Friday Maintain brought FUT 14 Coin Boosts back to EASFC Catalogue

(FIFA-COINS.COM NEWS) – Amazing news for every FUTer! According to EA SPORTS, FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coin Boosts become available once again in the EASFC catalogue.


As far as all players concerned, FUT 14 Coin Boosts are always the most wanted and popular items of the EASFC Catalogue. With these valuable EASFC Catalogue items, players can be able to receive some extra FUT Coins for each match which the item is active. Usually, the additional bonus will be added at the end of each match, together with coins that are rewarded basing on every gamer’s actual performance and playing skills.


For example: a FUT Coin Reward Boost 1000×5 means that FUTers will receive 1000 additional FUT Coins at the end of each of the 5 next matches they challenge.


In fact, EA SPORTS have already removed the items form the EASFC Catalogue just before FIFA 14 was officially released. As EA said, they have temporarily disabled FUT Coin Reward Boosts in the EASFC Catalogue while they investigated an issue that affected the FUT economy. Here is a good explanation to see what has been really happened.


Nearly five months later and when many people no longer believed, EA Sports took advantage of the official maintenance on February 21 and “by the way” brought back the FUT 14 Coin Boosts to the EASFC Catalogue.


Fortunately, all the items are currently back. Just go to the EASFC Catalogue on FIFA 14 and select the tab ‘Ultimate Team’ or ‘All’.


Check the level of these items required and how many items contained respectively if wanting to buy or players can ask friends to gift them:


1    300 FC C            200×10
8    450 FC C           200×5
24    1,000 FC C     200×10
28    2,000 FC C    1000×15
32    800 FC C        1000×5
36    750 FC C         200×5
45    1,500 FC C      200×15
51    2,500 FC C      1000×10
53    1,600 FC C     1000×5
56    1,250 FC C     1000×10
73    2,500 FC C     1000×10
96    4,000 FC C     1000×15
118    5,000 FC C    200×15

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