FIFA Reviews in 2013—The First Half Year


2013 can be one of the greatest years in memory for FIFA with its new features, new consoles and new sales records and most importantly, was born and grew strongly.  Without further ado, see a couple of great sights and sounds FIFA brought in the past 12 months.


Starting off successfully in January 2013, FIFA showed off a bang for FUT Payers that the very first time EA released the 100K Jump Pack which contains 24 players, all rare and all gold. January was born to be unforgettable since FIFA 13 won over 14.5 million sales worldwide surpassing FIFA 12 by 23% and EA soared its digital income for the year up to 98%.


February was a matter of the big update for FIFA lineup, getting FIFA 13′s in-game playing modes updated within the second week of the month. It was additionally a moment that FIFA 13 won the D.I.C.E Sports Game of the Year and was appointed for a BAFTA. During the month, EA captured sessions for FIFA 14 with its photographers touring numerous teams throughout Europe. Excitingly, David Beckham arrived to FIFA.


Thought a little quiet, March was a beginning of FIWC Tournament to pick up the pace with qualifiers performing in the USA and Europe. FIFA 13 ranked in the second biggest entertainment launched in 2012. Much licensing speculation like FIFA 14 would reserve new license for Brazilian clubs and it became true in the end.


FIFA 14 hyped trains in April coming with the arrivals of the first hands on previews and new features for gameplay including Protect the ball, Player Physics, Pure Shot as well as Career Mode’s new UI and new Team Management screen.


FUT got back on the map on May as the Team of the Season hit the mode with blue cards on May 8th. Ending with an EA staff All-Star pick, Bruce Grannec won the FIWC and EA extended its FIFA license to 2022. What disappointed the four people who purchased the last version was that FIFA 14 failed to make an appearance on Wii U. Next-gen FIFA 14 was released at the Xbox One Reveal Event which ran on EA’s new Ignite engine powering all new Elite Technique and Living Worlds features.


What great moments and big events EA had recorded in the latter half of 2013? See succeeding day in


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FUT 14: How to Pass and Move skillfully

Interestingly, I found an instructive tutorial on how to pass and move skillfully on YouTube. Thought seemed a little bit simple, it did help, to some extent.

Enjoy it!

Step 1, locate the players in space and assess which is the best option to pass;

Step2, make your move…dribble past players or pass the ball quickly and early;

Step3, now it’s time to finish the move, location a target area for your striker to exploit, skill move or quick 1-2 pass.

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Live in–FIFA Coins Prices and Reviews

Here, in, I find myself another way to enjoy FIFA!


Years ago, I knew barely something about FIFA until someday one of my friends told me how he got pleasure from playing FIFA, managing his own virtual football team and even making money. It is completely amazing, anyway, for me.


Just like many fans, I started my FIFA experience from choosing consoles to setting squad, from competing with machine to winning tournaments and even to buying and selling coins online. That’s the point. It’s hard to find a trustiest supplier though finally I made a list of the allegedly best places to buy FIFA coins after hours search, since I still couldn’t stop worrying about the risk of having accounts stolen or getting ripped off by fraudulent sellers. At the very least, regardless of my nerves, I couldn’t judge which was legal basing on what criterion.


For all reasons, I have this site which I called the “best place to buy FIFA coins” to help FIFA gamers reduce the risk of choosing trusty online sellers by reviewing all sites describing the price tag, customer service and activities related to promotion or discounts, etc. Thanks to my sincere partners and loyal supporters, namely those who buy FIFA coins via this side and who offer useful advices, all above criterion for reviews and comparison can be at last accepted and confirmed.


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