News: The Introduction for FIFA 16 FUTTIES Nominees & Winner List for FUT

As the time goes by, we are close to the FIFA 16 FUTTIES Nominees which is just like the Oscars for this year FIFA Ultimate Team. Usually, it will be the annual event awards players with the new pink in form cards. There will be eleven categories. You must want to know how to be the FIFA 16 FUTTIES Nominees. All the players are voted by the FIFA community. Keep reading will help you to know who are the 44 FIFA 16 FUTTIES Nominees and the winners list cheap fifa 17 coins.






















FIFA 16 FUTTIES Nominees are the special award in-form cards which were chosen by the FIFA community, which is the idea from EA and realize in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. There are more than 1.5 million votes. It is really a big thing in FIFA games. Also it is a great chance for you to vote for your favorite FIFA 16 Ultimate Team players in 11 award categories. For the winner list, it will be announced in July 29th. During the July 22 to July 29, these 44 nominees will have special pink-colored items with base stats available to find in packs. Check to buy fifa coins cheap to do the packs opening. Good luck, guys!






















Winners List for FIFA Ultimate Team
Category 1: Leno, Handanovič, Lloris, Ter Stegen
Category 2: Khedira, Cattermole, Nigel de Jong, Luiz Gustavo
Category 3: Bolasie, McGeady, Nani, Maxim
Category 4: Hernanes, Sigurðsson, Çalhanoğlu, Quagliarella
Category 5: Aduriz, Slimani, Luuk De Jong, Mandžukić
Category 6: Ben Yedder, Eriksen, Perišić, Kroos
Category 7: De Rossi, Totti, Terry, Buffon
Category 8: Junuzović,Milner, Willian, Cavani
Category 9: Mahrez, Alli, Vardy, Dier
Category 10: David Silva, Özil, Pjanić, De Bruyne
Category 11: Eto’o, Hernández, Diarra, Ben Arfa

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FIFA-COINS.COM Guidance: The Trading Tips for FIFA 17

It is really a hard time to wait for the FIFA 17 released. Is it? It is still 2 months for the FIFA 17 released. Although it is a long time to wait, there are still many details and news about FIFA 17. Thus I would like to give you guys some guidance and tips to welcome the coming of FIFA 17. Hope you guys can benefit from it. As we all know, it is really good thing to start to play the game as soon as possible. Without exception, FIFA 17 is the same as other games. Thus the first important thing is to play FIFA 17 ASAP to lead the way and lead your team. Keep that in mind. The sooner you start playing FIFA 17, the bigger will be your chances of being successful buy cheap fifa 17 coins.






















The second tips is that you need spend your time to study the market and learn some basic rules and changes in the market. Why you should do that? That is a good to know how to earn much coins and how to save money or get discount from this game. Master the first news is a great way to be success. Besides, you can predict something from learning the market so that you can know how to play fluent in the game and how to transfer on the market. Also the prices is always change. It is not a bad thing to be the first one to know the price and then take your actions to go on the game.

















The third thing is to pay your attention on a parcel of the market. As we all know, there are many cars in FIFA 17, thus it is impossible for someone to have a good control of all the cards. The best choice is to choose a branch you prefer, then study it and make sure your guys know the changes and what will happen in the specific market. For this action, you may miss other things but you can get all the things for the one you choose. Check www.fifa-coins to buy fifa coins.

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Hello everyone, it has been half month without any updated news. We will update the news regular as before from now on. Hope you guys will like it. At this moment, I believe you guys are in holiday to enjoy your happy time. Also you will spend your time to go on a trip or play FIFA 16 to kill time. Then you guys must need a lot coins to play. Thus today I would like to give you a guidance to know where to buy cheap FIFA 16 coins and how to get free coins. Keep reading will help you a lot.



















For the cheapest FIFA coins, there is no doubt to recommend the Now there is the daily promotion on their site. That means there will be the special offer every day. It is a good way to save money to buy fifa coins. But you should keep one thing in mind. Don’t forget the special offer time. It just last for 3 hours every day. It is on the 5-8 P.M UK Time daily. Don’t miss it! Also you guys can use the 5% off coupon “FIFACOINS” or “FIFACOINSZONE” to get more off. Besides, there has been added another 5 languages on their site, including the Italian, France, German, Dutch and Arabic. It will help you a lot to place an order. ^^



















What’s more, for those who want free coins. You guys cannot miss the FIFACOINSZONE.COM. There will be the daily giveaways on their Twitter and Facebook. What you need to do is just click like bottom or share their posts. Also there is a special page called “giveaway” for you to join the betting giveaway. Good luck to you~








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Recently, more and more news about FIFA 17. Thus we still talk about the hot topic about the FIFA 17 news. Today we are going to give you guys the guidance about the FIF A 17 closed beta. First of all, you may want to ask what’s the FIFA 17 closed beta? In order to tested the new game, it will released the FIFA 17 and offer you a chance to play FIFA 17 in advance so that they can collected many kinds of problems. It is a good way to test the game and fix all the normal problems so that they can provide a perfect game for all the FIFA 17 gamers.






















Just the same as the former games, there still will be very complex joining several game modes together in FIFA 17 because it is just like the FIFA tradition for many years. According to the news, you guys can experience the FIFA 17 closed beta in the week after Gamercom at 25 of August 2016 TBC. It will last 10 days for the FIFA 17 closed Beta. During this time, you guys can have the access to the FIFA closed beta and send your feedback to them. For this FIFA 17 closed beta, it will be covered to the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 but it will not be available for PC or mobile platforms.






















What’s more, there will be four game modes tested in FIFA 17 closed beta, including the Pro Clucs, Career Mode, On Line Season and Ultimate Team. Also you can test all the consoles at the same time and you don’t have to wait for the console one by one. If you get the invitation by EA, then you will be selected by the mode you play most. Besides, all the game modes will be unlocked by EA in the last three days. For this test, you don’t have to pay any fee and you just need a direct invite from EA. For such boring waiting time, check to buy cheap and safe fifa coins to kill time.



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Although there still be a long time for the FIFA 17 released, many news about the FIFA 17, which public more and more details about FIFA 17 step by step. Thus there is no doubt that we are still going to go on the topic about FIFA 17. Today we would like to give you guys the guidance about the FIFA 17 new game mode. That is the Journey. Keep reading to know more about the FIFA 17 news.






















According to the news, we can know that there is the influence between the Alex Hunter’s Premier League career and the performance on the pitch, which will also impact to your decision. When we face the different tough situation, we may usually think about all the situation and then make a decision, which will lead the changes to what happen to the next story and how other characters react to you. It is not a easy thing to just pay attention to the current situation in the game. A professional FIFA gamer will think many kinds of situation and the results to what kind of choice he made.




























The Journey will pull you through a true-to-life experience in the Premier League. It’s a cinematic world informed and influenced by real players, personalities, locations, and events that take you places you’ve never been and bring you experiences only available in FIFA 17.It’s a new season and touted young academy prospect, Alex Hunter is looking to make his mark in the Premier League. But this season you decide which team he plays for. You make the decisions off the pitch. And you shape his career with your performance on the pitch. Check to buy fifa coins online.





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FIFA-COINS.COM News: More Details about FIFA 17

For the last article, we have given you guys the guidance about the FIFA 17 released dates, which has been confirmed by EA Sports. Today we would like to go on the topic about the FIFA 17 so that you guys can have much expectation about it. According to the latest news, we can conclude some details about FIFA 17. Keep reading will do you a favor to learn more FIFA 17.






















As we all know, EA Sports will release FFIA 17 on 27th of September 2016 in North America and it will be released on 29th of September for the rest of the world. But you will have the access to play FIFA 17 on 19th of September 2016 for all over the world. Different from the rumors, it will access to the seventh-gen consoles Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and XBox One. For the FIFA 15 and FIFA 16, we will always see the Lional Messi on the cover, but this time you cannot see him on the cover of FIFA 17. Now you have chance to miss him.





























What’s more, there will be the FIFA 16 additions Draft mode and women national teams on FIFA 17 and you guys have three ways to pre-ordes editions, including Standard which offers five FUT Draft Tokens but not free packs; DeLuxe which offers 20 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs and 3 match TOTW loan players; and Super DeLuxe which is digital only and offers 40 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs and 3 match TOTW loan players. More details about FIFA17, please pay attention to our news. Check to buy fifa coins.




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Recently, there are some news about FIFA 17 and we believe you must have enough for the boring FIFA 16. According to the official FIFA 17 videos, teasers and trailers, we can know that football has changed and there must be the difference for FIFA 17. Thus we can look forward to the big changes in FIFA 17 and hope EA Sports can save the FIFA games. Also EA Sports has released the FIFA 17 covers. Comparing to the colors of FIFA 16 and FIFA 15, FIFA 17 is only black, yellow and a little bit of white. It will forebodes a brand new beginning for FIFA 17. Stay tuned!






















The second question is about the released date for FIFA 17 in different countries. Now the FIFA 17 released date has been confirmed by EA Sports. Thus you can totally believe the following FIFA 17 release dates list. Also it is about 4 months for you guys to wait for the FIFA 17 out and you also need to play FIFA 16 to kill time. Check to buy cheap fifa coins.






















ARGENTINA: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
AUSTRALIA: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
AUSTRIA: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
BELGIUM: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
BRAZIL: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
CANADA: September 27, 2016 (Tuesday)
COLOMBIA: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
CHILE: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
CZECH REPUBLIC: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
DENMARK: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
FRANCE: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
GERMANY: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
ITALY: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
JAPAN: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
MEXICO: September 27, 2016 (Tuesday)
NETHERLANDS: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
NEW ZEALAND: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
NORWAY: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
POLAND: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
PORTUGAL: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
RUSSIA: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
SPAIN: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
SWEDEN: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
SWITZERLAND: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
UNITED KINGDOM: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
UNITED STATES: September 27, 2016 (Tuesday)

EA ACCESS (WORLDWIDE)-September 19, 2016 (Monday)- Date confirmed for all the countries where the service is available
ORIGIN ACCESS (WORLDWIDE)-September 19, 2016 (Monday)-Date confirmed for all the countries where the service is available

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FIFA-COINS Tips: How To Earn Money in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team?

Are you looking for the good chance to earn money? As a FIFA gamer, there are many chance and some part time job for you guys to earn money. If you really want to earn money by yourself, just keep reading. But you should play FIFA 16 first because you should know something about the games and then you have the basic knowledge to do the following thing to earn money.


































Earning Commissions
There are affiliates on many FIFA coins sites. It is a good way for you guys to earn money. For the commissions, you can sign up their affiliate first and get the your affiliate account and your affiliate link. Then you can recommend your friends who play FIFA 16 and want to buy FIFA 16 coins. You can ask them to click your link to buy fifa coins. Then you can get about 10% commissions. Second, you can send the post to spread your affiliate link, such as send a Tweet, Facebook post, Google+. Instagram. Third, if you are eager to earn money via affiliate and you enjoy stream or make videos. Then you can create a Twitch or YouTube channel. Then you can learn some skills for the famous Twitch channel and YouTubers to attract the subs. You should work hard and have a great patience to manage your channel. Once your channel become larger, you can contact the FIFA coins site for the sponsorship, which will bring you fixed payment. What’s more, if you are good at SEO, you can create your site to recommend the best fifa coins sites. It is also a good way to earn commissions.










Part Time Job
If you are good at English and one of other language, such as German, Italy, Spanish, Arabic as so on. Then you can pay attention to the Facebook, Twitter of the fifa coins site to apply the translation job.





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There is no doubt that today’s topic is about FIFA 16 Team of the Season. It has been one month for the TOTS and it still be the TOTS period. According to the EA Sports, there will be three league of the Season will be released. You guys can still hold the expectation. What’s more, there will be the EURO 2016 in France will be start on June 10 to July 10. Are you ready to scream for the amazing matches? Also you guys must need want to be the players on the matches. Don’t forget your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Just hold on the controller and go to to buy cheap FIFA  coins. Be a man in the games. GO! GO! GO!
























Here it is the FIFA 16 Serie A Team of the Season:
Starting Eleven
GK: Gianluigi Buffon, Juventus – 84->93
CB: Andrea Barzagli, Juventus – 84->90
CB: Kalidou Koulibaly, Napoli – 78(79)->85
CB: Miranda, Inter – 84(85)->92
CM: Paul Pogba, Juventus – 86->92
CM: Radja Nainggolan, Roma – 83->89
CM: Miralem Pjanić, Roma 84->91
RW: Mohamed Salah, Roma – 80->87
CF: Josip Iličić, Fiorentina – 78(79)->85
ST: Gonzalo Higuaín, Napoli – 84(86)->95
ST: Paulo Dybala, Juventus – 78(81)->92




























Substitutes and Reserves
GK: Emiliano Viviano, Sampdoria – 78->86
GK: Stefano Sorrentino, Palermo – 77->86
CB: Francesco Acerbi – Sassuolo – 75(76)->83
CB: Gonzalo Rodríguez, Fiorentina – 80->87
LB: Alex Sandro, Juventus – 82->88
LB: Ansaldi Cristian, Genoa – 79->86
CM: Claudio Marchisio, Juventus – 84->89
CAM: Riccardo Saponara, Empoli – 74(77)->83
CAM: Marek Hamšik, Napoli – 83->90
LM: Giacomo Bonaventura, Milan – 78(80)->87
LW: Lorenzo Insigne, Napoli – 81(82)->90
ST: Mauro Icardi, Inter – 79->88

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According to the confirmed calendar, we can know that the most important Teams of the seasons are the Bronze, Sliver and Gold Consistent TOTS, which has released at the start of FIFA 16 TOTS on April 29. The second one is the BPL TOTS, which started on May. 6th, 2016. The third one is the La Liga BBVA TOTS, which was released on May 18th, 2016. It will be the main topic for today. Now let’s see the list for FIFA 16 La Liga BBVA team of the season.






















Here it is the FIFA 16 La Liga BBVA Team of the Season:
Starting Eleven
GK: Jan Oblak, Atlético de Madrid – 81(82)->89
LB: Filipe Luis, Atlético de Madrid – 82->89
LB: Marcelo, Real Madrid – 83->88
CB: Diego Godin, Atlético de Madrid – 85(86)->95
CB: Javier Mascherano, FC Barcelona – 83->89
CDM: Sergio Busquets, FC Barcelona – 86->90
CM: Luka Modric, Real Madrid – 87->92
CM: Bruno, Villarreal CF – 81->88
LW: Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid – 93->99
RW: Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona – 94->98
ST: Luis Suárez, FC Barcelona – 90->98
























Substitutes and Reserves
GK: Keylor Navas, Real Madrid – 79(82)->90
RB: Daniel Carvajal, Real Madrid – 81(82)->89
RB: Juanfran, Atlético de Madrid – 81->86
CB: Gustavo Cabral, RC Celta de Vigo – 75(77)->83
CM: Beñat, Athletic Club de Bilbao – 80->85
CM: Koke, Atlético de Madrid – 83->89
LM: Denis Suárez, Villarreal CF – 78->85
LW: Neymar, FC Barcelona – 88(90)->96
ST: Karim Benzema, Real Madrid – 86->95
ST: Aduriz, Athletic Club de Bilbao – 82->91
ST: Lucas Pérez, RC Deportivo – 76(78)->87
ST: Antoine Griezmann, Atlético de Madrid – 83(84)->95

All in all, I know you guys still hope god bless you and get chance to win high value players. Anyone need cheap fifa 16 coins? Just check to choose the best site to buy fifa coins for your amazing TOTS.






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