FIFA 19 News: How Does the FIFA 19 Market Work?

How does the FIFA 19 market work? FIFA 19′s UT series, in addition to fighting fun for people, market transactions are also very attractive, earning gold coins through their own transactions, and eventually you get the players you want, it has become very nice, today brings you FIFA 19 market analysis.

Review of the market in September + mechanism for adjustment of the market price

(1) Price adjustment mechanism: at the beginning of each year, the FIFA UT series gives players a corresponding price ceiling based on the basic value of the player. For example, the 84 capacity value of Sun Xingmin is the highest price of Promos with a score of 40,000+, 82 capacity. The highest price is 20,000, and the highest price of Condado with 81 capacity is 10,000. In the beginning, when the market was in chaos, the price of all players was proportional to their ability. The first price deviation base is formed here.

(2) Assessment of practical value: because different players have different degrees of use, such as 85 Harvey Martinez is not used, but 85 Fabiño is used by a large number of people, even players with the same skill value, There will also be price differences due to actual use. Those who have practical value> the current price of the market will increase their prices. Practical value <The current market price of players will decrease. This is the basis for us to assess whether the player will continue to rise.

(3) Out of stock mechanism: as explained in (2), we know that many useful players, players want to buy, such as Sun Xingmin, such as Condado, then the market will quickly digest these cards, distributed in the hands of players, but because the price has not changed, these players will think twice with the above players when they want to sell again. Because nobody wants to buy or sell at a loss. Therefore, the market will not be in stock, take Sun Xingmin as an example. Yesterday, the maximum price of 40,000, with the Sun Xingmin players, will feel that 40,000 is too low, because there is no card on the market, so they do not want to sell. EA monitors the market every day and finds that this card has no market. To maintain market balance and allow players to buy tickets without cards, the price is increased to keep the normal circulation of market transactions in balance.

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FIFA 19: Tips on Building the League Squad

The La Liga is 4-3-3, since the core of my team is Cross, I built a lineup right around Cross. The lineup uses Cross as the engine and the main pivot point to pass the ball, so this lineup is more suited for a strong midfielder card.

(1) front line

1. Center ST: The Center I just blow Ben Yedell alone. Now the price is very cheap. It should be very cheap after opening the service. It can be won by a few thousand. The foot with five reversals is four-flowered. The model is flexible and the foot is fast. The player who scored the most goals in the league can also shoot the fairy ball in the event of an occasional delay in the weekly game (which may be more akin to the five reverse relationships), and the prize is cheap and suitable for land reclamation , The medium term ultimate development goal: Suarez.

2. Winger LW: I have tried several left wings, and finally I think Vinicius is the best, four inverse five flowers, speed 90+, good model, qualified shooting target, in short, can replace the bird barren price is cheap, Thousands take it down. Dembele, right winger, five flowers and four reverses, speed 89, model is good, the current price of 10,000-20000, can be bought early after the opening service, La Liga has no particularly easy-to-use and cheap winger. Mid-term final development goals: Bell, Messi, etc.

(2) midfield

Cross: Actually, Cross wants to blow, the speed of this generation will be 67, if not fast, but enough, Cross’s Pass is too good, and the country is sold cheaply, 50,000 Next, the opening service is estimated at 50,000. 60,000, which is much cheaper than the price of De Braun’s 30-400,000. It is really enough. When I was a week, I saw “wow, kroos”. In fact, La Liga midfielder is very expensive with 50,000, the price is really high.

2.other midfielder: I use Rafinha and Arthur. I think Rafinha is very useful, the data is very balanced and very cheap. Arthur’s words are not the best in my opinion. You can have many alternatives. In this position, I recommend a Rafinia, a low-cost midfielder.

Medium term development goals: Rakitic, Library Bird, Modric, etc.

(3) defender

The oil of the side guards of La Liga, the center-back of La Liga, is terrible.

The left winger used it because I went to Alba, so I used it directly. The market price of Alba is 70-90 million, which is still a bit expensive. If you do not have this condition, you can choose Hernandez instead, and it’s still a very powerful demon.

The right guard recommended Nelson Semedo, in short, it is easy to use, the price is around 10,000, the speed is 92, the model is good, the confrontation is almost the same, but the speed of the winger is sufficient.

(4) goalkeeper

The goalkeeper chooses the height, not so much attention, I opened for Nayong, I used it directly, if there is no Nayong, I will buy a Begovic. More than 90 chemicals are not enough to reach 100.

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FIFA 19 Tutorial: How to Defend Crosses in FIFA 19?

Crosses can be deadly in FIFA 19 if it is not properly defended. Knowing how to stop an attacking game in its tracks is extremely important, and there is no one-stop solution for every type of cross you encounter. We have given a number of all-round good tips to keep in mind when defending crosses in FIFA 19.

Bringing a punch ball to an outside player – When an opponent is on his way to a goal, a classic move is the turn of his wingers to hit both wings to accept a throughball pass. Press and hold R1 / RB to move a second defender in the direction of the receiver and then switch it with the right stick. You want to start by moving towards the corner flag and filling the space where the attacker is looking for to run. This will give the player a chance to try a pass that you can easily close.

Winning headers – When an opponent is about to cross the ball from the wing into the area, make sure the player is closest to the selected crosser until the ball is hit. Hold R1 / RB and let a defender in the box start on the way to the receiver. Switch to this defender and do not press anything until the ball starts to dip towards the two players near where the cross will land. At this point, move the left stick in the direction that the ball is moving and press the Shoot button. Your defender will leave the ball or completely remove it.

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FIFA 19 The Journey Choices – Chapter 2 Key Decisions

Chapter 2 of FIFA 19 The journey begins to make things interesting. Alex signs for Real Madrid, Danny struggles to live up to his brother’s successes, and Kim treats the pressure to be called up for the US Women’s National Team. Here are all important choices for FIFA 19 The Journey Chapter 2.

Alex Hunter – Choose a mentor group

The first big choice for FIFA 19 The Journey Chapter 2 is that Mentor Group chooses Alex. there are two to choose from, where Anton’s Group offers cross-breeding, ball control, long shots, marking and finishing as extras, and then Jo’s Group excels in sliding Tackles, Vision. Shot power, power, sprint speed. Choose the group with the skills that suit your playing style.

Alex Hunter – The brand choice

The next important decision of FIFA 19 The Journey Chapter 2 is that of the brand logo. You have to choose between the design of Alex’s Mum or Beatriz’s. We recommend choosing Alex’s Mum’s because Beatriz is a business stanard. You will receive your choice as a customized item, so if you prefer one design than the other, then go for it.

FIFA 19 The Journey Champions Chapter 2 Rewards

You will unlock the chapter 2 rewards for FIFA 19 The Journey Champions after clearing chapter 2 for the stories of Kim, Alex and Danny. To do this, unlock the following:

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FIFA 19 FUTmas Player SBC

FIFA 19 FUTmas promo has been going on the Day 6, releasing three players 82 CAM Bruma, 87 CM Khedira, and 86 ST Lacazette with the number 6, does the SBC worthy to do? What’s the cheapest way? will introduce you the cheapest way to complete FIFA 19 FUTmas SBC for Bruma, Khedira, and Lacazette, as well as the review.

FIFA 19 FUTmas Cards SBC Day 6 – 82 Bruma, 87 Khedira, and 86 Lacazette



Min. Germany 1. Bundesliga Players: 3
Min. Team of the Week + FUT Champions Reward Players: 1
Max Players from the same League: 4
Min. Team Rating: 83
Min. Team Chemistry: 75
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Cheapest Way to Complete FIFA 19 FUTmas 82 Bruma Player Card SBC

Formation/Lineup: 4-3-3

Team Rating: 83

Team Chemistry: 76

FIFA 19 FUTmas 82 CAM Bruma & FUTmas Bruma SBC Review

From the above squad builder for FIFA 19 FUTmas Bruma SBC, we can know that the cheapest way to get 82 CAM Bruma to need about 40K, then let’s see his in-game stats.

Generally, pace and dribbling are his biggest advantages, shooting and passing attributes are average, defending and physical even poor, he has decent 96 agility, 93 balance, and 85 ball control and 90 in-game dribbling, 97 acceleration and 93 sprint speed with 80 stamina. You have to use him in a way avoids contact with defenders, but has a pretty nice balance, when the opponents knock off the ball, he can stay on his feet and have the chance to win the ball back, his passing is not very ideal for an attacking midfielder. Overall, this FUTmas card is not great but not terrible, not very worthy to cost about 40K FUT coins, if you want to get him, he can be a winger, it is not recommended that to use him as a striker because of his shooting ability even though he is super fast and good with the ball, but you can apply the Marksman Chemistry style to improve his shooting stats.

FIFA 19 FUTMAS Sami Khedira SBC


Min. Italy Serie A Players: 1
Min. Germany Players: 3
Max Players from the same Nation: 6
Min. Team Rating: 84
Min. Team Chemistry: 65
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Cheapest Way to Complete FIFA 19 FUTmas 87 Sami Khedira Player Card SBC

Formation/Lineup: 4-4-2

Team Rating: 84

Chemistry: 66

FIFA 19 FUTmas 87 CM Khedira & FUTmas Sami Khedira SBC Review

Khedira, his overall looks good but some attributes are poor. 60 pace is so poor relatively 79 stamina and 78 shooting is average, but his passing, dribbling, defending and physical are decent. He also got pretty good strength 89, solid aggression 83, decent interception 88 and stand tackle 85, 86 ball control and 83 in-game dribbling but poor balance and agility, he is not the quickest midfielders, so if you do use Khedira, it is suggested using a Chemistry style to boost his pace

Overall, he’s got a good shot power, have a pretty good fast touch and protect the ball very well but may knock to the floor, he’s also capable of pinging through some great free balls from deep positions defensively and he reacts quickly to situations, 40K FIFA 19 coins for an 87 rated special card is good value and 65 chemistry, the request is not high, this is a usable card that provides some good green links to some high level of Ultimate Team players

FIFA 19 FUTmas Alexandre Lacazette SBC


Min. England Premier League Players: 4
Min. Arsenal Players: 1
Max Players from the same Nation: 4
Min. Team Rating: 86
Min. Team Chemistry: 80
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Cheapest Way to Complete FIFA 19 FUTmas 86 Alexandre Lacazette Player Card SBC

Formation/Lineup: 4-5-1

Team Rating: 86

Chemistry: 82

FIFA 19 FUTmas 86 ST Lacazette & FUTmas Alexandre Lacazette SBC Review

Lacazette, 86 overall, looks very nice, but does it worth to do? Let’s take a look at his in-game stats. Firstly, the four-star weak foot and four-star skill moves are good, 85 pace, 85 shooting and 87 dribbling are great, 73 passing and 73 physical are average, 89 finishing which is very key for a striker, he’s got 87 sprint speed which is decent, 88 agility and 87 balance which is great and but the 76 stamina means he’ll feel tired at the end of games, additionally you need to submit an 86 rated squad and cost about 200K FIFA coins, that’s expensive and not worth it.

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FIFA 19 FUTMAS Rewards and SBCs Revealed

Around the fourth day’s FUTMAS. FIFA 19 FUTMAS is appearing to wind up to a great degree mainstream, with a couple of mind blowing prizes as of now being put accessible. EA Sports have recently furnished us with some superb cards, which could be used by means of SBCs. What’s on FUTMAS day 4? You’re positively prone to wish to have a few of those players inside your group! Continue looking to decide the present FUTMAS prizes and FUTMAS SBCs.

The SBC items that are offered seem to wind up enhancing as FUTMAS advances, with yesterday’s prizes the simple best to date. The present decisions aren’t half terrible either.

The Andreas Iniesta card is like the player in the pinnacle of his powers, and it is unquestionably one which may encourage your group. It might be difficult to fit him in light of him playing inside the Japanese association, notwithstanding, you could absolutely press him directly into a La Liga group.

Balotelli is astonishing, and should be viewed as a genuine bunch for protectors. The Akanji cards is unquestionably an intriguing one, having a 84 pace rating, fantastically high for any focal safeguard.

Another SBC has moreover been discharged, that will web a gold players premium pack.

Symbol SBCs for Michael Ballack and Sol Campbell are likewise discharged, in spite of the fact that they’ll be accessible for the accompanying 27 days.

FUTMAS Rewards
By completing a consistently objective, there is likewise their hands on an interesting FUTMAS themed bundle. To open the bundle, simply play three Ultimate Team coordinates in any amusement mode. Further extraordinary units will be discharged inside what’s to come.

Different difficulties will assist you with earning seeker or shadow science style cards.

The present FUTMAS day by day target is score in four work coordinates, that will web a ‘two uncommon players’ pack.

FUTMAS consistently keep running from today until December 31st, with SBCs, pack promotions and day by day and week by week challenges . Make sure to monitor once we refresh yourself on the distinctive SBCs alongside different features of the merry occasion.

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FIFA 19 News: FIFA 19 TOTGS Toni Kroos SBC

Toni Kroos, who is one of the winners of FIFA 19 UEFA Champions League Team Of The Group Stage, get 91 high rated overall rating and the Squad Building Challenge to earn this card are available. Next, FIFA-COINS.COM will bring you the cheapest way (Minimum FIFA 19 coins) to complete the FIFA 19 TOTGS Toni Kroos SBC and player review of Kroos.

FIFA 19 UCL 91 Rated Toni Kroos TOTGS Squad Building Challenge (SBC)

Germany Challenge


Min. Germany Players: 2
Min. Champions League Rare Players: 1
Min. Team Rating: 83
Min. Team Chemistry: 75
Number of Players in the Squad: 11



85-Rated Squad Challenge


Min. Team Rating: 85
Min. Team Chemistry: 80
Number of Players in the Squad: 11



Cheapest Way to Complete FIFA 19 TOTGS Toni Kroos SBC

Cheapest FIFA 19 Squad builder under 25K for Toni Kroos TOTGS SBC Germany Challenge

Formation/Lineup: 4-2-3-1(2)

Team Rating: 83

Team Chemistry: 75

UEFA Champions League Rare Player: Baumann

FIFA 19 Cheap Squad Builder 100K for TOTGS Toni Kroos SBC 85 Rated Squad Challenge

Formation/Lineup: 4-3-3(2)

Team Rating: 85

Team Chemistry: 80

Toni Kroos, FIFA 19 UCL Team Of The Group Stage player, does the SBC worth to do? Let’s see his game stats.

Firstly, he’s got 91 rated, pretty nice overall in SBC, five-star weak foot as well as freestyle skills, excellent passing (90), 93 short pass and 94 long pass are both standout, 84 shooting with 89 shot power and 94 long shots, 90 reactions, 91 ball control, as a center midfielder, he has very decent technique on the ball, but 70 pace and 70 physical are not ideal, you can use the Shadow Chemistry Style to boost his stats, then the pace and defending stats can be improved as the following figure shows.

Overall, the advantages of this card mainly are passing, shooting, ball control and dictate tempo, while the shortcomings are pace, agility and defending. Although he’s not the strongest player and some stats of this card may be a little lower for 91 rated card, Toni Kroos is worth for the coins, his shot power and long shots are actually pretty decent with the finesse on his left foot very good, if you can try and take advantage of those, he can score pretty decent goal, his creative abilities and the way he dictates the tempo control to team. Personally, I would recommend do this SBC, he’s a really good player to go for at a decent price only about 100K-110K FUT coins on PS4 and Xbox One.

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FIFA 19: Overpowered Custom FIFA 19 Hybrid Squad Builder 400K Featured 87


Squad Builder Information:

Formation/lineup: 4-1-2-1-2

Clubs: 5

Leagues: 4

Team Rating: 84

Team Chemistry: 100

Price based on FIFAAH.COM Dec. 12 on different platforms:

PS4 – 426K, Xbox One – 399K, PC – 513K
Player Instruction:

GK – BUFFON: He is a very solid goalkeeper to go between the states, decent stats, 90 positioning, 88 diving, and 87 handling.

RB – JOAO CANCELO: Fast and unstoppable fullback with good dribbling technique, only cost 2.5K, you are on a budget to choose him.

CB – CHIELLINI: He plays well in long siding with excellent defending stats, 93 stand tackle, and 88 interceptions.

CB – KIMPEMBE: One of the best cheap and overpowered back and good partnership in FIFA 19, good defending and physical stats, 84 strength and 85 aggression, about 3.6K.

LB – HERNANDEZ: Solid defensive fullback with good pace and affordable price.

CDM – MATUIDI: He is an absolute specialist at cutting the passing lines which are winning the ball back for he got great energy and stamina, great value for money.

LM – MARTIAL:89 pace, 86 dribbling, 81 shooting, a good option for a left midfielder.

CAM – MKHITARYAN: 85 dribbling, 85 shot power, 81 volleys, five-star weak foot, and four-star skill moves, he can also offer you lots of goals and assists.

RM – CUADRADO: Fantastic pace and dribbling, five-star skill moves.

ST – LACAZETTE: He is an out-and-out goalscorer, 86 positioning and 86 finishing.

ST – AUBAMEYANG: The most expensive player in this team, need about 280K, he has got the PL POTM October, and the price of this gold card fluctuated as the SBC, when it comes to his stats, the 94 pace with 93 acceleration and 95 sprint speed are very standout and an absolute good striker.

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FIFA 19 News: FIFA 19 Title Update 5 Fixes First-time Finesse Shots

Whilst it may well not look like it, FIFA 19 is really a seriously complex game. It’s a sports sim, which generally indicates interactions amongst players and AI, and that result in scenarios that have been by no means imagined by the customers.

The only way to repair these problems is by addressing them after the launch, and right after millions of people today have already played the game. Balancing concerns are constantly present, particularly in competitive games, so a higher quantity of patches is really a great point, at least for these types of games.

What’s new?
Unimaginatively named FIFA 19 Title Update 5, this latest update fixes an incredibly important shooting mechanic that could happen to be used to score ambitions far more simply.

We have noticed the feedback coming from the neighborhood that the effectiveness of first-time finesse shots was as well higher. In a prior title update, we had made adjustments to reduce the effectiveness of first-time finesse shots exactly where the ball was getting received by the player from behind. Within this title update, we continue to make adjustments to shooting, minimizing the effectiveness of first-time finesse shots exactly where the lateral ball velocity is higherwrote the developers.

In fact, EA goes within a very exhaustive explanation in the adjust, that is not something that they commonly do, but they required to make sure that people comprehend why this modification was made.

A second important repair is associated towards the Elastico Skill Move, which can be now performed significantly tighter, enabling for higher control from the ball. Obviously, as usual, there is no agreement in relation to the neighborhood, and a great deal of users are nevertheless saying on the official forums that a lot of other aspects will need to be corrected.

It’s pretty probably that new patches are on their way, but it remains to be seen if the community will listen to. For now, the update is accessible only on PCs, but consoles should really get it pretty quickly. For more deail, please click best fifa coin sites.

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In this FIFA 19 tutorial, we’ll introduce the cheapest way to complete SBC for 86 rated Gignac, who won the Liga Bancomer MX Player of the Month with the player review for him. The SBC is available now and expires after 6 days.

FIFA 19 Player of the Season (POTS) Gignac SBC – Liga Bancomer MX POTS Challenge


Min. France Players: 2
Min. Team overall rating: 84
Min. Team chemistry: 80
Number of the players in the squad: 11


POTS Gignac (86 rated, untradeable)

FIFA 19 SBC solutions: Cheapest Method to Complete FIFA 19 POTS Gignac SBC

Cheap hybrid squad builder under 25K for Liga Bancomer MX POTS Challenge

Formation/Lineup: 4-2-3-1

Rating: 84

Chemistry: 82

Price (FIFA 19 coins) based on Dec. 5 for different platforms:
PS4 – 20K, Xbox One – 22K, PC – 23.5K

FIFA 19 POTS Award Winner 86 André-Pierre Gignac Player Review

André-Pierre Gignac, striker, he won the Liga MX Player of the Season and become available through the FIFA 19 Squad Building Challenge, then does the SBC worthy to do and how to review Gignac? Let’s look at his in-game stats.

Gignac got pretty awesome shooting attributes, 89 finishing and 90 shot power those are definitely two standout attributes, and 85 attack position, 84 long shots and more, also decent. He also has 90 composure which is fantastic and another standout stat on this card is the 94 strength. 89 heading accuracy is definitely enough. Though he does not have ideal balance but only got taken down and ended up on the ground when he got fouled, he strengthened hold up play can certainly frustrate the opponent and cause them fouling.

How is the 86 rated Gignac in the game? He is pretty good, he’s obviously not the quickest forward but not slow, enough to make runs into space, when it comes to scoring goals and taking chances, Gignac is in top class he is a certified finisher, he doesn’t stay forward all the time but when you attack with the ball, he can regularly run into good positions and you can see the way he peels away from defenders to get into space for headers. His dribbling is alright, but he’s not agile enough to be taking on defenders, and the first touch to be a little bit inconsistent.When it comes to passing, he passes the ball well, not that creative but considering he’s a striker, his passing is up to scratch.

Overall, as a striker his main job is to score goals and has excellent shooting techniques, especially the finesse shot, heading and shot power, positioning and strength are also standout, but if you like to run with your forwards, he may not the best option. If your play style revolves around him, this card should certainly be considered, he’s definitely worth picking up just cost about 25K FUT coins.

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