FIFA 15 Tactics Using in Real Life

Many FIFA fans seen the football competition on TV, the player perform skillfully. Would you like to learn some FIFA 15 tactics then use in your real life? Well, here has three youtube videos explain the FIFA 15 tactics clearly. You could learn the tactics and use in your real life.

FIFA 15 Tactics Using in Real Life

FIFA 15 Tactics Using in Real Life

FIFA 15 Tactics Using in Real Life

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Play FIFA 15 12 Reasons

Play FIFA 15 12 Reasons

FIFA 15 brings football to our life in outstanding visual stocking fans’ eyes. Fans can experience the emotion and intensity of the sport like never before.
*FIFA 15 available on Xbox One, PS, PC, IOS and Andriod. Please note that not all features are available on all platforms.
1. Innovations in fifa ultimate team
Fifa 15 ultimate team has been innovated. Concept squads, Loan Players and Friendly seasons are just some of the fresh features coming to FIFA’s most popular game mode.

2. See every step with the living pitch
In FIFA 15, boots will leave their mark as playing surfaces wear down over time. Moving flags, shaking goal frames and animated LEDs elevate the stadium experience.

3. Career mode
Fifa 15 has career mode, you can see player development, an player could be easy search and other changes make career mode an even excite experience.

4. More players can be choose
Almost 20 Premier League Stadiums has been set in-game, more than 200 players can be choose, the most popular football leagues in the world appear in FIFA 15 vividly .

5. Player visuals

Over 200 new player facial scans have been added making FIFA 15 the most visually authentic sporting experience available.

6. Player emotion and intensity
With 500 new emotional reactions, players react to every action on the pitch as they would in the real world. You could experience Fifa 15 just like you are the player in game.

7. Awesome sound
The sound in Fifa 15 is awesome! The soundtrack to your FIFA moments is as fresh as ever, featuring artists like Kasabian, Foster The People and Rudimental.

8. Rewritten goalkeepers
Fifa 15 has been rewritten goalkeepers completely. Smarter keepers, better reactions and more ways to get score.



9. Be immersed in every game
Experience Dynamic Match Presentation with unique crowds, chants that adapt as the action unfolds, and commentary that reflects action both on and off the pitch. You will immersed in every game!

10. Play the way you want
You could set formations, team roles and expanded tactics to let you go even deeper with your squad in Fifa 15. You can play the game on the way you like.

11. Smart team tactics
There are more smart team tactics in Fifa 15. AI opponents now adjust their tactics and playing style depending on what’s happening in the match.

12.Fifa is better with friends
Fifa 15 is popular to all over the world people. You could share with your friend and family!

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Guide to Buy FIFA 15

Guide to Buy FIFA 15

Do you want to buy FIFA 15? This article will help you: the Guide to Buy FIFA 15.

If you are going to buy FIFA 15 and want to know more about the game, please read this article carefully. We will tell you where you can buy reliable FIFA 15, which edition you should choose.

FIFA 15 Editions
Recent years, there are only two editions for FIFA 15: the standard one and the Ultimate Team Edition (known in previous years as ‘Ultimate Edition’). You can compare the two with the help of the following table which outlines the differences between both editions: It is a code for one gold pack entitlement each week for use in FIFA Ultimate Team mode for a total of consecutive 15 consecutive weeks (Standard Edition with pre-orders) or 40 consecutive weeks (Ultimate Team Edition). The codes must be redeemed by October 6th, 2014 to receive all gold packs included in this offer. Late code redemption will result in forfeiture of previous weeks’ gold pack entitlement. Failure to download and/or use the gold pack in any given week will result in forfeiture of that week’s gold pack offering. Each gold pack weekly offer is valid for 7 days and must be redeemed within that time period. The code to redeem the gold packs codes expires January 26th, 2015 (Standard Edition) or July 20th, 2015 (Ultimate Team Edition). The packs included in this offer are the regular gold packs. Each one contains a mix of 12 items, including players and consumables, at least 10 Gold with 1 rare. Usually, the price of these packs are 5,000 coins or 100 FIFA Points.



How much more do I pay for the Ultimate Team Edition ? It depends on the stores. Check your local store for prices or take a look to the stores and prices chapter, please. Ultimate Team mode is available in every editions.


Fifa 15 editions


Which edition should I buy ? The main difference between these two editions are the gold packs. The Ultimate Team Edition also brings another offers but, in our opinion, they are not worth it. Besides that, the official retail stores also offers one of these EASFC items in the Standard Edition.

If you usually do not play Ultimate Team, you should choose the standard edition and save some money. Many will say to you that you should choose the Ultimate Edition, but we have a different opinion. First of all, the standard edition brings 15 FUT 15 packs, which means that the difference between both editions is not 40 packs but only 25. We know that these gold packs are cheaper than if you buy them on the store but there is something you should not forget: you only get one gold pack per week, for 40 weeks. This is a huge disadvantage since you need those packs as soon as possible to build your dream team. The market depreciates over the time, so when you redeem your last pack you probably no longer need it. We also know that many gamers love to own a FIFA 15 cover and DVD with “Ultimate Edition” printed in, but the extra cost is too much money for it.

Current-Gen or Next-Gen Consoles
What are the main differences between FIFA 15 for current-gen and FIFA 15 for next-gen consoles ? There are two big differences: the game play and the price.
The EA Sports Ignite game engine is used for next-gen consoles and delivers a new level of innovation, further blurring the line between the real-world and the virtual: players think, move and behave like real athletes, with environments as dynamic and ever-changing as real-world stadiums.

FIFA 15 for next-gen consoles is usually five pounds more expensive. Playstation 4, XBox One and PC platforms use the Ignite game engine. It will debut on Windows PC with FIFA 15.
Which are the recommended specifications and minimum required specifications for PC users ?
Recommended for PC
FIFA 15 for next-gen consoles will be a better game but you should pay attention to the fact that if you are planning to buy a PS4 or XBox One only to play FIFA, it will probably cost you more than 450 pounds. It is not worth it. Between PC and next-gen consoles, our suggestion is PS4 and XBox because there are too man cheaters on PC.


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Gamepads and Controllers for FIFA 15 PC

Gamepads and Controllers for FIFA 15 PC

What kind of Gamepads and Controllers for FIFA 15 PC is good? Hama, Logitech, Microsoft, MadCatz, Saitek, SpeedLink and Thrustmaster controllers are the best choices.


If you are using a gamepad as your primary control device, within the FIFA 15 launcher application you can select the gamepad that has button icons that most closely represent the gamepad that you use.
Besides, if you want to use ‘Keyboard & Mouse’ or ‘Keyboard Only’ as your control device, make sure that on the PRESS START or SPACE screen that you press SPACE. This will set your default control device to being Keyboard & Mouse. Once in game you can customize your game experience in CUSTOMISE -> SETTINGS -> CONTROLS.
Here it is the official list of Supported Gamepads and Controllers for FIFA 15 PC:


– Hama Black Steel Gamepad
– Hama Double Action Air Grip Controller
– Hama Flashlight Blue Gamepad

– Microsoft Xbox 360
– Microsoft Xbox One
– Logitech Gamepad F310
– Logitech Gamepad F510
– Logitech Chillstream
– Logitech Cordless RumblePad
– Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2
– Logitech Dual Action Gamepad
– Logitech RumblePad
– Logitech Rumblepad 2 Vibration Feedback
– Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710
– Saitek P2500 Rumble Pad
– Saitek P2600 Rumble Pad
– Saitek P2900 Wireless Pad
– Saitek P3000 Wireless Pad and Docking Station
– Saitek P3200 Rumble Pad
– Saitek P3600 Cyborg Rumble Pad
– Saitek P880 Dual Analog Pad
– Saitek P990 Dual Analog Pad
– Speedlink 360 Style Gamepad
– Speedlink Devolution Pad Wireless
– Speedlink Strike2 Gamepad
– Speedlink Thunderstrike Gamepad
– MadCatz Xbox 360 Gamepad


– Thrustmaster 360Modena UPAD Force
– Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 2-in-1 Rumble Force
– Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3-in-1 Rumble Force
– Thrustmaster Dual Trigger Wireless Gamepad
– Thrustmaster FireStorm Dual Analog 2
– Thrustmaster FireStorm Dual Analog 3
– Thrustmaster FireStorm Dual Power 3
– Thrustmaster FireStorm Wireless Gamepad
– Thrustmaster Run N Drive Rumble Force
– Thrustmaster Run N Drive Wireless Rumble Force
– Thrustmaster T-Wireless 3-in-1 Rumble Force

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Tips to Buy Packs for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Tips to Buy Packs for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

FUT 15 is a fascinating game to the people all over the world. We try to get the right cards to build the best team possible. Packs are quite important in this game since they make it possible to introduce the cards into the game. Without packs, there would be no cards and without cards FUT 15 would not exist.


All the cards are introduced in FUT 15 through packs by one of the following four ways:
- when you create a new club, from the Starter Pack;
– when you purchase them on the store;
– when you win tournaments or seasons that include packs as reward;
– or when you receive Daily Gifts, Welcome Back packs and other prizes.


Three types of packs
Regular Packs
Always available on the store.
Promo Packs
Available only on specific periods of time, like the Happy Hours.
Free Packs
Not available to purchase on the store. They are assigned to you in the beginning of the game, as daily gifts and as tournament and seasons rewards.


Good Packs to Buy
The regular packs are exactly the same: there are no discounts and the chances of pulling a good card don’t change


Another question that the community asks us almost every day is ‘which pack to buy’. Obviously it depends on what you want. If you want to build a bronze squad, you should buy a bronze pack. If you want to get more contracts and other consumables, you should try the consumables packs. However, most of the players want to put their hands on the best and most expensive cards in the game. In that case, they will need to buy Gold packs. But which one ?


Our suggestion is very simple: purchase the available gold pack with the lowest price per rare player card. These are the only cards that can make some one rich. The other cards are almost worthless. To know which packs have the lowest price per rare card, we only need to divide the price by the number of rare cards. It is easy to do it, following the table above. However, we should pay attention to the category of the pack and if there are other cards besides players. The best packs are the ones with guaranteed rare gold players cards. Into this group, the Premium Gold Players Pack is two times more expensive than the Rare Players Pack or the Jumbo Rare Players Pack. This difference is not so high if we use FIFA Points to pay instead of coins. It may be weird but EA Sports doesn’t use a proportional relation between coins and FIFA Points. For example: Jumbo Premium Gold pack and Silver Upgrade pack cost both 15,000 coins but the first one may be purchased with 300 FIFA Points while for the second we only need 50 FIFA Points. Players should also pay attention to this aspect.100k and 50k packs are the best packs to buy for those who are looking for top players or profit.


How many gold rare players cards (GRP) each pack brings, in average, and we built the following table showing the rating of the best packs to buy. As you probably expected 50k and 100k packs are the best ones, because you only have to spend 4000 coins for each gold rare player. However, those of you who thought that 25k were good, well you are wrong. It is cheaper to buy 15k and 7.5k packs.


How to Buy FUT Packs
If you want to buy packs, you need to go to the FUT store. You can access to the store through the console or through the FUT Web App / Companion App.
It is possible to browse them in the store until you find the right pack. Details of each pack are also provided, including the number of rare cards each pack has. The store has also a folder ‘My Packs’ where you can claim any packs that you have earned but not yet opened.
There are two ways to pay: with coins or with FIFA Points. To buy a pack you just need to select it in the store and choose the payment method.


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How to improve defending skills on FIFA 15?

best place to buy fut coins automated

Tackling on FIFA 15 is all about timing and not over doing it. Yes, it’s nice to be able to stick a foot in or try “leave one” on the attacker who keeps skinning you but if you dive in regularly a half decent player will be able to pick you off at ease. fifa coins reviews

Never tackle from behind
Unless you want to run the risk of seeing red then refrain from tackling from behind your opponent. This is the tackle that most likely will see you getting a player sent from the field of play. Rarely will your player be sent-off if you slide in from the front or the side of the player you are attempting to tackle. The number of players who have been sent off against me by sliding in when my attacker is receiving the ball on the halfway with his back to goal is ridiculous.

Patience is key
When you’re weighing up a tackle you need to choose the correct moment. what is the best site to buy fifa coins This will become more second nature the more you play the game. Running alongside a player is a good time to try win the ball, make sure you are level with the player or ideally just in front of him before attempting the tackle. When an attacker is running with the ball tackling from the front is the best way to win the ball without risking a caution or worse, a red.

Don’t commit when 1v1 or 1v2
If you are in a 1v1 or worse, a 2v1 situation against you then the worst thing you can do is dive into a tackle. The best thing to do is jockey, close off the angle to the goal and try force the player to slow down or into a wide area so your team mates can get back to help you out. cheap fifa coins

Use strong tacklers as much as possible
There is little point launching into tackles with players with low tackling statistics. We’ll use our current FUT team as an example. We know the stronger tacklers in the team are Yaya Toure and Kompany, among a few others. The midfield flair players such as Mata have low tackling and strength stats so we rarely ever tackle with these types of players.

Reward vs Risk
This is a question you need to ask yourself regularly. where to buy fifa coins More often than not, the risk of sliding in and possibly missing the tackle is heavily outweighed by the fact that there is a fairly big chance you won’t be rewarded with possession of the ball. The reason we are more cautious of flying into tackles is because the VP players are quicker and obviously controlled by humans which means they are likely to be closer to each other so even if you do win the ball cleanly there is a high chance one of their other VP human controlled players will pick up the loose ball.

We hope you found these FIFA 15 defending/tackling tips useful and you can put them into practice and help to stop conceding as many goals on FIFA 15.

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The difference between PES 15 and FIFA 15

The difference between PES 15 and FIFA 15I have been playing FIFA for a long time. I love FIFA, because FIFA makes me become a player instead of just a football fan who only could watch the game and cheer for others. One week ago I had PES 2015 retail code, I found PES and FIFA are totally different. In my opinion, there are four points of difference between PES and FIFA.



Firstly, tactical depth. FIFA 15 has been outgunned here after bringing in it’s own wave of new tactical options this year in the form of Player Instructions and multiple saved formations. But whilst FIFA has the better layout and navigation, PES 2015 contains more options than you can imagine, the best of which being it’s fluid formation changes which you can pre-configure to some depth. Being able to setup an attacking 4-3-3 formation, which switches automatically to a 4-5-1 when you lose the ball is so useful it’s untrue. And again that key word is ‘automatic’. In FIFA you’d have to press a button every time. No thanks.



Secondly, positioning.This leads me neatly on to positioning, where again PES betters FIFA by doing the simple things really well. For example, in PES 2015 when a center back has the ball, his partner naturally drops a few yards deeper to become available for a pass. Your CDM then moves in to become an option for him, and your full back naturally creeps up to become an outlet for both. All of what I’ve just described can happen in FIFA, but normally it has to be instigated by the user. PES also wins the positioning war in overall team shape, flexing more naturally than FIFA rigid width which it stubbornly maintains regardless of ball position. In FIFA 15 this leaves huge chasms between full backs and center backs and it’s the root cause the games prolific through ball success rate.



Thirdly, time and space. Quite simply put, PES 2015 has it, and FIFA 15 doesn’t, but the question is why? Both games are played with the same number of players, and within the same confines, yet PES 2015 feels open and free whilst FIFA feels comparably claustrophobic? The answer lies in the player physics and the AI behaviors. About this point, I think a lot of people have the same feeling.



The last, speed. I do mean the speed things move and either way PES is the more methodical of the two games anyway. In fact, by speed I also mean how quick the engine reveals itself to you guys. When I play FIFA 15I feel like the game is in a rush. Not just in terms of pace, but also in terms of what the game want to show me. However, FIFA doesn’t want to take you out for dinner, get to know you, and then move on to some gentle petting. Ha Ha……



In a word, these two games are both my love, even they have their own weaknesses and disadvantages, I will love them fairly.


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Will EA Ban FIFA 15 Coins Trade from Outside?


Will EA Ban Coins Trade from FIFA Coins Websites

EA seemingly stick to their guns.



In late August, roughly one month before the release of FIFA 15, EA promised to crack down on coin sellers, promoters and buyers in an effort to level the playing field for FUT 15 and increase market stability. Our post on the topic was met with skepticism, with many people assuming it was PR guff or just talk from EA, it now looks like that’s not the case so we thought we’d follow it up with this post.



So to recap, EA laid out their attack plan for anyone engaging in “shady” coin activity which had 2 layers. Firstly for anyone buying or promoting there is a 3 strike system:



Strike one: A warning email and in game message.
Strike two: Your club is reset, but you retain access to it and any FIFA points spent on the account are returned.
Strike three – Permanent ban from FIFA online.



For coin sellers and farmers there was to be no messing around, the account would immediately receive a “straight red”, an online ban from all EA games.



So that’s all great in theory, but for a long time it looked like nothing had changed. Then EA updated their announcement to include the following statement:



Since the launch of FIFA 15, we’ve been able to identify and ban thousands of coinselling accounts. We’ve also issued warnings to coin buyers and promoters that were in violation of the EA Terms of Service (TOS). After sending initial warning emails to coin buyers and promoters, we have identified those that remain in violation of the TOS and since issued FUT Club wipes (with FIFA Points returned) – the most recent wave of FUT Club wipes happened earlier this week.

We’d like to thank community members that made reports to Using the information you provided we were able to investigate and identify many in-game accounts promoting coin selling.


The FIFA Team



That is to be expected, it’s not like EA are going to publish huge lists of accounts that they’ve taken action against, obviously, so how do they show the community that they’re in control? There are 3 things:



Market prices. People often point to the player prices in FIFA 12 when discussing this topic, citing the considerably lower player prices whilst pointing out that bots and farming and all that shit didn’t exist in FIFA 12. So if we were to see a shift in market prices, that would offer some evidence that whatever action EA was taking was working. But what will happen if price up like a rocket? How long will you get cards to build a strong team?



A dip in coin selling sites. Currently, despite EA saying that they’re going after coin selling sites, they still exist. Obviously anything that operates outside of FIFA, i.e a website, is outside of EA’s direct jurisdiction so trying to take down websites would not be a good use of their time. Take a site down and another will appear, as proved by punching “FIFA 15 coins” into google or ebay. So EA’s attention needs to be focused on stopping sites from obtaining coins, giving them nothing to sell and causing them to die out slowly. But how and when?



Hit someone big with a ban. When EA first announced their plans, there was an element of “well they’ll never actually do anything anyway” from some YouTubers. Whether they genuinely believed that or whether it was a brave front through a fear of potentially lost income we’ll never know, but if EA wanted to show people that they mean business then one of the most visible ways of doing this is to smack a big YouTuber with a ban or reset.



Now, that’s not bulletproof obviously, if a YouTuber was to get hit with a ban it’s probably in their best interests to keep it quiet. What do you think is worth more, a single “OMG I GOT BANNED M8, FUCK YOU EA” video that draws a few hundred thousand views, or their investments from coin sellers?



They can keep quiet and have a new gamertag stocked with coins without too much trouble, so it’s unlikely they’ll draw attention to the fact that buying coins is bad for the game (and your account…) because doing so directly conflicts with their sponsors interests and it seems that these sponsors are worth a lot to them. If any well known coin promoters have been hit with a ban and been open about it, I’d be interested to hear what they had to say.


Where will EA get money to stuff its pocket, if no coins trade? How long will you take to build a real team?

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How to Buy Safe and Cheap FIFA 15 Coins?


how to buy safe and cheap fifa 15 coins

How to know whether a website is secure and safe to buy FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coin?


Here are the best answers:

1. Social Networks
Check its social network like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus to see if there are fans interactive or activities including giveaways, and how often the page updated. It is a direct way to know whether there are people buying coins there.
2. Customer Service
If there is no 24/7 online support or ways to contact the admin, it will be more dangerous to purchase. So you need to make sure if the website you will purchase is easy and safe to talk to the customer representatives, for refund or any questions about orders.
3. Refund Policy
You need to confirm you can request a full refund if you do not get your FIFA 15 coins in the given delivery time, like 5-10 minutes, how long to get your money back, like 24-48 hours.
4. Sponsorship
FIFA 15 coins sponsorship in YouTube or Twitch is a better way to evaluate the reputation of a website. If you buy coins via a sponsorship link, it means you do not need to worry about your money and coins. It is 100% safe.
5. Payments
You need to know how many payments a website accepted. The more the better and safer.
6. Delivery Time
If it takes you longer than 24 hours to get your coins, you should be on alert all the times.


If not found any safe and cheap places to buy FIFA 15 coins? Why not choose us?


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There are up to 7 payments supported in this new automated FIFA 15 coins site –, inlcuding PayPal, Credit Card, CashU, Smart2Pay, MoPay, Ebanx, etc. No matter where you from, now you can buy cheap FUT 15 coins easily and fast. Buy FIFA coins in seconds!

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