FIFA 19 News: FIFA 19 TOTGS Toni Kroos SBC

Toni Kroos, who is one of the winners of FIFA 19 UEFA Champions League Team Of The Group Stage, get 91 high rated overall rating and the Squad Building Challenge to earn this card are available. Next, FIFA-COINS.COM will bring you the cheapest way (Minimum FIFA 19 coins) to complete the FIFA 19 TOTGS Toni Kroos SBC and player review of Kroos.

FIFA 19 UCL 91 Rated Toni Kroos TOTGS Squad Building Challenge (SBC)

Germany Challenge


Min. Germany Players: 2
Min. Champions League Rare Players: 1
Min. Team Rating: 83
Min. Team Chemistry: 75
Number of Players in the Squad: 11



85-Rated Squad Challenge


Min. Team Rating: 85
Min. Team Chemistry: 80
Number of Players in the Squad: 11



Cheapest Way to Complete FIFA 19 TOTGS Toni Kroos SBC

Cheapest FIFA 19 Squad builder under 25K for Toni Kroos TOTGS SBC Germany Challenge

Formation/Lineup: 4-2-3-1(2)

Team Rating: 83

Team Chemistry: 75

UEFA Champions League Rare Player: Baumann

FIFA 19 Cheap Squad Builder 100K for TOTGS Toni Kroos SBC 85 Rated Squad Challenge

Formation/Lineup: 4-3-3(2)

Team Rating: 85

Team Chemistry: 80

Toni Kroos, FIFA 19 UCL Team Of The Group Stage player, does the SBC worth to do? Let’s see his game stats.

Firstly, he’s got 91 rated, pretty nice overall in SBC, five-star weak foot as well as freestyle skills, excellent passing (90), 93 short pass and 94 long pass are both standout, 84 shooting with 89 shot power and 94 long shots, 90 reactions, 91 ball control, as a center midfielder, he has very decent technique on the ball, but 70 pace and 70 physical are not ideal, you can use the Shadow Chemistry Style to boost his stats, then the pace and defending stats can be improved as the following figure shows.

Overall, the advantages of this card mainly are passing, shooting, ball control and dictate tempo, while the shortcomings are pace, agility and defending. Although he’s not the strongest player and some stats of this card may be a little lower for 91 rated card, Toni Kroos is worth for the coins, his shot power and long shots are actually pretty decent with the finesse on his left foot very good, if you can try and take advantage of those, he can score pretty decent goal, his creative abilities and the way he dictates the tempo control to team. Personally, I would recommend do this SBC, he’s a really good player to go for at a decent price only about 100K-110K FUT coins on PS4 and Xbox One.

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FIFA 19: Overpowered Custom FIFA 19 Hybrid Squad Builder 400K Featured 87


Squad Builder Information:

Formation/lineup: 4-1-2-1-2

Clubs: 5

Leagues: 4

Team Rating: 84

Team Chemistry: 100

Price based on FIFAAH.COM Dec. 12 on different platforms:

PS4 – 426K, Xbox One – 399K, PC – 513K
Player Instruction:

GK – BUFFON: He is a very solid goalkeeper to go between the states, decent stats, 90 positioning, 88 diving, and 87 handling.

RB – JOAO CANCELO: Fast and unstoppable fullback with good dribbling technique, only cost 2.5K, you are on a budget to choose him.

CB – CHIELLINI: He plays well in long siding with excellent defending stats, 93 stand tackle, and 88 interceptions.

CB – KIMPEMBE: One of the best cheap and overpowered back and good partnership in FIFA 19, good defending and physical stats, 84 strength and 85 aggression, about 3.6K.

LB – HERNANDEZ: Solid defensive fullback with good pace and affordable price.

CDM – MATUIDI: He is an absolute specialist at cutting the passing lines which are winning the ball back for he got great energy and stamina, great value for money.

LM – MARTIAL:89 pace, 86 dribbling, 81 shooting, a good option for a left midfielder.

CAM – MKHITARYAN: 85 dribbling, 85 shot power, 81 volleys, five-star weak foot, and four-star skill moves, he can also offer you lots of goals and assists.

RM – CUADRADO: Fantastic pace and dribbling, five-star skill moves.

ST – LACAZETTE: He is an out-and-out goalscorer, 86 positioning and 86 finishing.

ST – AUBAMEYANG: The most expensive player in this team, need about 280K, he has got the PL POTM October, and the price of this gold card fluctuated as the SBC, when it comes to his stats, the 94 pace with 93 acceleration and 95 sprint speed are very standout and an absolute good striker.

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FIFA 19 News: FIFA 19 Title Update 5 Fixes First-time Finesse Shots

Whilst it may well not look like it, FIFA 19 is really a seriously complex game. It’s a sports sim, which generally indicates interactions amongst players and AI, and that result in scenarios that have been by no means imagined by the customers.

The only way to repair these problems is by addressing them after the launch, and right after millions of people today have already played the game. Balancing concerns are constantly present, particularly in competitive games, so a higher quantity of patches is really a great point, at least for these types of games.

What’s new?
Unimaginatively named FIFA 19 Title Update 5, this latest update fixes an incredibly important shooting mechanic that could happen to be used to score ambitions far more simply.

We have noticed the feedback coming from the neighborhood that the effectiveness of first-time finesse shots was as well higher. In a prior title update, we had made adjustments to reduce the effectiveness of first-time finesse shots exactly where the ball was getting received by the player from behind. Within this title update, we continue to make adjustments to shooting, minimizing the effectiveness of first-time finesse shots exactly where the lateral ball velocity is higherwrote the developers.

In fact, EA goes within a very exhaustive explanation in the adjust, that is not something that they commonly do, but they required to make sure that people comprehend why this modification was made.

A second important repair is associated towards the Elastico Skill Move, which can be now performed significantly tighter, enabling for higher control from the ball. Obviously, as usual, there is no agreement in relation to the neighborhood, and a great deal of users are nevertheless saying on the official forums that a lot of other aspects will need to be corrected.

It’s pretty probably that new patches are on their way, but it remains to be seen if the community will listen to. For now, the update is accessible only on PCs, but consoles should really get it pretty quickly. For more deail, please click best fifa coin sites.

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In this FIFA 19 tutorial, we’ll introduce the cheapest way to complete SBC for 86 rated Gignac, who won the Liga Bancomer MX Player of the Month with the player review for him. The SBC is available now and expires after 6 days.

FIFA 19 Player of the Season (POTS) Gignac SBC – Liga Bancomer MX POTS Challenge


Min. France Players: 2
Min. Team overall rating: 84
Min. Team chemistry: 80
Number of the players in the squad: 11


POTS Gignac (86 rated, untradeable)

FIFA 19 SBC solutions: Cheapest Method to Complete FIFA 19 POTS Gignac SBC

Cheap hybrid squad builder under 25K for Liga Bancomer MX POTS Challenge

Formation/Lineup: 4-2-3-1

Rating: 84

Chemistry: 82

Price (FIFA 19 coins) based on Dec. 5 for different platforms:
PS4 – 20K, Xbox One – 22K, PC – 23.5K

FIFA 19 POTS Award Winner 86 André-Pierre Gignac Player Review

André-Pierre Gignac, striker, he won the Liga MX Player of the Season and become available through the FIFA 19 Squad Building Challenge, then does the SBC worthy to do and how to review Gignac? Let’s look at his in-game stats.

Gignac got pretty awesome shooting attributes, 89 finishing and 90 shot power those are definitely two standout attributes, and 85 attack position, 84 long shots and more, also decent. He also has 90 composure which is fantastic and another standout stat on this card is the 94 strength. 89 heading accuracy is definitely enough. Though he does not have ideal balance but only got taken down and ended up on the ground when he got fouled, he strengthened hold up play can certainly frustrate the opponent and cause them fouling.

How is the 86 rated Gignac in the game? He is pretty good, he’s obviously not the quickest forward but not slow, enough to make runs into space, when it comes to scoring goals and taking chances, Gignac is in top class he is a certified finisher, he doesn’t stay forward all the time but when you attack with the ball, he can regularly run into good positions and you can see the way he peels away from defenders to get into space for headers. His dribbling is alright, but he’s not agile enough to be taking on defenders, and the first touch to be a little bit inconsistent.When it comes to passing, he passes the ball well, not that creative but considering he’s a striker, his passing is up to scratch.

Overall, as a striker his main job is to score goals and has excellent shooting techniques, especially the finesse shot, heading and shot power, positioning and strength are also standout, but if you like to run with your forwards, he may not the best option. If your play style revolves around him, this card should certainly be considered, he’s definitely worth picking up just cost about 25K FUT coins.

If you want to buy the cheapest FIFA 19 coins please consider and various FIFA 19 news and guides will keep being updated.

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FIFA 19 TOTGS Prediction

The FIFA 18 Team of the Group Stage came out on the December 8 and the FIFA 17 TOTGS came out on December 9, both on the second Friday of December, so FIFA 19 TOTGS promo is upcoming too, in this FIFA 19 guide, FIFA-COINS.COM will talk about the FIFA 19 TOTGS prediction.

When will FIFA 19 TOTGS release?

According to the previous FIFA, FIFA 19 TOTGS will be released on the second Friday of this December, December 14, at 6 PM UK.

Please note that Road to the final live cards will not be included in the predictions because Road to the final cards is already guaranteed upgrades. The Team of the Group Stage of FIFA 19 combines both the Champions League and Europa League, we’ll introduce as per two separate teams.

FIFA 19 UEFA Champions League (UCL) TOTGS Prediction

Starting XI Prediction:

GK: SZCZESNY – Juventus – 84 > 89

CB: KOULIBALY – Napoli – 87 > 90

CB: LAPORTE – Manchester City – 2 goals – 83 > 86

CB: DIALLO – Borussia Dortmund – 78 > 82

CM: KROOS – Real Madrid CF – 1 goal, 2 assists – 90 > 92

CM: WITSEL – Borussia Dortmund – 1 goal – 82 > 84

LM: NEYMAR JR – Paris Saint-Germain – 4 goals, 1 assists – 92 > 94

RM: MAHREZ – Manchester City – 1 goal, 4 assists – 85 > 88

CF: MESSI – FC Barcelona – 6 goals, 1 assist – 94 > 96

ST: DZEKO – Roma – 5 goals, 2 assists – 85 > 88

ST: LEWANDOWSKI – FC Bayern Munich – 6 goals – 90 > 92

Substitutes Prediction:

GK: ROBIN OLSEN – Roma – 75 > 81 > 84

CB: SANE – FC Schalke 04 – 81 > 85

RB: HAKIMI – Borussia Dortmund – 3 assists – 75 > 82

CAM: TADIC – Ajax – 3 goals, 1 assist – 80 > 84

CM: SAUL – Atlético Madrid – 1 goal – 85 > 86

ST: MAREGA – FC Porto – 4 goals, 1 assist – 80 > 84

ST: ICARDI – Inter – 3 goals – 87 > 89

Reserves Prediction:

LB: BERNAT – Paris Saint-Germain – 2 goals – 77 > 82

RB: MILITAO – FC Porto – 1 goal – 76 > 81

CM: NDOMBELE – Olympique Lyonnais – 2 goals – 78 > 82

CM: FELLAINI – Manchester United – 1 goal – 79 > 83

CM: ERIKSEN – Tottenham Hotspur – 2 goals, 1 assist – 88 > 89 > 90

Other Potential Players:

GK: BURKI – Borussia Dortmund – 81 > 85

LB: JORDI ALBA – FC Barcelona – 87 > 89

LM: KOKE – Atlético Madrid – 85 > 86

CAM: DAVID SILVA – Manchester City – 89 > 91

ST: KANE – Tottenham Hotspur – 89 > 91

RW: BALE – Real Madrid CF – 88 > 90

RB: KIMMICH – FC Bayern Munich – 85 > 86

FIFA 19 UEFA Europa League (UEL) TOTGS Prediction

Starting XI Prediction:

GK: JOEL ROBLES – Real Betis Balompié – 75 > 82

CB: SOKRATIS – Arsenal – 1 goal – 84 > 86

LB: KALDIRIM – Fenerbahçe SK – 1 goal, 1 assist – 75 > 81

RB: DA COSTA – Eintracht Frankfurt – 2 goals – 75 > 81

CM: PABLO FORNALS – Villarreal CF – 2 goals, 1 assist – 81 > 84 > 86

CAM: BANEGA – Sevilla FC – 3 goals, 1 assist – 83 > 85

CM: LO CELSO – Real Betis Balompié – 3 goals, 1 assist – 80 > 84

RM: LENS – Beşiktaş JK – 3 goals, 1 assist – 78 > 82
LM: NANI – Sporting CP – 1 goal, 1 assist – 80 > 85

ST: IMMOBILE – Lazio – 1 goal, 4 assists – 87 > 88 > 89

ST: JOVIC – Eintracht Frankfurt – 5 goals – 75 > 81 > 84

Substitutes Prediction:

GK: ANDRES FERNANDEZ – Villarreal CF – 76 > 81

CAM: HAVERTZ – Bayer 04 Leverkusen – 3 goals, 3 assists – 79 > 82

CM: LOFTUS-CHEEK – Chelsea – 3 goals – 77 > 82

LM: TROSSARD – KRC Genk – 2 goals, 1 assist – 76 > 81

RM: TSYGANKOV – Dynamo Kyiv – 2 goals, 3 assists – 79 > 82

ST: DABBUR – FC Red Bull Salzburg – 5 goals, 1 assist – 76 > 81

ST: CUTRONE – Milan – 4 goals – 77 > 82

Reserves Prediction:

LW: SMITH ROWE – Arsenal – 2 goals – 60 > 74

LB: KOLOLLI – FC Zürich – 1 goal, 1 assist – 68 > 76 > 82

RM: HAJROVIC – Dinamo Zagreb – 3 goals – 68 > 77

LM: MELGAREJO – Spartak Moscow – 2 goals, 1 assist – 74 > 80

LB: TIERNEY – Celtic – 1 goal – 76 > 81

What’re your FIFA 19 TOTGS predictions? Or who else do you think should be included? Just leave message here and let us know your idea.

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FIFA 19 Player: Shapeshifters Come Back to FIFA with FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream

FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream returns to FIFA for Halloween. Until November 1 we can get a template of 23 beasts loose shapes by FUT. These beasts will be present as special player items. And they will allow them to receive power-ups throughout the FUT season. But only in two of the six categories of statistics. The players will not know when or how much statistics will be enhanced, so everyone will have to go with their eyes wide open. This year, power will be much bigger for footballers. So we’ll have to find them before they disappear in the night.

The 21 metamorphos players, which we can now download, are the following:

• Sergio Busquets. His physical presence, combined with his experience, makes him a terrifying figure.
• Marco Verratti. Verratti is able to transform the quieter fields into a scene from a horror movie.
• Pepe This defense will make the work of rival strikers torture.
• Diego Costa. The Spanish player is a specialist in barriers against the ball or emerging from nothing to score.
• Mario Mandžukić. The Croatian striker wears many masks and is endowed with mind and muscle alike.
• Mario Balotelli. Balotelli is the nightmare of Ligue 1, where he spends all his energies in scoring all possible goals.
• Bas Dost. This giant Dutch striker has been one of the most prolific in Europe during the past two seasons.
• Emil Forsberg. The most disturbing quality of this Swedish player is his versatility.
• Xherdan Shaqiri Although his left leg is dangerous, Shaqiri uses both to throw cannon shots into goal.
• Hakan Çalhanoğlu. Dangerous, cunning and creative with dead balls.
• Javier Mascherano. This Argentine is a complete player, known for his dreadful attitude.
• Marouane Fellani The midfielder is a specialist in fanning the flames of chaos.
• Salomon Kalou. Kalou is a threat that no defense wants to deal with.
• Rafinha. Pillar of Bayern Munich, brings everything a midfielder should have.
• Troy Deeney. This fierce player makes his rivals fear him in every game.
• Martín Cáceres. Thanks to its strength and height, Cáceres imposes in the field.
• Guillermo Ochoa. The Mexican guardamenta counts on a great palmarés like international.
• Omar Abdulrahman The versatile midfielder is a specialist torturing his defensive rivals.
• Tyrone Mings. The left defender moves with versatility in both directions.
• Ethan Ampadu It causes panic to his rivals every time he touches the ball.
• Jason Denayer. The young Belgian defender is a danger in front of the goal.

If you want to get high-rated players, you can check FIFACOIN.COM Reviews where there are the new features of opening packs to get awesome players in the packs.

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FIFA 19: Reviews on FIFA 19 Promising Young Players

The next three players will return you once you buy a considerable gaming quality, and for a good reason each of them is great. Achraf Hakimi, RB / LB, Borussia Dortmund. Looking at Hakimi’s statistics, you can understand why it is worth 8 million euros. The 19-year-old has 86 of Pass and his contrast stats are solid with 73 and 75, while he also has 77 ball control and 71 dribbling.

It even has three-star skill moves so that midfielders and defenders can pass over when needed. Marcelo Saracchi, LB / RB Leipzig. Another player with 75 total and 85 potentials, Marcelo Saracchi is similar to Hakimi in more than one feature. It’s incredibly fast with 88′s of Pass and also has three-star skills. It has only three statistics under 60, so you can say immediately that it is a handyman. He is a great striker when he leaves behind because of his high attack rhythm, 73 dribbling, 76 agility, 79 resistance and 76 cross. It is estimated at almost 10 million euros. Kieran Tierney, LB / LWB, Celtic. Celtic fans will know everything about Tierney as the 21-year-old has performed regularly from the 2015/16 season. With 76 total and 86 potentials, you will have to spend a few millions to get the Scottish Younger, though with 89 Rhythm and 87 resistance, we all know that it’s worth it.

Works unhindered on the left side of the defense. It has 82 aggressiveness with 73 standing contrasts and 74 slips, in addition to 75 crosses and dribbling. Tierney is undoubtedly a good choice for his value because of how important a defense is to Five.

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FIFA 19 SQB Mode Guide: How To Play FIFA 19 SQB Mode On PC?

If The Novice Player In FIFA 19 Can Get A Good Result In SQB, They Will Get A Good Reward And Improve The Lineup Strength In The Early Stage. So What Is The Good Lineup And Style Of Play Against The SQB Mode Legendary Computer? Now We Will Bring You The FIFA 19 SQB Mode Legendary Computer Game Guides.

SQB Computer Game

First Of All, We Will Share With You The Law Of SQB Computer Play. In Fact, The SQB Computer Is Very Fixed. Therefore, For This Fixed Style Of Play, There Is A Corresponding Way Of Targeting, Which Is Divided Into The Following Three Stages: The First Is The Breakthrough In The Middle: The Legendary Computer, In The First 30 Minutes, Will First Choose The Middle Road Breakthrough, Mainly Through 2 Over 1 Table Tennis, Looking For Long-Range Opportunities Near The Restricted Area, And Then Score.

If The Middle Road Breakthrough Is Unsuccessful, It Will Change The Tactical Choice Pass, The Legendary Level Computer, If In The First 30 Minutes Or So, The Middle Road Breakthrough Has Been A Failure, It Will Start Looking For Opportunities On The Side, Through The Brainless Pass, Use The Header To Open Deadlock.

The Final Sprint Phase: After 70 Minutes (About 67-72 Minutes), The Computer Will Change The Dynamic Tactics And Become A Mad Dog Mode. If You Have Any Issues Pertaining To Wherever And How To Choose Cheap FIFA 19 Coins, You Can Get Hold Of Us At Our Own Web-Page. It Will Actively Force The Defender’s Ball, Fully Increase The Width And Depth Of The Lineup, And The Computer Strength, Your Feelings Are Endless, But Our Players’ Physical Strength Will Drop, So The Legendary Computer Often Completes Several Goals In The Last 20 Minutes. This 20 Minutes Has Become The Key To Keeping The Results.

The Above 1, 2, And 3 Are The Offensive Rules Of The Legendary Computer. We Think It Is Related To The Dynamic Tactics In The Different Situations When Programming. For Such A Law, We Also Need To Modify The Dynamic Tactics And The Targeted Response. The Above Is The Basis Of This Study.

Lineup Selection And Reasons

In Fact, In My Opinion, Many Lineups Are Available. The Main Reason For Recommending 352 Here Is That It Is Convenient To Modify The Dynamic Tactics, And It Is Convenient To Hold The Last 20 Minutes. It Is Suitable For Novice Players Who Are Not Fancy, And Also Suitable For Defense Pass. Next, You Will Explain The Reasons In A Few Points First Posted My Lineup Map, My Lineup Is More Expensive For Individual Players, But In Fact, The Players Who Are Not Expensive, You Can Try To Play, There Is No Need To Entangle The Lineup.

Defense Against The Head Of The Computer

After Constantly Changing The Lineup Experiment, You Finally Gave Up The Winger And Chose The Lineup Of Three Defenders. The Three Centre-Backs Are Best To Choose The Ones That Are High And Can Compete For The Header. Why Give Up The Winger?

Because Even If You Want To Break The Computer Ball In Advance, Even If You Interfere With It, It Will Enter The No-Solution Mode After 70 Minutes. You Can’t Help You In The Fairy Immigration. He Can Easily Pass It Out, But The Defense In The Restricted Area Is Not Enough Causing The Header To Lose Points. However, You Can Defend The Player By Pulling The Defender In Advance. That Is To Say, You Can Give Up The First-Foot Defense Of The Pass. If The Computer Does Not Enter The Restricted Area, It Will Not Be Defended.

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FIFA 19 News: Best Economic Porters for FIFA Ultimate Team

The goalkeeper is one of the most important elements of our team. It is therefore very important to choose the best quality for our FUT, keeping an eye on our portfolio.

Christian Früchtl, Bayern Munich. Expected to be the successor of Manuel Neuer is on track to become the main man in the national team. His five goalkeeper stats are all between 64 and 68, making him an incredible all-rounder with no recognizable weaknesses. His jump could be better, but thanks to his height he can still reach most of the high balls. Alessandro Plizzari, AC Milan.

Alessandro Plizzari is a promising young man with a total of 66 and 84 potentials. His best stats are his 72 reflexes, followed by his 68 dives. His weakest goalkeeper score is his 59th soccer, but let’s be realistic, the latter is much less important than the other four. Mile Svilar, Benfica. Despite being only 18, he has already appeared for Benfica a few times, which demonstrates his incredible potential. His statistics speak of 71 dip and jump which are his two highest, followed by his 70 reflexes and 69 reactions. Emil Audero, Sampdoria. If you are thinking of spending a little more then your ideal goalkeeper could be Audero.

 His stats are 77 dip and reflexes, followed by his 69 positioning and 68 grip, make him a great goalkeeper on which to rely. He has already got a total of 71, so he can immediately fall into the category of goalkeepers who have a certain reliability. So what are you waiting for? Decide what your new goalkeeper will be!

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Fortnite News: New Collectible Fortnite Toys are On the Way

FIFA 19 continues the story of Alex Hunter. The story mode introduced in FIFA 17 was very well received. The Journey: Champions is the third installment of this mode that will wrap up Alex Hunter’s adventure.

When players begin the mode, they will get to choose between three characters: Danny Williams, Alex Hunter, or Kim Hunter. Each character has a story line that is optional. Players can also switch through characters and the game gives recommendations when to do so. Most players will get a pleasant story mode experience by following the game’s recommendations. Decision making is one of the gameplay features of this mode. Quite often, players will be required to make decisions such as choosing an answer when interacting with other characters. The chosen answer will influence the player’s relation with fans, press, and business contacts. Answers differ based on the selected footballer. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. This is to encourage players to make their own journey. It’s important to keep in mind that no answer is right or wrong. Different answers match different personalities.

The Journey: Champions has four chapters. In Chapter 1, players will win the pre-season tour final and achieve certain ratings. The last three chapters have different objectives based on the selected character. Chapter 4 concludes the story of Alex Hunter and his friends. The main objective is to win the final in UEFA Champions League or FIFA Women’s Cup. Players will also be required to score at least one goal and to record an assist. After players finish the Journey, they get some rewards that can be used in other modes. Alex Hunter and Danny Williams will be featured in career mode. They will also make an appearance in FIFA 19 most popular mode, Ultimate Team. Kim Hunter will be available for US Women’s National Team.

The Journey: Champions may be over but we don’t know for sure whether EA will stop making story driven modes for FIFA series in the future. What we know is that we will keep offering cheap price for you to buy fifa 19 coins now during Black Friday.

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