FIFA Coins Prices Reviews and Comparisons Daily

Today’s FIFA coins prices reviews and comparisons in (5% EA TAX covered)
XBOX 100K=£6.22/€7.48/$9.72 OFF
PS 100K=£9.97/€12.00/$15.58 OFF
PC 100K=£3.83/€4.60/$5.98 UP (FAST Delivery)
XBOX 100K=£6.33/$9.89/€7.62 OFF
PS   100K=£9.98/$15.59/€12.00 OFF
PC   100K=£3.83/$5.99/€4.61 OFF
iOS  100K=£5.90 /$9.22 /€7.10 FLAT

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Six Common Mistakes in FUT 14 Trading and Tips to Fix

 Six Common Mistakes in FUT 14 Trading and Tips to Fix

Here, lists six common trading mistakes many FUTers make. Just remember that all prices used in the examples are only available for Xbox.



Investing in the correct players at the wrong times
It’s quite normal. For example, Lukaku, before his excellent performance for Everton against Newcastle scoring twice and assisting once within 32 minutes, was going for around 5k while around 18k at half-time when is a very difficult time to make coins, since he was selling for around 11k in the following morning! If you had missed the boat the first time around, accept it and move on, as this was the time to purchase him in bulk as he was almost guaranteed to feature in the upcoming TOTW. NEVER panic buy!

Bothering to check the Transfer Market before selling
Taking Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey as an example, when he received an in-form in TOTW 1, his non in-form version was selling for 2k + and this version being listed for around 1,000 coins during this time (his going rate just days before). Checking the value of players in their attached Chemistry Styles is also important.



Selling popular players with Chemistry Styles attached for their basic Chemistry Style prices
First, you should know how much the attached Chemistry Style is worth by searching on the Transfer Market, then to know the value of your player in their basic Chemistry Style. After that you should then search for your player in that Chemistry Style and check his value. If very few are listed then sell for the basic Chemistry Style player price plus the attached Chemistry Style price. You will notice that the most expensive Chemistry Styles are Hunter, Shadow and then Catalyst.

Keeping your Start and Buy Now Prices far apart
Keeping your Start and Buy Now prices as close as possible is necessary when selling cards, because many players will be more inclined to wait until your auction finishes if there is a big enough gap between these prices. For example, several weeks ago we tried to purchase in-form Reus at the cheapest Buy Now for 200k, however his Start Price was 190k so we decided to take a gamble and bid instead. Fortunately, we purchased IF Reus for 190k! But if his Start Price was 199k we would have bought him instantly for 200k, meaning that we would lose lots of coins!

Listing players on bid for below their discard or quick sell value
Those who have made this a coin making method in its own right often bid instantly on the players listing below their quick sell value for 50 coins cheaper than this value. In fact, others will not bid unless the player is worth more than their discard value. Many smart traders will search around the 59th minute and bid on as many of these players before anyone else can. In such case, you should be quite familiar with discard values of player or consumable card!

Buying a player just because it’s the cheapest on the Transfer Market
Although a high-end player including Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi is listed the cheapest on the market, it doesn’t mean they are of good values. Instead, gamers are always willing to stick up players that don’t get listed in high volume for whatever price. Gamers should look to add roughly 10 to your Watch List to analyze what they go for on bidding since every player has a true value.


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2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Game Mode: 48 Achievements, 1000 Points

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Game Mode 48 Achievements

There will be 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points in the upcoming game modes of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. Just take a quick look.

FIFA World Cup™ Winners: 25 points
Win the FIFA World Cup™ in any offline mode

Europe Qualifier: 20 points
Qualify as a team from Europe in Road to the FIFA World Cup™ or Captain Your Country modes

Asia Qualifier: 20 points
Qualify as a team from Asia in Road to the FIFA World Cup™ or Captain Your Country modes

Oceania Qualifier: 20 points
Qualify as a team from Oceania in Road to the FIFA World Cup™ or Captain Your Country modes

CONCACAF Qualifier: 20 points
Qualify as a team from CONCACAF in Road to the FIFA World Cup™ or Captain Your Country modes

South America Qualifier: 20 points
Qualify as a team from South America in Road to the FIFA World Cup™ or Captain Your Country modes

Africa Qualifier: 20 points
Qualify as a team from Africa in Road to the FIFA World Cup™ or Captain Your Country modes

Concede No Goals: 25 points
In the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Finals get to the R16 without conceding a goal – Semi-Pro or higher

Landslide: 25 points
Match the biggest margin of victory in FIFA World Cup™ history – Win by 9 goals in single player

A “Braziliant” Performance: 25 points
Match the record set by Brazil in 1958 by scoring 5 or more in the final – Semi-Pro or higher

Shoe In For The Boot: 20 points
Score 5+ goals with a single player in a FIFA World Cup™ match – Semi-Pro or higher

Man Of THE Match: 20 points
Score a hattrick in the FIFA World Cup™ final – Semi-Pro or higher

Lead Your Nation: 20 points
Become Captain in Captain Your Country

Class Act: 15 points
Score 13 goals over the course of the FIFA World Cup™ Finals  Semi-Pro or higher

Nail Biter: 15 points
Win a FIFA World Cup™ Finals match by way of a penalty shootout – offline only

Guess What Mum: 10 points
Make the first squad cut in Captain Your Country

Pack Your Bags: 20 points
Make the final 23 in Captain Your Country

Playmaker: 15 points
Get 10 assists with your player in Captain Your Country

Man Of The Match: 10 points
Earn Man of the Match in a Captain Your Country game on Semi-Pro or higher

Boyhood Dream: 50 points
Win the FIFA World Cup™ as the Captain in Captain Your Country

Perfect: 10 points
Get 100% of the point target in an adidas miCoach training drill in CYC, RTWC or FWC mode

Practice Makes Perfect: 25 points
Complete 10 adidas miCoach training sessions in CYC, RTWC or FIFA World Cup modes

Stole The Show: 15 points
Have your player win the Golden Ball in Captain Your Country

If The Boot Fits: 15 points
Have your player win the Golden Boot in Captain Your Country

World Traveller: 15 points
Reach 50% of completion or more at least in 3 FIFA regions in Story of Qualifying

Conqueror: 50 points
Complete all scenarios (major objectives) in all 6 FIFA regions in Story of Qualifying

Follow the Nation: 15 points
Finish (major objectives) at least 1 Country in Story of Qualifying

Legendary Effort: 15 points
Complete one or more scenario in Story of Qualifying on Legendary difficulty

Group Stage Maestro: 15 points
Complete all group stage objectives in Story of Finals on any difficulty

Reliving Every Moment : 25 points
Complete all scenarios (major objectives) in Story of Finals

The Moment of Glory: 15 points
Complete the Final match (major objective) in Story of Finals on World Class difficulty or higher

The English Invented It: 50 points
Win the FIFA World Cup™ 5 times to match the all time record set by Brazil

Better Than Your Average: 15 points
Beat the Community average finish with a 0.5 – 2.5 star team

The Glory Of A Nation: 10points
Win the Online FIFA World Cup™

Dark Horse Success: 15 points
Win the FIFA World Cup™ with a 3.5 – 4 star team

That’s A Surprise: 30 points
Win the FIFA World Cup™ with a 2 – 3 star team

WHO won the FIFA World Cup™: 40 points
Win the FIFA World Cup™ with a 0.5 – 1.5 star team

The Competitive Friend: 15 points
Beat a friend’s best finish in Online FIFA World Cup™

Gotta Start Somewhere: 10 points
Win your first match in Road to Rio de Janeiro mode

We’re Movin’ Now: 15 points
Advance to City 2 in Road to Rio de Janeiro mode

Are We There Yet: 30 points
Advance to City 6 in Road to Rio de Janeiro mode

The Big Time: 40 points
Advance to City 12 in Road to Rio de Janeiro mode

We Actually Did It: 50 points
Win the FIFA World Cup™ in Road to Rio de Janeiro mode

Mr. Perfect: 30 points
Complete a road without a loss in Road to Rio de Janeiro mode

Setting The Piece: 5 points
Use a quick team set piece during a match

Everyone’s Invited: 5 points
Score a goal on Beginner difficulty

Receipt In The Bag? : 5 points
Purchase your first item in the EASFC catalog

The Generous Friend: 5 points
Gift an item to a friend


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How to Choose the Right FUT 14 Chemistry Style

How to choose the right FUT 14 chemistry style

It’s not easy to choose the right FUT 14 chemistry style. Here are some tips.

If you have a team with low budgets, it means you should pay more attention to this factor as adjustment since the prices of these cards may range from 150 coins to 10k coins. Just remember that a more expensive chemistry style sometimes doesn’t mean it is a better style. For example, Hunter, Shadow and Hawk are the most expensive cards. However, their cheapest Basic style can be the best choice.

Generally speaking, defensive styles are applied to defenders (Sentinel, Guardian, Gladiator, Backbone and Anchor); attacking styles are applied to forwards (Sniper, Deadeye, Hawk, Marksman and Finisher) and the other styles to the midfielders (Artist, Architect, Powerhouse, Maestro e Engine). While the five goalkeepers styles may only be applied to these players.  It is a good practice to apply chemistry styles according to player’s position.

Players who play in the same position but in different formations may have different needs. Just taking central backs as an example. If they play in a 4xx formation, they should run very fast. However, to the central CB of a 5xx formation, the defending and the heading is something much more important. So analyzing the roles of each player in the team is important.

Playing Style
There are no one plays FIFA in the same way, whether better or worse. Some like to use the wings to attack or by the middle. Others prefer to play in counter attacks or keep the ball. When choosing a FUT 14 chemistry style, players had better carefully analyzing the roles of each player according to playing style.

Players’ Attributes
It is impossible to apply a chemistry style without knowing the players’ attributes and work rates.

Players can boost the lower stats to get a more balanced player or o boost the higher stats to make the player even better than their opponents. But it is not easy.



Usually, players tend to choose the second option because most of the times the higher attributes are also the most important ones according to the player’s position. For example: Messi has a low defending stat because he doesn’t need it to play well on his position. It is natural that players try to improve his attacking attributes. But sometimes it can be different. When a player plays in a position and in a formation which the importance of the various attributes is not so uneven, it may be better to try to balance the player. For example, Diego Alves is a wonderful goalkeeper but many people don’t like to play with him because his positioning is poor.



To choose a chemistry style according to the players’ attributes is something very personal. It depends of who is choosing.

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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins Guides:Time Method

To make best use of the time method, players should know the best times to buy and sell. As we all know, there are hours of the day when the cards’ offer and demand vary, also events that may change the behavior of the market. Here are so tips to identify these events and what influence they have on the cards’ prices.

FIFA 14 ultimate team coins guides

Days of the Week

Sunday, Saturday and Monday are the three days of the week when the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team market has the highest traffic which is great to buy but also to sell. Most of players do not find since cards for sale with high quantity since they do not refresh the page fast enough.Just fill transfer targets list with cards to sell before the weekend.

The start and the end of the Game

The FIFA 14 Ultimate Team launch is the best time to great make profits, since the market is changeable. Prices of different cards during that period are not very large different. The prices of lower rated cards are inflated while the top players are cheap since there is not much money in circulation. For example, if having the luck of buying a Messi card in the early days, players can sell it at a price of almost ten times higher than purchase one month later.




The next-gen consoles release

Let’s take PS4 and Xbox One as examples. With PlayStation 4 and Xbox One released, numerous new FUT players, who barely know the market and have fewer interests in trading, will join in the game, meaning profits will come. The last days of November are a good time to take full advantage of some bargains.


A new TOTW (Team of the Week) become available at 6pm of London the time f GMT, every Wednesday. Prices of regular card will decrease whenever its In-Form version is launched in the most recent TOTW, because there are many gamers are trying to sell the NIF to buy the improved cards. If owning one of these regular cards just to sell it as soon as possible. If gamers are sure that a particular player will be the next TOTW, wait a few more days to be able to buy his regular card cheaper.


During such exiting times many FUTers buy packages to try their luck and most of them have to sell their cards to get enough coins for the investment. All FIFA 14 Ultimate Team cards will suffer a considerable price reduction.


Usually in January or February, the rating and the attributes of a player are revised upwards, which will lead to a strong devaluation for its previous regular card. Price decreases even more greatly if a UP card launched for a player who has an IF card.


If a player moves to a more popular club or league, the price of its new card will be higher. Otherwise, it will be lower. The old card will become gradually rare as it will be not available for packages anymore, so its price will increase increasingly.

New IF

Every time a new IF card is released for a player who already has one, the earlier versions become devalued.


When it happens, prices go down because many players put on sale the cards that they received in the packages.

Happy Hours

In Happy Hours special packages are put on sale, increasing exponentially the number of sales and prices reach the lower values returning to its normal.


In the early hours of a tournament and in the first hours after it, the average cards’ prices usually change a lot. The higher the value of the prize, the greater the changes will be. For example: if the tournament requires silver players, the trend is to have many people buying silver players at the beginning of the tournament and discarding them at bargain prices at the end of it.

IRL Performance

What happens in IRL (In Real Life) affects the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team market greatly. Players’ good performances in big matches increase the number of people who want to play with them and consequently their prices increase in the market.


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What makes EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil so Different?

April 15,the day when EA SPORTS launch 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil game modes ,exclusively for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, is inching closer and closer.

What makes EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil so Different
Numerous fans will be able to get a head start lasting two months to try and lift the trophy before the tournament officially kicks off on June 12 in São Paulo.

After having a sneak peek at the game modes that will come to EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup, let’s just focus on some of the key gameplay improvements to improve FIFA World Cup experience seen never before.


1. World Class Control

Featuring an all-new control system, EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup will allow players to enjoy the game with two new mechanics, namely Response Dribbling and Pinpoint Passing.


Gamers can control players on the pitch via Response Dribbling to turn quickly and freely with ball on the feet. Now, gamers will beat oncoming opponents successfully when initiating the left trigger to slow a player’s speed.


Besides, thanks to the new flicks, dribbles and a Brazilian-inspired skill move, players will feel more satisfied to get by just about any defenders.


Pinpoint Passing allows a crisper and more responsive pass after adding new animations and improvements, bringing a more precise experience.


2. Set Piece Tactics

There are multiple factors to a successful set-piece, like constantly moving to find an open space. But now, gamers can direct their teammates when running to the near or far post, the edge of the penalty area, and have them crowd the keeper before creating a screen, all using the D-pad. On the contrary, defenders can react accordingly to assist guard the post and potential open spaces, goalkeepers can direct teammates to cover unmarked players, as well.



3. Over-the-Back Headers



A defender with great heading ability is always a highly sought after item in the Transfer Market. Defenders who can leap higher than the player they are marking now are able to clear the ball in the opposite direction with new over-the-back headers. Meanwhile, attackers can do the same in set-piece opportunities. An attacker will improve their chances at scoring a goal if being able to leap higher than a defender and get his head on the ball.



What’s more, winning the air battle now will be even more important than ever before.
4. New Penalty Kicks



In EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup, new mechanics including shot tuning and save animations make the intensity of the moment vivid into real life. In this game mode, players can make Penalties during a match featuring players lined-up along the edge of the box ready to react if the shot is missed. Keepers can additionally distract the kick-taker using Goalkeeper Antics.



5. Adidas Ball Physics

EA’s partnership with Adidas brings the most realistic ball physics system seen in a football title to the game. By using data collected by Adidas’ Innovation Lab in Herzogenaurach, Germany, the Brazuca and other Adidas balls included in the game react as they would in the real world, including true-to-life flight, grass friction and moisture that can alter the way a player moves with the ball.


EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup features over 200 teams, 7,000 players, 20 new stadiums and over 15 hours of added commentary.

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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins Guide: Maintenance Method

EA recommends that players should bid any high value items in minimum option which they would be willing to accept for the items at a fair price during the downtime with FUT 14.

Knowing when the interruption will take place and to bid on as many inexpensive cards as possible immediately are the keys of this method. To utilize this method optimally, players should focus on the items biding for and the timing of bidding.


fifa coins guides

What items should bid for?


Biding on a large number of cards is encouraged because many of them will be eventually overcome. While considering the budget, players must bid intelligently.


Biding cards with large profit margins


It will be too hard to find cards like Messi and Ronaldo which are rarely offered for sale with a low starting price to make a bid. Instead, find cards whose prices are players at least 50% below from those who worth tens of thousands of coins can be a good choice to bid.


Biding cards with large quantities in the market


Filtering cards with large quantities in the market will make work easier when identifying the normal value of these cards and judging if having more bargains.


Biding cards that others usually don’t bid on


That’s, differentiate yourself in the filters by biding on cards that players usually only bid at the end of the auction will decrease the possibility that someone will exceed the offer. For example, the cards CF-ST can be sold between 8k and 4k, basing on its FIFA 14 Ultimate Team age. First many are put up for sale for 150 coins for allowing a reasonable profit. Then it is possible to bid on dozens of these cards in just a few minutes for existing in large quantities. Finally, most players only bid on these cards in the last seconds of an auction, so it’s a good niche to keep its price low until there. If the auction is over before the ending of the outage, players may be able to buy dozens of cards with a profit of a few thousand coins to each one.


When to bid on?


Start early


Do not wait for the last minute to bid. Try to do it 30 minutes before the start of the maintenance scheduled. The closer the allocated maintenance time gets, the less time for other players to overcome your bids and the more chances to succeed.
Use the Transfer Targets List


Most of time, the maintenance of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team will delay10 to 15 minutes. Just two or three minutes before the start of the outage, when you have already bid on dozens of items, exit from the transfer list and focus only on your transfer targets list. It will make you quickly identify the bids that were overcome.


Take advantage of the whole period of maintenance


Maintenances last a few hours while the vast majority of bidding only occurs in the last hour when the cards are up for auction. It’s smart to bid for cards in over an hour before the auction expires and less than the scheduled duration of the maintenance. There are few players in the market when cards expire just a few minutes after the end of maintenance.


Profit margins are huge if using this method. Besides, most of the scheduled maintenance will be done in a low traffic period, meaning that the competition is lower. Juts keep the time when the maintenances will occur in mind.

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FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Video Game: Six Modes Previews


Here are six different game modes in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 video game to win more FIFA coins and tournaments:

Mode 1: Road to the FIFA World Cup

Any one of the 203 World Cup nations can be leaded through the qualifying rounds and onto FIFA World Cup glory directly. Considering a truly customized and unique experience, up to 32 players can play the game locally. Gamers will be offered country-specific tournament updates including over 50 hours of recorded dialogue that adapts to your team’s performance from EA SPORTS Talk Radio when making way through the 2014 FIFA World Cup. At the time, fans will celebrate in the streets at more than 15 different real world locations including London’s Trafalgar Square, Moscow’s St. Basil Cathedral and even the National Mall in Washington DC.

Mode 2: Road to Rio de Janeiro (on line)

players can take their nation through all 12 of the 2014 FIFA World Cup venues beginning at the Arena da Amazônia in the city of Manaus in Road to Rio de Janeiro Mode. Just like what can do on FIFA 14’s popular Online Seasons mode, gamers can get more and more challenging in online matches when inching closer to the Estádio do Maracanã in Rio as well as a chance to play for the FIFA World Cup Trophy, whether winning matches to move forward, remaining in a city (division) or being relegated.

Mode 3: Captain your Country

Thanks to this popular FIFA mode, triumphant return becomes available, meaning that gamers can have an established player work their way up after returning from injury or create their own future Captain as well as prove their worth on the team. To earn that significant role of leader gamers can impress their manager and win over fans. Players will never have to worry about being caught out of position in any key moments because a new auto-positioning system makes Captain your Country more accessible to new players.

Mode 4: Story of Finals (online)

Almost everyone in the world is talking about the match England and Italy wrapping up a five-goal thriller with the English side winning in dramatic fashion. Fortunately, re-create that stunning fifth goal finish to give Italy the win in Story of Finals mode is quite fun and possible. An hour after the final whistle of every match, players can enjoy a series of challenges based on the day’s final result. There will be a number of different scenarios available to challenge from replicating a specific score-line to changing the course of a match or winning a match without conceding a goal. In addition, players can also earn XP in FIFA 14.

Mode 5: 2014 FIFA World Cup

in this mode, fans are able to not only compete on line or locally but play the real 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament from the Group stage until the finals of World Cup.

Mode 6: Story of Qualifying

More than 200 nations vied for an opportunity to join this upcoming FIFA World Cup during the past two and a half years. Along the way, numerous football fans saw comebacks, blow outs and even a few upsets along the way when being treated to the fantastic matches. About 60 of the most memorable matches will be replayed in this mode, including Colombia’s three goal comeback against Chile, France 10 men’s two goals against Spain to earn automatic qualification in 11 minutes, and so on.

Featuring over 200 teams, 7,000 players, 20 new stadiums and over 15 hours of added commentary; FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 will be definitely a grand football banquet.

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WWW.FIFA-COINS.COM: FIFA Coins Reviews of the Week

After about one-year growth, wins a strong customer base that more and more players are willing to purchase FIFA Coins here.

Each day “the best place to buy FIFA Coins” reminds itself of the responsibility providing all players a real and valuable reviews service. From time to time, the young but professional reviews site promises every gamer “the truly and only best not fraudulent places to buy FIFA Coins”.

Bear all these believe in mind,, in addition to offer “FIFA Coins Sellers Reviews and Prices Comparison Daily” service, is deciding to review all FIFA Coins Sites listing here weekly in terms of prices tags, customer feedback, social activity, and so on. strongly sure these two added reviews services will help players buy cheap reliable FIFA Coins safely and in a short time.

FIFA Coins Sellers Reviews: What and How?

The key and obvious function of a FIFA Coins Reviews service is to deliver the products consumers need at a reasonable price through a secure transaction. Additional helpful functions may mostly include whether scammer or not, email and live chat support, customer feedback, as well as private policy.

Ease of Use
Customer Support
Console and Quantity Selection


Check more to visit FIFA Coins Reviews Services: What to Look For


FIFA Coins Prices Comparisons: What and How?

Questions including whether the prices stable or variable, competitive or reasonable, how and when to buy is the best and so on should come to first.


Comparisons and Reviews between various chosen Sellers;
Comparisons and Reviews between relevant Platforms;
Comparisons and Reviews between Quantity Purchases;

Check more to visit How and Why Reviews FIFA Coins Sellers and Compares Prices Daily?

Finding a FIFA Coins Reviews service that sells FIFA Coins for different consoles with various quantities can be a daunting task. You will want to make sure the service you choose is reliable and offers the most competitive prices.

At, “We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To”.

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How and Why Reviews FIFA Coins Sellers and Compares Prices Daily?

fifa coins reviews

 Where the actual money behind where the FIFA Ultimate Team Coins go. It has been already proved that there are hundreds of thousands of FIFA Coins dealings among sellers and players all around the world every day. Therefore, the prices of FIFA Currency will be absolutely varied and compromised by the supply and demands as well as the intensive competition among different sellers for whom most players seem fairly hard to judge whether scammers or not. That’s why FIFA Coins Reviews Site decides to offer services of FIFA Coins Sellers Reviews and Prices Comparisons daily.


Just remember that, with such objective and reliable reviews and comparison focusing on the most competitive and stable price tags, and the most trusted and professional online stores, players can only be able to buy cheap reliable FIFA Coins safely and fast.


So, how does “the best place to buy FIFA Coins” review and compare?


Comparisons and Reviews between various chosen Sellers


At the same platform and at the same time of the year, there are sellers whose price for coins may each vary from 10% to 50%. FIFA coins price comparison and reviews from one seller to another are rather necessary. First to make sure the store players are going to spend their money is not scammer. Just relax that all reviews sites here including and are legal and have a great reputation among dozens of payers, basing on their reviews in Then chat to the online customer service to check whether they have FIFA Coins in huge stock or not. Finally take a look at if any discounts, promotions or 5% EA Tax Covered can be provided. Fortunately, has already done all that you have to or need to do.


Comparisons and Reviews between relevant Platforms


FIFA coins price should compare and review different platforms including Xbox, PS, PC and iOS from one seller to another. Here in we will review the fluctuation proportions of each console by comparing to its last price tag and other sellers, as well as any available coupon codes or Promo or Tax Covered. Taking as an example, 100K Xbox were sold£8.98 on February 18 while£7.98 on February 27, meaning the price have already down about 11%. At the same time, 100K Xbox were sold£7.99 at on February 27. Considering that site still covered 5% Tax, it’s a good time to purchase in larger amounts.


Comparisons and Reviews between Quantity Purchases


Players will be benefitted with lower price unit if buying FIFA Ultimate Team Coins in a huge quantity. For example, 100K PC in were priced at£3.89 on February 28 while£4.86 on March 4, with an about 25% rise. However, on may other sites 100K PC were sold nearly£5.00 during the same day. To some extent, it’s a better opportunity to buy.


Where post the reviews and comparison daily?  
Players can read the final reviews and comparison from our Blog or Facebook Home Page daily to buy the cheapest and best FIFA Coins online.


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