FIFA 17: Real Madrid Was Defeated By 1-2 But Still Took the Lead

Spain local time at 18:45 yesterday , 2016/17 season La Liga game the 16th round game competed in Estadio de Mestalla, and the real Madrid competed against Valencia, real Madrid after 6 minutes conceded two goals, cristiano ronaldo scored goal later. real Madrid that is 1 game less still lead the Futbol Club Barcelona after four successive premiership with one goal.

Real Madrid in 14 league clash of both sides only was defeated by one game, and the rest 13 games won 8 games and drawed 5 games. League history between both side reached 162 games, real Madrid won 84,drawed 35 and failured 43 games, to lead the Futbol Club Barcelona, including 25 champion, 22 draw and 34 failure in the visiting field. Ramos, James Rodríguez , Luka Modrić, Casemiro, and Navas took turns to play in the pitch.

In the first nine minutes, Valencia scored two goals to take the lead, in the fourth minute, Muneer passed the ball in the right direction. And in the 9th minute, the former Manchester united winger Nani passed the ball in the side direction.

“Raphael Varane was injured, he was feeling unwell, so we replaced him.” For the reason why I have to change out Raphael Varane, zinedine zidane did explain in his post-match press conference. Raphael Varane was substituted by Nacho on the 72th minute, the French muscle got injured, and he may be out for three weeks, and he had a very bad performance in this game, Spain’s marca newspaper after the game wrote the title ” Raphael Varane’s worst night: behaved badly, suffered injuries, had suspicious of whether Raphael Varane can play or not.”

Marca also pointed out that Raphael Varane had good performance, while in real Madrid’s two losing balls, Raphael Varane is the leading role of lamentableners. Real Madrid was beaten by his opponent in 9th minutes, and it has a lot of to do with the dereliction of duty of Raphael Varane.

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FIFA 17 Real Madrid: Casemiro to Be the MVP on the UEFA Champions League

After the real Madrid competed against S.S.C. Napoli, many media have commented Casemiro as the best player in this game. The Brazilian player has been very outstanding on the defensive, and it he has scored an incredible wave in this game. Casemiro in front of the forbidden zone half-volley to score a goal, the goalkeeper of the S.S.C. Napoli Pepe Reina has nothing to do. Casemiro is the team’s insurance, after the uefa, he also is commented as the “MVP” of this game.

The newspaper Aspen joked that Casemiro is zidane’s bodyguard, as long as he is in the state, zinedine zidane could be relieved. Casemiro has become a member of the indispensable in the eyes of zidane and the real Madrid players, because in the real Madrid team, he is the only one who can guard defense security of the anchor. He can perfectly perform complex tasks that need to be done by the defending midfielder. For S.S.C. Napoli, he was kicked out again a high level competition, and a magical goal is reasonable reward for him.

Casemiro is that kind of player who is not keen to hero status, he naturally accepts his supporting position. But in the game, he should originally obscure work behind the scenes, he walked to the front the pitch and has made a great goal. That is at the 54th minute, benzema scooped out of the right corner of the area cross, and Casemiro without waiting the ball falling to the ground, from the door on the right side of 25 meters outside the right foot instep volley precession corner, real Madrid 3 to 1 lead the goal, and Casemiro on behalf of real Madrid UEFA Champions League scored two goals in the 16 shootings, and both are scoring goals in the forbidden zone.

After the game when it comes to his own goals, and Casemiro, said: “this is our training for a long time, thank god, we play out. We every day are in training, because I still want to plug in in principle, to shot outside of the box.”

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FIFA 17: Futbol Club Barcelona Was Defeated by PARIS ST GERMAIN in 1/8 UEFA Champions League Final

The worst in the history of the team! Barcelona created the shameful record!

In the first leg of 1/8 uefa champions league final, Barcelona is a surprise and was defeated by PARIS ST GERMAIN with the result of 0:4. And in this game, Catalan team suffered its worst failure in the history of uefa champions league.

With Ángel Di María’s outstanding performance, as well as Julian Draxler and Edinson Cavani scored a goal, PARIS ST GERMAIN got four goals to win outright, and gifted a bitter defeat to Barcelona. In Barcelona’s 118 year’s team history, 0 to 4 is the worst defeat in the score, Barcelona in the champions league last time lost 4 balls, and it was against bayern Munich in 2013.


In Barcelona earlier 223 champions league games, the opponents got 4 goals in a total of six games, respectively A.C. Milan, FC Dynamo Kyiv, València Club de Futbol, Chelsea and bayern, single-game four goals is the highest record to loss goal for Barcelona in the champions league.

In this game, the Luxurious attack group including Messi all performed badly, and the only shooting of Barcelona in the whole game just hit the door frame , and the last time that suffered this kind of situation, it was also back to the game against bayern Munich in 2013.

Defeated in the visiting field with the result of 0:4, this meant that it almost has been knocked out, because in the long course of history of the uefa champions league, there is no team that can complete reversal under the condition of 4-0 defeat in the first leg, never.

In the next leg Barcelona will be back its home field, but what it face will be an impossible task.

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FIFA 17: Lionel Messi Is Like a Magician

The champions league knockout stages will be launched in this week, Barcelona is also meeting the confrontation against the old rival of paris saint-germain. And the game for Barcelona defender Lucas Digne, also has different meaning, because it is the first time to play against his former club after his was moving to Barcelona.

For the difference between the two teams, Lucas Digne said: “for me, Barcelona is one of the biggest clubs in the world. What impressed me the most is that it just like a big family, whether you are new or old players, whether you’re working staff and citizens, are very popular. Here the pressure also bigger than before, you must win more trophies, which is exactly what we want to do.”

For barca team-mates, Lucas Digne also has made the evaluation: “our striker (MSN) can always change the game, because we are the best in the world. They are really unbelievable to play the ball, really incredible, they always can make things that make you unexpected. I would be glad to fight together with them.”

For messi, Lucas Digne said: “messi is like a magician, those magical action are very common thing for him, I can’t say his greatness, when compared with us, Lionel messi is just like an alien.”

When asked how to defend Lionel messi in training, Lucas Digne replied: “I always try to push him taking ball with his right foot, but this is a very difficult thing, we always need to arrange a lot of people on defending him.”

Yes, not matter in the eyes of Lucas Digne, for a lot of football fans, Lionel messi is talented, and his excellent performance on the competitions make him a legend. Now let’s look forward to the fantastic competition in the champions league knockout stages.

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FIFA 17: Comparing Cristiano Ronaldo with Lionel Messi

When we mention ronaldo, we all know that his professional ethics and constantly desire to become stronger, his efforts and fighting will and gas field off the court and on the court are highly regarded; But people prefer say more about the changeful outrageous gifts of messi, and talk more about his skill to play gorgeous football, but maybe lack of some “rigidity” and “temperament”. In fact, people often like to emphasize the characteristics tag of a particular star on one hand, and consciously or unconsciously ignoring them on the other hand. Cristiano ronaldo can achieve today’s achievement, only his ardent efforts day after tomorrow must be not enough; Though messi is talent, but to reach the level of today, how can he lack the spirit of keep improving and practice hard? You can use he comparison of cristiano ronaldo, in some ways to find the reason why Messi is not good enough, and he also suffered a lot comparison, blame and criticism without any reasons.


The Golden Ball Awards of Messi are get closed by Cristiano ronaldo, his Argentina has not been able to win the national championship, Messi understand all of these, and that is one reason he continue to improve himself. But honor is not the only reason to improve himself — as a brilliant footballer, he will always keep desire to continue to ascend, it is also true with Lionel messi, even someone put him as the best player in the history. He has not been 30 year old, still has enough time to become a more perfect Lionel messi.

For these two talented football players, which one you like the best, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? I like Lionel Messi the most, if you want to sign them in FIFA 17 Career, just go here.

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FIFA 17: Messi Is Evolving to the Perfect

Messi Broke the record again! In the La Liga league matches at last weekend, Barcelona No.10 player directly free kicked to score goals, with 27 goals beyond legend Ronald koeman, and the player who scored goals the most by free kick in the history of Barcelona.

For Messi who broke records for so many times, this is another New achievement. The famous website Squawka also update the data of the classic “messi era” figure: before messi, these records respectively belonged to the great spirit of all stripes; And now they are belonging to Lionel messi. From the amazing transcript that Lionel messi scored 31 goals in 30 club games this season, the record list will only become longer and longer, the above data only will be more and more terrible.

And the more terrible thing is: Lionel messi still is becoming stronger and stronger. Specifically, despite he has become so strong at the moment, he was still in evolution towards a more complete player.

In comparison with cristiano ronaldo, messi’s free kick is once regarded as a relatively short board. But in recent seasons, Messi’s highest free kick scoring rate has made him one of the most brilliant free-kick takers. Whether shooting in each position in the terminal extremely fixed-point or surprisingly rubbing against athletic bilbao last weekend, there is no doubt that messi again has a unique skill that can be dealt with by the opponent’s goalkeeper difficultly. The Daily Sports revealed that in the process of training free kick, messi obtained four people’s directions – Tito Vilanova, deco, Ronaldinho and maradona. maradona provided a guiding ideology to Messi, his advice on Lionel messi is that: “put the ball there, don’t kick the ball so soon, because you don’t try so hard to play, they don’t know how you want to play.” Now messi’s free-kick technique has reached perfection, last season he scored seven free-kick goals, and half way through the season, he scored four goals, too.

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FIFA 17: Messi Played 184 Less than Raúl But Scored 100 More Goals

Messi also is expanding his own data rule. In the 21 rounds of La Liga, messi breached the athletic bilbao’s door, it was the 328th goals his play in the 366th competition in La Liga on behalf of the Barcelona.

Spain El Mundo Deportivo compared Lionel messi with the former real Madrid captain Raúl, it found that messi played 184 games less than Raúl, but scored 100 more goals than Raúl. Raúl is currently the ambassador for the la liga, and in his career, he scored 228 goals in 550 la liga games.

For the scoring rate calculation, Lionel messi gets averaging 0.896 goals, close to 0.9, and Raúl is averaging 0.415 goals, less than half of that of Messi. In the competition that Barcelona 5-0 won over las palmas, messi scored the team’s second goal, it was also the first time in his career breaching against the door to las palmas. So, Argentina superstar in la liga match has breached 35 different teams doors and he has surpassed JulioSalinas and equalized Raúl.

There are respectively the best strikers in European five big leagues competitions, and the top shooter in the history of the German Bundesliga is gerd muller, who has scored 365 goals in 427 games for the bundeslig. Messi is the player in the history of the La Liga who got the first goal, and scored 328 goals in 366 matches; Serie a’s top shooter is Giorgio Piola, scored 274 goals in 449 games; for the FA Premier League, the top shooter is Alan shearer, scored 260 goals in 441 games. And for the France Ligue 1, the top shooter is Onnes, scored 299 goals in 449 games. If Messi wants to “sweeping Europe”, he needs only surpass Gerd muller, and within a season or two, he is expected to do this, after all, he behind Gerd muller only 37 goals.

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FIFA 17: Barcelona Senior Executive Responded Neymar Provoking Opponents

For a long time, Neymar is one of players who was frequently invaded by opponents, about the topic, Barcelona vice chairman Mestre expressed his opinion, which has caused quite a stir.

In an interview, Barcelona vice chairman Mestre said, Neymar provoked the opposing players for many times, and that is the reason why he was fouled. “

Mestre used a word which is meaning provoking to describe his player, which is not suitable.

After the match between Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao, Mestre also accepted an interview, to clarify his remarks before: “they tell me that I use the word that meant provoking, it created a controversy, I mean, Neymar will past the defensive player of the other party, what I said is those things on the football field, so for those people who want to look for dispute, I can assure you there is no dispute.”

“At any time, I don’t want to say the word meaning provocation, we internally felt very satisfied with Neymar, he is a great player, who played so well, including in the aspects of offense and defense, and there are so many movements.” Mestre said.

Barcelona 3:0 won over Athletic Bilbao, the Fans of Camp Nou were unleashing their strong unsatisfactory with the referee and the La Liga league chairman. It is an organized protests, before the competition, the north bank die-hard fans issued an open letter, called to the fans who were on the scene to involve in the protests. Protesting objects in addition to la liga chairman, there is as well as the referees who had made unfair decisions against Barcelona recently.

According to the report from Daily Sports, the main referee González in this competition from the time before the starting of the competition suffered severe hiss. According to the plan, in the 12th minute, the protests on the scene reached its climax. There also showed a banner satirizing to referee, writing: “enough!”

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FIFA 17 Calendar of Events

fifa 17 calendar dates

fifa 17 calendar dates


Want to check out the fifa 17 calendar dates? Just keep reading info in the followings so as to enjoy more savings on cheap fifa coins in 2017:



9th: announcing Team of the Year & releasing TOTY Forwards

11th: releasing TOTY Midfielders

12th: releasing TOTY Goalkeeper and Defender

13th: releasing Full TOTY

28th: Lunar New Year Event (offering multiple FUT pack offers and several featured tournaments)



3rd: releasing batch 1 upgrades

6th: FUT United–Second Edition available till 13th February & Daily Gifts available till 13th February

10th: releasing batch 2 upgrades

13th: promoting Valentines Day till 15th February

17th: releasing batch 3 upgrades

24th: releasing batch 4 upgrades



15th: releasing St Patricks Green Cards and available till 20th March in Packs

17th: St Patricks Day Tournament

20th: FUT 8th anniversary birthday lasting for 8 days



18th: adding FIFA 17 to EA Access The Vault

28th: FIFA 17 Community Week lasting for one week



19th: releasing First Team of the Season (releasing new TOTS on every Wednesday and Friday for six weeks)



No activities



3rd: First Summer Transfers Updates

7th: announcing FUTTIES Nominees (opening votes till 12th July) & Daily Gifts available till 21st July

14th: announcing FUTTIES Winners (Pink cards available till 21st July in packs)

28th: releasing MLS All Stars Players

Just get ready to enjoy yourself on these big events in 2017.


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