FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Featured Tournaments Guides


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Featured Tournaments Guides

Just like what can enjoy in FUT 14, fans can play FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Tournaments in both single player mode and on line. Played in 16-team knock-out format, players can go to extra time and penalties with drawn games. It means the team that wins goes through to the next round whilst the team that loses gets knocked out. To get the cup, players need to win the four rounds.


While there are so me differences between these two modes. The most important is against who fans play: computer-controlled teams in the first case or other on line players in the second one.


Winners can be rewarded from each tournament. Not all the tournaments can be reached free. Most of the tournaments also have entry requirements


The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Tournaments may have an expiration date, the feature tournaments, or may be always available, the fixed ones.


German Legends Cup (XBox exclusive)
Date: 6pm (UK) 3 October – 6pm (Uk) 17 October 2014
Reward for On line: n.a.
Reward for Single Player: 2,000 coins
Difficulty (Single Player): Professional
Entry Requirements:
All players on the starting eleven must to be from Germany


Underdog Cup
Date: 6pm (UK) 3 October – 6pm (Uk) 10 October 2014
Reward for On line: 4,000 coins
Reward for Single Player: 2,000 coins
Difficulty (Single Player): Professional
Entry Requirements:
Only bronze or silver players
Team chemistry not lower than 85


Red vs Blue
Date: 6pm (UK) 3 October – 6pm (Uk) 10 October 2014
Reward for On line: n.a.
Reward for Single Player: 2,000 coins
Difficulty (Single Player): Professional
Entry Requirements:
All players from starting eleven from Arsenal + Chelsea


Titans Trophy
Date: 6pm (UK) 3 October – 6pm (Uk) 10 October 2014
Reward for On line: n.a.
Reward for Single Player: 2,000 coins
Difficulty (Single Player): Professional
Entry Requirements:
All players from starting eleven from Juventus + Roma


Merseyside Cup
Date: 6pm (UK) 26 September – 6pm (Uk) 29 September 2014
Reward for On line: n.a.
Reward for Single Player: 1,000 coins
Difficulty (Single Player): Professional
Entry Requirements:
All 18 players from Liverpool / Everton


North London Cup
Date: 6pm (UK) 26 September – 6pm (Uk) 29 September 2014
Reward for On line: n.a.
Reward for Single Player: 1,000 coins
Difficulty (Single Player): Professional
Entry Requirements:
All 18 players from Arsenal / Spurs



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FIFA 15 Achievements for XBox 360 and XBox One

FIFA 15 Achievements for XBox 360 and XBox One

Toe Poke – 90G
Score 1 goal with a Toe Poke


Knuckle Ball – 90G
Score 1 goal with a Knuckle Shot


Controlled Defending – 50G
Perform a Standing Tackle and keep possession of the ball 10 times


Round the Keeper – 20G
Beat the Keeper 1 on 1 and score


Keeper’s Best Friend – 10G
Prevent a goal with a Sliding goal line clearance


Underdogs – 40G
Beat a 5 Star Legendary CPU AI team with a 3 Star or lower team


Shot Stopper – 10G
Save 3 Penalty Kicks Shots (in game, not shootouts) with the GK


Free Kick Specialist – 40G
Score from a direct Free Kick at a distance greater than 30 yards


A loyal ally is hard to find – 10G
Earn a player’s loyalty in FUT by playing 10 or more games with him


Weird Science – 10G
Apply your first Chemistry Style consumable in FUT


I’m not afraid of you – 15G
Challenge the Team of the Week in FUT


Goin’ for a Rip – 20G
Open 20 packs in FUT


Best in Show – 90G
Win a division title in FUT Seasons


Still Bros? – 15G
Win a Friendly Season in FUT


Window Shopping – 15G
Sign a Loan Player from the EAS FC Catalogue


Oh Sure, Blame Your Captain – 15G
Change your captain in FUT


Cool Squad Bro – 15G
Copy a Squad from the end of an online match in Ultimate Team


Double Trouble – 15G
Start a Co-op Seasons match with a friend


Couch Buddy – 10G
Play Seasons with a Guest


On the Rise – 40G
Earn Promotion in Seasons


Stylin’ – 10G
Enable a custom Free Kick or Penalty style for your Pro


Friends to the End – 90G
Finish a Friendlies Season


Just One More… – 10G
Play a consecutive match in Seasons


From Me to You – 10G
Gift an EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue Item


I’m Better – 15G
Beat a friend’s Skill Game score


On Your Way – 30G
Reach EAS FC level 15


Here’s What I Think of This – 10G
Tag an EA SPORTS Football Club Activity


Check Me Out – 10G
Share an EA SPORTS Football Club Activity


Thoughts? – 10G
Comment on an EA SPORTS Football Club Activity


You Struck Gold! – 25G
Scout and find a player with any combination of 3 Global Transfer Network attributes in Career


Silverware – 50G
Win a trophy as a Team Manager in Career


Rising Star – 30G
Have your Pro featured in the team of the week in Player Career


First Steps – 5G
Complete all Drills in Learn to Play – The Basics


Complete Tool Set – 10G
Fill up all Team Sheets Slots


A Tool for Every Occasion – 5G
Create a new team sheet


Top Shelf – 20G
Buy a player who is in a league above you

Challenging – 30G

Complete a Match Day Challenge in Highlights of the Week on at least World Class difficulty


Big Game – 10G
Play a Game of the Week in Highlights of the Week


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FIFA 15 Out In North America

FIFA 15 Out In North America

FIFA 15 is furnished with favourite game modes in conjunction with lots of stadiums and leagues that are loved around the world. FIFA 15 owns large amount of expectations in the market. FIFA 14 created a enormous hit with regards to following fans and in collection of market last year.


FIFA 15 had been improved far more to stand for the favourite football game of the world this time . FIFA 15 has made the whole attributes more realistic in order to make the fifa players “FEEL THE GAME”. The game introduce numerous attributes that will show you to remark the details of minute including the movements of grass, movements of corner flag and hair.


The AI for the Goalkeeper could be the turning point for the FIFA 15 because it integrated the drastic alterations that will attract players focus. The reaction of goalkeeper is much better, make smarter choices with regards to coming off their lines, and tend to avoid the frustrating in-game type.


EA has packed the FIFA 15 with immense features and provides for the fans of die-heart. Now the ball will be the court of fans and they’re going to judge the the performance of EA according to their own parameters and can provide their feedback.


Therefore, when you reach your hands to FIFA 15, please show us your important experience and enjoy the game.

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Fifteen Reasons for picking up FIFA 15

Fifteen Reasons for picking up FIFA 15

The season starts! Football is brought to life in amazing visual detail by FIFA 15. Therefore, the football fans will feel the sport intensity and emotion never before. Would like to experience the Game? Listed below are 15 resons to attempt FIFA 15. *You can play FIFA 15 on PC, PS3/4, Xbox One/360 and other platforms. Keep in mind that not all platforms have the features.



The new features like Loan Players, Friendly seasons and Idea squads which come to the most favorite mode of game of FIFA.


Their marks will be left by boots as wearing down when time goes in FIFA 15, but the experience of stadium will be improved with animated LEDs, shaking frames of goal and moving flags.


The career mode will be a greater experience under the growth of more realistic growth, search function of an enhanced player and other changes.


The most popular league of football will be the most authetic in FIFA 15 around the world with more than 200 head scans of players and all twenty Premier League Stadiums in-game.


When the match begins, the kits will be dirty. FIFA 15 will be the most visually authentic experience of aporting available after more 200 new facial scans were added.


With 600 new emotional reactions, players react to just about every action around the pitch as they would in the true world. The players will react to each action on the pitch as they would do in the real word with six hundred new emotional reactions.


The soundtrack for your FIFA moments is as fresh as ever, featuring artists like Foster The People today, Rudimental and Kasabian.


Score with more ways, greater reactions and better keepers. That will be the next generation goalkeepers.


One of the most requested leagues returns to FIFA 15. Serie A of Italy is absolutely integrated, and with the match combinations of more than 500 clubs are endless.


Knowledge Dynamic Match Presentation with distinctive crowds, chants that adapt because the action unfolds, and commentary that reflects action each on and off the pitch. When the action begins, the chants will adapt. The commentary will reflect action on both off and on the pitch. With the unique crowds, feel Dynamic Match Presentation.

In order to make go deeper with your team, the new Team Management offers team rodes, preset formations and expanded techniques to you.


Now opponents of AI are adjusting their techniques and playing style based on what is taking place in this match.


You will know your favourite clubs’ news.


14. FIFA IS BTTER WITH Good friends
Mode of Tournament – back! Pro Clubs on PS4, PC and Xbox One with enhanced AI, customisation and flow of match.


Share your most current achievements with buddies and unlock additional content content.

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Tips to Trade in FUT 15 Web App before FIFA 15 Release

Tips to Trade in FUT 15 Web App before FIFA 15 Release

FUT 15 Web App is now available to download and trade. Here are some tips to make make coins and buld a true Ultimate Team during Web App phase.



1. Open Packs and Liquidate Your Club
Just liquidate your club as much as possible after you open evey pack. It means that you need to sell all your tradeable items as much as you get. So you need to know the current value of each item in the market, making sure you are not underpricing anything. Though it takes soem time, it could be the difference between being able to afford an underpriced bargain and watching someone else snap it up to make coins! Remeber that you do not need to sell some items like low-rated non-rare bronze players and certain consumables, even after multiple listing cycles.



2. Holding Players/Items

Now you should only have untradeable items in your club, unless of course you’re holding onto a certain player/item because you believe they’ll rise in value. However you should only hold onto players/items if you believe their value will rise enough to warrant not having the coins now to trade with.



For example, you just packed Rooney and was wondering if you should sell him now or when the game releases. If you pack Rooney now and he’s your only expensive player. But the difference between having only 5k or so from selling players/items obtained from packs or having an extra 75k to trade with now is huge. So you should sell him under these circumstances as you’ll be able to make more coins than any possible increase in his value. It’s difficult to say whether some players will rise in price, as some have already been inflated due to FUTers investing in them for the release.



3. Make coins:
For example, conservatively you have 5k coins, search for a player currently selling between 6-7k and either try to find an underpriced BIN (buy it now) or keep bidding up to 5k on each player until you manage to win an auction. You need to be patient at times and may not work for every player, so if you’re not having any luck then change your focus to a new player at a similar value. This can be done with any item, so use your initiative and remember any profit is good during this phase (you must take the 5% EA tax into account though)!



Image that you manage to win a Marcos Rojo for 5k and his current market value is around 7k, you could take the profit and up the stakes onto a new player, however Rojo is still a relatively recent transfer and has received an upgrade since FUT 14. Also taking into account the fact that he is one of the quickest CB’s in arguably the most popular league on the game, it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine that he could rise in value. This type of trading limits the amount you can do as it ties your coins up, but if done correctly it can be very profitable with little stress of monitoring the price of several players!



Although slightly risky, and extremely time sensitive, investing in player performances can also work well and proved extremely successful in FUT 14 and 13! However we’ll detail this coin making method in the coming days to help you know when exactly to buy and sell players! We do not advise jumping into this method if you have had little experience with it, as you could potentially buy a player nearing his peak, losing you a lot of coins in the space of just minutes. We predict this method will work very well after the release, when significantly more FUTers join! When a player does perform well in real-life, make sure you check the Transfer Market to see how his price changes though, as this will educate you for future opportunities.



Lastly, regarding making coins, you should be able to make decent coins off of certain popular TOTW 1 in-forms. This will only be the case if they do not see another in-form in the near future and are currently undervalued. This worked very well for us last year with the FUT 14 TOTW 1 release of Marco Reus, purchasing him for 197k, and selling him for over 500k just weeks later. You may lose coins on certain in-forms though, so approach this method with caution!



4. Stay consistent:
Web App Daily Gifts are also currently available, which should marginally help your coin totals! Ensure you login to the Web App everyday to receive these! Furthermore, spending time looking at the market each day will significantly up your knowledge and experience. We also advise regularly adding many of the same player to your Transfer Targets to help with the trading method outlined above, allowing you to see the variance in price over several cards.



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Gary Neville Talks Return of Solskjaer

Recently, Vincent Tan has not been covered by glory. Honestly speaking, I believe the entire episode was just disagreeale between Malky Mackay and him and it was bad for football. We protracted the sage and it had been in public. Besides, it no longer portrayed anyone in a superior light. I know Ole Gunnar Solskj is studious, intelligent and clever. Understanding him as individual, he will have all the things squared off at his finish to ensure that he was capable to handle the club in completely the way in which that he desires to. I am certain that he will not accept any interference.


He determined to work at Manchester United in the reserve set up to get a time frame to discover his trade and finish his badges. Then he went into an occupation back in Norway outside from the Premier League spotlight and out of the firing line. He learned a little his trade. Obviously at his hometown club, he had a strong pressure. he picked a very good proprietor and a guy that believed in the club and him.


When he was going to finish his career, he will wirte down the whole sessions of training like the other players. I often saw him in the club even though he was retired to move towards coaching.


In terms of Vincent Tan, he was on his 2nd probability right here when it comes to Solskj. If he did to Ole what he did to Malky Mackay, it will be more hard for him to entice a youthful, progressive football coach in the future. So when it comes to that I am hopeful that Ole will get the time length that he deserves, and I totally understand that he thinks of what he is doing. He is concerning the game. He is a thinking man.


I believe that the first port of call for g a manager – they want people who they might believe in and depend on. Ole could have developed up trust with a few gamers that he will would like to bring in – but that is no different to other managers. The market of Scandinavian might be one that he thinks he knows very well. As for us, we know that he is going to do something with Magnus Wolff signing.



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FIFA Ultimate Team – Week Team

FIFA Ultimate Team - Week Team

Every week FUT assembles the most effective gamers from worldwide and competition of club all around the entire world. This assortment of gamers is accessible to confront in FUT.


Arsenal sit atop the Barclays Premier League table that has a slender one-point lead. More than the final week, essential victories in your house more than West Ham United and away at Newcastle have assisted to help maitain the club in the first place. In both matches, Theo Walcott was a vital performer who scored twice within a span of 3 minutes within their three:one win in excess of West Ham. Walcott aided create the lone objective within zero:one victory of the club above Newcastle at Park of St. James several days later.


Right after creating many essential saves within a two:one victory more than Liverpool FC, Joe Hart of Manchester City followed that functionality a few days later that has a clean sheet above Crystal Palace. In twelve commences this season, the England Keeper has recorded 4 clean sheets and he is a large portion in the purpose why the club achieves the top purpose differential within the whole league.


Only 2 factors separates third area Chelsea in the leading of your table. On Boxing Day, the club defeated Swansea one:zero then followed that up 3 days later on which has a two:one victory more than fifth-place Liverpool.The Belgium Global Eden Hazard was one of several critical gamers in each matches. He scored the sole goal in their match towards Swansea. Then he scored the first goal of club against Liverpool.


Following a one:one draw towards West Bromwich Albion on Boxing Day, Tottenham Hotspur simply looked after Stoke City three:zero. On the list of 3 aim scorers in that match was recently-acquired Roberto Soldado, who place in from your penalty spot from the 37th minute. It had been his fifth BPL goal this season, fourth in the spot.

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FIFA 15: Exhibiting the Red Card of Cheaters

FIFA 15: Exhibiting the Red Card of Cheaters

Hi, fans of FIFA.



With FIFA 15 over the horizon, we would like to spend some time in reminding anyone regarding the principles in the game and introducing some actions that we will be taking to handle cheating in EA Sports activities to you. FIFA titles.



Though they’re a minority among fans of FIFA, cheaters disrupt the experience of gameplay and enjoyment for sincere FIFA supporters within a variety of methods. These involve items including over loading servers, phishing and compromising other accounts of players, and taking part in the virtual currency unauthorised exchange. It is time for us to draw a clear and powerful line towards cheaters who effect the experience of FIFA for our countless gamers on-line.



FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)



The “Bots” Effects on FIFA Ultimate Team.



Besides controlling in exploits of game in FIFA Ultimate Team, cheaters use on line equipment named as “bots” to purchase items off the Transfer Marketplace and farm coins using the intention to promote automatically. These illicit coins are sometimes offered on-line for actual dollars by means of Coin Offering sites.



As the majority of you understand, since on May 9th, 2014, it has been unavailable to trade in the FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM Web App (the on-line web portal for FUT). We decide to deactivate trading of Web App as a result of the extreme Transfer Market place search issues which are brought about by bots of coin-farming.


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Goalkeepers have already been wholly rewritten for FIFA 15 with more than fifty new save animations, enhanced AI and also a new, sensible model of player. The future Gen goalkeepers are much more fluid and responsive whenever they are looking, thinking and moving like the real goalkeepers.


What the goalkeepers’ primary changes are:


Enhanced reactions


Goalkeepers now study and react to game play circumstances, adjusting their motion if going in the incorrect way and generating saves of last ditches through getting back or throwing out a leg. FIFA 15 also gives a fresh realism level to the way that goalkeepers react to shots which might be challenging to deal with. Now you will see a brand new array of genuine deflections and guidelines since goalkeepers try to make that conserve where previously keepers could catch most balls that they touched.


Much better selections


Goalkeepers make improved choices in one-on-ones and while monitoring the ball on corners, crosses and by means of balls in the direction of their boxes. FIFA 15 goalkeepers command the area with much more intelligence and awareness than ever before.


Goalies may even study the balls flight. Besides, you will see extra wide range in how they react to dipping, turbulent and swerving shots.


Score with New Methods


With keepers far more mobile it opens up new scoring possibilities for attackers. Your opponent recognizes goalkeeper motion and can try shots back across intention, nutmegs or depart no time for them to react.


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FIFA 15 on Xbox 360 and PS3 – Modes and Characteristics

FIFA 15 on Xbox 360 and PS3 - Modes and Characteristics

Fresh off gamescom, there’s no query that fans like the PS4 and Xbox one since the gaming potential. The brand new consoles provide us the ablity and power to deliver new innovations of game play and new new live services – and we’re pleased to get top the way in which on FIFA 15. Considering the fact that E3 in June, we’ve got been giving you information about every little thing coming to FIFA 15 on PC, PS4, and Xbox one.


Though the brand new consoles could be the gaming future, there are actually numerous FIFA gamers on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and our dedication for this yr was to make FIFA 15 for these consoles with a lot of innovation and good new solutions. It will deliver a FIFA expertise that builds over the authenticity, authentic world connection, and remarkable game play that the franchise is regarded for.



We are quite assured in the depth and innovation amount that we are sending for FIFA 15 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 .However, there are actually some items we could not do for FIFA 15 on PlaYStaion 3 and Xbox 360, either based mostly on the those consoles limitations, or our sources and time. Most notably, Professional Clubs is not going to be a mode in FIFA 15 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.



The team of EA Sports FIFA will give you a wonderful experience of football on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 even though some things need to move solely to newer consoles being new. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have paid attention to innovation of gameplay, Management of Team, Mode of Career, FUT, and authentic teams, kits and leagues which mirror the game on Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and PC.



Besides the whole genuine teams, leagues and award winning gameplay of FIFA, have a look at what is new for FIFA 15 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360:




Control and Agibility: still the most reponsive FIFA. When the players on the ball, they will move and react with closer balance and control. Read more at Control and Agility



Man-to-Man Battles: Tackles are now extra rewarding and physical. Possession Tackles enable you to maintain the ball immediately after you win a challenge. You will truly feel the battle with new barges of shoulder and crunching massive fall physics.



Proper Contacts: The game is changed by the FIFA ball movement. Now just about every dribble, pass, shot, touch and deflection will see exact motion in line with what the ball last touched. You will see correct curl, spin, and different trajectories of ball.



Set Piece Management: The players are controlled to get the ball throughout corners,throw-ins and totally free kicks, and place them in much better positions.



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