Full Reviews for FUT 16 Pack Details


For the new series for the FIFA games, there will be more surprise and innovation for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. According to EA Sports, there will be many kinds of packs for FIFA 16, so today we are going to introduce all the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team packs for you guys so that you guys can get more chance to get the best players and free FIFA 16 coins.

In a word, there are three kinds of packs for FIFA 16, including the regular packs, promo packs and free packs. In the regular packs, you can buy them on the stores. There are bronze pack, premium bronze pack, sliver pack, premium silver pack, gold pack and premium gold pack for you guys to choose. For the promo packs, you just can get them on the specific periods of time, like the Happy Hours. There are 17 kinds of promo packs in FIFA 16, covering Gold Contracts Pack, Jumbo Premium Bronze Pack, Premium Bronze Players Pack, Consumables Pack, Gold 13 Pack, Premium Silver Players Pack, Premium 13 Gold Pack, Jumbo Premium Silver Pack, Silver, Upgrade Pack, Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, Rare Consumables Pack, Premium Gold Players Pack, Rare Gold Pack, Gold Upgrade Pack, Mega Pack, Rare Players Pack and Jumbo Rare Players Pack. 

I thinks most of FIFA gamers will focus on the free packs, which cannot be bought on the store. As to the FIFA 16, the free coins will start at the beginning of FIFA 16 launched. You can get the daily gifts and as draft, tournament and seasons rewards after you start to play FIFA 16.  

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