TOTY Coins Guides: the Best Time to Buy FIFA 15 Coins


toty 15 coins guides

TOTY, also Team of the Year, will be released 12th of January 2015. The price market will change abviously before, during and after this period. Here are some stages you need to know, if you want to buy the cheapest FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coins.


1.  Before the TOTY release
Prices start to fall more severely as from the third week of December.
2. TOTY release day (12th of January 2015, Monday)
Cards get cheaper.
3.  Second day of TOTY (13th of January 2015, Tuesday)
Prices slightly rise because the market is saturated with defenders.
4. Third and fourth days of TOTY (14th and 15th of January 2015, Wednesday and Thursday)
Prices rise even more because there are only 3 TOTY players available in packs instead of 5 and because everyone is waiting for the most valuable cards to come out: the attackers.
5. Fifth and sixth days of TOTY (16th and 17th of January 2015, Friday and Saturday)
Prices fall with the release of the most wanted cards: the attackers.
6. Seventh day of TOTY (18th of January 2015, Sunday)
Cards get even cheaper since now all TOTY cards are available in packs.
7. The week after TOTY
Prices go back to rising progressively until the end of the next week. They don’t hit values as high as the ones on stage 1 but aren’t as low as any of the other stages.


During the TOTY week it’s very common for Happy Hours to be released, including 100k packs, so the price behavior during this period can still suffer alterations.


Please remember to pay attention to our website. There will be lots of big discount code during TOTY.


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TOTY Cards Guides: Best Time to Buy


fifa 15 toty guides

TOTY Introduce

EA assembles a team that gathers the player who played better on the whole year since 2012. This team names Team of the Year , also TOTY.


TOTY is quite different from TOTS. The TOTY gathers the players who played better during the calendar year according to the FIFPro. That is to say, TOTY players are choosen by the votes of thousands of professional players members from FIFPro, the worldwide representative organization for all professional football players. While the TOTS gathers the players who played better the whole season according to EA.


Before January 12th, There will be a shortlist which you can find from Just after FIFA World XI is made official at 8pm (UK time), the first first TOTY cards are released. On that day, you can enjoy the live at the Ballon D’Or ceremony at Zurich’s Kongresshaus.

There is only one TOTY for each FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. All the TOTY cards are In Form Blue cards. Weather the the players level is, all there Blue cards have improved rating and attributes. Usually the rating increases 5 to 8 points.The attributes have a similar increase but it doesn’t mean that all attributes have to be improved.


There are 11 cards on the TOTY. One goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders and three forwards. It is only made a distinction between the four lines, not between each position. For example, instead of having full backs, this team can have four center backs.

How to Get TOTY Cards
To get one of these cards, you need to buy them on transfer market or get them on any gold packs with rare cards. These cards are only available on packs by specific periods. In the week a player gets his TOTY card in packs, it is impossible to find his regular card in the market. Your odds of pulling a TOTY card from a pack are exactly the same of pulling the regular card of that player in another week. If you own the regular card of a TOTY player, your card will keep unchanged. If you want the improved version, you will need to buy the corresponding TOTY version in the market or pull it from a pack. You can have the regular card and the TOTY card of the same player in your club. However, you cannot use them both in your squad at the same time.


For each position there are specific dates. Goalkeepers and Defenders will be available from January 12th 8pm to January 14th 6pm; Midfielders from January 14th 6pm to January 16th 6pm; while Forwards from January 16th 6pm to January 17th 6pm.


The TOTY cards are expensive. Several cards cost more than 1 million coins. They are the most expensive cards of the game. There will be happy hours and special packs as the popular 100k pack during the TOTY release on January 18th.


Thousands of pack openings release during TOTY. It also means severe price falls. These cards are the best in the game, they come in packs for one week and prices fall to never before seen values.


The effect caused by the Team of the Year is felt way before it’s even announced. The game barely starts and there are already some players planning on building their squads in January, at a point when buying the best players will cost them the same as how much they’d spend building an average team in the beginning. Many others decide to monetize their teams, selling them all before the TOTY comes out and then buying it all again. The start of a more severe devaluation happens before Christmas and is prolonged until the TOTY release.


We think that the best thing to do is to sell you regular cards before the new year but not during Happy Hours.


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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins: Market Analysis of Happy Hours

There are many factors that contribute for price variation, such as hours of the day, TOTW and launch of the new FIFA series. But Happy Hours during FUTmas are the most effevtive one. Hundreds of thousands of players will buy and sell packs. The natural relation between supply and demand will change. Thus, the banlance of market is disrupted. both cards and coins circulation increases on the transfer market.


What we see most appearently and effectively is the immediate fall and rise of the price. FIFA 15 coins price will keep low for a while when the Happy Hour is moving on. But back to normal and what it was before ends of the hour with the market instantly absorbing the addictional cards. It can be said that pirces are affected and changeable throughout the entire Happy Hours. Comparing to the price that is supposed to be if there will be no Happy Hours, the price that effectively jumps after one usually ups 3% to 5% value of the card.


EA launches more and more Happy Hours every year. While Happy Hour packs including 35k, 50k and 100k are the most popuplar. The bigger the pack is, the sharpper drop of the price is.


Notice how after the Happy Hours end the price is inferior to what it would be if a Happy Hour never happened while the natural tendency for it would be to stay the same.


Happy Hours will not be announced with antecedence for what the market can’t really react with such.


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FUTMas Coins Guides: Buy Low and Sell High


FUTMas Coins Guides Buy Low and Sell High

Market Changed during FUTmas
Every year from December 19th and January 2nd, EA will launch FUTmas to celebrate the Christmas season. During that FUTmas, Daily Gifts are assigned every day for a new Happy Hour or tournament.


FUTMas and ’15 Days of FIFA’are quite different. EA will offer special gifts to the followers of their social media like Facebook and Twitter during ’15 Days of FIFA’. The only thing they have in common is that they are released during the Christmas season.


New packs including Gold 13 Packs and Premium Gold 13 Packs available only during FUTMas, for the same price but extra coins.


There is limit on the amount of pack we can buy, except on Boxing Day (December 26th). It means market will changeable during FUTmas, especially on December 26th and January 2nd whenthe best packages are released. Since players sell lots of packs and many new gamers start joinning the game. More cards with lower prices are available in the market. Usually the prices drop more than 20%, which means that you can buy cards and sell them shortly after by very considerable profit margins.


Making coins during FUTmas is really easy. If you do not sell and buy at the right time, you will lose a lot. The best way to earn millions of coins is take the chance to build a better and stronger squad or just buy low and sell higher.


If you are lack of experience, sell everything ASAP and buy the cards again during Happy Hours. Even with the TOTY coming (January 12th), the price will become higher for quite a few days after the biggest Happy Hours.


For the most experienced gamers, paying attention to the estimated dates for the FUTMas’ Happy Hours is the most inportance to buy and sell cards several times during this period.


How to Stock Up Enough Coins

Whoever you are, less experienced or most expereicned, you must make sure you have enough coins to buy low and sell higher. Here are some best and cheapest places to stock up coins for this coming FUTmas. Big Sale:
10% OFF: Use code ‘Prexmas’ (DEC.11, 2014 – JAN.02, 2015)
Bigger code will come during DEC.24 – 25.


FifaCoinsZone Xmas Special:
8% OFF: Use code ‘Xmas14′ (DEC.13, 2014 – JAN.04, 2015)
Better code will out from DEC.24 -25. Christams Savings:
10% OFF: Use code ‘Merry10′ (DEC.13, 2014 – JAN.05, 2015)
More saving code will come during DEC.24 – 25.


Copy Right Reserved – Fifa-Coins.con!

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How to Buy FIFA 15 Coins without EA Ban


How to Buy FIFA 15 Coins without EA Ban

“If you insist on buying coins you might get banned from the game.” That is what EA said last few months after FIFA 15 official release.


So to recap, EA laid out their attack plan for anyone engaging in coins buying and selling. For anyone buying or promoting there is a 3 strike system:

1. A warning email and in game message.
2. Your club is reset, but you retain access to it and any FIFA points spent on the account are returned.
3. Permanent ban from FIFA online.


While for coin sellers and farmers, the account would immediately receive a “straight red”, an online ban from all EA games.


But as far as FIFA-COINS.COM team confirmed, coins deal is the same as FIFA 14. There are still lots of people buying coins daily with different amount from different coins websites. Coins farmers and stores spring up monthly. What is more, players like Youtubers and Twitchers earn thousands of dollars weekly by promoting these coins stores.


That is to say, it is safe to buy coins even EA new rules have came out for a few months. If not coins, we can barely do everything, like build a strong team, earn money and make fun.


So how to buy FIFA 15 coins safely and instantly from a coins website? Here are some useful tips.

1. Register different Original Accounts. It means you have more chances to transfer your coins from an account being warned.
2. Buy FIFA 15 coins with different accounts. That is safe to transfer your coins to different account as friends.
3. Buy coins with a reasonable amount per deal from one coins website only or the website you buy from usually, like top 5 coins stores reviewed here. If you unfortunately bought coins from a website that get their coins from illegal resources, you will be more dangerous. Or, the more coins websites you purchased, the more risk you will get. Since you traded from different strangers.



Less risk to get banned if you buy coins from a website. That is true! We buy coins weekly safely, so do lots of players. Whom EA exactly want to ban is coins farms, not all you guys who play FIFA 15 and help EA make money.

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Why My FIFA 15 Coins Delivery Delayed?


Why My FIFA 15 Coins Delivery Delayed

It is frustrated if we can not get coins instantly from a FIFA 15 coins website. But it is quite normal for coins transfer delay. Here, FIFA-COINS.COM team list you why your coins delivery delayed and how to get your coins instantly.


The following possibilities why the coins delivery delayed:


1. EA Official Maintenance
Since FIFA 15 release, EA announced the new rules for coins deals and they down the system almost once a month. No one knows exactly when they will repair the glitches. But if you pay less attention to their social medias or place your order 5 minutes before the system down, your coins will delay. In such case, the coins website will never find your player if you just set your time remaining for 30 minutes.


We suggest you to set your Time Remaining for 3 days every time you buy coins from a store. That is 100% safe and safe to get your coins in seconds.


2. Out of Stock or Restocking
All FIFA 15 coins websites can not generate coins themselves. But we do not know where they get the coins to sell. Maybe from excellent players or EA do the job. Coins out of stock are normal, as well. In fact, we also do not know when they are out of stock or restocking.


In our opinions, if you can not get your coins in 5 – 10 minutes as they said in the ads, you should go to the Live Chat asking why.


3. Do not Finish Required Verification


You are not required to verify your order email and phone number by all coins websites. But if you are, that means you must follow their rules to finish your basic verification, especially you are the first time to buy with large amount of coins and pay for your order via Paypal & Credit Card.


It is safe and reliable, according to our experience.


In a word, to receive your coins normally, please set your Time Remaining for 3 days and wait ANOTHER 5 to 10 minutes after you paid successfully.


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Big Discount for FIFA 15 Coins During Christmas Day

big discount

The Christmas Day is coming. People enjoy the holiday all over the world. During the Christmas holiday, may be you will have a tour, may be you will prepare for a wonderful party, may be you will relax at home. Whatever ways you choose, I wish you have a nice holiday!



For me, I am a football game fans. I will play fifa 15 at home most of my holiday time. I buy fifa coins from some website. From fifa 13 to fifa 14 to fifa 15, I know which is the reliable website to buy it.,,, those are the best place to buy fifa coins. is may favorite website. I buy fifa coins from it every week.



Now I see a big surprise, promote a big discount during Christmas Holiday. All the fifa 15 fans could enjoy the game cheerfully. It’s time to stock up! Don’t miss the last chance to buy the cheapest FUT 15 coins. You could use the discount code “Prexmas” to place order on, you will get a 10% discount. This discount valid from DEC.11 2014 to JAN.2 2015. I guess the price will up when Christmas coming, so now it is the right time to stock up some coins, prepare for the whole holiday and enjoy fifa 15 at home. Today I bought FIFA15 Xbox Coins 730K, my player name: Marek Hamšik, seller name: HotBuns, buyNowprice: 730,000. It costed me 59.53USD, but after I put the “Prexmas” discount code, the price turned to 53.58USD. Oh, I can save near 6 dollars. Do not hesitate, just list the player on the transfer market, then find out your player on, search your club name, then write down your email, check out. They will deal with your order very quickly. Usually, they can buy your player within 5 minutes. If there is any problem you meet, you could contact their live chat supporter. They will help you solve your problem.



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How to Get Free FIFA 15 Coins?

How to get free fifa 15 coins

Are you a football fans, and have deep love for FIFA 15? You certainly eager to know where you can get free FIFA 15 coins, and how to get free FIFA 15 coins. Now I will tell you where and how you could get free FIFA 15 coins. It is so easy! Do not miss this lucky thing.



Where you can get free FIFA 15 coins?



First of all, there are lots of FIFA 15 coins selling websites, but which is reliable and fast delivery, after I compare those websites, I think is excellent in FIFA 15 coins selling business. This website is safe and fast delivery. It can delivery coins within 5 minutes. As well as it is ranking top on google chrome. has various of payment method, all countries could find the right one payment method. It supports USD, GBP, EUR payment. Besides, this website has real man live support service on the right bottom corner “chat now”. This website has completely explanations of buying FIFA 15 coins steps, and the website is convenient to buying coins, easy place order. If you have any questions, you could ask the 24\7 real man live support service. They will reply you and solve your problem quickly.



How to get free FIFA 15coins from



There are two ways you could get free coins from One way is register the affiliate program on the website. After you open the website, you could see “Affiliate” on the navigation bar. Then you could click it, and register from “Join Now for Free” , complete your member information, then summit, your password must consist of at least 6 characters, you should chose your corresponding country otherwise your could not register successfully. After you summit successfully, you could see your member profile. Then click “Affiliate” on the left hand → “Get links” , you could get a link belongs to you. You could put this link on your facebook, twitter, google+, youtube channel, or twitch TV. Whatever ways you could promote your link. If you have orders come from your link, you could check on your member center “Affiliate Reports”, the “Conversion Rate ” is your commission you could get. Then you could contact us ask for real money or free FIFA 15 coins. The last thing is your payment information, you could summit your paypal information or contact us.



The other way of how to get free FIFA 15 coins is join in the activity of You could click “Free Coins” on the navigation bar. They will promote TOTW Prediction Giveaway every week. You could click the activity button to get up to 100k Free FIFA 15 Coins weekly. The activity link to the official facebook of You could join in the TOTW prediction every week. For example: “Predict who is the GK of the next TOTW to win free FIFA 15 coins for all consoles! We do it weekly starting from Friday to Next Tuesday before official release! ” They will change the player position. You should write your guess in the correct form “Juanfran – GK – 79 OVR”. You could follow them and pay attention to all kinds of activities they promote on facebook. They will release the winner on facebook after EA official release. They often start it from Friday to Next Tuesday, and release the winner on Tuesday. They will chose the top winner according to answer date. If you are the winner contact them on facebook and ask for the free FIFA 15 coins.



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FIFA 15 Calendar – What will Happen?

A FIFA 14 calendar was published last year. It was extremely accurate and popular to many fans of FIFA. Now we are publishing a FIFA 15 calendar with all the important dates of this game. If you are a loyal fan of FIFA 15, may be you have interest in this FIFA 15 calendar, and eager to know what will happen on FIFA 15.


The dates on green color are official dates
The dates on red color are not confirmed dates. They are only estimated dates.

























































































































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EA SPORTS FIFA Contributions to Sports Growth in the USA


Many people love football. Football is more and more popular in USA. Lots of sport fans fascinating in football.


Like famous Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey home grown stars have enjoyed success at big clubs overseas, while up-and-coming young talent like DeAndre Yedlin andJulian Green lead a bright future for the US Men’s National Team.

As the football grown fast, EA SPORT FIFA has rewrite the game easier than before for Americans. Lots of American people love the wonderful game.

Please look at the graphic below, it explains EA SPORTS made great contributions to the growth of the sports in USA.



Fifa in USA 1

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