FUT 15 Price Ranges: What Impact on Transfer Market and Coins Selling?


FUT 15 Price Ranges What Impact on Transfer Market and Coins Selling

If there’s one thing Price Ranges make FUTers worry about most, it’s market trading. Because with the predictability of price ranges, needs for these successful “traders” will be undoubtedly reduced.


The buy low, sell high mantra is glaringly obvious, but in FUT because there are so many players a natural knowledge gap exists around what more obscure players are worth. Price Ranges effectively hang a visual price tag around the neck of every player, which players worry will kill off some the mystique that makes trading fun and interesting.


The key to that not happening is the Price Ranges themselves. Which EA need to leave enough variance in for you to feel like you can grab a bargain compared to the minimum/maximum prices. If you buy someone for 150 coins and then sell them on for 5k you’d be pretty pleased, so that lower bracket itself seems “ok” on paper, but whether that will ring true in the wild is yet to be proven.


The other thing Price Ranges will prevent is you losing a player you listed at a low price to generate some early interest, only for the servers to then go down resulting in you losing them for a fraction of their value. Price Ranges ensure you’ll always get the bottom price no matter what. Which in situations like I’ve described is a welcome safety net. And again it allows more predictable planning for your next purchase too.


Here is the point: Is it safe to buy coins now and how?
Well, as far as we are confirmed, coins selling is still underway. Lots of coins stores are still selling coins as usual. But there are some changes.


We found that some limit customers to buy coins with any players they want. Instead, they require customer to list players basing on the list they offer. While others allow customer to buy coins with less amount like 5K.


We strongly sure that new way of coins trade will soon come.


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EasyFifaCoins.com Purchase Guide – How to Buy Coins Instantly


easyfifacoins reviews

Web App is down currently, so the automated system doesn’t work at present. But EasyFifaCoins.com will always try the best to deliver coins to our customers at the fastest speed. Some customers ask us why the minimum amount is 1000k now. It is set to speed delivery up. Several tips will make your player be bought faster.


1. List your player before placing your order. (After you placed your order, we will try to find your player immediately. If you haven’t listed your player in advance, we can’t find your player, then, you can’t receive coins quickly.)
2. Give us the FUll NAME of your player. (Some gamers like to send them the short name of the player card. Actually it is harder to find the player, even sometimes the player can’t be found.)
3. Set the Remaining Time as 3 days. (In case EA is in maintenance, you need time to finish verification, coins are sold out, etc.)
4. Listing a Bronze Player will speed up the delivery!


If you haven’t received your coins in 24 hours, please contact their Live Chat, which is in the lower right corner of the HOME.

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FifaCoin.com Purchase Guide – How to Get Coins Faster?


safe to buy coins

Since EA’s maintenance of Web App and Companion App, we notice that automated delivery system now is offline from all FIFA 15 Coins websites, like FifaCoin.com. So get your coins in 5 minutes will be harder than before.  Anyway, it is still safe to buy coins in consoles.

How to buy and get your coins instantly as usual? Here are some tips.

1.  You must list your player for 3 days before you place your order. That is pretty necessary for the website to search your player correctly.

2. Never list a player with Gold or Silver level. Choose a Bronze player will be the best. So that the website can search your player in the Transfer Market easily.

3. Enter your player name, especially your FIFA Ultimate Team name or club name correctly is very important. If the player coins website found is not the one you listed in the market, it means your order Status keeps Processing for a while. That will delay your coins delivery.
4. Before checkout, please remember to check and confirm your order information again. Did you choose the console (PS, Xbox or PC) you want to buy? Did you set the correct BUY NOW PRICE? Did  you enter  your player name and FUT name exactly? Last buy not least, did you set your Transaction Duration for 3 days!
5. By the way, we found a new feature on FifaCoin.com. The website now allows you to track your order with your website in the website homepage. It is a new function that you can track why you can not get your coins instantly and how to finish your order faster.
We really hope this article can help you guy more!

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FIFA 15 Coins Guides: Winning TOTW & Legends Challenge


FIFA 15 Coins GuidesWinning TOTW Legends Challenge

It is quite simple to get coins with TOTW and Legends challenges, just like we play tournament and seasons.


Each week FIFA Ultimate Team assembles the best players from international and club competition around the world. This collection of players is available to challenge in FIFA Ultimate Team. That is TOTW.


If you play against the team of black cards and win, you will have a better chance to get 150 to 1000 FIFA 15 coins. In the same way, if you play in Xbox, you can also challenge a team build by a legend and his team mates. The matches are always played in Single Player mode and you can only get the reward once for each active TOTW / Legend.


You can also study the other team carefully. Bear in mind that you need to know how to choose the difficulty level of the match. It will help you win the challenges easily.


While if you choose a level too easy, the prize will be very low. If you choose a level too difficult, you may never receive any prize. Just start by a lower one if you are not sure which leave is OK. If you actually check that you can win at the top level, give up and go back to play in the correct level. You should take this advice because if you win a match you no longer will be able to get the prize with that TOTW / Legend. This trick will not affect your DNF%.


If you want to use the method well, you should try to win the TOTW every week.


You can challenge any TOTW or Legend you want but you only will get the prize if you win against the active one.


The amount of coins that you can earn depends exclusively on the difficulty level selected for the match:


Amateur – 150 coins
Semi-professional – 250 coins
Professional – 400 coins
Word Class – 600 coins
Legendary – 750 coins
Ultimate – 1.000 coins


If you are really good with FIFA, playing against the TOTW could be fun and you could get a weekly wage. The profits are low but it is a easy method to earn coins.


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FIFA 15 Coins Guides: TOTT (Team of the Tournament)


fifa 15 tott

TOTT, also Team of the Tournament, a name given to a selection of In Form players released at the same time at the end of an international competition. A group of players that get new In Form cards for their good performance in the specific competition. It is impossible to find these kind of cards in the market since they are not new In Form cards.


Only one TOTT is scheduled for FIFA 15. That is the Africa Cup of Nations. According to experience, EA will announce the FIFA 15 TOTT this Friday, February 13th 2015 at 3pm (UK time) and it will be released in packs three hours later.


TOTW 22 and TOTW 23 will not be affected by the FIFA 15 TOTT release. While the player upgrades will be postponed for February 20th, one week later.


As far as we are concerned, Orange and Black cards will be released for the TOTT. Basically, EA Sports release green cards only for top tournaments like the World Cup. The In form players of the Africa Cup of Nations are rewarded with orange cards and are grouped in the TOTT.


The first competition with special cards was the Euro 2012. The cards were purple, as you can see here. No Team of the Tournament was released. In the end of Africa Cup of Nations 2013, EA Sports joined the In Form players in a single TOTT, with orange and black cards just like they are doing now. Last year, during the World Cup, green cards were assigned to the best players of the tournament.


FIFA Ultimate Team Purple Cards The First

EA Sports FIFA Dev team will pick 18 players for the TOTT. If you have a card of a player that is chosen for the FIFA 15 TOTT, it does not mean this card be improved. It remains exactly the same, with the original rating and attributes that were defined initially in the game. You can keep both the original NIF and the new card in your club. But a squad can only have one of them.


For EA Sports, Asian Cup is not an important competition. So there are not only African players will make part of this team.


Here is the most important part. Avoid to buy these cards in the first hours after they being released because they are really expensive. Their behavior is exactly the same of any MOTM card. You can pull one of these cards in any packs.


If you want to buy cheapest FIFA 15 Coins and know more about FIFA 15, please pay more attention to us!


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FIFA 15 Coins Guides: FUT United


FIFA 15 Coins Guides FUT United

FUT United is an event that EA organizes for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players to celebrate the sixth anniversary of Ultimate Team mode.


The first edition of FUT United took place between 7PM GMT on November 14, 2014 and 11:59PM GMT on November 16, 2014. You can click here to check more details about the grand prize.


While the second edition will soon be coming between February 13 5pm (UK time) and February 15 5pm (UK time), 2015. We will update this post, as soon as EA reveals more details officially.


According to the ‘Five Years of FUT’ campaign, up to 5 Free Rare Gold Packs will be available throughout the week. There also three things you need to know: the chance to get VIP tickets for a BPL match or win 1 million coins; a special tournament; and special Happy Hours.


EA will probably release free packs to fans since they gave five free packs last year. It is likely to happen something similar again. To be confirmed soon. But what exactly the prizes are? One package which includes round-trip airfare and accommodations for two people to see two Barclays Premier League matches and unique winners of 1 million coin prize packs for use in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. We are not sure which BPL matches will be included.


You can be eligible for these prizes if play and win any FIFA Ultimate Team match between 7PM GMT on February 6, 2014 and 11:59PM GMT on February 8, 2015.
(which includes the mode’s introductory match, seasons, tournaments and challenges, both online and off) in FIFA 15.


While the contest is only valid for fans from Austria, Bulgaria, Canada (excluding Quebec) Chile, China, including Taiwan, France, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom, the United States (excluding Florida and New York).


These prizes are available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBox 360, XBox One and PC. There are probably packs including 15K, 25K, 50K available during the FUT United for FIFA 15 weekend.


Importantly, coins price will go down especially during the best Happy Hours and gifts. Don’t expect a crash like happened with Black Friday and FUTMas.

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins Guides: Cards Discard Method


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins Guides Cards Discard Method

No one can say no to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins. There are lots of ways to gather FIFA coins. Here, FIFA-COINS.COM team will explain in detail one of these methods – Discarding Cards.


How to Discard Items
As we all know, FIFA Ultimate Team presents club’s assets in cards. All these cards represent the possession of players, technical staff, property or even the ability to change the moral, tactical positioning or physical condition. While no a fixed price for these cards because of the transfer market.


If you want to buy items on sale at a lower price than the compensation of a quick sell, you need to buy them quickly. That is the only way to require them, instead of waiting. Either through exchange for coins and / or other items, either by purchasing packs, just invest in a short time.


The reverse process can be made through the sale / exchange, its use in the case of consumables or through the more direct way of all: the discard.


Basing on the item elimination through the use of a function called “quick sell”, the discard method can be realized. Do not become the owners of discarded cards, but receive some coins as compensation. You will earn a lot of coins by discarding cards.


How to Earn FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins Discarding Cards?
EA will compensate us with the credit of some FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins when we discard an item. However, in most cases, we got less than actual value of the card in the market. It is not wise to put items on sale at a lower price than the compensation of a quick sell. Here are the 3 steps you should follow:


Searching for items on the market whose price is lower than the compensation of a quick sell is the first step. Remember to use search filters. It will be the easest way you want.


It is time to buy once found the opportunity. Buy the item as cheaply as you can. Please do not get overtaken by other players who may be trying to do the same. If the opportunity is too good, you can use the option ‘Buy now’ to purchase the item before the auction ends.


Any surplus value materializes with the sale.Once you have the card in your possession, just discard it and make a quick sell. Unlike the sales made in the market, you do not pay taxes on the quick sell.


Here is a good example to use the discard method.


Starting by performing a players’ search using some filters, we set the search to the gold level attackers who have the highest quick sell values. Afetr selecting a BIN (Buy it Now) up to 4k coins, we should chose to filter a specific league. So that we get faster to newly cards launched at auctionin by reducing the number of results returned. Less viewed, but all these cards are potential best deals.


Through searching, we can know the sell values ​​of the cards. It means we can find and buy those that we know going to be a profit. In this case, we did not want to let escape the opportunity and pay 3.500 coins to get immediately the IF Lavezzi. The method ends with the sale of the card. For this situation, the profit would be higher if the card was placed on the market instead of making the discard. The quick sell resulted in a gain of 10.492 FIFA Ultimate Team Coins, corresponding to a profit of almost 7k coins.


In the next few days, we will explain you to optimize the application of the method. Please stay tuned.


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Where to get Free FUT 15 Coins – FifaCoin.com Free-to-Join Affiliate Program

where to get free fifa coins

Making money as a FifaCoin.com affiliate is a snap. Just simply place our banner ads or text links where your visitors, customers and friends will see. Each time a user makes a transaction from your affiliated you’ll receive a referral commission.


1. How it Wroks
- Become an Affiliate
Simply sign up with your available email and Paypal to set up your affiliate account.We will send an official confirmation message to your registerred email monthly before we transfer the commissions.


- Place Your Ads
Login to choose our banner ads and text links from your Affiliate, then place them anywhere on your own site or social media like blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. You don’t need to be a technical whiz – just a copy and paste!


- Earn Your Commission
Visitors who click through to FifaCoin.com from your ads are considered referrals. If they make a qualified purchase, you automatically earn commissions!


2. Unlimited Earning Potentials
- Commission Rate: A 8% commission is paid for every purchase from your affiliated link.
- Payout Duration: 10th monthly
- Minimum Payout: Affiliate can only be paid when the available commissions reach 20 dollars.
- Payment Method: PayPal.


3.Special Rewards to Affiliates
We will pick 3 – 5 affiliates as the ‘Best Affiliates of the Month’ 15th monthly, basing on the available commissions and conversion rate of the month. Winners will be announced in our website & social networks and rewarded with millions of FIFA coins.


4. Affiliate FAQ

Q: Does it cost anything to become an Affiliate?
A: It’s free to apply and the minimum referral that you need to reach before earning referral fees with our program is only $20!

Q: How to get my Affiliated Link and banner ads?
A: After sign up, you will be propmted to our Memeber Center. Just click ‘Affiliate’ at the left bottom, then choose ‘Affiliated Link’to copy your own link and banner ads dirrectly.

Q: Must I promote FifaCoin.com with my Affiliated link?
A: Yes. Commissions only be recorded via your affiliated link. If your visitors do not buy FIFA coins with your link there will be no commissions.

Q: When can I get my payment?
A: We usually pay you commissions 10th monthly only when your Available Commissions reach 20 dollars.Before we transfer the commissions, we will send a ‘FifaCoin.com Affiliate Commission – Payment Email Confirmatoin’mail to you sign-up email 9th or 10th monthly. Afer you confirm your payment email, we will deliver the commissions or coins ASAP.

Q: Can I get paid with FIFA coins?
A: Yes. We generally pay you money. If you need coins only, we can exchange your commissions to coins according to coins price of the day in our website. Just inform us in the ‘FifaCoin.com Affiliate Commission – Payment Email Confirmatoin’email.

Q: Can I get a discount code to promote FifaCoin.com?
A: Of course you can! If you can bring us 15 orders daily, we can make your 3% – 5% off code in your name. Just mail to us your apply for a discount code. But you can also use our promotion codes, like Xmas sale, TOTY special, to advertise us.

Q: How can I earn more commissions?
A: Here are some tips.
> Promote FifaCoin.com with your affiliated link, banner and text ads.
> Advertise FifaCoin.com in as many as platforms: Social Networks (Share our posts in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.), Picture Share (Edit some interesting pictures about us or FIFA then share in Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), Videos (Make videos about us like How to Buy, Giveaway, Pack Opennings in YouTbe and Twitch), Blog (Writing articles about us, FIFA, football, etc. with your link and the text ads.)
> Keep paying attention and promoting FifaCoin.com daily. It takes you only a few seconds.

Q: Can I get sponsored?
A: Yes. If you are really great enought bring us more sales, we will send you a email to invite you to join our Sponsorship.

Q: Are Affiliate and Sponsorship the same things?
A: No. They are quite different. Affiliate is free to join and open to all players. There are almost no requirements. While, we can only sponsor good and experienced Youtube, Twitch and forum channels. It is limited to join.


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Full FIFA 15 Team of the Year



The FIFA 15 TOTY was announced at January 12th. You can see here who are the players that are being released on very special blue cards.


The Team of the Year was announced at 5:40pm (UK time) and the first cards were released on packs at 8pm. The cards are not available in packs all at the same time. For each position there are specific dates.


GK: Manuel Neuer – FC Bayern (90 > 96)
RB: Philipp Lahm – FC Bayern (87 > 88 > 95)
CB: Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid (87 > 88 > 94)
CB: David Luiz – PSG (82 > 89)
CB: Thiago Silva – PSG (87 > 93)
CM: Toni Kroos – Real Madrid (85 > 86 > 93)
CM: Iniesta – FC Barcelona (89 > 95)
CAM: Ángel Di María – Manchester Utd (86 > 87 > 94)
RM: Arjen Robben – FC Bayern (90 > 91 > 92 > 96)
LW: Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid (92 > 93 > 94 > 99)
CF: Lionel Messi – FC Barcelona (93 > 94 > 95 > 98)


You can see here the stats of the all FIFA 15 TOTY Goalkeeper and Defenders:
Manuel Neuer – Germany – FC Bayern München (Bundesliga)
Philipp Lahm – Germany – FC Bayern München (Bundesliga)
David Luiz – Brazil – Chelsea (Barclays PL)
Thiago Silva – Brazil – Paris Saint-Germain (Ligue 1)
Sergio Ramos – Spain – Real Madrid (La Liga)
The Goalkeeper and Defenders are available in packs from January 12th 8pm to January 14th 6pm.


You can see here the stats of the all FIFA 15 TOTY Midfielders:
Andrés Iniesta – Spain – FC Barcelona (Liga BBVA)
Toni Kroos – Germany – Real Madrid (Liga BBVA)
Di Maria – Argentina – Manchester United (Barclays PL)
The Midfielders are available in packs between January 14th 6pm and January 16th 6pm.


You can see here the stats of the all FIFA 15 TOTY Forwards :
Arjen Robben – Netherlands – FC Bayern (Bundesliga)
Lionel Messi – Argentina – FC Barcelona (Liga BBVA)
Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal – Real Madrid (Liga BBVA)
The Forwards are available in packs between January 16th 6pm and January 17th 6pm.


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FIFA 15 TOTY Goalkeeper and Defenders Now Available in Packs

FIFA 15 TOTY Goalkeeper and Defenders Now Available in Packs

EA has announced the FIFA 15 TOTY was announced at January 12th 5:40pm (UK time) here.  All these eleven players will be released on very special blue cards.


The first cards were released on packs at 8pm. The cards are not available in packs all at the same time. For each position there are specific dates. The Goalkeeper and the Defenders were the first ones. They will be available in packs from January 12th 8pm to January 14th 6pm (Wednesday). It is your chance to get one of these five players. If you want to do it, take advantage of the Happy Hours to buy better packs. Don’t forget that is extremely difficult to get a TOTY card in a pack. You were warned.


Manuel Neuer – Germany – FC Bayern München (Bundesliga)
Philipp Lahm – Germany – FC Bayern München (Bundesliga)
David Luiz – Brazil – Chelsea (Barclays PL)
Thiago Silva – Brazil – Paris Saint-Germain (Ligue 1)
Sergio Ramos – Spain – Real Madrid (La Liga)
The Midfielders will be available in packs between January 14th 6pm and January 16th 6pm and the forwards between January 16th 6pm and January 18th 6pm.


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