market trading. Because with the predictability of price ranges, needs for these successful “traders” will be undoubtedly reduced.


The buy low, sell high mantra is glaringly obvious, but in FUT because there are so many players a natural knowledge gap exists around what more obscure players are worth. Price Ranges effectively hang a visual price tag around the neck of every player, which players worry will kill off some the mystique that makes trading fun and interesting.


The key to that not happening is the Price Ranges themselves. Which EA need to leave enough variance in for you to feel like you can grab a bargain compared to the minimum/maximum prices. If you buy someone for 150 coins and then sell them on for 5k you’d be pretty pleased, so that lower bracket itself seems “ok” on paper, but whether that will ring true in the wild is yet to be proven.


The other thing Price Ranges will prevent is you losing a player you listed at a low price to generate some early interest, only for the servers to then go down resulting in you losing them for a fraction of their value. Price Ranges ensure you’ll always get the bottom price no matter what. Which in situations like I’ve described is a welcome safety net. And again it allows more predictable planning for your next purchase too.


Here is the point: Is it safe to buy coins now and how?
Well, as far as we are confirmed, coins selling is still underway. Lots of coins stores are still selling coins as usual. But there are some changes.


We found that some limit customers to buy coins with any players they want. Instead, they require customer to list players basing on the list they offer. While others allow customer to buy coins with less amount like 5K.


We strongly sure that new way of coins trade will soon come.


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