FIFA 20 ICONs Predictions – Potential ICONs in the Future

Here is the list of FIFA 20 players who are likely to become new ICONs in the future:

1. Buffon – GK – Italy

2002: 88 > 2006: 94 > 2020: 91

2. Cole – LB – England

2004: 85 > 2012: 89 > 2020: 87

3. Chiellini – CB – Italy

2008: 86 > 2016: 91 > 2024: 88

4. Dani Alves – RB – Brazil

2006: 86 > 2011: 90 > 2021: 88

5. David Villa – ST – Spain

2005: 86 > 2010: 91 > 2020: 89

6. Ibrahimovic – ST – Sweden

2002: 87 > 2010: 91 > 2021: 89

7. Iniesta – CM – Spain

2002: 88 > 2010: 93 > 2020: 90

8. Modric – CM – Croatia

2010: 88 > 2018: 93 > 2022: 90

9. Neuer – GK – Germany

2008: 89 > 2014: 94 > 2023: 91

10. Ribery – LM – France

2007: 87 > 2013: 93 > 2020: 90

11. Robben – RM – Netherlands

2008: 88 > 2013: 93 > 2021: 90

12. Ronaldo – ST – Portugal

2006: 93 > 2016: 98 > 2022: 95

13. Rooney – ST – England

2001: 87 > 2008: 92 > 2022: 89

14. Suarez – ST – Uruguay

2010: 87 > 2015: 91 > 2022: 89

15. Messi – CF – Argentina

2009: 91 > 2011: 95 > 2015: 98

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FIFA 20 Guide: FIFA 20 Passing Tutorial

Learn how to do passing in FIFA 20. Here is a guide for passing techniques at FIFA 20, find out how to master the passing in FIFA 20 and FUT 20 matches.

How to Pass the Ball
Passing is quite easy at FIFA 20, all you need to do is pushing a pass button (X or ▢ or △ / A or X or Y) and choose your passing direction using the left stick (L). This is basically the fundamental of passing.
For advanced passing in FIFA 20, you got to get familiar with all passing controls and methods, which you can find it here:

Passing Techniques and Controls
There are three key types of passing:

Short Passing
Lob Passing
Through Ball
These passing methods have different types which we’re going through each of them here:

Short Pass (Ground Pass) X A
Lob Pass / Cross ▢ X
Low Cross ▢ + ▢ X + X
Through Ball (Through Pass) △ Y
Flair Pass L2 + X LT + A
High Lob / Cross L1 + ▢ LB + X
Scoop Lob (Pinged Lob) L2 + ▢ LT + X
Lobbed Through Ball L1 + △ LB + Y
Driven Ground Pass R1 + X RB + A
Driven Lob Pass/Cross R1 + ▢ RB + X
Threaded Through Pass R1 + △ RB + Y
Fake Pass ▢ then X + direction X then A + direction
Dummy a Pass R1 Press and Hold RB Press and Hold
Short Pass
Short pass is a ground pass that sends the ball to a teammate in a short distance.

Lob Pass
Lob pass is a aerial pass that is used to send the ball to a teammate in a high arc and a long distance. This pass method is also used for doing a cross.

Low Cross
By double tapping the Lob Pass button, you can perform a low-range cross when passing the ball into the opponent’s box.

Through Pass
Through pass is a forward pass which travels into an open space through your opponent defenders so your attackers can grab the ball beyond the defenders.

Flair Pass
A fancy and powerful ground pass which is less accurate than a Driven Pass but more powerful.

High Lob
A lob pass with more height which can be useful for crossing to bypass your opponent’s defenders and keeper when you have tall strikers.

Scoop Lob
A lob pass with even more height than a high lob pass.

Lobbed Through Pass
A through pass which goes over the head of your opponent’s defenders – technically, a combination of through ball and lob pass.

Driven Ground Pass
A ground pass which is powered and is faster than a normal ground pass. This type of pass has better accuracy, but your pass receiver needs to put more effort to control it.

Driven Lob Pass
A lob pass which is has more power and pace than a lob ground pass.

Threaded Through Pass
A through pass which more straight and let the ball bouncing so it brings more perspective to your pass.

Passing Speed, Strength and Reaction
The speed and strength of your passes are determined by holding the pass buttons. The longer you hold the button, the more strength/pace you’re going to put on the ball. The quicker you press a pass button, the shorter reaction your player will take to pass the ball. For example, for doing an one-touch or 1-2 passing, you just need to do a quick tap on a passing button.

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FIFA 19 TOTW 40 Predictions & IF Investments : Best Players in FUT 19 Team of the Week 40

FIFA 19 TOTW 40 Predictions in here. Do you think who will deserve a black card in the Team of the Week 40? Which best player you have invested in the market? Check out best sites to buy FIFA coins

for FIFA 19 TOTW 40 Predictions to invest best players with cheapest FIFA 19 Coins on PS4, XBOX ONE and PC market.

FIFA 19 TOTW 40 Predictions – FUT 19 Team of the Week 40

FIFA 19 TOTW 40 Predictions – Saturday

CM: Paulinho (Guangzhou Evergrande) – 2 goals, MOTM in 2-0 win Shanghai SIPG FC (8.93 Rating)

LW: Coutinho (Brazil) – 2 goals, MOTM in 3-0 win Bolivia (9.57 Rating)

CM: Andres Iniesta (Vissel Kobe) – 1 goal in 1-0 win FC Tokyo

RW: Juan Ezequiel Cuevas (Everton CD) – 2 goals in 2-1 win Cobresal

ST: Lavezzi (Hebei CFFC) – 1 goal in 1-0 win Dalian Yifang

CDM: Alex Bergantinos (Deportivo La Coruna) – 1 goal in 1-0 win Malaga

CM: Renato Augusto (Beijing Guoan) – 1 goal, MOTM in 2-1 win Shanghai Shenhua (8.33 Rating)

LM: Shirasaki (Kashima Antlers) – 1 goal in 2-0 win Cerezo Osaka

ST: Kobayashi (Kawasaki Frontale) – 1 goal in 1-1 draw Urawa Red Diamonds

ST: Alan Kardec (Chongqing Lifan) – 1 goal in 1-1 draw Shandong Luneng (7.63 Rating)

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FIFA 19 Ligue 1 TOTS Investing Tips: Who and When to Sell and Buy for Making Coins Fast and Safe?

With the time pass by, most of FIFA 19 Team of the Season squads have been announced, remaining FIFA 19 Ligue 1 TOTS, which is much expected by players, should be released on this Friday, June 14, 2019. So before the day approaching, how can we make FUT 19 Coins fast and safe? Here cheapest coin seller brings you the FIFA 19 Ligue 1 TOTS investing tips explains who and when to sell and buy.

FIFA 19 Ligue 1 TOTS Investing Tips – Who and When to Sell and Buy

1. Safe investment option

When you want to make investment and go to transfer market, use a filtering thing and filter out around players worth about 1,000 FIFA coins and on the bid, then maybe go to 1.2 K coins, then pick up some high rated cards, a good example is Mandanda.

Mandanda – GK – 83 – Olympique de Marseille

Mandanda, sells for around 1.1K coins now, he could potentially be used in the Ligue 1 Team of the Season Guarantee SBC and the his price may go up in the next few days. But in general, the goalkeeper positions are not the best options.

2. Decent profits option

Kylian Mbappe – RW – 88 – Paris Saint-Germain

Mbappe is believed to be selected in the FIFA 19 Ligue 1 Team of the Season squad and event the Ultimate TOTS, which would cause his card out of packs for the next two weeks, as the Ligue 1 and Ultimate TOTS are expected to be revealed on June 14 and June 21, 2019. This means his gold rare card would increase in value during those two weeks. Make an appropriate FIFA 19 TOTS investment plan, you can get decent profits.

When to buy: at the possible cheapest price, the ideal price for PS4 is 115K, Xbox One is 95K, PC is 165K.

When to sell: before Mbappe returns to packs (Friday, June 28, 2019)

3. More FIFA 19 Ligue 1 TOTS investing tips

- Make sure you don’t go for too many of the same players. Don’t to get 76-77 rated cards like Martin or avoid too many of these because if you keep getting, there are still lots of these players on the market, everyone has him, but can only put one into completing the Squad Building Challenge, so there’s so much supply given and it’s not gonna be more demand, he’s not going to rise that much.

- From the position perspective, fullbacks are generally the best choice, right backs and left backs would rise mostly and you need to sell them a few minutes after the SBC comes out for maximize profit.

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FIFA 19 FUTTIES Predictions: Release Date, FUTTIES Nominees & Winners, Rules and Offers

As the last big promotion of FIFA Ultimate Team, FUTTIES usually takes place in early or mid-July and ends in next month to celebrate the best of everything of the current season, bringing back lots of your favorite player cards and Squad Building Challenges, alongside with some new offers. Here best fifa coins website offers the FIFA 19 FUTTIES predictions including potential release date, FUTTIES nominees and winners, promotion rules, offers and more.

FIFA 19 FUTTIES Release Date – When will FUT 19 FUTTIES be released?

The FUTTIES event was first appeared in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, can be regarded as the last opportunity for you to upgrade your squads this season. The release date of previous FUTTIES is as below.


Nominees: July 18 – August 21, 2018

Votes: July 18 – August 24, 2018

Winners: July 22 – August 24, 2018


Nominees: July 7 – August 8, 2017

Votes: July 7 – August 11, 2017

Winners: July 11 – August 11, 2017

Here we predicted that FIFA 19 FUTTIES probably be released on July 5, 2019, Wednesday with the first patch of FUTTIES nominees. The right release date will be updated here once the announcement information is confirmed.

FIFA 19 FUTTIES Predictions – FUTTIES Event Rules

- There should be totally 9 categories to vote for the FUTTIES winners: GK, LB, CB, RB, CM, RM, LM, ST, and Fantasy Positions. Each category will have 3 FUTTIES nominees items you can get as long as log in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team on the specific days during the promotion, you are allowed to submit one of the three items – your favorite one to the special SBC in a limited period as the voting.

- The players who received most votes from the day will become the FIFA 19 FUTTIES winner with an upgraded rating on a special pink FUTTIES card that available through the Winner Squad Building Challenges.

- FIFA 19 FUTTIES nominees will receive a pink special card with the same stats as the original item, it won’t get an automatic upgrade.

- FIFA 19 FUTTIES winner items can only be obtained through the winner SBC, it’s untradeable and can’t to buy with FIFA 19 Coins on the transfer market.

- Generally, you will have a total of 3 days to cast your vote on all FUTTIES categories and 3 days to complete the FUTTIES Winner SBCs.

FIFA 19 FUTTIES Players – FUTTIES Nominees & Winners Predictions

Here is the FIFA 19 FUTTIES nominees prediction, the most possible FUTTIES winners for FIFA 19 will come later, please focus on us.

FUTTIES Nominees

Favorite GK: Donnarumma (Milan), Fahrmann (FC Schalke 04), Szczesny (Juventus)

Favorite RB: Aurier (Tottenham Hotspur), Florenzi (Roma), Cancelo (Juventus)

Favorite CB: Tah (Bayer 04 Leverkusen), Kimpembe (Paris Saint-Germain), Sanchez (Tottenham Hotspur)

Favorite LB: Gaya (Valencia CF), Roussillon (VfL Wolfsburg), Mendy (Manchester City)

Favorite CM: Kondogbia (Valencia CF), Fred (Manchester United), Goretzka (FC Bayern Munich)

Favorite LM: Bailey (Bayer 04 Leverkusen), Coman (FC Bayern Munich), Son (Tottenham Hotspur)

Favorite RM: Cuadrado (Juventus), Dembele (FC Barcelona), Willian (Chelsea)

Favorite ST: Cuadrado (Juventus), Rodrigo (Valencia CF), Werner (RB Leipzig)

FIFA 19 FUTTIES Predictions – What offers can we expect?

- Reward and promo packs

- End of Era SBCs

- FIFA 19 FUTTIES winner SBCs

- Weekly Objective

- Best of SBCs

- New themed contents

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FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals June Guide: Swap Items, Players, Review & Calendar for FUT Swap Deals

After a really long wait and expectation, EA finally released 5 new FUT Swap players and 6 packs on June 6, 2019, as the FUT Swap Deals IX SBC rewards as well as 2 FUT Swap items. Which players you can earn this month and which one is the best value deal? In this guide, reliable fifa coin websites will introduce the FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals June items, calendar, SBC rewards players, packs, and players review.

FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals June Calendar – FUT Swap Items & Release Schedule

June 6, 2019

60 RM Kenny Rocha Santos – AS Saint-Étienne – Free Token

60 CDM Jean-Clair Todibo – FC Barcelona – Squad Building Challenge

June 7, 2019

FUT Swap Deals Player I – Weekly Objective – Score using TOTS players in 3 separate Rivals matches

FUT Swap Deals Player II – Weekly Objective – Win 4 Squad Battle matches using a squad with a max rating of 80 on min. World Class difficulty

FUT Swap Deals Player III – Weekly Objective – Assist 10 goals using MLS players in Squad Battles on min. Professional difficulty

FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals June – FUT Swap Deals IX SBC rewards

FUT Swap Players June

87 CB Marquinhos – Paris Saint-Germain (3 FUT Swap items)

92 CM Luka Modrić – Real Madrid (6 FUT Swap items)

89 RM David Alaba – FC Bayern Munich (8 FUT Swap items)

90 LB Alex Sandro – Juventus (12 FUT Swap items)

90 CAM Leroy Sané – Manchester City (14 FUT Swap items)

FUT Swap Packs June

Jumbo Gold Pack (Untradeable, 1 FUT Swap items)

Electrum Players Pack (2 FUT Swap items)

Rare Mega Pack (4 FUT Swap items)

Liga NOS TOTS Guarantee (5 FUT Swap items)

Bundesliga TOTS Guarantee (10 FUT Swap items)

Mid ICON Pack (14 FUT Swap items)

How to get FIFA 19 June FUT Swap Deals items, players & packs?

Depart from EA’s normal behavior, the FUT Swap Deals June 2019 has been delayed near a week, it’s finally arrive on Thursday with decent SBC rewards. Combining with the FUT 19 Team of the Season event, you can earn Bundesliga and Liga NOS TOTS Guarantee pack and the Mid ICON Pack instead of Base Icon. From June 6 to June 30, 2019, you can unlock up to 14 FUT Swap items June through SBCs, Squad Battles and Weekly Objectives with specific requirements.

To win these FUT Swap June SBC rewards players and packs, you can collect enough number of June FUT Swap items as long as it’s announced and then completing the Squad Building Challenges instead of buying them on transfer market. All FUT Swap Deals June 2019 items will be updated here in the next few days, check out this page for all information.

FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals June 2019 Player Reviews & Tips

June Swap Deals Player Marquinhos

87 Marquinhos, center back, TOTW 23 inform card, plays for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazil national team. On the whole, this is an usable card, 78 pace is not poor for a defender, 74 agility, 73 balance, 84 composure, 86 short pass, 86 interceptions and 86 reactions are all decent enough, when it comes to his key stats 88 defending and 80 physical, his defensive is brilliant and well-rounded, 90 jumping, but the stamina and strength are average. 3 FUT Swap June tokens can be exchanged for him, the reference price is 53-57K FUT Coins.

June Swap Deals Player Luka Modrić

92 Modrić, center midfielder, another TOTW item for June Swap Deals in FUT 19, plays for La Liga club Real Madrid CF, which need cost 6 tokens or 115K-230K Coins on market. Actually, he’s not amazing in the variant at this point of 2019, especially compared to some TOTS cards, but it still has really high passing and dribbling rating. If you get 9 FUT Swap deals items June, you can exchange a TOTW Marquinhos and Modrić, that could be a good value option even though not the best one.

June Swap Deals Player David Alaba

89 Alaba, right midfielder, FUT Birthday card, who plays for German Bundesliga club FC Bayern Munich and the Austria national team, requires 8 FUT Swap items June and sells 180-205K Coins on your console. 90 pace, 87 shooting, 89 passing, 89 dribbling, 83 defending and 78 physical, overall, this is a pretty nice card that are versatile, you can start using him in a RM position and then move around. He is much ideal for 3-5-2 formation and due to most players has a Bundesliga team, this is also a decent choice.

June Swap Deals Player Alex Sandro

90 Alex Sandro, left back, Headliners card, who plays for Italian Serie A club Juventus and the Brazil national team, need 12 June Swap items for exchanging or 245-260K Coins to buy. Alex Sandro received a 93 rated Flashback card that obtainable through Serie A Team of the Season SBC, this is also a good card, 5’11” height and 82 jumping are good, 86 acceleration and 90 sprint speed are really decent, 84 agility, 83 balance, 90 reactions and more dribbling, passing stats are very ideal, in addition, there is no shortcoming to his defensive and physical stats, so this is a worthy option maybe the best one if you are looking for a fullback and want to save money.

June Swap Deals Player Leroy Sané

90 Sané, center attacking midfielder, FUT Birthday item, who for Premier League club Manchester City and the German national team, he can also be played as a winger, acquires all 14 tokens or 400-440K coins. EA has increased the cards value a little bit for 14 FUT Swap Deals items compared to Douglas Costa (FUT Swap Deals April) and Luis Suárez (FUT Swap May). This is a great card with incredibly pace, brilliant shooting, fantastic passing and dribbling as well as good stamina. But in order to gather all the items in June, you have to finish all the tasks, maybe it’s not worth no matter for 90 rated Leroy Sané or Mid ICON Pack.

Towards the end of Team of the Season 2019, maybe you have the chance to get lots of top players through guarantee packs, like Bruno Fernandes and Alex Telles in FIFA 19 Liga NOS TOTS squad and Jadon Sancho and Robert Lewandowski in Bundesliga TOTS squad, if you don’t get a great player you want, you can put into the one that would allow you at any team.

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FIFA 19 TOTS Moments Clement Lenglet SBC: Cheapest Solution to Complete TOTS Lenglet SBC & Player Review

After several FUT 19 Team of the Season strikers card, EA has released a center back TOTS Squad Building Challenge – FIFA 19 TOTS Clement Lenglet SBC, features 88 rated TOTS Moments Lenglet. Here fifa 19 best coin sites bring the details of TOTS Lenglet SBC with the possible cheapest solution to complete it and player review. You can cost 130K on your console to complete these two squads.

Please note that the FIFA 19 Clement Lenglet SBC is set to be available in Ultimate Team until 6 PM UK, June 8, 2019.

FIFA 19 TOTS Moments SBC – FUT 19 TOTS Clement Lenglet SBC

TOTS Moments Lenglet SBC – Barcelona


Min. FC Barcelona Players: 1

Min. Team Rating: 84

Min. Team Chemistry: 80

Number of Players in the Squad: 11



TOTS Moments Lenglet SBC – La Liga


Min. Spain Primera Division Players: 1

Min. TOTW Players: 1

Min. Team Rating: 84

Min. Team Chemistry: 80

Number of Players in the Squad: 11



FIFA 19 Player Review – FUT 19 TOTS Moments Lenglet

Clément Lenglet, who plays for Spanish League La Liga club FC Barcelona as a center back, received his TOTS Moments card for celebrating his impressive performance against Real Madrid, it boosts 6 ratings based on his normal card.

Taking a look at the attributes details and in-game stats of FIFA 19 TOTS Lenglet. This is a decent defender card, but there is not something unique or particularly striking. 90 defending, 86 physical and 80 pace, 96 marking should be his key attribute, all the defending and physical stats are well-rounded, other than the 80 stamina is average, his pace it’s very good for a center back, 89 short pass and 79 long pass are both decent, moving on to the dribbling, he has some brilliant dribbling stats, like 88 reactions, 85 ball control, and 82 composure. You can put Catalyst chemistry style, which improves the pace and passing stats, makes him noticeable in the center backs and keep up with very quick attackers. Another advantage of this card is his tackling, it feels pretty solid in the game. With 88 aggression, he can more than muscle were opposition players off the ball and he can defend players from taking them off the ball, regain position and stuff like that as well.

Overall, the FIFA 19 Lenglet TOTS card is value for coins, the cheapest price of the Lenglet SBC solution is around 130K FIFA 19 Coins for PS4 and Xbox ONE. If you can’t afford UCL Ramos card, this is a very good cheaper alternative. And check price for coins fifa 19 of 150k fifa coins from best coin sellers fifa 19 now.

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FIFA 19 Pitch Notes Update: FIFA 20 Gameplay Mechanics, Major Changes, New Features & EA Upcoming Events

With the end of this season, we are closer to the next work of FIFA series – FIFA 20 announcement, EA has just released a new FIFA 19 Pitch Notes Update, introducing what their development team is working on for FIFA and prioritized in FIFA 20 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Here Fifa coins seller brings you the update details covering FIFA 20 gameplay mechanics, major changes, new features and the upcoming events of EA.

What FIFA 20 new features can we expect? In order to create a better gameplay experience for players, EA has deeply investigated the direct feedback from the community, surveys, social channels, and other solutions, prioritize community feedback and deploy patches to address some highly concerned and usually mentioned issues of FIFA 19. Here are the contents of community requested features and mechanics improvements that are working on as well as the expected effects in FIFA 20, Timed Finishing, Skill Moves, AI Defending and more significant mechanics are included.

Gameplay Priorities Updates/Patches: FIFA 20 Gameplay Mechanics Improvements

A.I. Defending

- Renewed Defending System. With revised positioning and adjustment to the cadence and flow on the pitch.

- Emphasized Manual defending, for more effective and rewarding results.

- New Planned Tackling System, favors manual tackling by making sure that the defender that tries the tackle does so in a favorable context to your team (like recovering the ball or kicking the ball to a nearby teammate when tackling, for example).

- Reduced Contain and Secondary Contain Effectiveness, keeping the positioning of players/AI Teammates at a further distance and having a slower reaction to directional changes from the dribbler, rarely resulting in an auto-tackle or an auto-block.

- Improved Jockey System, will be implemented with more agility and precision, rewarding players that decide to take control of their defenders.

1v1 Shooting Consistency

- Improved 1v1 Shooting Accuracy, for more shots on target and better consistency in easy situations inside the box.

- Improved Open Goal Situations, you are able to see players being rewarded for 1v1 situations and creating greater chances of scoring “easy goals” – as pointed out in many community examples.

- Improved Goalkeeper Reactions, specifically against 1v1 situations, for less ‘superhuman’ reactions, which will humanize the goalkeepers’ movements and result in better scoring opportunities for the attacker.

- Improved Outside of the Foot Shot situations, should only happen for players with the Outside of the Foot trait.

- Improved Shot Elevation/Power, for low powered shots to result in shots similar to Driven Shots, creating more consistency, and resulting in better scoring opportunities.

Timed Finishing

- Improved Green Timing Window, for timed shots will be reduced (from 2-4 frames to 2 frames for all shots), which will make it harder and require more skill to perform.

- Improved Timed Shot Accuracy, for slightly less precise shots, although Green Timed Shots will still be more accurate than ‘non-timed shots’.

- Improved Difficult 180° shots, for less powerful shots, even when timed perfectly.

Volley Crossing and shooting

- Increased Difficulty and Error, for crosses coming from lob balls/volleys will have less accuracy and more variable results.

- 2-Player Headers, more variety as players jumping/colliding for the ball mid-air will make it more difficult for the attacker to score in such situations.

- Decreased Volley Shot Accuracy – Shots originating from a volley shot will have less accuracy and more variable results.


- Increased Error on Difficult Position Passing. 180 degrees, first-time, and pressured passes situations will now result in slower/weaker balls, making them less effective and easier to get intercepted by the opposing team.

- Increased Accuracy for passes in very easy situations; non-pressured, body-positioned, and no obstacle passes will result in an increased accuracy pass for these types of situations.

- User Controlled ‘Dinked’ Passes, new option for ground and through passes. ‘Dinked’ passes are slightly elevated passes used to avoid a defender’s leg. These types of passes will no longer be contextual and will only happen if executed manually through this new mechanic.

- Driven Pass-and-Go mechanic, will be enabled as another passing option, resulting in a stronger pass-and-go and more mobility/positioning while attacking. As a result of this change, the “manual passing” mechanic that was available through this button-combo (L1/LB+R1/RB+Pass) will no longer be available in the future.

Chained skill moves

To solve the “chaining” of skill moves that would result in an overpowered tactic that can be very hard to defend against. The team has added error to consecutive skill moves, increasing the likelihood of the player losing control of the ball. Error is increased exponentially when chaining more than 2 skill-moves, making each subsequent skill move more error prone than the last.

Set-Piece positioning

Aiming at a shorter defender would be marking a taller attacker many times or that a dangerous attacker is not present in the box. The team has been working on improving the intelligence behind these situations, which should result in more realistic marking/positioning when defending or attacking set-pieces in the future.

Manual Goalkeeper movement

The effectiveness of manual GK movement is being heavily reduced in the future, with a slower and more realistic move speed. Players controlling the goalkeeper using right-stick manual movement will now have to commit to a direction, enhancing the risk/reward element.

Player Switching

- Players would be locked to a loose ball and they weren’t able to switch players whenever this would take place. The team is working on improving these situations, as well as adding clarity to the assisted switching mechanism, that will now show an option for automatic switching on Air Balls + Loose Balls situations.

- Switching didn’t always select the correct player. The team is working on improving the accuracy of switching in numerous situations, including air balls, deflections, and crosses, making the right stick switching as consistent and reactive as possible, as well as improving the intelligence between automatic switching of players closest to the ball.

EA FIFA Upcoming Events and Plan/Schedule

- On June 8, 2019, a livestream of EA PLAY will be hosted to show more contents of FIFA 20 and a clear roadmap on when you can expect further discussions on Pitch Notes regarding other changes coming to FIFA.

- More gameplay news including more information on features such as FUT, Career Mode and Pro Clubs.

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FIFA 19 UEL Premium Ciro Immobile SBC: Cheapest Solution to Complete UEL Immobile SBC & Player Review

Alongside the Team of the Season Squad Building Challenges, EA has released the FIFA 19 UEL Ciro Immobile SBC features 93 rated striker UEL Premium SBC Immobile and a new Big and Bold SBC with the reward UEFA Europa League 1 Kit. Here best site for buy fifa accounts offers the details of FUT 19 UEL Immobile SBC with the possible cheapest solution to complete it and player review. You can cost 240K FIFA 19 Coins on PS4 and Xbox One to finish these two challenges.

Please note that the FIFA 19 Ciro Immobile SBC is scheduled to expire at 6 PM UK, June 2, 2019.

FIFA 19 UEL Premium SBC – FUT 19 UEL Ciro Immobile SBC

UEL Immobile SBC – I Biancocelesti


Min. Lazio Players: 1

Min. TOTW Players: 2

Min. Team Rating: 85

Min. Team Chemistry: 70

Number of Players in the Squad: 11



UEL Immobile SBC – Gli Azzurri


Min. Italy Players: 1

Min. TOTW Players: 1

Min. Team Rating: 85

Min. Team Chemistry: 80

Number of Players in the Squad: 11



FIFA 19 Player Review – FUT 19 UEL Premium SBC Immobile

Ciro Immobile, who plays for Serie A club Lazio and the Italy national team as a striker, got the 93 rated UEL Premium card for celebrating his 2017/2018 Europa League Golden Boot, boosted 6 ratings based on his standard item.

He is going to be the target man type player. Let’s take a look at the attribute details and in-game stats of FIFA 19 UEL Immobile. 89 pace, 94 shooting, 90 dribbling, 84 physical. 92 sprint speed, 93 heading accuracy, and 85 jumping, Immobile is so quick and good in air, as well as the much brilliant shooting stats like 98 position and 97 finishing, he is almost got all you need from a striker, he will start slower than most of the players and then pick up the speed, but the 82 stamina is a little on the lower side, it may be an issue for him to complete the whole game, you can consider to use him as a super sub or stop him off when he can’t insist going on. His dribbling attributes are well-rounded other than the 70 balance, which means he feels a bit clunky on the ball. The passing stats are not great but 84 short pass is decent.

Overall, the UEL Immobile is value for coins but the FIFA 19 Serie A TOTS squad has not been revealed, more insane items may be going out then, so consider if you need him. The cheapest price of the Immobile SBC solution needs around 240K. The next TOTS squad is just around the corner, cheapest FUT 19 Coins for Xbox One, PC, PS4, Switch and Mobile are provided from legit websites to buy fifa19 coins. And check fut coins player price from cheap fifa coin seller website now.

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FIFA 19 TOTS Leon Goretzka SBC: Cheapest Solution to Complete Bundesliga TOTS Goretzka SBC & Player Review

Following with the FIFA 19 Bundesliga TOTS squad, EA has released a new Team of the Season Squad Building Challenge – FIFA 19 TOTS Leon Goretzka SBC, features 92 rated defend midfielder TOTS Goretzka. Here fifa coin website brings the details of FUT 19 Goretzka TOTS SBC with the possible cheapest solution to complete it and player review. You can cost 554K FIFA 19 Coins on PS4 and Xbox One to finish these five challenges.

Please note that the FIFA 19 Leon Goretzka SBC is scheduled to expire at 6 PM UK, 31 May 2019.

FIFA 19 Team of the Season SBC – FUT 19 TOTS Leon Goretzka SBC

TOTS Goretzka SBC – Bayern München


Min. Bayern München Players: 1

Min. TOTW Players: 1

Min. Team Rating: 83

Min. Team Chemistry: 85

Number of Players in the Squad: 11



TOTS Goretzka SBC – Bundesliga


Min. Bundesliga Players: 1

Min. TOTW Players: 1

Min. Team Rating: 84

Min. Team Chemistry: 80

Number of Players in the Squad: 11



TOTS Goretzka SBC – Germany


Min. Germany Players: 1

Min. Team Rating: 85

Min. Team Chemistry: 70

Number of Players in the Squad: 11



TOTS Goretzka SBC – 86-Rated Squad


Min. Team Rating: 86

Min. Team Chemistry: 65

Number of Players in the Squad: 11



TOTS Goretzka SBC – 87-Rated Squad


Min. Team Rating: 87

Min. Team Chemistry: 60

Number of Players in the Squad: 11



FIFA 19 Player Review – FUT 19 TOTS Leon Goretzka

Leon Goretzka, who plays for Bundesliga club Bayern Munich and the Germany national team as a midfielder, received his 92 rated FIFA 19 TOTS card, which boosts 9 ratings compared to his regular item, he was selected into a Team of the Season squad in FIFA 18 as well.

This is definitely an end game CDM or CM, and even an attacking midfielder. Let’s look at the attribute details and in-game stats of FIFA 19 TOTS Goretzka firstly. 92 overall rating with well-rounded stats, 90 pace, 89 shooting, 92 passing, 90 dribbling, 88 defending and 87 physical. He will benefit your team if you put him in an advanced role, 92 shot power, 93 long shots, 96 short pass, 90 long pass, and more great shooting and passing stats, you can pick the ball up in deep areas and played decent long balls or decent shot balls whether you’re gonna use most set pieces, whether that’s corners or free kicks indirect or direct, he’s gonna be good in that area as well. Whether holding the ball up defensively or creating chances going forward or just keeping possession of the ball and trying to maybe create space, it’s all about waiting for a gap, so when trying to attack a low block side, he’s gonna be really good in that aspect, his aerial ability is very good with good head inaccuracy, an Anchor or Hawk chemistry style can be used if you want to put him in a CAM position, make him a real threat in the aerial positions and help you a little bit more in defensive situation as well. 77 balance is a little bit low compared to other stats, which may make you struggle at times as the game goes on into the later stages especially if you’re going to get into extra time for Champions, it needs to be slightly improved, 72 penalties is not good as well, but it doesn’t really matter.

Overall, the FIFA 19 TOTS Goretzka SBC is definitely worth for coins, the cheapest price of the Goretzka SBC solution is around 555-560K FUT 19 Coins. And check fifa ultimate team players prices from cheapest fifa coin website now.

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