FIFA 14 Ulitmate Team Tips: How to Beat Your Marker

 FIFA 14 Ulitmate Team Tips How to Beat Your MarkerLearn more about beating your marker in FIFA 14 Ulitmate Team with “the Best Place to buy FIFA Coins” now!



If a defender is right on top of you, hold RB when receiving a pass to allow the ball to go through your legs and past the defender. After this, you can run onto the loose ball or intercept it with another player, but if it is not used sparingly then your opponent may start to anticipate this move. Try running onto the ball and then spinning the opposite way to run into space.



Running towards the direction that the ball has come from, can result in a defender following you and creating space behind them.



You can then play into the space left behind by the defender. Press LT on its own to protect the ball, then turn and spin in the opposite direction to the defender to run into space. Mix up your play to be as unexpected as possible. Use the first time flick to create space by holding RT and flicking the right stick into the direction you want to run as you receive the ball.




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What EA Sports Must Fix for the FIFA 15

What EA Sports Must Fix for the FIFA 15

In years past, even as FIFA began to pull away from PES, every FIFA fan seemed to share the same singular vision when supplying yearly feedback to EA Sports: FIFA 09 was too fast; FIFA 11 had robotic defending, and even FIFA 12 – the pinnacle of the series – had some glaring issues. It’s clear that despite the quality, each year still saw new issues and problems.



1. Referees


In the modern game of football, many matches are wrongfully decided by poor refereeing decisions so at least EA Sports seem to be trying to be realistic with their portrayal of their in-game refs. So many times, FIFA ruins perfectly good matches with inconsistent decisions and it’s something that finally needs to be fixed.



The man in black is nearly as important to you winning as scoring goals, so if he’s not favouring you, you can forget about victory entirely. Constant shirt pulling and late tackles are rarely punished accordingly and it just encourages players to slide around all game committing fouls, making a mockery of the idea of a Beautiful Game. When the ref decides to call back play, he disrupts the game and often books two to three players after every intermission – frankly, it’s ridiculous.



Once more, FIFA 15 is rumoured to have a Be a Referee mode, which sounds crazy but surely it couldn’t be any worse than the current AI.



2. Aerial Supremacy



When FIFA plays well, there is nothing like it: the passing is crisp and smooth, the world’s best players look incredible, and even the fans were given an upgrade for FIFA 14′s next gen transition. But all it takes is one moment to ruin the beautiful presentation EA have worked so hard to create and most of these moments occur when the ball goes into the air, because though aerial supremacy is a huge part of modern football it seems lost on the developers at EA.



Apart from the overpowered headers and crosses, when the ball leaves the ground, FIFA 14 turns becomes nothing more than a lottery. World class players need three to four touches when trying to control the ball from a lofted pass with the ball bobbling around like a balloon afraid to come down. There’s nothing worse than being through on goal and getting caught in possession when your player has taken multiple touches.



Through balls are the bane of many users’ lives and FIFA 14 is as big a culprit as any in the series: if you ping a through ball into the air from anywhere in the middle of the pitch, you can quickly watch the hapless defenders do their best impression of Laurel and Hardy.



Naturally, it’s only funny if you’re winning, and conceding multiple goals to this glitch generally means you’ll start burning through new controllers.



3. High Pressure Abuse


FIFA’s online playground can be frustrating place: while you would think most players would want a nice even game, it’s often impossible to stay calm when a player decides to employ the high pressure tactic. With a simple press of a button, defenders transform into hungry lions chasing down their dinner, which means you literally have a split second to get rid of the ball or face near certain loss of possession.



Due to complaints at the start of the year, EA increased stamina levels for all players in online modes so that you are able to play high pressure for the whole game without any players getting injured or tired. It makes keeping possession nearly impossible so unless you can adapt to the frenetic pace set by your opponent and enter a game of ping pong football, don’t expect to find any success in playing a slow tempo game.



As anyone who watches football knows, dictating the pace of a game and holding possessing usually wins you games, but not in FIFA 14, where it’s actually the opposite, which makes a mockery of the game.



4. Overpowered Headers



Is there anything more annoying than overpowered headers in FIFA 14? A problem which has plagued the series since FIFA 10, headers from set plays and crosses in play are still completely broken. As well as making most games one dimensional, the entire mechanic fails comically on every level.



Goalkeepers flap at balls, defenders get out-jumped by diminutive opponents and as the picture above shows, which was one of the first images EA used to promote the game, players like David Silva have the ability to jump around ten feet in the air. This is another area that EA don’t seem bothered with fixing and again, the comparison to rival PES 2014 is damaging.



Most people complain that crosses are too accurate and that their is too high a success ratio for scoring from headers, which is obviously a balancing issue. The modern game is no longer played that well, because the likelihood of scoring those goals decreases every season.



Moreover, much like conceding from scripting, watching David Silva or Eden Hazard consistently out jump giant defenders is a bit of a joke.



5. Player ID



Player ID is a feature sorely lacking in most sports games apart from the ever excellent 2K14 series. You would think that something as paramount to sport would be included in EA’s juggernaut by now, but year after year they churn out the same recycled player models and running styles.



PES 2013 nailed the aspect of playing with the world’s best players and what it felt like to dribble with Ronaldo, control the tempo with Xavi and dominate with Thiago Silva and while it was subsequently dropped when Konami integrated their new Fox engine, it still created the blueprint for the next step in football games.



EA would do well to use their various licences to incorporate as many playing styles as possible. They should let Iniesta dance with the ball and John Terry rough up opponents, and introduce mentality and aggression as well as unique animations and passing ranges as the game goes on. And some players should be allowed to walk around the pitch instead of jogging.



Celebrations and unique boots should not be an afterthought: player individuality is one area where PES still reigns supreme over FIFA. At the moment, every player feels the same which really detracts from the experience. In short, EA need to concentrate on the personal side of football for a change.



6. Defensive AI



While it goes without saying that FIFA 14 has improved the defensive side of its game, it’s still one of the weakest areas: defenders have two options at their disposal – either to commit to a tackle or pressure the opponent – but it’s not the user input that’s the problem. From corner kicks and fast breaks, defenders not under your direct control behave more like headless chickens than professional footballers, despite EA Sports’ attempt to eradicate dumb AI behavior.



Positioning wise, defenders make the most absurd decisions such as trying to play offside or completely jumping out of the way of a clear header. Meanwhile goalkeepers will still behave like superhuman acrobats when a shot is taken outside the box but they still don’t command the area, and simple catches are tipped over the bar and they still parry the ball back into the box nine times out of ten.



Hopefully, with the power of next gen goalkeepers have their own unique player models.



7. Transfer Market Price Fixing



The main aspect of Ultimate Team is to gather the best players in football and create the world’s greatest team – it stands to reason. Like any form of competition, the elite constantly strive to find better ways to adapt and grow as players in order to give themselves the best chance of success so as the series has grown, players have become more savvy when dealing with the in game currency.



Price fixing is when players with a lot of money manipulate the market by buying up certain players in bulk for cheap. They then bump up their prices, flood the market with them and make easy profits, which is then repeated over and over again; the more money they make, the more expensive players they use this method on.



Newcomers to the series are most affected by this but it also isn’t fair on novices or young children who can’t afford to buy the game themselves and must wait until Christmas, some three months later when the market is already practically ruined.



EA need to implement a fair system for all players, not just those who spend real money on buying coins and packs. One way to achieve this would be if EA made it impossible for players to have more than one of the same player in their club, which seems a simple rule that should have come in already: hopefully we will see it in FIFA 15.



8. The Transfer System



While on the topic of players, let’s discuss the glitch ridden transfer system at the core of both Ultimate Team and Career Mode. EA have really pushed the boat out in terms of presentation for FIFA 14 on next gen consoles, but the same problems still plague one of the most exciting aspects of world football; transfers. From marquee signings to deadline day bargain buys,there are few gameplay elements more addictive than targeting a player, scouting him and snapping him up after weeks of negotiations. It’s just a shame then that EA present this mechanic quite well only to fall at the last hurdle.



Career mode becomes a clustered mess once you start investing in your team and try to sign young starlets. The in-game scouts are totally ineffective and as you can’t see specific stats of any player on the global transfer market, so most transfers become a case of trial and error. It’s fine for the first few seasons but when players start retiring, it implodes into a mess of screens.



The frequency in which players move is also quite disengaging; seeing Lionel Messi at Real Madrid after just one season disrupts the football world you’ve built in your head and serves no purpose to the mode. Meanwhile, fine-tuning this should be simple but it continues to be ignored by EA Sports, somewhat bafflingly.



Online, things are just as bad: Ultimate Team has become almost too popular and it’s clear to see EA still haven’t found a way to balance the market. It’s extremely hard to even navigate to the exact player you wish to purchase with literately thousands of each player floating around. This creates a much bigger problem which warrants its own self contained topic…

9. Hybrid Teams



What is the point of having a game mode based solely on creating your dream fantasy team and applying silly rules that only hinder the end result?
FIFA’s best mode bar none is the excellent Ultimate Team in which you sell, trade and buy your favourite players, toss them into a team and take on the world. This singular mode has probably sold more copies of the game than all the rest combined, which makes it even more difficult to fathom why EA continue to slowly destroy it from within.



The base game within Ultimate Team is too static with chemistry between players being decided by which clubs they play for and what nationality they are aligned to. Players earn loyalty after ten games but other than that, there is no emphasis on actually building a squad that makes it impossible to become engrossed in the story of your players. Managers and coaches add nothing.



Players can’t learn new positions, and it’s an archaic model that only suppresses the brilliance of the mode. It feels like EA deliberately holds back a lot of features to encourage customers to buy those expensively priced packs but it can only be a matter of time before people are no longer prepared to continue spending huge sums of money on packs, especially with the wealth of games coming out over the next year.



It’s a dangerous game to play so early in the next gen war and EA would do well to overhaul the model before it blows up in their face.



10. Pace



FIFA 14 is the closest EA Sports have come to nailing the exact tempo a proper football match feels like: defenders feel slightly slower than attackers, midfield battles are engrossing and the passing is better than ever with more emphasis on counter attacking football than simply spamming to the wings and burning up the touchline.



But that doesn’t mean there’s not room for improvement, as the game still feels off and is nowhere near the pace friendly FIFA 11. Then again, you only need to take a quick look at any Ultimate Team squad online to see teams littered with speedy players throughout their starting eleven, which in itself carries a lesson.



Speed, not skill wins you matches in FIFA 14; being able to run the length of the field as quickly with Vincent Kompany as Gareth Bale is simply idiotic. Whether it’s the coding or the dodgy stats model to blame, it’s just another area where FIFA 14 is broken and needs fixing for the future of the series.



11. Close Control Dribbling



FIFA 14 streamlined the movements of players both on and off the ball but dribbling and close control are still not quite right compared to the real beautiful game. Precision dribbling is too slow and you still can’t beat a player with a deft touch or burst of pace without throwing a trick into the mix, which plainly does not reflect reality. Slower players such as Italian maestro Pirlo or Manchester United’s Juan Mata suffer greatly from this oversight as their genius is not even closely replicated, and they look like the rest of the team are carrying them.



With the power of next gen consoles, it’s time to see more realistic foot plants, unique dummied movements, shoulder shrugs and a much broader range of dribbling styles. It’s a pity that you can still only play one way if you want to be competitive. FIFA 15 needs to make technically gifted players dangerous without relying on just speed which brings me to my next point.



12. Scripting/Handicapping



Let’s start off with one of the biggest and most game breaking issues that has plagued FIFA since the inception of the series. Scripting is common place in all sports games but FIFA really hammers home the point that there always seems to be something devious going on behind the flash presentation and slick interfaces.



This is especially obvious once you start to put together a string of results or get any sort of momentum going and the game begins to suspect that you’re going to start getting bored of winning, so starts adjusting the parameters of gmae play to mix things up.
Once it kicks in you can unfortunately expect the likes of Manuel Neuer to become as effective as that one kid who used to stand in goals because he didn’t want to get hurt when you were younger. Defenders start to move as if stuck in quicksand and Lionel Messi becomes Emile Heskey, in the latter days of his career. While injured.



At its best the game becomes a farce and at its worst the game becomes unplayable. Arguably, this massive issue needs to be sorted for FIFA 15 more than any other on this list.



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Where to Buy FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins Online

Choose the best place to buy FIFA Cons by reading FIFA Coins Reviews

Beyond all doubts that it is never too hard to find a FIFA coins online store around. Some really do well enough with affordable price tags, satisfied customer service as well as solid business reputation, while others on the opposite way. At the very least, having already listed several the so-called trust sites together, many still feel it fairly confused to choose which one is the best, for the first step. That is a tough question: which FIFA coins online store is the best?



Looking around the Internet, so many brands are vying for FIFA gamers’ attentions all the time, though some of these brands do not live up to your expectation. So, here is the additional question: how to pick the best place to buy FIFA coins?



Well, from now on, start reading FIFA coins prices and reviews from websites like Although finding reliable FIFA coins reviews is tough, good reviews can lead gamers to the best products. The third question: where to read FIFA coins reviews? Of course, Internet is on top of the list. However, all FUTers should realize an undeniable fact that most or even all of them will encounter hundreds of thousands of fake reviews on the Internet, since there are so many companies who place themselves as the best place to review FIFA Coins and the competition is very high for the same reason.



What’s worse, such companies will end up spreading fake positive reviews across the Internet to attract more and more gamers, especially those who are the very first beginners playing FIFA 14 Ultimate Team or buying FIFA Coins directly from the online stores.



In that case, I would strongly suggest all gamers to to find some trustworthy and reliable sites with objective and real-time FIFA Coins reviews. It is one of the leading websites when it comes to reliable reviews on FIFA Coins as they have a huge customer base that provides reviews all from customer feedback and recommendations. The truth is that the responsible brains behind also review all their “best sites” instantly, from updates of website designs to improvements of services and transactional process, to comparison of prices, delivery or else with many other sites of the industry, and so on.



The best thing about their website is that they have a ranking system as the name indicates: the best place to buy FIFA Coins. They have handpicked 5 best products and showed them on their website This list is going to be gamers’ guide to find out the best stores available in the market today. And remember that, best FIFA Coins site is also about gamers’ needs.



What kind of FIFA Coins stores are you looking for? What is your budget for buying FIFA Coins? Try to answer these questions by clicking and you will be able to find the best stores with the help, a best place offering FIFA Coins prices and reviews.


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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: Tips to Defend Corners

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Tips to Defend Corners

Before a game, it may be a good idea to head to the team management screen and set auto-switching to air balls, whilst moving assistance to low. By doing this, the closest player will be auto-selected when a cross comes in to give you the best chance of challenging for the ball. This will also give you more time to adjust your player’s position as you will not have to spend time manually switching to the right player. Be careful not to press LB with auto-switching enabled as this will deselect the player nearest to where the ball is heading.



Find your tallest player and pair him with the biggest heading threat on the opposing team. This may be the tallest opposition player or a player you know is dangerous in the air. The alternative is to place this player on the edge of the six-yard box to intercept low crosses before they become a problem.



It is tempting to look at the mini-map and think about a possible counter-attack, but it is always better to focus on defending the corner initially. You may have a striker in lots of space but it will not benefit you if your opponent scores due to your lack of defensive focus. When the cross does come in, use LS to get your defender goal-side and ahead of an attacker followed by the shoot button (B) for a sturdy clearance.



Darren Cross from Match Magazine shares in the Boot Room how to defend corners in FIFA 14 .



Just stay alert! will share more FIFA 14 tips that help you to improve your game play.



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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Tips : Advanced Right Stick Moves

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Tips Advanced Right Stick Moves

Here are five techniques for using the right stick to help you beat defenders.

Double Knock-On

It’s a favorite right stick move yet other players rarely see it, possibly because not everyone knows how to do it or why it’s so useful.

The double knock-on is when you push the ball out of your feet much harder than usual, so that it travels further away than a regular knock on with the right stick. It’s a fantastic tactic if you’re dribbling with a fast player but about to come into contact with a stronger defender who will be able to shrug you off the ball using his power – going for a double knock-on here means you can accelerate without the ball at your feet, making use of your pace and avoiding any contact.

You can also use it to push the ball through gaps in defenses or in just about any situation where there’s space ahead of your player and you want to use his speed to your advantage.

How to?

While running and holding down the right trigger, quickly push the right stick once in the direction you want to burst then immediately push it in the same direction again and keep it held down. This will work in any direction you want to go.

Standing Push

To avoid being tackled by an incoming defender when receiving a pass under pressure is very helpful.

It’s a quick push of the ball to take it out of your feet and away from the defender, who hopefully won’t be able to change direction fast enough to recover and make a challenge because of his momentum. When well-timed it’s really difficult to stop and can buy you that extra few yards of space you need to escape the pressure and continue with your attack.

How to?

As you’re about to receive a pass, hold the right trigger down and press the right stick in the direction you want to push the ball. Again you can do this in any direction you like, so try to aim for the biggest gap.

Stride Flick

Sometimes you can play a through ball and think your striker is through on goal, then he takes a poor first touch that slows him down a little and the defender catches up. It happens in the game just as it happens in real football, but there’s something you can do to give yourself a better chance of getting away.

How to?

Just before your player takes his first touch on the ball, hold the right trigger and flick the right stick in the direction you’re going. One push of the right stick will knock it just ahead, but you can also use a double knock-on here if there’s loads of room for you to move into.

Sharp Turn

This is another handy little move you can use to catch your opponent out.
In FIFA 14 you can turn very sharply while sprinting using just the left stick, but if you use the right stick to turn you’ll push the ball slightly further away, which is again useful for moving into gaps between defenders.

How to?

While sprinting with the right trigger held down, push the right stick towards the space you want to move into.


This is what I used to score the goal I mentioned earlier. In that instance the ball came to my player at the perfect height for an overhead flick, but there are many other ways this one can work and the kind of flick your player goes for will depend on the height he receives the ball. If it’s a low pass, for example, then he may try to just nudge it past a defender before turning.
The key to this one working is timing, the position of the defender – ideally he’ll be close so you can flick it past him – and a little bit of luck. This one doesn’t work every time, but when it does come off it looks great and can produce spectacular results.

How to?

With your back to a defender, simply hold the right trigger down and flick the right stick in the opposite direction to the way your player is facing as you receive the ball.




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Additional Precautions to Protect Your FUT Accounts

Additional Precautions to Protect your FUT Accounts

Extra to the steps listed HERE, there are still some additional precautions to protect your FIFA 14 Ultimate Team account information.



Preview Links
Before clicking on a web link, preview where it is taking you by hovering over it with your mouse cursor is quite necessary. In some browsers the link location will be displayed at the bottom of your browser window.



Home Computers- Passwords and Bookmarks
Set your browser to remember your password for EA sites and it will auto-fill the login form every time you visit the sites. If you unknowingly go to a phishing site, the username and password will not be filled in, so you will know it’s a fake. Remember it’s a way that only can be done on your home computer.



Public Computers
If you login from a public computer like at a school or a coffee shop, double check that your login information isn’t being saved by the browser automatically. Be sure to delete the browser cache after you logout as well.



Password Integrity
While not directly related to phishing, updating and maintaining your passwords is an important part of online security. To develop a harder-to-guess password, you should use the following suggestions:


EA IDs only require 4 characters, but you should use at least 8. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters, such as @,# or^.


Be sure to use different passwords for your EA account, console login, and email.



Change Your Passwords Often
Do not use any information in your password that could easily be obtained like your Gamertag/PSN name or FUT Squad. Just write down all emails that contain password information and then delete immediately and permanently.



FUT Security Question
It’s better to create a Security Answer on the FUT Web App to prevent unwanted Users from accessing your account. Make sure to remember the answer! Since you will be required to enter this answer the next time you log in via your console or occasionally on the FUT Web App and EASFC Mobile app so that your coins and players stay safe. If you ever happen to change your console, it will be asked as well.



What to do if you’ve been phished
If having entered your login info into a phishing site by accident, just keep quiet to change your password right away. Although it’s likely that your account has been compromised, you may still have time to save it.


Then contact EA’s customer service team immediately at, providing as much detail and evidence as you can, especially accurate details like what items you have lost, a date and a time of when you lost them.



Don’t panic if you receive a phishing email message since your account has not been compromised. All the scammer has is your email address, which can be relatively easy to find. Scammers duplicate the images and text from an official EA email in the same way they copy websites. If you receive a suspicious looking email, check who the sender is, as well as where the links in the email are taking you.


Some things to be aware of with phishing emails:


Names are easy to obtain—phishers will almost always use these in emails;


Other web links or elements in the email will actually take you to the real site, but the “click here” or “login” link will always be to a fake site;


When clicking on web links in emails, be sure it is directing you to the same place that was advertised;


Only you have forgotten your password and you make a request to have it changed, EA contact you through email regarding your account.



Browser Tools
These browser tools and plugins will not stop all phishing sites. Unsafe website lists are used to keep track of phishing sites. These tools can also help you avoid sites that attempt to install malicious software without you knowing.


Many major browsers have built-in phishing filters. Ensure that they are enabled. You can also check a website’s security by using Google Diagnostic tool and plugin Web of Trust which is available for all operating systems



Report Phishing Sites to EA
EA are continually taking action against phishing sites and taking strong, prompt action against any users attempting to scam others using these sites or any other scams. Just visit to contact EA and let them know about the phishing sites. A new way to get help and manage your account!


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How to Protect Your FIFA Ultimate Team Account

With several promotions occurring in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team at this time of year, it’s particularly important to keep login information from falling for some of the scams cheaters to steal information and compromise accounts.
EA will NEVER ask you for your login information. There are no exceptions to this rule. When an online scammer attempts to trick you into giving up valuable information, like your login information and password, by landing on a fake website and entering in your account details, it means you’re being phished. It’s always wise to follow these rules, reducing the chance of account being compromised or phished.



1: Never share personal login information publicly
2: Never click any links asking for login information or claiming your account has been compromised
3: Always double check the sign-in web address starts with:
4: Always make sure the web address does not redirect to a non-EA site



In such case, you’d better create an Origin security question to give your FUT account an important extra layer of protection. Keep your Origin account up to date and use a unique password for all the services you use to maximize your account security.



Fake Emails and Copycat Websites



You receive an email that appears to be from EA concerning a FIFA Ultimate Team promotion. You click on the link in the email, go to what appears to be the FIFA Ultimate Team login page, and enter your login name and password. Two days later you discover all the gold players you’ve worked so hard for have disappeared. It means you’re phished.
Since the majority of phishing websites look identical to the real thing and it’s hard to realize you’ve been phished until it’s too late.



Taking the below website as an example, it may look identical to the official site, but it isn’t. How to spot the difference? The website address (or URL)

























How to identify the difference between a phishing site and the authentic one
The web address of official EA SPORTS website is:



You may also be contacted directly by EA or EA SPORTS via email containing one of more of the following official EA and EA SPORTS web links relating to EA SPORTS FIFA, FIFA Ultimate Team, EA SPORTS Football Club, or EA :
Any other similar looking URL is not official and should not be clicked on.


























Head-to-head comparison. Note that the phishing site (bottom), while appearing to be identical to the official site, it has a different web address other than



Be Aware of Redirects
Redirecting is a technique where a scammer embeds something in a web link that takes you to the real site to begin with, but then moves you to a fake page that looks identical. There are many examples of this, but one simple thing to look out for in your address bar would be:



Note the “redirect?” part of the web address. This means you go to a different site than official EA one.



Scare Tactics
Another common tactic involves scaring you into thinking your account has been compromised when it actually hasn’t. You may receive a message saying something like: “Your account has been temporarily suspended due to suspicious activity. Please login here to see more information.” This is another attempt to get you to give up your username and password. As always, the end result is directing you to a fake site and not



EA will never send you emails claiming your account has been compromised. EA will never contact you via any means asking for this information.



On the Forum
If you ever receive a private message in the forums asking for your login information, it’s fake. Scammers will even use names that sound legitimate, such as “EA Admin” or “FIFA Developer”. Again, EA will never ask you for your login information.



If you do receive a message like this reported to one of the forum moderators. Those responsible for sending messages of this kind will suffer swift justice – justice that could affect more than just their forum privileges, up to and including a full console ban.



On Your Console


If you ever receive a private message through your console’s online messaging system asking for your login information, it is fake. EA will never contact you through your console’s messaging system for any reason. Do not give out your details and report the details of this message using the built-in report tool.



The FIFA Ultimate Team Web App
Scammers are using Shared Squad links to try to phish information. Remember: you don’t need to be logged into to your EA account to view a Shared Squad. Shared Squads can be viewed by anyone, and like every other official link, they always start with



If you’re trying to view a Shared Squad and are redirected to a sign in page, it’s a scam. Do not proceed any further.



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2014 FIFA World Cup: Sao Paulo Stadium will not ready for the first test

2014 FIFA World Cup Sao Paulo Stadium will not ready for the first testA test match will not be staged in the stadium that will host the opening match of the 2014 World Cup before the tournament officially kicks off on June 12, because of building work being carried out in the arena.

The Arena Corinthians was built to hold 48,000 and another 20,000 temporary seats are being added for the World Cup.

But with work in and around the ground still ongoing, 18,000 seats will be left empty for the test event featuring Corinthians and Figueirense on either May 17 or 18.
Nadia Campeao, Sao Paulo’s deputy mayor, said that the crowd (for the test match) would be 50,000 people under an agreement between Corinthians and LOC (Local Organising Committee) and FIFA.

While FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke denied on Twitter Tuesday that the first official test on 17 or 18 May would take place at Arena de Sao Paulo with full capacity.
When querying the capacity for the test event, he admitted there would not be a full house and highlighted that South Africa also staged events before the 2010 tournament to reduce crowds.

The Arena Corinthians will stage the opening Cup match between hosts Brazil and Croatia.
Valcke, however, concerned that the late delivery of stadiums and facilities made it tough to properly test everything. He said on the first day of a four-day trip to Brazil that Sao Paulo would be ready for the opening game, but it didn’t mean Sao Paulo would be ready in time because the delivery date for the stadium was 15 Jan, 2014.

As reported, huge areas surrounding the ground are still covered in dust and rubble, mechanical diggers and manual laborers.

The Sao Paulo state secretary of planning and development Julio Semeghini confirmed, a bus terminal under construction between the stadium and the nearest train station would not be completed and a walkway from the metro was also in danger of not being ready.
He told Reuters, the access from the metro had to be ready. The bus terminal that would be a legacy for after the World Cup won’t be ready. They would top that work during the Cup and finish it after the Cup.

The tournament has been beset by problems and delays. Although Brazil had almost seven years to get ready, with just 51 days to go before the opening match three stadiums are still unfinished and much of the promised infrastructure improvements have not happened.

The tournament will take place in 12 cities between June 12 and July 13.



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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Tips: How to Create Shooting Chances

 FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Tips How to Create Shooting Chances

Here are four effective moves players can use to make enough space for a shot on goal under pressure.



Push Back



In really close games, good gamers usually find that their attacking players are under constant pressure from defenders, who are looking for even the smallest opportunity to dart in and nick the ball or block a shot. That’s exactly the best time to use the Push Back move to quickly create the space.



To Push Back, gamers need to nudge the ball back in more or less the direction it came from with their first touch, and then use just enough power to get it away from the nearby defender and out of their feet so they can shoot with their second touch. There’s no turning involved so it needs players to be front, side on or somewhere in between to the goal when they receive the ball, then it’s just a case of running into the pass and hopefully going past the defender.



If trying a first-time shot with a defender, gamers can close by to create a really good chance for blocking the strike. By pushing the ball back to where it came from gamers can move away from the defender, who is facing them rather than the ball so will find it tough to accelerate in time to keep up, and create enough space for an effort on goal.



Weak Foot Turn



Unpredictability is key to all four of the moves here. If the defending player can’t read what its opponent is about to do then a much higher chance of success came. Importantly, gamers need to disguise intentions as best they can when in the final stages of an attack.



The Weak Foot Turn technique takes this a step further because gamers intentionally make it appear to be very predictable, before throwing the surprise in right at the end.



For example, gamers are just about to move inside the opponent’s penalty area having the ball with Robin Van Persie. There’s a defender or two closes by tracking their run. When turning to Van Persie’s left side and accelerate to the ball, everything is about gamers’ approach and shape screams that they’re going to shoot. The defending player – who will probably know that RVP is left footed – reacts by moving to block or tackle, then at the very last moment just turn back on to Van Persie’s right foot and let rip with a shot on goal. Thus, gamers can make their next move appear to be predictable, before hopefully catching the defender out with the last-minute turn on to their weaker foot.



Fake Shoot Stop and Go



The first part of this move is the same as the Weak Foot Turn since gamers go through almost all of the motions of taking the shot – this time to the point when players swing their leg back before striking the ball – but it differs in that they don’t have to beat the defender by turning on to their weaker side. Instead, gamers should fake the shot and stop completely for a split second, just long enough for the defender’s own momentum to create some space, then players just burst into it and shoot with their second touch.



Because the opposition player is anticipating the shot, opponents will be trying to tackle or block as quickly as possible, often with the sprint button held down. So the brief delay is usually enough to send them pass by, creating the space gamers need to shoot before they can recover.



In such case, gamers should power up a shot then press the short pass button as the meter fills and release the left stick. Then their player will stop. It’s best time to hold sprint and push the ball away to set up the strike.



Heel Chop



Finally to use the Heel Chop skill move to create space in very crowded penalty areas.



It’s a four star move and there are a couple of ways to do it. But the easiest one is to hold LT or L2 while doing a fake shot move – so powering up a shot and cancelling with the short pass button – while pointing the left stick in the direction gamers want to chop.



It works even better when moving at speed and the defending players are being drawn towards, attempting to prevent a shot. Once chopping the ball left or right it’s very tough for a defender to react in time to change their run path, which gives gamers the space to get the shot away. End up with the ball on player’s strongest side if possible but, like the Weak Foot Turn will be the best at this time.


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Brazil government promises security for the FIFA World Cup

Brazil government promises security for the FIFA World Cup

The Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff confirmed that the official government will ensure security in the FIFA World Cup which will launch in 12 Brazilian cities in June.



As reported, the Brazil government has beefed up security for the World Cup and any violent episodes will not be allowed to disturb the tournament during the period of FIFA World Cup.



Rousseff said Wednesday that the authority had improved their security tremendously to ensure every detail should be concerned. With the armed forces participating, the government will use the Federal Police and the Federal Highway Police and have partnerships with all state governors. The declaration underlining the security measures was first released in a meeting of the Council for Economic and Social Development, in Brasilia.



Moreover, the federal government will not agree with any kind of violence and the country will not let the World Cup be contaminated. It is not just an important moment of Brazil, but also the world, Rousseff added.



In fact, earlier last year, hundreds of millions of Brazilians went on the streets in June to protest against the country’s poor public services, including health care and education, corruption in politics, and high expenses for the World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics, which will take place in Rio.



The protests occurred during the FIFA Confederations Cup. Importantly, many of them took place in the vicinity of the stadiums even on game days. Most protests featured conflicts between protestors and the police. What is more, the local officers were often accused of abuse and excessive violence in their actions.



Believe it or not, the forthcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil this year, to some extent, can be a significant opportunity to witness the executive ability and concept of the Brazil government. Maybe, the Brazilians are looking forward to seeing how the government perform and show themselves.

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