FIFA 17 News: TOTGS 1 Team on Live on Playstation4, Web App, PC and Xbox One

If you are one of those people who get to grips with FUT, you must know that the TOTW is a weekly team which contains the IF players cards at the total number of 23. When it comes to the TOTGS, it is similar with TOTW, and it is consisted of twenty-three players who are the best and coming from the Champions League Group Matches. The Top Europen Clubs make a competition on crowning the best side on the Europe Continent very year. Here, in the following, you will find the players whole collection, and all the lists are on the basis of the group stage’s performance. Without any surprise, Messi is sold by nobody.

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LB: Djibril Sidibe – AS Monaco (France) – France

CB: Raphael Varane – Real Madrid (Spain) – France

ST: Edinson Cavani – Paris Saint-Germain (France) – Uruguay

LB: Terence Kongolo – Feyenoord (Holland) – Holland

RM: Leon Bailey – RC Genk (Belgium) – Jamaica

Starting XI

ST: Antoine Griezmann – Atletico De Madrid (Spain) – France

GK: Ralf Fahrmann – FC Schalke 04 (Germany) – Germany

ST: Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich (Germany) – Poland

RB: Dani Alves – Juventus (Italy) – Brazil

RW: Lionel Messi – Barcelona FC (Spain) – Argentina

LB: Filipe Luis – Atletico De Madrid (Spain) – Brazil

LM: Ousmane Dembele – Borussia Dortmund (Germany) – France

CAM: Mesut Ozil – Arsenal (England) – Germany

RM: Riyad Mahrez – Leicester City (England) – Algeria

CAM: Mesut Ozil – Arsenal (England) – Germany


ST: Giuliano – Zenit St. Petersbrug (Russia) – Brazil

GK: Kasper Schmeichel – Leicester City (England) – Denmark

ST: Edin Dzeko – Roma (Italy) – Bosnia And Herzegovina

LW: Neymar – Barcelona FC (Spain) – Brazil

CM: Joshua Kimmich – Bayern Munchen (Germany) – Germany

ST: Aduriz – Athletico Club De Bilbao (Spain) – Spain

LW: Dries Mertens – Napoli (Italy) – Belgium

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Without waiting for a long time, This Year’s First Team Of The Group Stage will be released by FIFA 17 FOR the mode of FUT. And then there may be some market crash. Fortunately, after the release of the FIFA 17, the EA company has been maintaining the whole market stably. And you can make your accession to this from the FIFA APP, or from your other consoles such as Playstation 4, PC or your Xbox One.

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FIFA 17: Predictions on the Winter Upgrades Premier League

If you are a fan of the FIFA games, you will find that there are a plenty of the winter upgrades on the Ultimate Team of the fifa games every year, which is released by the EA company and it is aiming at reflecting the performances of the FIFA players. Here, if you are hoping to know the predictions of the winter upgrades of this year for the BPL( short for Barclays Premier League), just stay with us as you can get some useful information here, and the stat upgrades of the players cards of the individual also will be predicted here. Check cheap fifa 17 coins to buy fifa coins with less money.


First of all, what is the time that the winter upgrade of the FIFA 17 will begin? Here, we make the prediction that from the time of 3rd December, there may be a lot of winter upgrades starting. And if you are to invest on the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, you’d better follow us as we will offer you guys the full predictions on the winter upgrades of FIFA 17.


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Here we will make a list of predictions on the twelve players who are deserving the winter upgrades of the player rating in the FIFA 17, and the list is on the basis of their real performances in the football pitch. Visit where to buy fifa coins. Just take a glance at the followings:


Theo Walcott – Arsenal

Diego Costa – Chelsea

Vicktor Moses – Chelsea

Eden Hazard – Chelsea

Son Heung-min – Tottenham

Joe Allen – Stoke City

Marcos Alonso – Chelsea

Philippe Coutinho – Liverpool

Sadio Mane – Liverpool

Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City

Alexis Sanchez – Arsenal


And here we really hope the list of the players mentioned above will be helpful for you to invest on the Ultimate Team of the FIFA 17 greatly and enjoyably. For any other special ideas and thoughts on predicting the FIFA 17 Winter Upgrade, just leave any of your comments here below our article.

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FIFA 17: Paulo Dybala Is Good Suggestion for Your Striker

When you are playing the FIFA 17 game, if you want to increase the value of your team, and want to build a legacy, you are suggested to consider picking a young and promising striker. And among all the strikers in FIFA 17, here Paulo Dybala will be recommended to you.


This young striker is only 22 years old, and he is from Juventus club, and he is over the rating of 85, and now has the potential of 92, and now he is costing £70m and his wage is £150,000. Just check for more reviews on FIFA COINS BUYING.


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For this young footballing player, he nearly has excellent performance at everything. And featuring the skills of four stars, and dribbling of 90, and acceleration of 91, he is great to meet your demand on requiring a dribbler. And if you hope to get a poacher, he also can meet your needs by his positioning of 85 and finishing of 89; and if you hope to get score from the distance at the pitch, you can also make it by him because of his shot power of 80 and long shots of 86. If you want to know the score that he can make, I will tell you that it includes volleys, free kicks, penalties, etc. and for something that he lacks for the game, it is only the heading, but just do not worry about it, as it can be trained. For every team, the prolific goalscorer is needed, and this position player could put away the chance week out and week in. And he went up the top rankings at a very rapid speed when he is at Juventus, from which we can also see that this young guy is really promising, so just do not miss him when you snap up a striker, or you may feel regrettable.

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FIFA 17: Goalkeeper Alphonse Areola

As the FIFA 17 game is becoming more and more attractive, you should get as many as game strategies for The Changed Set Piece. However, what you need to know now is the way to select the player for your FIFA 17. Or you can also find the the best fifa coins site 2016.


It is known to all that the Goalkeeper in the football is so important as it is the position that needs specialized skills and also is very essential for the Association Football. And if the goalkeeper is very professional with excellent skills and talent, he can prevent his opponent team entering the ball to get the score, and he can make essential strategy for his own team to lead to team to success as he can get an overall view under the relaxing condition during the match. If you can early get a good goalkeeper who is young and promising, then in your side of the team, you can get a staple for the best part of the fifteen years. And here we will have the best 20 players of the goalkeeper position listing for you in the follows, and you can just get the right one for your FIFA 17:


Manuel Neuer GK92
David De Gea GK90
Thibaut Courtois GK89
Hugo Lloris GK88
Gianluigi Buffon GK88
Petr Čech GK88
Samir Handanovič GK87
Jan Oblak GK87
Bernd Leno GK86
Keylor Navas GK85
Stéphane Ruffier GK85
Steve Mandanda GK85
Claudio Bravo GK85
Ralf Fährmann GK84
Joe Hart GK84
Rui Patrício GK84
José Reina GK84
Yann Sommer GK84
Danijel Subašić GK83
Marc-André Ter Stegen GK83


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And here we will recommend Alphonse Areola for you. At the Paris-Saint Germain, Salvatore Sirigu was surpassed by Kevin Trapp, and at the moment, Alphonse Areola would leapfrog the German. Just at the age of only 21 years old, Alphonse Areola at last season of Villarreal enjoyed the successful loan spell. Even though he left away from the Club for three years, now he gets full preparation to catch the top one spot. In the FIFA 17 game, he offers the Strength of 80 in total, the reflexes of 85 and the diving of 84, and if you want to buy him, you need to pay £43,000 Wages and £22 Million.

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FIFA 17: Get to know about the new features

If you still have not take an experience on the FIFA 17 game, you can get to know about the new features of this new game version in advance so as to have a better experience on it. So here, we may first tell you something changes on the FIFA 17 firstly, or buy Robo fifa coins first.


You will find that there are Physical Player Overhaul, New Attacking Techniques, Set Piece Rewrite, and also the Active Intelligence System. If you hope to catch every moment of the branded new FIFA 17 games, you will fully be satisfied with the design of the Set Piece Rewrite and the New Attacking Techniques, and if you hope your team in your FIFA 17 to be much more clever, and the video game of the football to be much more interesting, the New Intelligence System also can meet your demand. And you will feel that your FIFA 17 game seam to be much realer, the Physical Overhaul can also meet your need. As the FIFA 17 has become more and more appealing, it will be much more important for you to check out the best place to buy the safe legit fifa coins to build your team, and open more FIFA 17 packs.


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For more highlight of the FIFA 17, you can also see that it is so gorgeous in terms of its Graphics, as you can see the faces of a plenty of the famous players in the new version, and the jerseys of the FIFA 17 team, for example, the facial hair, the tattoos, the hairstyles of the players, were reproduced to be better with the excellent details faithfully, and if you view it carefully enough, you can find that the hairstyles of the FIFA 17 players were changed for a new looks. And you will have a fantastic feeling when you are beginning with a fifa match because you will be represented by a match which looks like a TV live match.

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FIFA 17: Know about the Importance of the Goalkeeper

Being the developer and the Publisher of the FIFA 17, EA has released the new version of FIFA game in the end of September, and it has added so many new characteristics on the new games, which is supported by many platforms such as the Playstation 4 console, Playstation 3 console, Xbox one console, Xbox 360 console, and also together with the PC console. It is so successful since it is released in the united kingdom, as there is a fact that the record of the FIFA 13 has been broken by the branded new FIFA 17. Buy fifa coins now.


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In addition to know about the new characteristic of the new fifa 17, if you want to have better experience on playing it, it will also be better for you to know about the way of choosing the best player and scoring more points and golds for you when you are playing the game. The role of the Goalkeeper is so important for you in your match in terms of the football field, especially an excellent Goalkeeper, who will have great important effect on the whole match, as it is at the major place of the associate football, and what is more, this position is an important place that needs specialized skills.


To know the importance of the role of the goalkeeper, you just need to keep in mind that it is an essential role that is to avoid the team of the opposed part moving the ball over the defended gold line. And on the filed, the strategy is also directed by the goalkeepers, for the reason, it is because they are not restricted on the pitch, so they can get better view of the whole match, from which you can get the special perspective on playing the match development. So, know the importance of a good goalkeeper now? If so, just get the cheap Robo fifa coins to enjoy the game now!

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FIFA 17: Cristiano Ronaldo (94) Be the Best Player

The famous FIFA 17 has been released for two months now since September 27th in the northern America and September 29th all over the world, and just like the former version, you can play it on a variety of consoles, just as the Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox one, Xbox 360 and also the PC console. For the cooperation of the FIFA 17, there is a great improvement, as you could freely control your ball because the Set Pieces has been updated greatly in the FIFA 17, so that you can control all the situation of the ball moments totally. Get cheap Robo fifa 17 coins if you like.


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And in the FIFA 17, with the help of Ball-Handling Skills, the player also could have the experience on the Attack and also can position the ball, and the Penalty Mechanism will use for the FIFA 17. When compared to the fifa games before, you will find that the performance of the team has become much more active because in the new version, there adds a new feature – Active Intelligence System, which has greatly improve the experience of the game.


For the players in the FIFA games, over the past seven years, Lionel Messi (93), the superstar from Barcelona was the best player among all the players, however, now, he is not the best one, because now the top one is Cristiano Ronaldo (94) from Real Madrid, and Lionel Messi (93) ranks top two place, then Messi’s Team-Mate Neymar (92) ranks at the third place. So, the FIFA 17 cover star is not Messi for this time, instead, it is Reus who takes the place. And the branded new FIFA 17 makes so many changes when compared to the FIFA 16. For example, it applies the Frostbite Engine, which has greatly made the improvement on the scene texture. Buy fifa 17 coins right now.

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FIFA 17: News for Freshman

Are you an experienced gamer of the FIFA games? If not, this article will offer a great help for you to get to know about FIFA 17, and it is essential for you to keep reading it if you want to have more fantastic playing on FIFA 17 games. FIFA game is updated one time every year, for the FIFA 17 this year, it is very different when compared to the FIFA 16 last year, even though it is the same in terms of its core. Extreme technical changes are not needed for the foot games, as it will make the FIFA game series development process shorter in an instant way. FIFA 17 is launched so quickly after the launch of FIFA 16 and FIFA 15. Get the Robo fifa 17 coins now.

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EA company has make perfection on FIFA 17 by adding so many branded new features in the new version, and it added Active Intelligence System and has rewritten the Set -Piece system also so as to make its gameplay much more enjoyable, and when it comes to the game mode, it has added a branded new appealing feature, that is the new story mode, it is an improvement in the FIFA game series, even though it is still not so mature.

When it comes to the Engine, we can see that the old ignite engine is replaced by the branded new Frostbite Engine in FIFA 17 for the first time. Moreover, FIFA 17 has added many branded new football teams, including the Belgian Football League, The French League, Denmark Football League, The British League, Brazil Football League, The Premier League, and the The Dutch League, and so on. And it was released on 27th September, which is supported by various platform including Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PC and PS3. There are so many expectation for the FIFA 17, and you can just start your journey on FIFA 17 by buying cheap fifa 17 coins right now.

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FIFA 17 NEWS: FIFA 17 Is the Best Game

The FIFA 17 has acquired great success according to all kinds of sales records or gameplay experience over the past two months since it is released. The FIFA game is developed by the EA Company and it turns out to be a sport of classic and innovative. And it is updated one time a year. Buy Robo fifa coins now.

Before the release of FIFA 17, FIFA 13 got the best sales records among all the FIFA series games, but the records has been broken by the branded new FIFA 17, just only in one week time after it has released in the end of September in United Kingdom. It is the fact that without any questions because of the improvements and updates of the FIFA game in the branded new version this year. It will be a great proud in the eye’s of the EA company as they all believe that FIFA 17 will be, and should be the best game at the time when they start to develop the FIFA 17, and the result now shows FIFA 17 make it. Some people will think that there is no need to make too much technical changes and improvements for the football game, however, FIFA 17 did everything they can to make it perfect among all the FIFA games.

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FIFA 17 NEWS: Luis Suarez the Best Finisher

Before releasing the FIFA 17 game, the top 50 players was released by the EA Company. For some games fans, maybe they tend to buy those players that are famous. However, it is not the right thing all the time, as it will be very worthy for you to buy those players who are much more promising even though they are not so famous at the moment and not at a higher payment. Here we will recommend one of the best Finisher for you in the FIFA 17 FUT – Luis Suarez. Check Robo fifa 17 coins to get cheapest fifa coins.


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Being an excellent finisher, Luis Suarez is from Barcelona club with the finishing rate of 94. Not to mention the Famous Barcelona Team-Mate of Luis Suarez of the The Pretty Pressing Claims, now he is the Best Finisher In Europe without any doubt, and this can be a very good explaination on the question that In 53 Appearances Last Term why he got the score of 59. And there is a fact that, he ranked near Neymar and Messi, which makes the result turn to be not fair. Uruguayan ranked in the second place in the rating of Finishing Stakes in FIFA 17. Being a combination of Ball Control of 91, Curve of 86, Volleys of 88 and Shot Power of 87, Acceleration Of 88, it makes Luis Suarez a Bona-Fide Threat from all aspects. Visit reviews for more choices.


It will be a small pity that Carlos Tevez has not entered the top 20 ranks for the Best Finisher list, even though he ranked the second place in last year, and he is not the only one whose ranking drop quickly, as other famous best Finishers of last year such as Robin Van Persie, Alexandre Lacazette, Hulk, Wayne Rooney are also out of the ranks. From this point of view, we can see that it is a branded new ranking list for the most Gifted Strikers Of The Ball in this year.

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