10 neglected facts about FUT 14 you should know (1)

FUT 14

Beginners or experienced gamers should bear in mind of these ten features about FIFA 14 Ultimate Team for advanced players.


Just start with a quick review of what interesting about FUT 12/13 for beginners and most of those facts are still valid for FUT 14.


Considering whether substitutes spend contracts when playing;

It is stupid to scores over 5 goals in each match;

The categories of manager and team can be different;

Don’t be hesitated to adapt striker as defensive midfielder without damaging the team chemistry;

It’s only the manager who goes to the bench needs contracts ;

Applying contracts to players of the same category isn’t always good.


While, there is something new in FUT 14.


TOTY is a group of eleven players with much improved attributes. How they are chosen. Actually, these eleven players who get special blue cards are chosen by the FIFPro World XI rather than EA or FIFA Baloon D’Or, after voting by 50,000 players coming from worldwide representative organization for all professional football players.


Previously, a player could drop from a match without being penalized on the %DNF coefficient and spending contracts if dropping on the first five minutes. This rule was very useful in games with too much lag or between teams with similar kits. However, some drop if they were losing on the first five minutes. There’s no such rule in FUT 14. If a player drops from a match, he is penalized.


Players can be upgraded to an upper category. A bronze player may get an IF silver card and a silver player can get an IF gold card if the player has another IF card and the rating of the previous IF card is the higher possible on that category. For example, the rating of the Pape N’diaye Souaré regular card is 72. It’s increased to 73 with his first IF card and to 74 with the second one. The next IF card, if he gets it, will be a gold card. Kevin Kampl, Rúben Pardo and Steven Caulker are three examples of players promoted to a new category.


The EAS FC Catalogue is organized by categories. One of these categories is for Ultimate Team items which can be used to ‘Gameplay’ in this game mode.


It’s possible that players and their opponents are of the same division. Generally, the game handles matchmaking by going through an ordered process by searching for players with the lowest ping for players to minimize lag and teams that are exact or near to the team rating of the team players selected. Only then it sorts players’ matches by division and gets them the closest match to their division.


See the other five facts next week in FIFA Coins Reviews site www.fifa-coins.com!


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FIFA Coins Reviews Services: What to Look For

fifa coins reviews


The key and obvious function of a FIFA Coins Reviews service is to deliver the products you need at a reasonable price through a secure transaction. Additional helpful functions may mostly include email and live chat support, customer feedback, as well as private policy.


Below are the criteria www.fifa-coins.com used to evaluate FIFA Coins Reviews Services:


Ease of Use
A FIFA Coins Reviews service should be user-friendly, providing a major delivery method plus some additional choices for exceptional case, various payment options and a search function that will help you find the products you need for your console.


FIFA Coins Reviews services should offer competitive prices, and the prices should remain as consistent and stable as possible. While sometimes, the prices for reference should be adjusted duly basing on the real-time supply and demand, so that you can double check the pricing of each console to ensure you get the best deal possible.


FIFA Coins Reviews services should guarantee all the sellers in the reviewed list are legitimate and reliable, since the whole transactional process is about money, personal information including real name, ID card, passport, etc. and bank account.


Customer Support
The service should offer a number of practical features to make your shopping experience rewarding and enjoying mentally or materially, such as tracking order, refunding, leaving comments on feedback.


Every transaction should be secure so only you and the service know your dealings. The best services buy, sell and trade products and deliver them quickly. You will also want to make sure that the service provider you choose has safe and fast delivery methods to ensure you get what you paid for in a convenient and timely manner.


Console and Quantity Selection
The service should offer coins for your favorite console including PS3/4, Xbox One/360, PC and iOS with various amounts from 50K to 100K and more flexibly. Since when it comes to money, everybody seems good businessman.


Finding a FIFA Coins Reviews service that sells FIFA Coins for different consoles with various quantities can be a daunting task. You will want to make sure the service you choose is reliable and offers the most competitive prices.


At www.fifa-coins.com, “We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To”.


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FUT 14 TOTY Reviews on www.fifa-coins.com


FUT 14 TOTY has already announced by FIFPro, which is well known as the worldwide representative organization for all professional football players, on January 13, 2014. During such exciting period, FIFA Coins Reviews site www.fifa-coins.com also saw hundreds of fans interaction with the “Top 5 FIFA Coins Sites” reviewed here on their Facebook. See all the Blue players crowned the list and Packs available in this review.


FUT 14 TOTY Goalkeeper and Defenders:
Available in Packs from 8 p.m. (UK Time), January 13th to 6 p.m. (UK Time) January 15th.
15k (or 300 FIFA Points) Jumbo Premium Gold Pack:
Double the size of a Premium Gold Pack with an extra rare! A mix of 24 items, includes players and consumables, at least 20 Gold with 7 Rares.
25k (or 500 FIFA Points) Rare Gold Pack:
The most unique Gold items, all in a single pack! A mix of 12 items, includes players and consumables, at least 10 Gold and all Rare. There are only 2 limited Packs available.



Manuel Neuer – Germany – FC Bayern München (Bundesliga)
Dani Alves – Brazil – Paris Saint-Germain (Ligue 1)
Sergio Ramos – Spain – Real Madrid (La Liga)
Thiago Silva – Brazil – Paris Saint-Germain (Ligue 1)
Philipp Lahm – Germany – FC Bayern München (Bundesliga)


FUT 14 TOTY Midfielders
Available in Packs from 8 p.m. (UK Time), January 15th to 6 p.m. (UK Time) January 17th.
15k (or 300 FIFA Points) Jumbo Premium Gold Pack:
Double the size of a Premium Gold Pack with an extra rare! A mix of 24 items, includes players and consumables, at least 20 Gold with 7 Rares.
25K (or 350 FIFA Points) Gold Players Premium Pack:
Includes 12 players, at least 10 gold with 3 rares. There are only 2 limited Packs available.


Xavi – Spain – FC Barcelona (La Liga)
Iniesta – Spain – FC Barcelona (La Liga)
Franck Ribéry – France – FC Bayern München (Bundesliga)


FUT 14 TOTY Forwards
Available in Packs from 8 p.m. (UK Time), January 17th to 6 p.m. (UK Time) January 19th.
25K (or 350 FIFA Points) Premium Gold Players Pack:
Includes 12 players, at least 10 gold with 3 rares. There are only 2 limited Packs available.
25k (or 500 FIFA Points) Rare Gold Pack:
The most unique Gold items, all in a single pack! A mix of 12 items, includes players and consumables, at least 10 Gold and all Rare. 2 limited Packs available.
15k (or 300 FIFA Points) Jumbo Premium Gold Pack:
Double the size of a Premium Gold Pack with an extra rare! A mix of 24 items, includes players and consumables, at least 20 Gold with 7 Rares.


Lionel Messi – Argentina – FC Barcelona (La Liga)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Sweden – Paris Saint Germain (Ligue 1)
Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal – Real Madrid (La Liga)

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What Fans Really Think Of FUT 14 TOTY

FGN262-0-642x336There is no doubt that EA Sport FIFA creates the best sports game all over the world again and again with FIFA 14 becoming yet another big title of football. Football is the world’s most popular sport which means that it would hot in the spotlight.


It is a few days after FIFPro, which is well known as the worldwide representative organization for all professional football players, announced the final players named in the list of FUT 14 TOTY. As usual, some fans and FIFA 14 players start complaining FUT 14 Team of The Year at Reddit to let out their anger and disappointment.


Most football fans agree that there is a conspiracy involving both FIFA and football club, Barcelona, due to some black box operations the love story between FIFA and Barcelona coveree have influenced the decision yet again.


Some even reveal that they would be really upset if both Xavi and Iniesta got added to the team. Bayern Munich won the treble last year and the more deserving player would be none other than Bastien Schweinsteiger. FUT 14 TOTY should feature more Bayern players instead of considering the popularity of the players or the club.


While Liverpool fans are calling for Suarez to be nominated in for TOTY. However, some refute that it is not Season but Team of the Year. If it were to be season, then Suarez is a must have name.


The team of the year has been poorly done, basing on the debate. Maybe, FIFA 14 players are not at all happy seeing yet another “Barca-team” dominating the list.


All in all, quoted a famous Chinese expression that “the peg that stands out is pounded down”, FIFA will go better and better.


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Manuel Neuer is titled as the World’s Best Goalkeeper

Manuel Neuer

Unsurprisingly, Manuel Neuer, who has helped Bayern Munich take an 18 point lead at the top of the Bundesliga table and has only conceded eight goals in 16 games this season, finally won this year’s top goalkeeper.


As a goalkeeper with FC Bayern Munich, Neuer actually has been tipped for many years, following in the footsteps of Iker Casillas who topped the polls in the last five years, and now gets his wish to become the best goalkeeper in the world, far ahead of his competitors Gianluigi Buffon who comes from Juventus Turin and Petr Cech, goalkeeper of FC Chelsea.


On his Facebook page, the 27-year-old goalkeeper revealed that the honor made him so “proud and happy”, but added: “As with all titles, this victory is a team success. So let me express my sincere thanks to my team mates at Bayern Munich and in the national squad”. Furthermore, Neuer seized this amazing opportunity to thank “coaches and managers along with my family and friends. Not to forget all my fans”.


Neuer, who bagged the treble with Bayern Munich in 2013 before his victory in the European Super Cup and the Club Championships, secured 211 points in a vote participated by journalists and experts from 70 countries, well ahead of Buffon (78 points) and Cech (64 points).


In Bayern football chapter, former goalie Oliver Kahn has been already honored with the award up to three times in 1999, 2001 and 2002 during his career. Now the title again returned to a German keeper.


Congratulations to Manuel Neuer again!


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FUT 14 TOTY FAQs—TO get your TOTY Promo Codes and Discounts

Here, in fifa-coins.com, I have already introduced all FUTers the 55 nominees of FUT 14 TPTY on my Blog. Besides, I have also presented some amazing promotions celebrating TOTY by offering from 5% to 7% discounts in my “Best Place to Buy FIFA Coins” homepage. And now, it is still necessary to talk further about TOTY of FIFA 14 Ultimate Tea in terms of Frequently Asked Questions.
Find your answers to the most asked questions about TOTY of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.
Q: When EA announced the TOTY of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team?
A: January 9th, 2014.
Q: How the TOTY of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is born?
A: Instead of chosen by EA Sport, TOTY players are mainly chosen by the votes of hundreds of thousands of professional players members at FIFPro which is well known as the worldwide representative organization for all professional football players.
Q: Where the TOTY will be announced?
A: The very first-hand news about the TOTY players will be initially released in the FIFA FIFPro World XI at the Ballon D’Or ceremony at Zurich’s Kongresshaus, on January 13. During that exciting moment I will post the TOTY of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team in my website.
Q: How many defenders, midfielders and forwards have the TOTY?
A: The TOTY is actually built from a shortlist with 55 nominees in a 4-3-3 formation.
Q: What color are these cards?
A: It is only the Blue cards seen in the image below.

blue cards
Q: Should I sell my cards now?
A: No one can fairly confirm how the market will be after the TOTY final release. In fact, the prices have already started dropping during the New Year and the trend should continue if EA Sports eventually make 100k packs available. Remember one thing: just sell cards to buy FIFA Coins via fifa-coins.com, a best FIFA coins site 2014.
Q: How much will these cards cost?
A: Nobody can quite sure about the exact pricing ranges, maybe from hundreds of thousands of coins to several millions coins. Where to buy FIFA coins? Just from fifa-coins.com to find top 5 FIFA coins sites reviews 2014.
Q: When the TOTY cards will be available in packs?
A: Goalkeepers and Defenders from January 13th after the FIFPro announcement to January 15th at 6pm;
Midfielders from January 15th at 6pm to January 17th at 6pm;
Forwards from January 17th at 6pm to January 19th at 6pm;
So, please click fifa-coins.com to see more discounts and promote codes to make millions FIFA coins clutching FUT 14 TOTY.

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Nominees of FUT 14 TOTY

The TOTY (Team of the Year) of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team build from FIFPro voting, the worldwide professional footballers association, will soon be announced at FIFA Ballon d’Or in Zurich on January 13th 2014, which will bring a group of eleven players with much improved attributes. That’s to say, players who finally shortlist the TOTY will reach values up to millions of coins and bring significant influences on the entire market value of all players.


Here are 55 nominees of the FIFA FIFPro World XI 2013 announced on early December. You can still enjoy the video in our Facebook


England’s Premier League and Spain’s La Liga win four of the 15 forward nominees respectively, followed by France with three and all boast the most players on the shortlist: La Liga with 18, Premier League with 15 and Bundesliga with 12. What’s more, most of these players are now under contract at Bayern München, Barcelona and Real Madrid with nine each. Mesut Özil has left for Arsenal though started this year at Real. Brazil might have beaten Spain during the Confederations Cup. Spain continues to have the most players: 11. Germany comes in second: 7 and Brazil is third: 6.


Gianluigi Buffon (Italy, Juventus)
Iker Casillas (Spain, Real Madrid CF)
Petr Cech (Czech Republic, Chelsea FC)
Manuel Neuer (Germany, FC Bayern München)
Víctor Valdés (Spain, FC Barcelona)


David Alaba (Austria, FC Bayern München)
Jordi Alba (Spain, FC Barcelona)
Dani Alves (Brazil, FC Barcelona)
Leighton Baines (England, Everton FC)
Jérôme Boateng (Germany, FC Bayern München)
Ashley Cole (England, Chelsea FC)
Dante (Brazil, FC Bayern München)
Mats Hummels (Germany, Borussia Dortmund)
Branislav Ivanovic (Serbia, Chelsea FC)
Philipp Lahm (Germany, FC Bayern München)
David Luiz (Brazil, Chelsea FC)
Vincent Kompany (Belgium, Manchester City FC)
Marcelo (Brazil, Real Madrid CF)
Pepe (Portugal, Real Madrid CF)
Gerard Piqué (Spain, FC Barcelona)
Sergio Ramos (Spain, Real Madrid CF)
Thiago Silva (Brazil, Paris Saint-Germain FC)
Raphaël Varane (France, Real Madrid CF)
Nemanja Vidic (Serbia, Manchester United FC)
Pablo Zabaleta (Argentina, Manchester City FC)


Xabi Alonso (Spain, Real Madrid CF)
Gareth Bale (Wales, Tottenham Hotspur FC/Real Madrid CF)
Sergio Busquets (Spain, FC Barcelona)
Steven Gerrard (England, Liverpool FC)
Andrés Iniesta (Spain, FC Barcelona)
Isco (Spain, Málaga CF/Real Madrid CF)
Mesut Özil (Germany, Real Madrid CF/Arsenal FC)
Andrea Pirlo (Italy, Juventus)
Marco Reus (Germany, Borussia Dortmund)
Franck Ribéry (France, FC Bayern München)
Arjen Robben (Netherlands, FC Bayern München)
Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany, FC Bayern München)
Yaya Touré (Ivory Coast, Manchester City FC)
Arturo Vidal (Chile, Juventus)
Xavi (Spain, FC Barcelona)


Sergio Agüero (Argentina, Manchester City FC)
Mario Balotelli (Italy, AC Milan)
Edinson Cavani (Uruguay, AS Napoli/Paris Saint-Germain FC)
Diego Costa (Spain, Atlético de Madrid)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, Real Madrid CF)
Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast, Galatasary SK)
Radamel Falcao (Colombia, Atlético de Madrid/AS Monaco FC)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden, Paris Saint-Germain FC)
Robert Lewandowski (Poland, Borussia Dortmund)
Mario Mandzukic (Croatia, FC Bayern München)
Lionel Messi (Argentina, FC Barcelona)
Neymar (Brazil, FC Barcelona)
Robin van Persie (The Netherlands, Manchester United FC)
Wayne Rooney (England, Manchester United FC)
Luis Suarez (Uruguay, Liverpool FC)


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Choose the best place to buy FIFA Cons by reading FIFA Coins Reviews

Beyond all doubts that it is never too hard to find a FIFA coins online store around. Some really do well enough with affordable price tags, satisfied customer service as well as solid business reputation, while others on the opposite way. At the very least, having already listed several the so-called trust sites together, many still feel it fairly confused to choose which one is the best, for the first step. That is a tough question: which FIFA coins online store is the best?


Looking around the Internet, so many brands are vying for FIFA gamers’ attentions all the time, though some of these brands do not live up to your expectation. So, here is the additional question: how to pick the best place to buy FIFA coins?


Well, from now on, start reading FIFA coins prices and reviews from websites like fifa-coins.com. Although finding reliable FIFA coins reviews is tough, good reviews can lead gamers to the best products. The third question: where to read FIFA coins reviews? Of course, Internet is on top of the list. However, all FUTers should realize an undeniable fact that most or even all of them will encounter hundreds of thousands of fake reviews on the Internet, since there are so many companies who place themselves as the best place to review FIFA Coins and the competition is very high for the same reason.


What’s worse, such companies will end up spreading fake positive reviews across the Internet to attract more and more gamers, especially those who are the very first beginners playing FIFA 14 Ultimate Team or buying FIFA Coins directly from the online stores.


In that case, I would strongly suggest all gamers to fifa-coins.com to find some trustworthy and reliable sites with objective and real-time FIFA Coins reviews. It is one of the leading websites when it comes to reliable reviews on FIFA Coins as they have a huge customer base that provides reviews all from customer feedback and recommendations. The truth is that the responsible brains behind fifa-coins.com also review all their “best sites” instantly, from updates of website designs to improvements of services and transactional process, to comparison of prices, delivery or else with many other sites of the industry, and so on.


The best thing about their website is that they have a ranking system as the name indicates: the best place to buy FIFA Coins. They have handpicked 5 best products and showed them on their website fifa-coins.com. This list is going to be gamers’ guide to find out the best stores available in the market today. And remember that, best FIFA Coins site is also about gamers’ needs.


What kind of FIFA Coins stores are you looking for? What is your budget for buying FIFA Coins? Try to answer these questions by clicking fifa-coins.com and you will be able to find the best stores with the help fifa-coins.com, a best place offering FIFA Coins prices and reviews.


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FIFA Reviews in 2013—The Second Half Year


2013 can be one of  During the latter half of 2013, FIFA even grew by leaps and bounds.
In June, to be specific, before the big E3 2013 press conference held in Los Angeles, EA first launched FIFA 14 Trailer officially bringing much more contents related to the Next-Gen FIFA 14 to the public by means of a new trailer, interviews, screens, an official press release and box art. Another big movement came-the FIFA 14 mobile spaces featured a brand-new gesture basing on control system and permitted to enjoy FUT seasons for the first time. EA even revealed FIFA 14 would roll out with Custom Club editions which began in Spain with Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico, Betis and many others available to the paying public.


FIFA 14 cover stars was disclosed in July with Hernandez, Lewandowski, Vidal, Bale and leading man Leo Messi on the box art in 2013. EA also cemented ties with the Catalan club by building partnership with Barcelona later. It’s also a month FIFA saw its 20th Anniversary. But most importantly, EA declared its cross-generation plans allowing gamers to transfer strategic data like FUT players, coins, items and season progress from Xbox 360, PS3 to Xbox One and PS4.


August was a month EA was harried with dealing license with the confirmed Chilean league, Shaktar Donestk’s Donbass and Everton’s Goodison Park. During the month, Gamescom brought FIFA 14 more Next-Gen contents and Demo Date announced. With the coming of current-gen trailer and next-gen Living Worlds trailer, FUT 14 got new Legend Players that would be unique to Xbox 360 and Xbox One. EA would start FUT Web App Access on Sep 15th.


September was all about stadium, league, team, achievement and soundtrack lists and the moment seeing FIFA 14 Demo on Xbox 360 and PS3 released. Some news about Pro Clubs and promotion offering FIFA 14 early for VIPs who purchased EA SPORTS Season Ticket additionally came later before games released officially. EA also released videos of league and stadium and FIFA14 Reviews.


FIFA 14 second patch issued in October which fixed issues the community brought like over-powered through balls, headers, finesse shots and the freezing. A full FUT 14 Legends list was out with moaning like “Where’s R9 Ronaldo”, while soon ended since the original FIFA 14 Next-Gen Previews hit the web.


November saw next-gen consoles Xbox One and PS4 launching worldwide. The first Reviews became available and the Next-Gen TV commercial also aired for the first time. To respond to the October Legends Player List, EA announced Legend Player ratings in November with Pele leading the charge at a whopping 95 OVR. FUT Web App got a huge update, too.


December kept quiet in the FIFA calendar with next-gen feedback out and a FIFA 14 title update for next-gen consoles arrived.


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FIFA Reviews in 2013—The First Half Year


2013 can be one of the greatest years in memory for FIFA with its new features, new consoles and new sales records and most importantly, fifa-coins.com was born and grew strongly.  Without further ado, see a couple of great sights and sounds FIFA brought in the past 12 months.


Starting off successfully in January 2013, FIFA showed off a bang for FUT Payers that the very first time EA released the 100K Jump Pack which contains 24 players, all rare and all gold. January was born to be unforgettable since FIFA 13 won over 14.5 million sales worldwide surpassing FIFA 12 by 23% and EA soared its digital income for the year up to 98%.


February was a matter of the big update for FIFA lineup, getting FIFA 13′s in-game playing modes updated within the second week of the month. It was additionally a moment that FIFA 13 won the D.I.C.E Sports Game of the Year and was appointed for a BAFTA. During the month, EA captured sessions for FIFA 14 with its photographers touring numerous teams throughout Europe. Excitingly, David Beckham arrived to FIFA.


Thought a little quiet, March was a beginning of FIWC Tournament to pick up the pace with qualifiers performing in the USA and Europe. FIFA 13 ranked in the second biggest entertainment launched in 2012. Much licensing speculation like FIFA 14 would reserve new license for Brazilian clubs and it became true in the end.


FIFA 14 hyped trains in April coming with the arrivals of the first hands on previews and new features for gameplay including Protect the ball, Player Physics, Pure Shot as well as Career Mode’s new UI and new Team Management screen.


FUT got back on the map on May as the Team of the Season hit the mode with blue cards on May 8th. Ending with an EA staff All-Star pick, Bruce Grannec won the FIWC and EA extended its FIFA license to 2022. What disappointed the four people who purchased the last version was that FIFA 14 failed to make an appearance on Wii U. Next-gen FIFA 14 was released at the Xbox One Reveal Event which ran on EA’s new Ignite engine powering all new Elite Technique and Living Worlds features.


What great moments and big events EA had recorded in the latter half of 2013? See succeeding day in fifa-coins.com.


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