FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Video Game: Six Modes Previews


Here are six different game modes in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 video game to win more FIFA coins and tournaments:

Mode 1: Road to the FIFA World Cup

Any one of the 203 World Cup nations can be leaded through the qualifying rounds and onto FIFA World Cup glory directly. Considering a truly customized and unique experience, up to 32 players can play the game locally. Gamers will be offered country-specific tournament updates including over 50 hours of recorded dialogue that adapts to your team’s performance from EA SPORTS Talk Radio when making way through the 2014 FIFA World Cup. At the time, fans will celebrate in the streets at more than 15 different real world locations including London’s Trafalgar Square, Moscow’s St. Basil Cathedral and even the National Mall in Washington DC.

Mode 2: Road to Rio de Janeiro (on line)

players can take their nation through all 12 of the 2014 FIFA World Cup venues beginning at the Arena da Amazônia in the city of Manaus in Road to Rio de Janeiro Mode. Just like what can do on FIFA 14’s popular Online Seasons mode, gamers can get more and more challenging in online matches when inching closer to the Estádio do Maracanã in Rio as well as a chance to play for the FIFA World Cup Trophy, whether winning matches to move forward, remaining in a city (division) or being relegated.

Mode 3: Captain your Country

Thanks to this popular FIFA mode, triumphant return becomes available, meaning that gamers can have an established player work their way up after returning from injury or create their own future Captain as well as prove their worth on the team. To earn that significant role of leader gamers can impress their manager and win over fans. Players will never have to worry about being caught out of position in any key moments because a new auto-positioning system makes Captain your Country more accessible to new players.

Mode 4: Story of Finals (online)

Almost everyone in the world is talking about the match England and Italy wrapping up a five-goal thriller with the English side winning in dramatic fashion. Fortunately, re-create that stunning fifth goal finish to give Italy the win in Story of Finals mode is quite fun and possible. An hour after the final whistle of every match, players can enjoy a series of challenges based on the day’s final result. There will be a number of different scenarios available to challenge from replicating a specific score-line to changing the course of a match or winning a match without conceding a goal. In addition, players can also earn XP in FIFA 14.

Mode 5: 2014 FIFA World Cup

in this mode, fans are able to not only compete on line or locally but play the real 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament from the Group stage until the finals of World Cup.

Mode 6: Story of Qualifying

More than 200 nations vied for an opportunity to join this upcoming FIFA World Cup during the past two and a half years. Along the way, numerous football fans saw comebacks, blow outs and even a few upsets along the way when being treated to the fantastic matches. About 60 of the most memorable matches will be replayed in this mode, including Colombia’s three goal comeback against Chile, France 10 men’s two goals against Spain to earn automatic qualification in 11 minutes, and so on.

Featuring over 200 teams, 7,000 players, 20 new stadiums and over 15 hours of added commentary; FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 will be definitely a grand football banquet.

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WWW.FIFA-COINS.COM: FIFA Coins Reviews of the Week

After about one-year growth, wins a strong customer base that more and more players are willing to purchase FIFA Coins here.

Each day “the best place to buy FIFA Coins” reminds itself of the responsibility providing all players a real and valuable reviews service. From time to time, the young but professional reviews site promises every gamer “the truly and only best not fraudulent places to buy FIFA Coins”.

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FIFA Coins Sellers Reviews: What and How?

The key and obvious function of a FIFA Coins Reviews service is to deliver the products consumers need at a reasonable price through a secure transaction. Additional helpful functions may mostly include whether scammer or not, email and live chat support, customer feedback, as well as private policy.

Ease of Use
Customer Support
Console and Quantity Selection


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FIFA Coins Prices Comparisons: What and How?

Questions including whether the prices stable or variable, competitive or reasonable, how and when to buy is the best and so on should come to first.


Comparisons and Reviews between various chosen Sellers;
Comparisons and Reviews between relevant Platforms;
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At, “We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To”.

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How and Why Reviews FIFA Coins Sellers and Compares Prices Daily?

fifa coins reviews

 Where the actual money behind where the FIFA Ultimate Team Coins go. It has been already proved that there are hundreds of thousands of FIFA Coins dealings among sellers and players all around the world every day. Therefore, the prices of FIFA Currency will be absolutely varied and compromised by the supply and demands as well as the intensive competition among different sellers for whom most players seem fairly hard to judge whether scammers or not. That’s why FIFA Coins Reviews Site decides to offer services of FIFA Coins Sellers Reviews and Prices Comparisons daily.


Just remember that, with such objective and reliable reviews and comparison focusing on the most competitive and stable price tags, and the most trusted and professional online stores, players can only be able to buy cheap reliable FIFA Coins safely and fast.


So, how does “the best place to buy FIFA Coins” review and compare?


Comparisons and Reviews between various chosen Sellers


At the same platform and at the same time of the year, there are sellers whose price for coins may each vary from 10% to 50%. FIFA coins price comparison and reviews from one seller to another are rather necessary. First to make sure the store players are going to spend their money is not scammer. Just relax that all reviews sites here including and are legal and have a great reputation among dozens of payers, basing on their reviews in Then chat to the online customer service to check whether they have FIFA Coins in huge stock or not. Finally take a look at if any discounts, promotions or 5% EA Tax Covered can be provided. Fortunately, has already done all that you have to or need to do.


Comparisons and Reviews between relevant Platforms


FIFA coins price should compare and review different platforms including Xbox, PS, PC and iOS from one seller to another. Here in we will review the fluctuation proportions of each console by comparing to its last price tag and other sellers, as well as any available coupon codes or Promo or Tax Covered. Taking as an example, 100K Xbox were sold£8.98 on February 18 while£7.98 on February 27, meaning the price have already down about 11%. At the same time, 100K Xbox were sold£7.99 at on February 27. Considering that site still covered 5% Tax, it’s a good time to purchase in larger amounts.


Comparisons and Reviews between Quantity Purchases


Players will be benefitted with lower price unit if buying FIFA Ultimate Team Coins in a huge quantity. For example, 100K PC in were priced at£3.89 on February 28 while£4.86 on March 4, with an about 25% rise. However, on may other sites 100K PC were sold nearly£5.00 during the same day. To some extent, it’s a better opportunity to buy.


Where post the reviews and comparison daily?  
Players can read the final reviews and comparison from our Blog or Facebook Home Page daily to buy the cheapest and best FIFA Coins online.


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FIFA Coins Prices Reviews Daily – March 4, 2014

fifa coins reviews services


Today’s FIFA coins prices reviews and comparison in



XBOX 100K=£8.10/$12.66/€9.75 Flat
PS 100K=£10.76/$16.82/€12.95 Flat
PC 100K=£4.85/$7.58/€5.84 Flat (FAST Delivery)
XBOX 100K=£8.96/$13.79/€10.89 Flat
PS   100K=£10.87 /$16.99 /€13.08 Flat
PC   100K=£4.86/$7.59/€5.84 Flat
iOS  100K=£5.90 /$9.22 /€7.10 Flat


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FIFA 14 now available for Windows Phone 8


According to EA SPORTS, a native version of FIFA 14 has finally arrived on the Windows Phone Store, meaning that Windows Phone 8 eventually becomes available for performing FIFA 14.



For those who even don’t know or just hear little about FIFA game, here is a brief introduction. As a popular football game, FIFA 14 allows players to earn and trade or buy and sell player cards in the Transfer Market to build a fantasy football team, just like what we can do in the real life. Players can custom pick their play styles (Career Mode, for example), formations, kits and more, then compete in tournaments to earn FIFA Coins which can be used to purchase new players and whatever they need. Titled as “the most authentic football game on Windows Phone 8″, the new FIFA 14 features 34 leagues, as well as 600 licensed teams and 16,000 players, which enable gamers to feel the excitement of every pass, shot and tackle with new touch controls of “real players, real teams and real leagues”.



Now, users are able to grab FIFA 14 free of charge by in-app purchases just like purchasing packs. Remember that gamers may enable or disable in-app purchases through the Kids Corner section of your Windows Phone addictions, for those who are the first time to apply the game, they can listen to commentaries in a variety of languages including English, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.



In fact, Microsoft has already posted in Windows blog on Friday that FIFA 14 brings real players, real teams and real leagues right to gamers Windows Phone where they can use touch controls to pass, shoot, and tackle right on the field in stadiums from around the world.



Developed and published by EA in September of 2013, the sports association football game FIFA 14 has been released for platforms including PlayStation 3/4, Xbox One/360, Nintendo, Wii, iOS, Android and Windows. But now it’s added to work on Windows Phone. Those versions, which feature an engine called Ignite Engine, have landed with some graphical and game-play changes.


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FIFA Points Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team Points

 Previously, has already offered some tips buying FIFA Packs with less FIFA Coins or FIFA Points in the Blog. Here are some useful guides for FUT 14 Points.

What are FIFA Points?

In FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, FIFA Points are the FIFA currency which can be available for buying Packs. Originally, FIFA Points are first introduced for PC users in FUT 12 and then added to PlayStation and Xbox in FUT 13. That’s why players can use the same payment system on different platforms.

How to buy and use FIFA Points?

Generally, FUTers can purchase FIFA Points in bundles from their console’s Ultimate Team store. It is possible for PC users to buy Points through FUT 14 Web App, while others like PS and Xbox holders cannot. Before buying FIFA Points, players should make sure they have Microsoft or PlayStation currencies. Remember that Microsoft Points are being retired now and transactions on Xbox can be available by using local currency rather than Microsoft Point. FUTers can learn more in



Once buying FIFA Points on different consoles with currencies respectively, players can be able to use FIFA Points in all Ultimate Team Ecosystems including the consoles, the FUT 14 Web App and companion app for iOS and Android devices. For those who are Season Ticket subscribers, who get early access to download FIFA 14 full game three days before the date release together with Madden (Madden is not available for Sony subscribers outside of North America), NHL, FIFA, Tiger Woods and NCAA Football, their 20% discounts will be automatically applied to the price of FIFA Point bundles.



Additionally, FIFA Points mean Bulk Discounts. That’s, players can get a bigger discount and more bonus points if purchasing larger FIFA Point bundles, from which players who buy several packs in Ultimate Team can be offered great value. For example, players will be given 200 bonus FIFA Points if buying a 2,000 FIFA Point bundle, which is quite enough to buy two extra Gold packs.

Common issue

There will sometimes be an error message in FIFA 14 while purchasing FIFA Points. In such case, players should stop proceeding via Xbox Live or PSN menus. Instead, they should make sure to exit the purchase process completely by going back to the FUT Main Menu and restart it to receive their FIFA Points.

If someone insists to proceeding through Xbox Live or PSN menus while haven’t received a FIFA Points purchase on Xbox or PlayStation, they can contact the EA Support Center to ask for a refund with the following information:

Gamertag/PSN ID;
Origin ID;
Photo / Screenshot of proof of purchase (must have Gamertag or PSN ID clearly on the screen);
Approximate time of the purchase.

FIFA Points Transfer

FIFA Points may be transferred between PS3-PS4 and between XBox 360-XBox One as many times players want. It works like coins and cards in which players can transfer in the two ways. However, it is impossible to share FIFA Points between different platforms.

Besides, players can be allowed to transfer their FIFA Points from FUT 13 to FUT 14 only once, which takes place in the early access or in the release date.


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Tips to buy FUT 14 Packs with less FIFA Coins or Points

Last week, has already discussed whether it was worth to buy FUT 14 Packs on Blog and the answer was “Though difficult to get good cards in packs, it’s still important to keep buying packs because the game only works when cards keep being inserted into the game through the store.”




Which Pack to buy?


Obviously it all depends on what FUTers want. For example, if building a bronze squad, players should buy a bronze pack. While getting more contracts and other consumables, consumables packs are the choices. However, most want the most expensive cards-Gold Packs. Which one?


It’s quite simple: buy an available Gold Pack with the lowest price for each rare player card. These are the only cards that can actually make someone rich and the other cards are almost worthless. To know which packs have the lowest price per rare card, players only need to divide the price by the number of rare cards basing on the table.


Players should pay more attention to the category of Packs if there are other cards besides players. Generally, the best packs contain guaranteed rare gold player card, the Premium Gold Players Pack is two times more expensive than the Rare Players Pack or the Jumbo Rare Players Pack, for example. However, there are no distinct differences if purchasing with FIFA Points. For example: Jumbo Premium Gold pack and Silver Upgrade pack cost both 15,000 coins but the first may be purchased with 300 Points while the second only 50 Points.


Where and how to buy?


Usually, the store is the place where Packs are sold. Players can purchase either with coins or points the right Packs including details like the number of rare cards each pack has.


When to buy?


It’s not absolutely true to buy Packs during Happy Hour. A Happy Hour is a period of time when special packs available on the market. It may be just one hour, a full day or even a weekend. During the Happy Hours, Packs that have a lower cost per rare card are usually more attractive than the regular ones.


There are special Happy Hours named “2x Chance” that the chances of getting an IF card are two times higher than usual. But it’s quite rare. The Happy Hours will never be announced ahead of time. Most players may know if there is any Happy Hour in the main page of the FUT Web App or the consoles when it is active, or a few minutes before starting in the Twitter of EA Sports FIFA. It is impossible to know when will be the next Happy Hour but they are very common in these moments:


- Wednesdays between 4pm and 5pm just before the release of the new TOTW;
- Most of the weekends, usually during large periods of time;
- After a MOTM card release;
- During the Christmas period (last ten days of December and first two of January).


To buy Packs at the best time, players should avoid period between 5:30pm and 6pm of Wednesdays, or buy packs during good TOTW weeks or on TOTY/TOTS weeks. If success, the profit will be incredibly higher.


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Friday Maintain brought FUT 14 Coin Boosts back to EASFC Catalogue

(FIFA-COINS.COM NEWS) – Amazing news for every FUTer! According to EA SPORTS, FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coin Boosts become available once again in the EASFC catalogue.


As far as all players concerned, FUT 14 Coin Boosts are always the most wanted and popular items of the EASFC Catalogue. With these valuable EASFC Catalogue items, players can be able to receive some extra FUT Coins for each match which the item is active. Usually, the additional bonus will be added at the end of each match, together with coins that are rewarded basing on every gamer’s actual performance and playing skills.


For example: a FUT Coin Reward Boost 1000×5 means that FUTers will receive 1000 additional FUT Coins at the end of each of the 5 next matches they challenge.


In fact, EA SPORTS have already removed the items form the EASFC Catalogue just before FIFA 14 was officially released. As EA said, they have temporarily disabled FUT Coin Reward Boosts in the EASFC Catalogue while they investigated an issue that affected the FUT economy. Here is a good explanation to see what has been really happened.


Nearly five months later and when many people no longer believed, EA Sports took advantage of the official maintenance on February 21 and “by the way” brought back the FUT 14 Coin Boosts to the EASFC Catalogue.


Fortunately, all the items are currently back. Just go to the EASFC Catalogue on FIFA 14 and select the tab ‘Ultimate Team’ or ‘All’.


Check the level of these items required and how many items contained respectively if wanting to buy or players can ask friends to gift them:


1    300 FC C            200×10
8    450 FC C           200×5
24    1,000 FC C     200×10
28    2,000 FC C    1000×15
32    800 FC C        1000×5
36    750 FC C         200×5
45    1,500 FC C      200×15
51    2,500 FC C      1000×10
53    1,600 FC C     1000×5
56    1,250 FC C     1000×10
73    2,500 FC C     1000×10
96    4,000 FC C     1000×15
118    5,000 FC C    200×15

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Is it Worth to Buy Packs of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


FUT 14 is a FIFA game mode where FUTers try to get the right cards to build the best team possible. While of which, Packs introducing the cards in game are one of the most significant items.
Learn all cards in FUT 14 through packs here below:


Starter Pack: when registering a new team;
Loyalty Packs: when returning players access for the first time;
Paid Packs: when purchasing packs from stores;
Rewarded Packs: when winning Tournaments or Seasons whose prizes are packs or when get Daily Gifts and other prizes.



When buying Packs, players may have already noticed that 99% cards are introduced in game by the store. That’s what exactly makes Ultimate Team Mode important. Packs can be a gold mine since only in FIFA Digital Sales which includes Ultimate Team Packs EA makes profits more than $300 million each year. To buy Packs it needs FIFA coins or real money to pay.


Where there are FIFA coins, there is a squad. Actually, it’s not the best way to buy packs with coins. has early opened lots of FUT 13 packs and sold all the cards on the market. However, the coins getting with the sales were much lower than the coins spending to buy the packs. Many also argue that buying packs is the only way to be rich. While, that’s EA Sports’ FIFA core business.


In fact, to sell more packs EA uses social networks to tell players how easily to get good cards in packs by supporting the most lucky YouTubers that publish videos opening packs with the greatest players. They force players to try their luck again hopping to get the same good cards that other players and YouTubers have.


For those who still don’t believe that buying packs is not a good option, here are some further explanations with math.


There are over 15,000 players in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team and most probably want to buy the most expensive one, Ronaldo. See what the odds are of getting him in a pack. First FUTers need to know how many players cards have in the pack being opening, for example, a pack with 4 players. While it doesn’t mean chances of getting Ronaldo is something like 1 to 3,750! There are players with more cards in packs than others.


Card Weight is a metric used to estimate how often a particular card is traded on the transfer market.The higher the Card Weight number, the higher likely this card is traded on the market. It’s an indication of how rare cards are. The Card Weight of Ronaldo is 2, the lower of all game. It means, for example, that he is 100 times less common than David Luiz which Card Weight is 200. Besides, Card Weight doesn’t measure the chance of finding a specific card in a pack since cards that are likely to be kept or quick sold by the original owner will not have an accurate weight. However, through complex calculations there’s a way to find the odds of getting a specific player in a pack using his Card Weight, the number of quick sells of that card and the number of cards stored in clubs.


In this case, as Ronaldo is one of those players that no one wants to sell again, the chances of getting him in a pack are 10 times lower than the average of gold players whose Card Weight is 150. In other words, the chance of getting him is something like 1 to 150,000 for each card player opening in a pack.


All the good cards are very rare. In the top 10 players with best overalls, none have a Card Weight higher than 40. That’s, every time someone gets a player card in a pack, the odds of getting one of these players are only 1 to 1,400.


Though difficult to get good cards in packs, it’s still important to keep buying packs because the game only works when cards keep being inserted into the game through the store.


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Making FIFA Coins with FUT 14 Winter Upgrades



With Winter Upgrades which would bring an in-form auto-upgrade hitting the market February 15, the market truly is in a state of mess. See what’s happening to the prices now.
The better IFs are at similar prices: a fairly big chance to make coins?

For example, if having an in-form of any gold player that got upgraded, that card will be changed in team’s possession. However, in some cases, nothing at all will those changed and improved in-forms go up to. As we all know, it was rather tough to find an original in-form rating 80 overall and jumping all the way to 180K like Pogba on the market during the last few weeks.

Why FUTers are up in arms is not due to the new-82-overall Pogba is available for the same price, but because they expected a higher ranked card would bring more coins. Here come two words: supply and demand. Demand for any major player keeps the same throughout the year and only in some exceptional cases where a player excels on the world stage, the demand for that player can rise. While, supply is almost what makes prices up and down.
Some may still wonder why high-end players like Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahimovic didn’t go down, when packs were being ripped for the new transfer cards. That’s because they are the most difficult players to pull. No matter how many packs are opened, the supplies for such players never get high enough with demand being equal. For example, when the most packs are opened at one time this year during the TOTY release, these cards barely went down, but for a short time they did owning to those that could actually afford Messi, Ronaldo or Ibra and demand rose for players of TOTY cards.

But now, with Pogba IF being the only high-end, in form Serie A CDM card, demand has always been high. Why when the card became an 82 overall with almost every in-game stat going up did demand go down? Everyone seems surprised when their Paul Pogba IF upgraded to be a better card overnight. They considered it would be more valuable since then and decided to put it up for sale. So when the overall supply of the card obviously can’t go up, the short-term supply will go up.

If more new buyers scoop up the higher rated Pogba card and existing holders of the card realize there isn’t much to be made if selling, the long-term supply will once again become the short-term supply (fairly low) and demand will go up with pricing potentials of going higher than the current rate (170k on Xbox- which was the exact price before the card was upgraded!).

This is only the first time IFs have been upgraded automatically, whether it’s Pogba, or SIF Benatia. But just remember these issues in the current weeks to possibly decrease just a tad more, before the long-term or overall supply meets up with this short-term supply and an increase in price follows.


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