Who are the Best Players for FUT 16 for Each Position

As we are get closer and closer to the FIFA 16 launched date, there are some best players for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team to each position. Today we are going to talk about the best players in FUT 16 to each position. It is not hard for us to see that these best players always with higher ratings than the common players. If you want to build your FUT 16 with best players and best chemistry, you guys must know who are the best players first for FUT 16 to each positions.


Now let’s have a look for the best players for each positions, including the best goalkeepers, best midfielders, best defenders and best attackers to FIFA 16. For the best goalkeepers for FUT 16, he is the Petr Cech who is from Czech Republic and play football in Arsenal. While for the best defenders to FUT 16, there are five players with top rated, including Naldo, John Terry, Diego Godin, David Alaba and Vincent Kompany. To the best midfielders for FUT 16, they are Santi Cazorla, Yaya Toure, Angel Di Maria. Edison Cavani is the best forwards of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. 

With the best players list for each position, you can create the combination with your players with these best players. While sometimes it is not easy for you to get the best players, so you can buy some cheap FIFA 16 coins and use them to do the pack openings. If you are fortunate enough, you will get the best player. 

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The Guidance for FIFA 16 Points

There is only 22 days left for the FIFA 16 released. More and more people worry about the FIFA 16 coins and FIFA points. Today we are going to talk about the FIFA 16 points so that you guys can have a full understanding about this. As to the FIFA points, you guys can buy it with your real money and then use them to buy the items in the games. The most popular item is the packs. FIFA points is derived from the FIFA 12 and only for the PC users. Now it is available for all consoles. 


You guys may curious about how to buy FIFA points. Do you want to buy FIFA 16 coins with the lowest price and best service? Then just come to FIFA-Coins.com to buy cheap FIFA coins and points. You can choose the FIFA coins sellers you want for the top 5 FIFA coins websites to buy FIFA points and as well as the FIFA Coins. Once the FIFA 16 launched, you can start to buy FIFA 16 points and coins on these stores.

The third question is how to use FIFA points. After you got some FIFA points for these websites, then you guys can have the right to use it and spend it. You will have the access to the FIFA 16  Ultimate Team Web App. Then you just need to log into your FIFA Ultimate Team on your console and browse to “Store” and choose which one pack you want to buy. Then you will need to pick to what you want to pay it with coins or points. However, you can choose the FIFA points if you don’t have enough funds. At last, you can open your packs to check which players you will get. 

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The Confirmed Details for FIFA 16 Demo

Recently, there is a news about the FIFA 16 Demo date confirmed and some details about it. Today we are going to talk about the FIFA 16 Demo details and the launched date. There are three parts about the FIFA 16 Demo details, covering the Game Options, Pick From Top Teams and Stadium Options so that you guys can have a full idea about the FIFA 16 Demo and can enjoy it when it launched at the first time.


According to the EA Sports, the launched time for FIFA 16 Demo is the September 8th and its consoles will refer to the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation3 and PC. It will be the exciting moment for you guys to catch the first time to play and enjoy the FIFA 16 and experience the gameplay innovations, new ways to play and sights and sounds of FIFA 16 so that you can wait to September 22nd to experience all of these fantastic features.



The first part is the Game Options for FIFA 16 Demo and it will include the Kick-Off, FIFA Ultimate Team Draft, FIFA Trainer, New Skill Games and Bundesliga Broadcast Presentation. The second part is about the Pick From Top Teams. The FIFA 16 Demo also covers two Women’s Team and 10 TOP Club Teams. What’s more, the third part is about the Stadium Options. You will have the opportunity to play in the CenturyLink Field and BORUSSIA-PARK. Can’t wait to start to play FIFA 16 Demo? Don’t worry. There are just 11 days for you guys to wait.


If you still love playing FIFA 15 and you want to buy cheapest FIFA 15 coins and points, pleaseclick here to buy. We will recommend the best place for you guys to buy cheapest FIFA coins and points.


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How to check my order status?

1. Knowledge Base – You can find most frequently happened cases of your orders. You can see 4 folders on the Knowledge Base page, and you can see more details after you open each one.
2. Submit a Ticket – If you cannot find out a solution, you can submit a ticket to describe the problem. We reply you in 30 minutes. 
3. ‘Support Center’ is at the right of our page. You can’t miss the green button.

What’s more, you can also contact the live chat who are online for 24 hours everyday. 


1. Use your order email and the password we sent you to sign in. Usually the password is your order Email.
2. Click “Your order” — “> Order History” — “Order Detail” to check your order status or order problem.
3. Read the “Order Processing Remarks” to get the reason why your order hasn’t been completed.
4. If your order can’t be completed due to wrong account email or wrong password, you can double check them, and click to update your order information.
5. Enter your correct account email and password. Then submit them to us. 
6. If your order can’t be completed due to other problems, you can read the order processing remarks as well to complete your order soon. 

Moreover, you can also ask for the 24/7 online customer service for the help. 


If you have any question, just go to the homepage of the website and click the button of the live chat (on the bottom of right ). Then tell us them your order issues so that they can help you out. 


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Where to Get Free FIFA Coins and Points?

Do you want to get free FIFA coins without any payment? Just keep reading this articles, then you can know the best place to get free FIFA coins. Today we are going to introduce three FIFA coins seller website for you guys to join the giveaways to win free FIFA coins and enjoy the big discount for the special days.

Fifacoinszone.com: Giveaways Activity and Sales Promotion
There will be giveaways activities on their Twitter from Tuesday to Friday. You guys just need to follow @FifaCoinsZone & RT their giveaway Tweet to get free points accounts. Everyone can join in this activity and there will be 2 winners every day! Second, it is the sales promotion. You can enjoy the Rock-bottom price to buy cheap FIFA 15 points account or buy one FIFA coins account and they will send one free FIFA points to you. This sales promotion are start on every Wednesday and only 2 hours from 17:—19:00 UK Time.


Fifacoin.com: Bonus Deal and Giveaways
There are two giveaways activities on the Facebook and Twitter of FIFACOIN for you guys to win free FIFA coins and points. One is the FifaCoin.com Bonus Deal on each Friday on @fifacoincom. You guys just need to follow & Retweet their Twitter and post and answer the question and they will choose 5 winners to send 2M PS Coins. Another one is the giveaway on their Facebook and you guys just need to like & share to get the free points. What’s more, their sponsor will also do the giveaways, so you still can join it to win free coins. 


Fifaultimateteamcoins.com:Monday Bonus and Time and Friday Big Discount Day
For the Monday Bonus Time, you guys just need to follow & Retweet their post on @FUTcoinscom to win 2M PS Account each. There will be 3 lucky guys to be chosen randomly to win the coins. Another one is Friday Big Discount Day, you can use the 10% off coupon “FBDD” to enjoy the big discount. 


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There Reasons for Why You Cannot Carryover Your FUT 15 Cards and Coins to FIFA 16


According to the the carryover guidance of FIFA 16, we know that there are several things that we can carry over for FIFA 15 to FIFA 16. For those who really love his FUT 15 club and still want to play FIFA 16, they may want to know how to transfer FIFA 15 to FIFA 16 in a hurry. Today we are going to talk about the way to transfer your FIFA 15 Progress o FIFA 16 and explain the reason why you cannot carryover all the items from FIFA 15 to FIFA 16. Let’s go on.

First of all, we need to know that there are only two items we cannot carry over from FIFA 15 to FIFA 16. That is your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coins and cards. You may feel disappointed about this news and feel sad about your best FUT 15 cards because you will lose them if you choose FIFA 16 to play. Don’t worry! Just leave your FUT 15, then you will start a new trip with the exciting FIFA16 and to build your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. There are three reasons to explain to the FIFA 15 gamers.

The first reason is challenge. As we all know, it cannot bring any new stimulating for the FIFA gamers to the same games and someone may feel boring to play the same gamers year by year, or even some gamers already build a good FUT for themselves. So EA decided to leave the FIFA15 and give you guys a chance to start the full new game in FIFA 16 and start to build your FUT 16 coins. It may be a challenge for most of gamers. But don’t worry. You will receive more stimulating and happiness. Just start it.

The second reason is the money. Start a new FUT16, then gamers may need to spend more money to invest to their new game and vanish their old one. They EA Sports can earn much money to sell FUT pack than the old one. If you don’t know where is the best place to buy cheapest FIFA 16 coin, just click to know the cheap FIFA coins websites. Then the third reason is the logistics problems. For a new game, you guys can enjoy a fair, competitive and sustainable game. And this can only be done once we start a new game.

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New Products Online: FIFA 16 Voucher Pre-Sale!


As the websites updated and the closer of FIFA 16, FIFACOINSZONE has added three kinds of new products, including the Playstation Network, Xbox Live and FIFA 16 Voucher. Today we are going to introduce these three new products to you guys so that you can enjoy more discounts for the FIFA 16. 

Top One: FIFA 16 Voucher
FIFACOINSZONE launched the FIFA 16 Voucher and the FIFA gamers can buy it although there is one month for FIFA 16 launched. You can buy it first and use it when the FIFA 16 launched. This is the big discount for the customers. You just need cost less and get more. Now there are four kind of FIFA 16 Voucher. That is $10 (Cost $8.50), $30 (Cost $25.50), $50 ($42.50) and $100 ($85.00). Another question is how to use this FIFA 16 Voucher. First, you just need to proceed to check out, which is just the same as any other purchase. Second, you will receive an email with a unique voucher code once you order has been processed. Third, just type in the voucher code to checkout for your FIFA 16 products FIFA 16 coins

Top Two: Playstation Network
There are two kinds of products. They are PSN Cards-UK and PSN Cards-IT. For the PSN Cards-UK, you can choose Playstation Network 10 GBP UK ($15.99), Playstation Network 15 GBP UK ($24.99) and Playstation Network 365 days PLUS UK ($56.99) to buy. For the PSN Crad-IT, there is only one choice. That is Playstation Network 20 EUR IT ($21.99).

Top Three: Xbox Live
There are two kinds of products. One is Xbox Live Cards and another one is Xbox Live Gold. For the Xbox Live Cards, you have two choices. One is Xbox Live Vard-50 Euro ($49.99) and another one is Xbox Live Card-10 Euro ($ 10.99). While for the Xbox Live Gold, there are four kinds of products, including 3 month subscription ($15.99), 3+1 month subscription ($19.99), 6+1 month subscription ($24.99) and 12 month subscription ($35.99).

Wanna Buy Cheap FIFA 16 Voucher Now? Click Here To Buy!

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FIFA 16’s Sounds and Sights


As the closer of FIFA 16, more and more new and details about it, such as the FIFA 16 Draft to give as many benefits and discounts for the gamers to attract them to continue to go on the FIFA 16. Comparing the FIFA 15, there are more special offer for the gamers and more surprise for them. FIFA 16 Mobile launched and it makes the games more realistic and play more beautiful, just like they play the football matches with the football stars from all over the world. With the all new engine, the FIFA 16 present a wonderful and excellent games to all the FIFA 16 gamers.

Recently, EA public a new video to introduce some of fresh touches for FIFA 16 and FIFA 16 coins, which you never saw before or even never mention it. Thus you cannot miss it. First of all, this is the video for preview pane, which give the chance to pump trailers and lead you into the game directly. There are many kinds of opinion for the audience to express their thoughts.

After watched this the video for FIFA 16’s Sights and Sounds, some people think it doesn’t have any innovation and it is just like the FIFA 13 and they hold the opinion that almost all of the information in the video is just like the old news and didn’t find anything new. What’s more, they think this video is not because of the EA’s laziness but for the financial reasons. However, there are still other people think it is a good update video for them because they didn’t have any idea for the old videos. 

All in all, we still have confidence and passion to the FIFA 16. Anyone who want to buy the cheap FIFA 16 coins, click here to know.  

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Recommend Ten Celebrations for FIFA 16


Recently, there was a news about the FIFA 16 celebration guidance which public by EA. They offered a list for the running moves and pro unlockables and EAS FC unlockables to introduce the FIFA 16 celebration. What’s more, they also public the FIFA 16 celebrations buttons on Xbox and Playstation and they combine the running moves action together with the button on Xbox or PS so that the FIFA gamers can do the operation by themselves and the feeling is just like they own many FIFA 16 coins in the game. 

The Celebration is a exciting moment for the FIFA gamers to score a goal. It is also a way to show the FIFA gamers professional skills. Different combination for different buttons will present the different performance for the player’s happy time. Sometimes they will dance with their players or give a huge hug to their players, even they can kiss each other. Some gamers think that there are ten celebrations for the real world football matched should be add in the FIFA 16 celebration.

The first one is the iconic celebration for its epicness which is always regarded as the best celebration. Zidance do this celebration to fall he can to jump the advertising hoardings. The second one is the Icelandic club FC Stjarnan. He pretend to roll in teammate to act as a fish after scoring a panenka. The third one is the Wayne Rooney Mocks Boxing video in goal celebration. The fourth one is created by the midfielder Mario Djurovski. He was given a red card after he took off his trousers, which was regarded as the ludicrous celebration by the coach. The other celebration cover German “tank” , Bellamy golf von kokoretsi, Levesque taking a dip, Finidi George Dog Celebration. All of these celebration is really funny and bring the audience with ease and passion. Click to buy cheapest FIFA Coins and Points.

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Why I Cannot Get My Coins in Time and What Should I Do?


It is the common thing for those who buy FIFA Coins cannot get their coins in time and still have no idea to do what to process their order. Today we are going to tell you the reason why you cannot receive coins in time what should you do to faster your order. As we all know, there are three ways for us to buy FIFA 15 coins after the price ranges by EA, including the Mule Account, Comfort Buy and Player Auction. It will take different time for different ways you choose to buy FIFA coins. The fastest way to buy FIFA 15 coins are the Mule Account and Player Auction because they just take 0-360 minutes for you to get the coins, while you need wait for 1-48 hours if you choose the Comfort Buy to buy FIFA 15 coins.

There are several reasons for you guys cannot receive FIFA 15 coins in time.
1) FIFA 15 (Buy New Account) – We are verifying the accounts and make sure it can be logged in and use. It takes some minutes.

2) FIFA 15 (Coins Recharge) – We failed to log in your account to transfer the coins to your account because:
① You gave us the wrong FUT security answer. If you are not sure or forget your FUT security answer, please learn how to reset the FUT security answer here.
② You bind your credit cards to your game account. Learn how to unbind your credit cards here.
③ You log in your account while we are recharging coins to your account. Please not to log in your account before you receive an email to notify you we complete the coins recharge.

3) FIFA 15 (Player Auction)
① You don’t list the player with the Start Price and Buy Now Price as our site shows so we cannot find your player.
② You don’t list the player you choose from the list

4) Other reasons
① Technical errors like Internet down-time
② Order in verification process
③ E-check payment takes 3-7 days to arrive
④ Stock-out coins are being restocked

What Should I do to process my order?
1. Knowledge Base – You can find most frequently happened cases of your orders. You can see 4 folders on the Knowledge Base page, and you can see more details after you open each one.
2. Submit a Ticket – If you cannot find out a solution, you can submit a ticket to describe the problem. We reply you in 30 minutes. 
3. Support Center’ is at the right of our page. You can’t miss the green button.

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