Tips: Use FIFA 16 Free Kick Glitch to Save Every Time

After the series news of Winter Upgrades, we would like to give some tips on the skills because you guys have lots of time to practice it. Thus today we are going to introduce the Free kick in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team so that you guys can apply it to save every time to improve your hit rate. We will explain the details about how to use the free kick so that everyone can do the simple and easy trick to gain a new skills.





























First of all, you should know when and the best time to apply the FIFA 16 free kick. According to the skills, the best time for you to use it is when there is no man on the line and your are close to the goal. Why? This is because you can catch the chance to perform the low driven. Or you can choose to dip free kick if it is really far out then the power FK. Second, you should know that which buttons you should press when you start to apply the FIFA 16 free kick. That called the 2nd and 3rd kick taker. What you should do is to press LT/L2 and RB/R1 buttons, which can make 3 palyers surround the set piece. In that case, the next steps for you need to do is to hold down LT/L2 and do a fake shot to earn much time and space to act the free kick.


What’s more, you can also perform the free kick with the second player via holding down RB/R1 and a fake shot to make him also run over the ball. It is a perfect performance as well. Third, you should know the little difference between different consoles. For example, you must do a though ball/pass using triangle on PS or XBOX and pass it in the direction if the runner using the left analogue stick. The last point, please check to buy fifa coins cheap without hesitation.



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As someone said, it is not a most exciting moment for FIFA 16 even during the TOTY of the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Due to the price range and the limitation of the FIFA coins trade, many people feel upset to FIFA 16 and someone think the game is boring and give up their FIFA Ultimate Team. For the FIFA 16, there will be the TOTS on May. Then we will welcome the FIFA 17. Hope this new series will give us more surprise and more innovation for the game. There is the symbiotic relationship among the EA Sport, FIFA gamers, FIFA Coins store and Youtubers. If they can have a cooperation for to benefit each other, then FIFA 17 will become more and more popular.


According the rule of EA Sports, the FIFA 17 will be launched on September. Thus today we are going to give you guys the guidance on the activities for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. Hope this can give you guys the confidence and wish to keep playing FIFA 17. Check to buy fifa coins and fifa points cheap.






















Demo Launch (XBox 360, PS3, PC, XBox One and PS4):Sep.6th,2016 Tuesday
Demo Launch (European Playstation gamers):Sep.7th,2016 Wednesday
FUT 17 Web App Release: Sep.13th,2016 Tuesday (Note: not available for new FUT players)
First TOTW Release: Sep.14th,2016 Wednesday (Note: a new TOTW will be released every Wednesday at 6pm UK time)
EA Sports FIFA companion app Release for FUT 17: Sep.15th,2016 Thursday
Early Access to EA Access Subscribers: Sep.15th,2016 Thursday (Note: only 10 hours of playtime)
First Game Update: Sep.16th,2016 Friday
Official North American FIFA 17 Release (all platforms): Sep.20th,2016 Tuesday
Official Latin America FIFA 17 Release: Sep.22nd,2016 Thursday
Official Australian FIFA 17 Release (all platforms): Sep.22nd,2016 Thursday
Official European FIFA 17 Release (all platforms): Sep.22nd,2016 Thursday
Official UK FIFA 17 Release (all platforms): Sep.22nd,2016 Thursday
First Happy Hour: Sep.29th,2016 Thursday


First Round of FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017: Oct.1st,2016 Saturday
Official Japanese FIFA 17 Release (all platforms): Oct.6th,2016 Thursday


FUT United – First Edition: Nov.7th,2016 Monday(Note: available until November 14)
Daily Gifts & Black Friday: Nov.25th,2016 Friday
Cyber Monday: Nov.28th,2016 Monday


Social Giveaway ’17 Days of FIFA’: Dec.9th,2016 Friday (Note: available until December 25th)
FUTMas – Holiday Daily Gifts: Dec.16th,2016 Friday (Note: available until January 2nd)


First Winter Transfers Updates: Jan.3rd,2017 Tuesday
Team of the Year Announcement: Jan.9th,2017 Monday(Note: available in packs by one week)
TOTY Goalkeepers and TOTY Defenders Release: Jan.9th,2017 Monday (Note: available in packs for 46 hours)
TOTY Midfielders Release:Jan.11th,2017 Wednesday (Note: available in packs for 48 hours)
TOTY Forwards Release: Jan.13th,2017 Friday (Note: available in packs for 24 hours)
Full TOTY Release: Jan.15th,2017 Saturday (Note: available in packs for 48 hours)
Lunar New Year Event: Jan.28th,2017 Saturday


Upgrades Release: Feb.3rd,2017 Friday-Feb.24th,2017 Friday


St Patricks Day Tournament: Mar.17th,2017 Friday
Eight Years of FUT: Mar.18th,2017 Saturday


FIFA 17 added to EA Access The Vault: May.3rd,2017 Wednesday
First Team of the Season Release: May.17th,2017 Wednesday (Note: during 6 weeks, every Wednesday and Friday it will be released a new TOTS)


MSL All Stars Players Release: July.28th,2017 Friday



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After the introduction of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team winter upgrades news out, there are many readers sent the feedback to us. We are so glad that we can help the FIFA gamers to learn more about FIFA 16 knowledge and FIFA 16 skills. Thank you for your support and we will keep trying. For this new topic, we would like to give some guidance on skills. That is the guidance for FIFA 16 power free kick. Keep reading will help you do well in free kick.






















Although we didn’t introduce many skills about the basic free kicks, we still decide to give you guys an introduction about the how to score from distance with set-pieces. First of all, you guys should know how to identify the distance. You should estimate how har out you need to be so that you guys can have enough space and distance to apply the power free kicks. It is usually about 30 to 40 yards from goal. Don’t leave make the distance to long or too short because it is easier for you to miss the goal.


The second thing is that you should know how to control the button to apply the power free kicks. When you are going to use this skill, you can hold down the LB/L1 button for the entirety and put in about 2 and a half to 3 bars if power. One thing you should keep in mind is that you need to pay attention to what types of players can perform such a devastating set piece. Third, if you want to buy fifa coins and fifa points, just check Don’t miss this super hot fifa coins seller reviews site.



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As we all know, there are two seasons to FIFA 16 Ultimate Team to upgrade. Recently, we welcomed the amazing winter upgrades in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. It is a great season for EA to public the new winter upgrades cards, covering the Aguero, Rakitic and Aubameyang, which will take the place of the original ones on packs. However, for the regular card, it will not be on the winter upgraded card list. It will be in the packs for these winter upgrade cards. Those who have the non-IF players in your club, you will not receive an upgrade.


There will be a upgraded respectively for the IFs if there was already one or more in-forms for the upgraded player. Those who have the IF version of an upgraded player, your IF will be upgraded. While for an upgraded player with a previous IF gets upgraded across Quality tiers, it will not be upgraded again. If you want to buy cheap fifa coins online, please check to know the best place to buy fifa coins.


FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Winter Upgrades – Batch 1
Sergio Agüero ST 87 88 1 Manchester City 89 | 90
Diego Godín CB 85 86 1 Atlético Madrid 87 | 88 | 89 | 90
Ivan Rakitić CM 84 85 1 FC Barcelona
Hugo Lloris GK 84 85 1 Spurs
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ST 82 84 2 Bor. Dortmund 85 | 86
Jan Oblak GK 81 82 1 Atlético Madrid
Granit Xhaka CM 81 82 1 Bor. M’gladbach 83
Thiago Motta CDM 81 82 1 PSG
Javier Hernández ST 80 82 2 Bayer 04 83
Ashley Williams CB 80 81 1 Swansea City
Andrés Guardado CM 80 81 1 PSV 82
José Reina GK 80 81 1 Napoli
Artem Dzyuba ST 79 80 1 Zenit 81
Samuel Eto’o ST 79 80 1 Antalyaspor
Lars Stindl CF 79 80 1 Bor. M’gladbach 81
Yohan Cabaye CDM 79 80 1 Crystal Palace
Islam Slimani ST 78 80 2 Sporting CP 81 | 82 | 83
Deulofeu RM 78 80 2 Everton
Michy Batshuayi ST 78 79 1 Marseille




















FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Winter Upgrades – Batch 2
Robert Lewandowski ST 87 88 1 FC Bayern 89 | 90 | 91 | 92
Gonzalo Higuaín ST 84 86 2 Napoli 87 | 88 | 89
Ángel Di María RW 85 86 1 PSG 87 | 88
Henrikh Mkhitaryan RM 81 83 2 Bor. Dortmund 86
İlkay Gündoğan CM 82 83 1 Bor. Dortmund 84
Romelu Lukaku ST 80 82 2 Everton 83
Dimitri Payet CAM 81 82 1 West Ham 83
Harry Kane ST 78 81 3 Spurs 82 | 83 | 84
Paulo Dybala ST 78 81 3 Juventus 82 | 83
Gabi CM 80 81 1 Atlético Madrid
Joel Matip CB 80 81 1 FC Schalke 04 82
Dušan Basta RB 79 80 1 Lazio
Erik Lamela RM 79 80 1 Spurs
Soldado ST 79 80 1 Villarreal CF
Cédric Bakambu ST 72 79 7 Villarreal CF
Jeison Murillo CB 77 79 2 Inter
Marcano CB 77 79 2 FC Porto
Jonathan dos Santos RM 78 79 1 Villarreal CF
Josip Iličić CF 78 79 1 Fiorentina
Marko Arnautović LM 78 79 1 Stoke City





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Usually, we only experience the New Calendar, while this year you can experience the lunar new year event in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. In order to run the lucky number tournament from now, there was an event to celebrate the FUT 16 lunar new year, which will start on Feb.1 and end on Feb.8. Then you must want to know how to join this activity? What you should to do is collect a squad with exactly 88 chemistry and 8 players from the same league and then it will get the chance to win 8.800 coins up for grabs each time you win it. What’s more, you can also get something new everyone 8 hours.























During this FIFA 16 Ultimate Team lunar new year event, you may need coins to buy players or need the points to do the pack opening. At this moment, you may want to know where is the best place to buy cheap fifa coins and fifa points. Don’t worry. Check, then it will help you solve this kind of problem. FIFA-COINS team is always aim to helping you buy safe and fast fifa 16 coins and fifa 16 points without accounts being stolen or reseted or even permanent banned.


After you go to the, you can see there are top 8 fifa coins sites on the homepage. You can see the rating via delivery, price, payment, reliability and online support. Also we provide the 5% off coupon for each site so that you can safe more money to buy more coins. What’s more, there is a short introduction about each fifa coins seller. If you want to have a full introduction about the site, you can click “full reviews” to know more detail about the site. Also, you can click the free-guide to know some recent FIFA 16 news or some tips to strategy your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team or know where to get free coins.

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It is the public secret for the FIFA 16 gamers that a player’s quality is determined by the attributes. If you have a full understanding about the attributes, then you can earn more chance to win the game and build a team with high chemistry. Thus today we are still going to introduce one of important elements in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team attributes. That is the Stamina. Try your best to learn more skills and knowledge about it, then you will experience the its function when you choosing your players.




















Stamina is one of the most underrated FIFA attributes. Also this is one of attributes which will be neglected in your FIFA 16 Ultimate team players. But today I have to tell you that this is a very important factor for the positions. You are always screwed over in the last minutes of the match. For the stamina, this is one of attributes which can have the influence to determine how tired your player gets as the match approaches half time of full time. What’s more, you should pay attention to your players’ points to know whether he is tired to make sure your players’ keep in good performance. Besides, stamina is also charged to your player getting injured more easily in any challenge, not necessarily in the last minutes of the match.


All in all, we still want to stress something important. Hope you guys can keep in mind and do well in FIFA 16 attributes. First, remember to select players that cover less pitch when possible. Second, you can switch some of your regular cards for their if you you with the big budget. Last but not least, if you are still looking for a best place to buy fifa coins, just check to know the cheapest fifa coins site.

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As a professional FIFA gamer, we cannot only pay attentions to the Forwards, Defenders and Goalkeeper but also need to pay attention to attributes,which are responsible for determining a player’s quality and knowing them well can give you guys the chance to choose your team more efficiently. On the other hand, take it series will do you a favor to increase your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team chemistry and the team work. Thus we are going to introduce the FIFA 16 attributes tackles. Hope this can help you.




















Most of FIFA 16 gamers may hold the opinion that it is the most important thing to outrun the opponent’s attacker because they think most players aren’t do well in dribbling anyway. However, there must be the a good centre back behind the high tackles, including the standing and sliding tackles. You should take the risk to do these movements because these movements may cause free kicks and booking. But they will be shut the attacker most times when you are good at controlling and have a good results to your team. In game this also translates into being able to taunt the opponent with shirt pulling, grabbing and other not-so-fair moves without being caught by the referee if your player’s Tackles attributes are high. They’ve become even more important in this FIFA since the referee is giving away free kicks and penalties much more easily. So be sure to give more attention to Tackles!




All in all, there are two things you guys should keep in mind when you want to make use of the FIFA 16 attributes tackles. First, please try your best to hit the tackles button one more time when you miss the first one, which will make your player get back on his feet more quickly to try again. Second, try to look for players with good interception. Check to buy fifa coins cheap.

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Two weeks ago, we welcomed the most exciting moment for FIFA 16. That is FIFA 16 TOTY. There are so many high level players in the packs at that time and all the FIFA 16 players released. About on May, we will welcome another wonderful moment. That is FIFA 16 TOTS. However, we are not going to talk about the FIFA 16 TOTY or TOTS. We would like to talk about the next FIFA series. That is FIFA 16. We will give you guys some guidance for the FIFA 17 arcade elements. Hope this can attract you to go on your FIFA Ultimate Team dream.






















As we all know, although in such stiff competition game world, the FIFA 16 was regarded as the best-selling game in 2015 due to its pro evolution. But there are still many FIFA 16 gamers give up this game because they think it is the boring game. Thus we will pin our hope on the FIFA 17. Hope it will have new ides and great changes to attract people back to the FIFA 17. There is no doubt that there will be the new additions for the new game, such as the spray. For the next series, EA Sport still will feature the managers in FIFA 17, which bring more difficult to pull off in respect of licensing but it would be amazing.


As FIFA is hyper-realistic, playing the game fuels your desire to maintain your interest in the Premier League. Why not see if the tips and tricks of the game in FIFA can be carried out in real life and you can do this with Coral. Coral is not simply a football based site as you can focus on film, games and is also a Casino Games Site. Wanna know more about FIFA 17 details? Just pay attention to our news. If you want to buy fifa coins online, just check to know the cheap and reliable fifa coins seller.

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FIFA-COINS News: FIFA 16 Attributes Introduction

For the former articles, we have introduce many kinds of guidance for you guys. Hope these can do you a favor to do a good job on your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Today we would like to go on this series. Thus we would like to introduce the FIFA 16 attributes. For the FIFA 15, you must make up your mind to choose the match via the attributes. It is not hard for us to find the importance of a team. You may need Messi or Ronaldo to be the heroes but you also need the attributes to cooperate.





















However, there is something changed in FIFA 16 but it never be decreased the attributes importance. For the most of FIFA 16 gamers, they prefer to choose the attributes via checking their positions which is based on the pace. For this article, we would like to remind you guys to be aware there will be the difference for each attributes. Thus you guys should pay attention to other kinds of elements while you choosing the attributes for your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. The first one is the Acceleration. You’s better choose the higher acceleration for your team so that you can take less time to reach the maximum speed. Also you should pay attention to the Sprint speed to make the speed to reach the maximum to make sure the speed and get more chance to win the game.





















You don’t have to worry about choosing which players between the two players with the close attributes. It doesn’t make big sense. Another very important question is where to buy cheap fifa coins to create your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. You guys can check www.fifa-coins to know the top 8 fifa coins sellers. Also you can join their giveaways on twitter to get the chance to win free coins.

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FIFA 16 TOTY Forwards Available in Packs Now

Did you get your ideal Forwards for your FIFA 16 Ultimate team? Wann buy cheap fifa coins for TOTY? Check to buy fifa coins and fifa points! 10% off for all products! Use “fifacoins” to get more 5% off.

FIFA 16 TOTY Forwards
The FIFA 16 TOTY was announced yesterday. You can see here who are the players that will be released on very special blue cards.





















The Team of the Year was announced at 5:40pm (UK time) and the first cards were released on packs at 8pm. The cards are not available in packs all at the same time. For each position there are specific dates. The Goalkeeper and the Defenders were the first ones. They were available in packs from January 11th 8pm to January 13th 6pm (Wednesday). Now it is time of the Forwards. It is your chance to get one of these three amazing players. If you want to do it, take advantage of the Happy Hours to buy better packs. Don’t forget that is extremely difficult to get a TOTY card in a pack. You were warned.

You can see here the stats of the all FIFA 16 TOTY Forwards – click in the pictures to maximize them:

Neymar – Brazil – FC Barcelona (Liga BBVA)














Lionel Messi – Argentina – FC Barcelona (Liga BBVA)





Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal – Real Madrid (Liga BBVA)



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