FIFA 15 Calendar Predictions


Exactly one year ago we have published a FIFA 14 calendar that was quite popular due to its extremely high rate success. Today we are publishing a FIFA 15 calendar with all the important dates of this game.



More than 95% of the FIFA 14 calendar dates were right, so you can be sure that the most accurate dates are in this FIFA 15 Calendar.



The dates are only estimated dates. We will be updating this FIFA 15 Calendar as soon as news dates are officially confirmed.



September 2014

9th, Tuesday
Demo Launch (XBox 360, PS3, PC, XBox One and PS4)
Note: available by download

12th, Friday
FUT 15 Web App Release
Note: not available for new FUT players

15th, Monday
EA Sports FIFA companion app Release for FUT 15

17th, Wednesday
First TOTW Release
Note: a new TOTW will be released every Wednesday at 6pm (GTM)

19th, Friday
Early Access to EA Season Ticket Owners from North America
Note: you can know more about it clicking HERE

20th, Saturday
Early Access to EA Season Ticket Owners from Europe
Note: you can know more about it clicking HERE

23th, Tuesday
Official North American FIFA 15 Release (all platforms)

25th, Thursday
First Update

25th, Thursday
Official Latin America FIFA 15 Release (except Brazil)

25th, Thursday
Official Australian FIFA 15 Release (all platforms)

26th, Friday
Official European FIFA 15 Release (all platforms)



October 2014

01st, Wednesday
First Round of FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014

03rd, Friday
First FIFA 15 Featured Tournament

28th, Tuesday
First Happy Hour



November 2014

01st, Saturday
Movember Cup



December 2014

17th, Wednesday
Holiday Daily Gifts
Note: available until January 2nd

January 2015

12th, Monday
Team of the Year Announcement
Note: available in packs by one week

12th, Monday
TOTY Goalkeepers and TOTY Defenders Release
Note: available in packs for 46 hours

14th, Wednesday
TOTY Midfielders Release
Note: available in packs for 48 hours

16th, Friday
TOTY Forwards Release
Note: available in packs for 48 hours

30th, Friday
First Transfers Updates



February 2015

13th, Friday
First Upgrade Cards Release

13th, Friday
Cupids Cup

27th, Friday
FUT United
Note: during two days



March 2015

13th, Friday
St Patricks Day Tournament
Note: best FIFA 15 tournament is available until March 17th



April 2015

6th, Wednesday
First Team of the Season Release
Note: during 6 weeks, every Wednesday it will be released a new TOTS



July 2015

31th, Friday
MSL All Stars Payers Release



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Football journalist and FIFA fan Darren Cross reveals how he scores goals from corners using the new Set Piece Tactics in the World Cup game.



If you’ve played online against a guy who just kept trying to win corners in the World Cup game recently, chances are it was me.



Sorry about that.In my defence there’s a very good reason; I’ve been testing the new corner Set Piece Tactics so that I could share some tips with you on how to score more goals.



For those of you yet to try them, they’re four preset corners that quickly give you more control over the movement of your players and your focus of attack. Once selected, your players will move where you’ve asked them to – leaving you with the task of finding them with the cross. All four options – which you can also use from attacking free-kicks in wide positions – are a great alternative to setting up a number of custom corners or just aiming for an area of the goal and hoping for the best.



In this week’s Backpage we’re going to look at what each of them does and how you can increase your chances of scoring.



Run Near Post



I score more goals with this one than any of the other three corner types. When timed well it seems to be difficult for the defending player to prevent you from getting to the ball first, and the angle gives you the option to either head the ball towards the near post or try to loop it over the keeper and into the net.



When you win a corner, pressing down on the D-pad twice will always set up a near post run. The players making the runs for you will vary depending on your line-up, but with my 4231 it’s often the CAM who attacks the front post. The key with this one, and all of the corner Set Piece Tactics, is to watch the movement of your players as soon as you’ve selected the corner you want, then delay the cross until they’ve had a chance to take up good positions. If you choose a corner type then instantly whip the ball in there’s a good chance your players won’t be where you think they should.



With the Run Near Post option I line the ball up with the closest corner of the six yard box, wait for the movement then cross the ball in with no more than 1.5 bars of power. That’s a really quick press of the button, not much more than a tap, and it usually drops the ball right on the edge of the six yard box just as my CAM is attacking the space. If the keeper isn’t drawn towards the ball then I’ll usually try for a power header at the near post, but if he does creep forward then a looping header over the top of him can be really effective.



After a few attempts at this in the Arena – you can set up repeat corners from any side by pressing the back or select buttons then picking Practice Set Piece – you should quickly pick up the timings and be able to consistently hit dangerous near post corners. Just make sure you’ve got 11 v 11 selected when you set up the corner you want to work on, otherwise you won’t be practicing a game situation.



Run Far Post



This is a great one to go for early game, as opponents often seem to rush the goalkeeper out when they’re defending the first corner so a cross to the far post should leave them in no man’s land. Pressing down then up on the D-Pad orders far post runs and I’ve found that, when using the 4231, it’s my right midfielder who attacks the post most often.



It’s definitely worth knowing which of your players will be making the runs, and you can figure that out pretty quickly using the Team Management screen in the Customise menu and the Practice Set Piece feature in the Arena. First off, go to Customise then Settings and choose the Select Arena Player option. Pick a player from the team you’re planning to use most, then back out and head into the Arena.



Practice a few corners and take note of which players the ball drops to when using all four of them, then go back to Customise and pick Team Management. From there, select the team you were using and have a look at the positions of the players you crossed the ball to most often. Knowing who the ball is mostly likely to go to from each type of corner can obviously help you decide whether it’s worth it or not. For example, when I’m using 4231 I probably wouldn’t try a Run Far Post move if the RM wasn’t good in the air.



With Run Far Post selected I line the ball up with the far corner of the six yard box and cross with around three bars of power. If I’ve timed it right then my RM will have a good chance of getting to the ball first, and I can either go for goal or head the ball back across the area for someone else to attack.



Edge Of Box Run



I’ve found this to be the most difficult of the four corners to score from, but it’s also the most spectacular when it does work.

Selecting down on the D-pad then pressing it in the direction away from goal will trigger an Edge Of Box Run, and again the players making the runs will depend on your line-up. I used this one a lot with England in a 4231 and Leighton Baines – who was my left-back – would often be the player lurking just outside the area, which worked pretty well when I could get the space to unleash one of his left-foot rockets.



Once you’ve chosen this type of corner, line the ball up with the edge of the D and you should be able to see a team-mate in space. You’ll need to put around 2.5 bars of power on the cross to clear the first defender – anything less and he’ll either intercept or be too close to your player as the ball drops, making it very difficult for you to shoot. You can either go for the spectacular first time volley – I try this 99% of the time, can’t resist – or you can bring the ball down if you have the space. I’ve also scored some nice goals with this corner by playing a first-time pass to set up another nearby team-mate.



Crowd The Keeper



This can also be a useful corner against opponents who rush their keeper out to claim crosses, as it puts a number of your players in the six yard box, which should make it harder for the GK to get to the ball. But I mostly use it when I have a striker with good heading skills, as it’s the ST – again in a 4231 – who seems to attack the ball effectively.



Pressing down on the D-pad then towards the keeper will always select this type of corner, and I line the ball up with the edge of the six yard box and choose no more than two bars of power so that it lands pretty much in line with the penalty spot. That seems to give my ST the best chance of getting to the ball, usually as he’s running back out away from goal – great if you want to try a flying volley by holding LT or L2 while hitting shoot.



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Six Reasons To Pre-order the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition


FIFA 15 launches on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 23 in North America and September 25 in Europe.


FIFA fans will want to pre-order the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition. Here’s why:


1. Messi FUT Loan Player

Ever imagine starting FIFA 15 Ultimate Team with one of the world’s best forwards? With the new loan player feature in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team you can! Exclusive to the FIFA 15 PRE-ORDER: ULTIMATE TEAM EDITION, try out Lionel Messi in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team and play with him right away for a limited amount of matches. Afterwards, you’ll be able to unlock more players from the EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue using football club credits.


2. 40 FIFA Ultimate Team Gold Packs

Kick off your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team with 40 Gold packs when you pre-order the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition. As long as you login to redeem them, you will receive 1 pack every week for [40] weeks. That’s approximately a $40/€40/GBP value!


3. Celebrations

Celebrate in style! When you pre-order FIFA 15 you’ll instantly unlock three brand new celebrations: Kiss the Wrist, Stand Tall, and Flag Kick.


4. adidas All-Star Team

Hit the pitch with this elite team of the brand’s top players, including cover star Leo Messi.


5. adidas Predator boot bundle

Receive pairs of virtual boots from the Predator product line and the EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue.


6. Historic Kits

Stand out from the crowd! Instantly unlock Historic Kits from classic teams in football history. Historic Kits are both available in FIFA 15 and FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition pre-order includes:

40 FIFA Ultimate Team Gold Packs
FUT Loan Player
The adidas® All-Star Team
The adidas® Predator Boot Collection
3 new Celebrations
Historic Club Kits


FIFA 15 Standard Edition pre-order includes:

15 FIFA Ultimate Team Packs

Select EA SPORTS Football Club items depending on retail store.

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FIFA 15 New Features for PC begin on June 9

fifa-15-pc-header_656x369On June 9, EA will officially reveal FIFA 15 at E3 Press Conference. EA SPORTS IGNITE engine, powering all EA SPORTS titles on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, will now also run FIFA 15 on PC.

The PC version will include all the same core features coming to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Learn more about all those features beginning on June 9.

Recommended Specifications:

OS: Windows V/7/8/8.1 -64-bit
CPU: Intel i5-2550K @ 3.4Ghz
Hard Drive Space Required: 15.0 GB
Supported Video Cards: ATI Radeon HD 6870, NVIDIA GTX 460
DirectX: 11.0

Minimum Required Specifications:

OS: Windows V/7/8/8.1 -64-bit
CPU: Intel Q6600 Core2 Quad @ 2.4Ghz
Hard Drive Space Required: 15.0 GB
Minimum Supported Video Cards: ATI Radeon HD 5770, NVIDIA GTX 650
DirectX: 11.0




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Big Moments of May 2014 Football Events

Big Moments of May 2014 Football Events

Follow us in you will never lose any exciting moments and events about what is happening in the real football! Enjoy yourselves all big moments of May 2014 here now.



Barclays Premier League

Let’s start from BPL. We were thinking Liverpool would get the league title but we were wrong. Actually, Manchester City won it. We wanted Liverpool to win the league because they deserved it more Man City. Man City got the title in 2011, and the fact that Liverpool has not won already 25 years.

After the draw with Sunderland, Liverpool had all chances to take the first place but their slip with Chelsea was unexpected. We think Brandon Rodgers has to change something in their game. They can easily attack and score goals but they are having difficulties to keep the game/score. With Man City and Crystal Palace, they faced that problem. They scored first in both games and they were playing and attacking very well until they thought they were done. In our opinions, the coach has some work to do with that. We want to congratulate to Man City and all fans of them for a good season and we hope that Arsenal and Liverpool will be on top candidates for the title next year.




Yes, we, Gooners, finally got a trophy. We got FA Cup, the first trophy since 2005. After being down by 2 goals, they could find the game and win the final game. We think Arsenal could have even won the title or at least be in the race if there were not injuries. Aaron Ramsey, Ozil, and Wilshere were injured on the second half of the season and they were very important in the field. We are not even mentioning Walcott, who we think is the most important player of team. We hope he will get soon and be back to form.



La Liga

Now, let’s take a look on La Liga. Even though Real Madrid is our second favourite team, we wanted Atletico Madrid to win La Liga. We haven’t seen such a tight race in La Liga and in BPL. The last game in La Liga was the decisive one and it was between two candidates of winners. Real Madrid did not play well at all in the last games and they were just trying to save their players for the UCL final. We are really happy that Atletico won the league title and we think Diego Simeone did a great job and he is one of the most talented coaches as of now. Probably, it was one of the worst seasons for Barcelona because they did not win any trophy but people sometimes don’t want to admit that any club cannot be in top forever. They were the best in the world for 5 years almost but now they are in a different stage. We think with Luis Enrique they will create a new style and get back to form.



UEFA Champions League

Now let’s get to the most important one: UEFA Champions League.



First Leg
We had a chance to watch great semi-finals. However, the first games were not that dramatic. Especially, Atletico vs Chelsea was very defensive on both sides and the game a little boring and the game ended 0-0. We think Mourinho did his bet on the second game in Stamford Bridge because they were almost unbeatable at home.



The other game of the first leg, was more interesting but again not with a lot of goals. Real Madrid won by 1-0 and the game was very tense. Bayern Munich tried to put all their effort to score an away goal but their tiki taka did not work so well. Ancelotti chose a right tactic with more defensive game and played on counter attack. They did their job well and went to the next game in Alienz Arena.



Second Leg
Jose Mourinho lost with his defensive tactics and Chelsea lost the game 1-3. We haven’t seen Chelsea being destroyed for a really long time. They were destroyed… Even though they scored first, they could not play well. It wasn’t because they were not in form, it was because Atletico did not let them. After watching the game twice, we saw some key moments. Many people think that the first goal of Atletico by Adrian was the most important and it destroyed the game. However, we have another opinion that Thibaut Courtois was the key man who destroyed Chelsea. After 1-1, Chelsea had several great chances to score but they could not because of Courtois. He won the game we think. He was brilliant.



In Alienz Arena we saw something that nobody expected. 0-5 Real Madrid won. That was just wow… Real just destroyed Pep Guardiola and Bayern Munich with their tiki taka game. Ramos was MOTM and he scored great headers. We think the game was very nice, unless you are a Bayern Fan.


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FIFA 15 Release Date: September 25?

fifa 15 release date

The FIFA 15 release date is in secret. But FGN already has some information that want to share with you. Until the official announcement, the FIFA 15 release dates are subject to change.



Last year, we were the first website to announce the FIFA 14 release dates. We did it 38 days before the official announcement. This year, we will be again the first ones to share this information with you.



Here are the estimated FIFA 15 Release Dates:




North America Latin America Australia Europe
September 26, 2014 (Friday)



Latin America Australia Europe
September 25, 2014 (Thursday)



Australia Europe
September 25, 2014 (Thursday)




September 26, 2014 (Friday)



FIFA 15, also known as FIFA Soccer 15 in North America, will be available to Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, iOS, XBox One and Playstation 4.



The FIFA 15 release dates for all these platforms should be the same, including current and next-gen consoles.



FGN suspects that FUT 15 Web App will be available for old FUT gamers at September 12, 2014 but the official announcement will be made to September 14. It is expected some welcome packs to those players. If everything goes normal, the FIFA 15 Demo could be launched on September 9th.



Another way to start playing FIFA 14 earlier is to buy the EA Season Ticket. For some dollars more you will be able to start playing the new FIFA at September 20, 2014.



FGN was the first website to announce the FIFA 14 release date


Android and iOS users may be lucky since it is expected that FIFA 14 will be free in these platforms. EA will use advertising, like they already done in the last SimCity.



Last year, FIFA 14 was released at September 24 in North America, September 26 in Australia and September 27 in Europe. The game was sold in Brazilian stores only at October 3rd.



We remind you that the FIFA 15 release dates indicated in this article are merely indicative. Currently, there is not any official confirmation of when it will be possible to play FIFA 15. Last year, EA Sports have announced the FIFA 14 release date at May 23rd. So, they will do it for FIFA 15 very soon. We will keep you updated on this subject.



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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup – Frequently Asked Questions


Starting May 29, there will be an additional way of playing the World’s largest tournament. On top of the already available EA SPORTS 2014 World Cup Brazil game for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360, we are bringing the 2014 FIFA World Cup to FIFA Ultimate Team on all consoles and PC.



FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup, a separate mode within FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), lets players build their ultimate squad of players from all 32 National Teams attending this summer’s tournament in Brazil. FUT World Cup features all 32 National Team crests, National Team kits, the official adidas® Brazuca match ball, the Estadio do Maracana, and all-new look and feel within FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.



Players can improve their team to make them tournament contenders by acquiring new players and consumables from special Packs in the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup Store. Every FUT World Cup Pack includes a free Gold Pack available for use in the tradional FIFA 14 Ultimate Team experience.



FUT fans will also have the chance to write football history. With Online and Single Player tournament modes, players can compete through the group stage and knockout phases in order to win the FIFA World Cup. By winning matches, players will earn in-game virtual coins that can be used to acquire packs in the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup Store to strengthen their squad. Fans can increase squad chemistry by finding and playing with players from the same country or governing confederation.

Frequently Asked Questions



Which platforms is FUT World Cup available on?

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup is available as a free update to EA SPORTS FIFA 14 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 29, 2014.



How much does FIFA Ultimate Team World Cup cost?

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup will be available as a free update to FIFA 14.



How many packs do we start with?

Like FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, users will receive a single Starter Pack when they start FUT World Cup.



How can I add new players to my squad?

Players can be added to your squad by buying packs with FIFA Points or coins in the FUT World Cup Store. You’ll also be awarded coins and packs as you progress through the World Cup.



Can I trade my players in FUT World Cup mode?

No. To keep the tournament experience authentic, items from FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup are unique, untradeable, and can only be found in World Cup packs. However, you’ll receive one free Gold pack in FUT 14 for every pack purchased in FUT World Cup.



Will I be able to manage multiple squads?

In FUT World Cup, you will manage a single squad and lead them to World Cup glory. However, you can keep more players than the 23 available in your squad. Simply search your Club to add them to your squad.



Will my Club players from FIFA 14 Ultimate Team be available in FUT World Cup?

No. To keep the FUT World Cup as authentic as possible, you won’t be able to bring your current squads to the FUT World Cup. This is a completely separate experience, with no need to worry about your existing FUT squad.



Will I be able to use my coins from FIFA 14 Ultimate Team in FUT WC, and vice versa?

Yes, you can use your FUT 14 coins and FIFA Points in FUT World Cup to purchase packs from the FUT World Cup Store.



Will my FUT WC players be available in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team?

No. Players found in FUT World Cup will only be available in the World Cup mode.



Will FUT World Cup player ratings be the same as FUT 14?

Some players in FUT World Cup will feature ratings different than FUT 14.



Will these new FUT World Cup player ratings be carried on into the future?

At this time, player ratings in FUT World Cup have been created for this new mode only.



Will FUT WC have Man of the Match items?

Man of the Match items will exist in FUT 14, outside of the World Cup experience. However, once a player receives a MOTM, his attribute boosts will be updated in your FUT World Cup club.



Will teams and players not participating in the World Cup appear in FUT World Cup?

No, only players from the teams attending the FIFA World Cup will appear in FUT World Cup.



Can I play a friend online?

No, Play-a-Friend mode is not available in FUT World Cup. Instead, players can compete in the full 32-team FIFA World Cup tournament mode both online and offline.



Can I access FUT WC from the Web App or Mobile Companion App?

No. FUT World Cup can only be accessed from your retail copy of FIFA 14.



How will chemistry work in FUT World Cup?

Players can build team chemistry by linking up with other players from the same country or confederation (Europe, South America, Africa, etc).

Stay tuned in the following days as we reveal updated ratings and additional info regarding this update.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is already available as part of a free add-on to FIFA 14 on Mobile. From Qualifying to the World Cup Finals, experience all the excitement of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.



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5 Reasons To Play EA Sports FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup


Available on May 29, experience FIFA Ultimate Team: World Cup, the new mode that brings the 2014 FIFA World Cup to FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 14. The World’s biggest sporting event combined with FIFA’s most popular mode – it’s an excellent mix.



But, for those still on the fence if FIFA Ultimate Team: World Cup is worth a try, we have five easy reasons why it is.



1. It’s FREE



FIFA Ultimate Team: World Cup is a free update to FIFA 14 available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC. Enjoy the World Cup in a completely separate mode within FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).



2. Authentic 2014 FIFA World Cup Experience



Featuring players and kits from all 32 teams participating in the 2014 FIFA World cup, including the official adidas® Brazuca match ball and Estadio do Maracana in Rio. Now it’s your job to take on the world!



3. New Player Items



They look different – they are different. Updated player images and a fresh World Cup theme will make your squad stand out. Some players feature updated stats for the World Cup alone



4. 2-for-1 Packs: Free Normal FUT Gold Pack in EVERY World Cup Pack You Open



Yes, it’s true! Every single World Cup Pack contains a FREE Gold Pack for the regular FIFA 14 FUT game mode. Keep your FUT squads and transfer market activity fresh while you enjoy a bit of Rio.



5. It’s the World Cup



This is the first time the FIFA World Cup has featured in Ultimate Team – ever! Play through the full tournament online or offline, from the groups to the knock-out stages. The most popular mode in FIFA finally gets the world’s biggest football tournament.



FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup is available as a free update from May 29 – see you in Brazil!




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World Cup XI – Best Who Didn’t Qualify

The 2014 FIFA World Cup starts in a few weeks’ time, featuring some of the best footballers from around the world. But with all that talent on display, there are a handful of stand-out players who unfortunately won’t be in Brazil to show off their skills.



We decided to compile a squad of 23, made up of those who have had incredible 2013-14 seasons (based on their real-world Club stats) but were unlucky to not have their respective nations qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.



It’s still not too early to start your own 2014 FIFA World Cup.



The versatile Gareth Bale had an incredible first season with Real Madrid, finishing with 15 league goals and an additional six across all other competitions. Wales had a fairly disappointing Qualifying campaign though, finishing fifth in a group that featured both Belgium and Croatia. Along with fellow countryman Aaron Ramsey, the duo scored seven of the country’s nine goals over the 10 matches.


Robert Lewandowski will be spending the FIFA World Cup moving from Dortmund to Munich, but his last season with BVB still saw him lead the Bundesliga with 20 goals. Poland missed out on the FIFA World Cup, finishing fourth in their group behind England, Ukraine and Montenegro. Lewandowski had three goals in qualification, including two from the penalty spot.



Paris Saint-Germain’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the world’s most popular athletes and will be sorely missed at this year’s tournament. He finished the 2013-14 season with 26 goals, best in all of France. Sweden failed to qualify for Brazil after being knocked out by Portugal 4:2 in their two-leg playoff. Zlatan was his country’s best player, scoring eight goals across their 12 matches.


Starting XI
GK: Petr Čech – Chelsea FC (England) – Czech Republic
LB: Martin Olsson – Norwich City (England) – Sweden
CB: Mehdi Benatia – AS Roma (Italy) – Morocco
CB: Martin Skrtel – Liverpool (England) – Slovakia
RB: Seamus Coleman – Everton (England) – Rep. of Ireland
CM (CAM): Henrikh Mkhitaryan – Borussia Dortmund (Germany) – Armenia
CM: Aaron Ramsey – Arsenal (England) – Wales
CM (CAM): Mateusz Klich – PEC Zwolle (The Netherlands) – Poland
LW (CF): Gareth Bale – Real Madrid (Spain) – Wales
ST: Zlatan Ibrahimović – Paris Saint-Germain (France) – Sweden
RW: Robert Lewandowski – Borussia Dortmund (Germany) – Poland



On the Bench:
GK: Samir Handanović – Inter Milan (Italy) – Slovenia
GK: Kossi Agassa – Reims (France) – Togo
CB: Marko Basa – Lille (France) – Montenegro
CB: Cédric Mongongu – Evian (France) – France
RB: Branislav Ivanovic – Chelsea (England) – Serbia
LB: Papa Souare – Lille (France) – Senegal
LM: Juan Arango – Borussia Mönchengladbach (Germany) – Venezuela
LM: Szabolc Huszti – Hannover (Germany) – Hungary
RM: Jefferson Farfán – Schalke 04 (Germany) – Peru
CM: Lasse Schöne – Ajax Amsterdam (The Netherlands) – Denmark
ST: Alfred Finnbogason – Heerenveen (The Netherlands) – Iceland
ST: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – Borrussia Dortmund (Germany) – Gabon



What do you think of the 23 that were selected, anyone you feel should have been included?



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Enjoy the 2014 FIFA World Cup on your console

Enjoy the 2014 FIFA World Cup on your console

With the 2014 World Cup less than one month away, billions of fans across the world will begin making preparations to immerse themselves in the euphoria of the most prestigious tournament in football. Although certain fans may be fortunate enough to afford the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to the World Cup in Brazil to watch the action unfold, there are many others who will show their support from home through watching every game, purchasing national team merchandise, and putting up flags and banners across every town and city.



Being glued to the television set in your home or local pub is the best way to take in the excitement, tension and drama of Brazil 2014, although passionate fans may be left without a fix of World Cup action between each game.Reading up on the latest World Cup news allows fans to keep bang up to date with everything happening on and off the pitch, but taking control of your country and leading them to glory is the perfect way to pass the time. EA Sports have developed a unique spin-off from the hugely popular FIFA games series, with the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil title putting your country’s hopes in your hands through a beautiful replication of the quality of football and carnival atmosphere that will be prominent in the real tournament this summer.





EA have decided to go in a different direction for this summer’s World Cup, as the 2012 European Championship was covered by downloadable content which complimented the original FIFA games to provide gamers to enjoy the special game mode. It did not receive as much acclaim and success as EA had hoped, with gamers not taking to new content that, on the face of it, was not entirely different from the original FIFA 12 gameplay. They reverted back to the stand-alone title format that made the 2010 World Cup South Africa game popular; the 2014 World Cup version has been exclusively released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but will not be made available on the next generation consoles or PC.



The gameplay is based upon the exact game engine and physics that were used to create FIFA 14 which remains a big hit within the gaming community. There are many subtle changes which are instantly apparent when playing the game, such as different ball control physics that allow players to take the ball with their stride with the flick of the right analogue stick in the direction you are running. Gamers can also utilise a new distraction system that allows goalkeepers to make certain movements in an effort to put off the penalty taker and make them miss.



Other impressive features includes cut-scenes to see the managers react on the touchline during the game, the fans in the stadium get behind their team and unique footage of fans watching in a pub back home; it perfectly re-creates the passion and atmosphere created during a major international tournament. More importantly, EA have worked closely with FIFA and the Brazilian FA to not only perfectly replicate each official strip that will be worn during the 2014 World Cup, but also design each official stadium within a virtual world that contains every intricate detail and feature.



Game Modes


The considerable success enjoyed by the FIFA games series is the number of game modes available to football fanatics and gaming enthusiasts. Numerous online and offline modes provide endless hours of fun that captures the drama of leading a country to glory at the World Cup, or recreate the entire experience of qualifying and then going all the way to the Final in Brazil to enjoy a fairy-tale story. The latter is available through the Road to the FIFA World Cup mode where fans of every country who participated during the qualifying stages can take control and change the course of history in a virtual world and lead a country, whether it is Poland, Canada or Guinea, to the 2014 World Cup.



Gamers can skip straight to playing the FIFA World Cup which is officially licensed to provide every group as they appear in real life and take control of one of the thirty-two participating teams in the hope of lifting the famous trophy. Captain Your Country also returns as a popular feature, with gamers able to create their pro and having to impress as a young prospect to feature during the qualification stages with the hope of receiving the captain’s armband as a proud moment in your career. It can be made all the more worthwhile if you lead your country to glory at the World Cup and see your pro lift the famous trophy aloft. Story of Qualifying and Story of the Finals are unique game modes that provide a multitude of real-life situations from the history of the World Cup, where gamers have to complete certain objectives in order to win XP points and achievements. The Finals mode is regularly updated by EA to provide gamers with the ability to change history, or replicate real-life scenarios under a certain difficulty level that is likely to test their FIFA-playing skills.



Every FIFA game is made vastly popular by a successful online mode, with Road to Rio de Janeiro allowing gamers to compete against each other in an online tournament where they must progress through the twelve official World Cup venues. It follows the same format as Seasons on FIFA 14 where gamers would try to progress through ten divisions in order to reach the top.



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