FUT 15 Mobile App Back to Transfer Market with Facebook Login




Having been down for a few months, now FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mobile app (not companion app) back with Facebook login step enabled. It will keep bots out you see, and genuine players like you and me in.


The setup is simple. Here are the guides:


1. Just go to ‘Settings’ on your mobile device.
2. Click ‘Log in with Facebook’ and follow the prompts one by one.


You can also click “Log in with Facebook” tiles in the Home and Club sections of the game to login directly.


There are no doubts that it is much better to have the mobile transfer market back (even with Facebook) than not to have it at all. That’s of course providing you have a Facebook account setup, and you don’t believe that it’s the spawn of Satan.


What do you think?


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FIFA 15 Account: How to Access You PS3 with the New Account?

FIFA 15 Account How to access you PS3 with the new account
If you have bought a new game account wiht millions of coins for your console. no need to logout of your current PS3 Account, just create a new user below:

- Push the ‘PlayStation’ button on your Controller to back to the Main Menu.


- Move your cursor to the left corner of the Main Menu. Then select ‘User’ to ‘Create New User’.


- Create a user name you want, like User 2, then click ‘OK’.


- Now you are prompted to Main Menu. Just select the user name (User 2) you created above then push ‘O’ button on your controller.


- Choose ‘Yes’ and ‘Enter’ to the next.


- Now you will be redirected to PlayStation Network option. Please click the icon below to Sign Up.


- Then you will asked to choose a user to sign in. Please select ‘Use an Existing Account’ and click ‘Enter’.


- Enter the new account (Email and Password), then click ‘Save Password’ TO ‘Continue’ to the next.


- Then you will required to ‘Processed to PlayStation Store’. Please select ‘X Back’ to the next.


- Click ‘Sign In’ icon to access your PS3 with new account you buy.


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Comfort Buy/Coins Recharge Guides: How to Get Coins Faster?


Comfort BuyCoins Recharge Guides How to Get Coins Faster

In fact, it is not the fastest and safest way to buy coins. But only this way, you can buy coins without selling players.


With this method, coins website need to login your game account then transfer coins you want with their Transaction System directly.


Here are some useful guides to help you get your coins faster with Comfort Buy/Coins Recharge method.


1.Keep your Club at least 50k coins available.

Let us begin with how this method actually works. Just like Player Auction, coins websites transfer or Recharge coins to your Club with selling and buying players themselves again and again until they get coins you buy on the Club. While the only difference is that you do not need to do that yourself or selling your players.


If you have more than 50k coins on your Club, it means they can repeat the ‘Buy Low and Sell High’ less than those who have no coins available. It will faster your coins transfer and delivery.


2. Turn Off Email/Phone Login Verification

It is very important. Just remember that coins websites need to login your account (FUT and Console Account) to transfer coins.


If EA detects your account login a distrust console and device, you will be asked to enter the 6-digit Security Code sent to your registered Email to verify and confirm your operation.


Just turn off the login verification so that coins websites can login your account freely.


Here are the steps:
Turn Off the Login Verification:
***Go to https://www.origin.com – Log in with your Origin Account/PSN Account.
***Click: My Account – Privacy Settings – Security – Turn Off ‘Login Verification’.

Delete Billing Information:
***Go to http://www.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/home/ – Sign in with your PSN Account.
***Click: Account Management – Account – Billing Information – Delete.


Do not forget to turn on the login verification once you get your coins!


3. Verify Your Account

After you enter your account email and password, you will be asked to verify your account first. So that the coins websites can detect whether the details you offer are correct or not.


They need to login your account with the sign-in email and password! Incorrect details will delay coins delivery.

4.Offer Correct FUT Security Answer

Coins websites need to login their console and device with your account, which means your account will be used on an distrusted device. Then they will be asked to offer your FUT security answer 100% correctly. Or will be failure to transfer coins you want.


Remember that EA only give us 5 times to try. If the coins websites try to enter your FUT security answer incorrectly 3 times or more, your FUT account will be locked. They have no rights to unlock your FUT account, but you.


If you are unsure or forgot your password or your FUT account has been locked, just reset your fut security answer immediately.


Click to reset:

5. Contact Live Chat after Checkout (Confirm Account)

After you check out successfully, you will be prompted to a checkout page where you can check your order ID and Status. Of course, you can also check your order detail in your Email.


Just come to the Live Chat ASAP to confirm whether the account details (Password, FUT Security Answer and coins on your Club) your offer are correct. Or coins delivery will be delayed to a few days.

6.Do not login Account till Order Finished

Please do not login your FUT and console during the purchase and service until you are told that your order is finished. Or coins websites will be no longer to login your account successfully.


Generally, you will get your coins in 24 hours if you can offer the details required correctly. Just check your email to confirm when your order will be finished.


7. Ask Live Chat for Help

The fastest way to get help when order delayed is come to Live Chat. We are not suggest you to social media for help. It takes too much time.



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When FUT 15 TOTS Will Be Released?


When FUT 15 TOTS  Will Be Released

TOTS will soon come next month.
We all know how how important the TOTY and TOTS teams are. Since our teams will be possible to make big improvements and there will be lots of amazing deals in the transfer market.


The usual way things go is that EA Sports doesn’t announce when it will happen. In the best of the chances, they do it one week before the release date, but it is very unlikely to happen. That is, if you really want to know when the TOTS of FUT 15 will be released, so keep reading and all will be revealed.


Year after year, EA follows a very strict calendar. Looking to the release dates of the previous years, it is possible to get a good idea about when the TOTS of FUT 15 will begin. In FIFA 12 and FIFA 13, the first TOTS was launched respectively at May 2 and May 8. However, in FIFA 14 the expected date (May 7) was anticipated two weeks. This was an exception obviously due to the World Cup. What sets the date of the first TOTS is the calendar of domestic leagues. This season, the end of major European leagues is in line with what happened in 2013 and previous years. That’s why the first TOTS of FUT 15 should be announced at May 6, 2015 at 4pm (UK time) and released in packs two hours later. Since these teams are always announced at Wednesdays, the alternative dates are April 29 or May 13.


Like it happened in previous years, the Community TOTS will be the first one to be launched. In fact, this has been officially confirmed by EA Sports that began to consult the community about the most suitable players for these three teams (gold, silver and bronze) on April 1. In FUT 14 that happened on April 2. That is, exactly three weeks before the TOTS launch. Applying the rule to this year could mean that we would know the Community TOTS on the 22nd of April, something that is out of the question since that is the deadline EA has to hear gamers opinions. The date of the 29th of April is a valid date but the strongest date is still May the 6th because in FIFA 13 and previous years there were always two weeks between the deadline and the TOTS launch.


May the 6th is also the expected release date published in the popular FIFA Game News calendar. For those who don’t know, this calendar aggregates the dates of the most important FIFA 15 events. Despite having been published ten months ago, almost all the dates actually came out to be true. The FIFA 14 calendar also reached a 95% success rate, achieving correct predictions, amongst others, the dates of TOTY and TOTS. It is the most reliable source that can be found but the truth will only be known when the TOTS comes out.


Obviously subject to error, here are the expected dates for the TOTS of FUT 15:


Gold Community TOTS – May 6th to 13th, 2015
Silver Community TOTS – May 6th to 13th, 2015
Bronze Community TOTS – May 6th to 13th, 2015
Barclays Premier League TOTS – May 13th to 20th, 2015
Football League TOTS – May 15th to 18th, 2015
Bundesliga TOTS- May 20th to 27th, 2015
Serie A TOTS – May 27th to June 3rd, 2015
Ligue 1 TOTS – May 27th to June 3rd, 2015
Liga BBVA TOTS – June 3rd to 10th, 2015
Rest of the World TOTS – June 5th to 8th, 2015
EAS FC TOTS – June 8th to 12th, 2015


Now that you already know when the TOTS of FUT 15 will be released, you can start the countdown. BUT do not think that the game ends with the Team of the Season launch. EA has something special for the last few months before the release of FIFA 16, similar to what happened last year with the World Cup expansion.


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FUT 15: New Updates for Windows and Windows Phone


FUT 15 New Updates for Windows and Windows Phone

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has undergone lots of updates and bug fixes recently.


For Windows and Windows Phone fans, they can update player rosters. It is completely in line with the closure of the transfer window back in January for the bigger leagues in Europe. App’s connection to EA’s service will be obviously improved.


Addition to the game, the most exciting thing can be the introduction of a whole new set of players. It has been confirmed that new Major League Soccer expansion clubs will be available on the game, like Orlando City SC and New York City FC. This new feature is expected to come to the mobile version of FIFA 15 very soon.


Choices of players become even bigger. EA has announced in an updated app description that, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has more than 10,000 players from more than 500 licensed teams, plus more than 30 real leagues and stadiums. For all FUTers, having a dream squad of footballers and putting them to the test, from the English Premier League and La Liga to the German Bundesliga and beyond, is no longer a dream.


The updates will be very welcomed, for Windows users, especially those who are playing the mobile version on Android. Many online gaming competitors are beginning to crop up recently which could tempt FIFA 15 players away from a previously bug-laden game – at Mr Smith Casino, the exciting Football Star online slot has been growing in popularity in recent years, particularly on mobile, and with added incentives in the form of welcome bonuses available to new players, it is no wonder that FIFA fans could be tempted.


Thankfully for FIFA 15, a patch was soon released, and the newest set of updates will ensure that the game receives glowing reviews until the release of its successor next September.


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FIFA 15 Account: How to add or remove a new account on XBOX ONE?


xbox account switch

To add a new profile on your console, no need to Sign Out your current XBOX ONE account.


- Push the ‘XBOX’ button on your Controller to back to the Home screen.


- Click the bar on the upper left of the home screen as bellow and press ‘A’ button on your Controller.


- Select “Add new” at the bottom left to create a new profile.


- Sign in with the new XBOX ONE account (Email and Password) you bought from coins websites.


- After enter your new account, please push the ‘A’ button on your controller to the next, then select ‘No thanks’.


- Finally, push ‘XBOX’ button on your controller to go to the Home screen.


If you want o Remove Accounts from the console, please follow:


- Push the ‘XBOX’ button on your Controller to back to the Home screen.


- Push the Start button below.


- Push ‘A’ to select ‘Settings’.


- Push ‘A’ to ‘Remove accounts’.


- Remove the user you want then close to enjoy your game.


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FIFA 15 Account: How to access you PS4 with the new account?


PSN user switch


If you have bought a new game account wiht millions of coins for your console. no need to logout of your current PS4 Account, just create a new user below:


- Push the ‘PlayStation’ button on your Controller to back to the Main Menu.
- Move your cursor to the right corner of the Main Menu. Then select ‘Power’ and press ‘O’ button on your Controller.


- Press ‘O’ button on your Controller to ‘Switch User’.


- Select ‘Create a User’ then ‘Accept’ the PlayStation®4 System Software License Agreement and click ‘Next’ to the next step.


- ‘Sign in’ with the New PSN Account you buy from us.


- Please wait a moment after ‘Sign in’. Then ‘Active’ this system as your primary PS4. click ‘OK’ when the system notices you that your PSN Sign-in information has been stored to your PS4.


- Finally, you will back to the Main Menu to start your game.

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FIFA 15 Coins Guides: 3 New, Fast & Safe Ways to Buy


how to buy fifa 15 coins

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mode changed a lot. First EA closed Web App and Mobile Companion App for maintenance. Then price ranges for all players on different consoles. And now Club Name will be removed from FUT 15. How to buy FIFA 15 Coins now?


Here are 3 safe and fast ways.


1.Buy FIFA 15 Account
It is the fastest and safest way to buy coins now. No need to sell players on the market. After you pay for the order successfully, the coins store will send the account name, password, FUT security answer and all you need to your email directly.


Importantly, do not forget to reset the password and security answer after you get the account! By the way, no need to turn off your login Verification.


2.Player Auction
Since EA adjusted the player’s price ranges for different console, and removed Club names from FUT 15, it is hard for coins stores to find and buy your players instantly. So it takes you about 30 minutes to get your coins if you choose this method.


Unfortunately, you are not allowed to list any players you have or want now. Sometimes you even need to buy a player to buy coins.


To make sure the coins store can find and buy your players, you can only list players with the Buy Now Price, Start Price and Duration they defined in advance.


3. Account Details Shared
You need to share your game account with the coins stores privately, with this method. 100% trust between buyer and seller.


Special remind, you first need to turn off your login verification after you check out. Or the coins store will be unable to login your Origin account.


Also importantly, reset all your private information including password, security answer ASAP once you get your coins.


Will EA ruin FUT 15? We are not sure. All we can sure is that taking hours or days to get coins is quite normal now!


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FUT 15 Price Ranges: What Impact on Transfer Market and Coins Selling?


FUT 15 Price Ranges What Impact on Transfer Market and Coins Selling

If there’s one thing Price Ranges make FUTers worry about most, it’s market trading. Because with the predictability of price ranges, needs for these successful “traders” will be undoubtedly reduced.


The buy low, sell high mantra is glaringly obvious, but in FUT because there are so many players a natural knowledge gap exists around what more obscure players are worth. Price Ranges effectively hang a visual price tag around the neck of every player, which players worry will kill off some the mystique that makes trading fun and interesting.


The key to that not happening is the Price Ranges themselves. Which EA need to leave enough variance in for you to feel like you can grab a bargain compared to the minimum/maximum prices. If you buy someone for 150 coins and then sell them on for 5k you’d be pretty pleased, so that lower bracket itself seems “ok” on paper, but whether that will ring true in the wild is yet to be proven.


The other thing Price Ranges will prevent is you losing a player you listed at a low price to generate some early interest, only for the servers to then go down resulting in you losing them for a fraction of their value. Price Ranges ensure you’ll always get the bottom price no matter what. Which in situations like I’ve described is a welcome safety net. And again it allows more predictable planning for your next purchase too.


Here is the point: Is it safe to buy coins now and how?
Well, as far as we are confirmed, coins selling is still underway. Lots of coins stores are still selling coins as usual. But there are some changes.


We found that some limit customers to buy coins with any players they want. Instead, they require customer to list players basing on the list they offer. While others allow customer to buy coins with less amount like 5K.


We strongly sure that new way of coins trade will soon come.


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EasyFifaCoins.com Purchase Guide – How to Buy Coins Instantly


easyfifacoins reviews

Web App is down currently, so the automated system doesn’t work at present. But EasyFifaCoins.com will always try the best to deliver coins to our customers at the fastest speed. Some customers ask us why the minimum amount is 1000k now. It is set to speed delivery up. Several tips will make your player be bought faster.


1. List your player before placing your order. (After you placed your order, we will try to find your player immediately. If you haven’t listed your player in advance, we can’t find your player, then, you can’t receive coins quickly.)
2. Give us the FUll NAME of your player. (Some gamers like to send them the short name of the player card. Actually it is harder to find the player, even sometimes the player can’t be found.)
3. Set the Remaining Time as 3 days. (In case EA is in maintenance, you need time to finish verification, coins are sold out, etc.)
4. Listing a Bronze Player will speed up the delivery!


If you haven’t received your coins in 24 hours, please contact their Live Chat, which is in the lower right corner of the HOME.

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