FIFA 17 Halloween Cards – More Introduction

Aiming at celebrating the Halloween holiday, EA has released the new card for FIFA 17, and that is the Halloween Cards, which are introduced to those players who have the great performance in the real world, and also have excellent FUT attributes and records, and they are all releasing in the 23 players single FUT squad for one time.


For the available time of these Halloween Cards cards in packs, it is a week time, that is 7 days starting from the UK time 6pm, and those corresponding regular cards which are not colored are replaced by these cards. That is to say, if you get the Halloween card in packs during that time, you will not able to get other regular card on your packs. And you can use the same way as getting the player’s day 1 card in other time to pull these Halloween Cards.


fifa 17 coins online

fifa 17 coins online

For the price of the Halloween cards, they are expensive in FUT transfer market, and the reasons are as follows: there are a lot of people love collecting these cards, and its discard price is just as the same as those inform cards, and the most important thing is that these cards can fulfill those special squad building challenges. So the FIFA 17 Halloween Cards will be at a higher price at the beginning of when they are released, but will drop finally. As it is promoted in the beginning, those cards prices will drop over time.


And you don’t need to worry about your regular cards will be changed if you have kept them in your packs. But you have to go to the market to buy the corresponding version if you want to update it to a new version, or during that week, you can pull that card from a pack.

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Fifa 17 News – Things You Need to Know about the Halloween Cards

For the FUT 17 Ultimate Scream Cards, here are something that you should know in details:

About the concept of Ultimate Scream card

It is awarded to the players selection for the aim of Halloween celebration.

About the time to release the FIFA 17 Halloween card

It begin to release from 21-10-2016 to 28-10-2016.

About the valid duration of the FIFA 17 Halloween card that is available in the packs of FIFA

It is available for 7 days.

About the person who will choose the FUT Ultimate Scream card

Of course it is EA Sports will choose.

where to buy fifa 17 coins

where to buy fifa 17 coins

About the doubt that whether the rating of the Ultimate Scream player will be changed?

Of course it will not change. For the fifa 17 Halloween card ratings and stats, both are like that of the original NIF card, apart from the Halloween holiday from 28-10-2016 to 1-11-2016.

About the way to get the FUT Ultimate Scream cards

The way to get these cards are just like the way you get other kinds of cards: the first way is to get it on transfer market and the other way is to get it on packs. And to be the lucky one to get it on backs, just use the fifa coins or other coins to buy it at store.

About the way to get the FIFA 17 Halloween card in packs of FUT

Just like the way of that of getting the respective day 1 cards at other time, it is applied for you to get the specific Halloween cards.

About where to find the FIFA 17 Halloween cards in FUT Pack

You can find it in any packs in your cards. It is obvious that you will get more possibility to find one card when you are opening it that will contain many player cards.

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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team – How to Be a Successful Trader?

What you should know about if you hope to be a top trader on the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team? After you know the supply of the Fifa 17 – the relationship between the price of the product and the product amount which the seller need to sell, and its inversely proportional relationship in the market, now you will find it a helpful guide on your Fifa 17 trading, which can help you become rich and rich when you are playing Fifa 17. When you read the guide, you will be anxious and you will get to know the magic effect it works on those players who have the incredible squads. Maybe you will think it is just a joke, as you think that there is no possibility for them to buy a lot of excellent players.


Please tell me that this is not what you think about, as we will feel it disappointing after we have told you so much things about the fifa 17 trading. We always do our best to help every customers on our website to become richer and richer as soon as possible. So please treat it seriously.


cheap fifa 17 coins

cheap fifa 17 coins

If you can’t get something here on our website, you will ever get anything on other website. And just keep cautious when someone tell you that you can get all coins suddenly, pay attention that it is not what we have told you before, and even it may be a joke.


There is a fact that if you don’t work hard on the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, you will never become rich . Just ignore the card duplicators, and the coin generators, and even those cheating methods that you have meet before, as those are the methods with the scamming attempt that may make you much more tragic.

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FUT 17 Divisions – Things You need to know

It is know to all that FUT Champions and Squad Building Challenges was released not so long ago, but in the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, we also can see that the hottest game mode that has attracted the most players fans is the season. To start the game, you need to begin with the lower one, which is the division 10 and then you can do your best to win more games as possible as you can, so as to acquire the title of division 1. Besides, you can go far if possible. When you go up to the higher level, you need to play the most difficultly at your higher level.

fifa 17 coins

fifa 17 coins

In the seasons, 10 games will be included for each season, showing your progress in the season box now. The all-time record can be showed in the history of your season, in addition, you can also see the titles won and even the result of your last match. The most important thing is that, if you click the season box in current, what you can see will include the the current form of the last five games, and the matches numbers remaining in your season, and your division rewards, and the results with opponent of your last three matches, and of course, the scores, apart from the stuff on the screen

If you want to play the seasons, in single player mode or playing online are optional. When you choose the single player mode, there are 4 to 7 leagues for you to choose from, and if you choose playing online, there is only one league at each division for you to choose from. And there may be requirement for you to enter the Single player seasons.

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The Strategy To Play FIFA17

I feel boring and stricken after play FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM for 30 days. When I found FIFARALLE and was fascinated by the his strategy to play football. His manner to play make me imagine developer coined” good shot “. It’s  stirring  to join the player team in that room. It’s a nice fix of step and I guess I’ve got a lot – not only about doing a especial strategy move, but about the game physics buy fifa 17 coins.

Now, this turned into an idea that I’m going to strengthen myself going for it. If it is similar to KAZOOIE’S Strategy to Glory series please give me a pardon.


























The manner it works

I’m only agree to begin with 2* and 3* tips. I must get  my manner to 4* tips, and then repeat for 5* tips. I must achieve some target in order to open higher strategy level players, The accomplishments are very easy. For each strategy move at the given rank, I must score 30 goals where I used the strategy move to win a guards in the build-up of play. When I’ve done that for every strategy action, I can move on to the next rank.

I really want to escape from  all this

What’s more, I wish it make me like FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM once more, and retains me continually devoted to the game.Play more I will get more from the game.

I also want to discover new manner of moving the ball around that are generally under-appreciated. Such as, I just think Learn Football Moves are one of these puppet. I also aware that I handle  the controller may be differently cheap fifa 17 coins.

It benefits us more

I’m wondering it will let me to study the physics from the game, and to learn something that designers want to show us in the game .It will tell me something to concentrate on other than the points race during divisions.

  • It can be done in any game link. Co-op, FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM single player divisions, tournaments, career mode, pro clubs, FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM friendly match and of course FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM online divisions are all manners in which I can  accomplish my target. So it will be something hanging in the background, which doesn’t coerce me to play in a especial confined manner.
  • It is possible can be done without purchase of FIFA points.
  • It will urge me from trying to buy an under- skilled early in the year, and it’s  quite expensive and it hasn’t much merit.
  •  I am willing to be a nice player in the end.
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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is A Real Global Marke

Trading is a for the sale of goods or services.The most basic idea is that you need to you to achieve the ultimate team FIFA 17 COINS, buy fifa 17 coins you have to sell the card price than you.This advantage must be at least the number of less than 5% from each sale electronic arts confiscated finalise the auction house, also known as taxes.














Most players cannot sell CARDS in a scale profits enough to build a great team because they don’t understand the market and business.Many people don’t even know the basic rules of economics.What happens is that a bang 17 market behavior in a very similar way to a real and global markets.


If you want to be a real businessman in FIFA’s 17 the ultimate team, our suggestion is that you try to learn the basic thoughts of microeconomics.If you are a curious person, you may even extend your research to understand the game theory, fifa 17 coins one of the methods of applied mathematics, you will see how to apply to a bang 17 markets.Simple, because we want to make this article we will limit their just for the sake of your successful traders is crucial.


One of the basic concepts and legal supply and demand.This law to create a product of the relationship between the demand and supply.It is possible for us to describe consumer behavior at the same time period of the purchase decision, according to the quantity and price.When a product supply exceeds the demand, the price would fall.Demand on time, on the other hand, the supply, the price will be increased.

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FIFA 17 Millionaire in Six Tab

FIFA 17 Millionaire in Six Tab

Can see from the image below, the project has 6 different labels, each has a function.
Trading on the first TAB in the window, buy fifa 17 coins you can control all activities of software, select the module you want to use the COINS and view your balance, make CARDS, selling and buying.





















“Buyer’s inventory” and “work also has its own inventory bidders each module. The same CARDS rather than restrict their bidding, you can create a list of them you eventually intend to buy and sell. fifa 17 coins Program has its own internal database, so you can easily search for the name of a player or define any consumer goods as your target.

The fourth window is extremely important, it shows your transaction history by FIFA 17 millionaires and their respective balance.The analysis of the information is vital in order to make you aware of what card can bring most of the profits to you.

“Price automatically update” is included in the product, an additional module can be a very useful assets.The module is active, you stay away from the market because of constant price fluctuations rather than defining a fixed price, How to buy fifa 17 coins what are you going to now display program you will buy the lowest price in order to determine the percentage of card to provide or receive.In addition, the program itself to monitor now buy the lowest price in every moment, in order to ensure that you do not pay more money than you should.

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FIFA 17 Staff Cards

FIFA 17 Staff Cards

FIFA 17th in the end the purpose of the team spirit is to create a dream team.In order to achieve this goal, needs to be more than just a player.How to buy fifa 17 coins You need to know how to manage the type of card games to other things such as: employees, consumables and club goods.To do this, you fully understand them, how they work, they may or may not bring real benefits to your strategy.



















In general, human resource is the most precious of each company assets.It happened in 17 a bang.The players is very important, because without them will not be able to play.Although they are not essential, is also a FIFA 17th staff performs a very important role.These CARDS have a responsibility to promote some consumables and influence, under the influence of managers, they can even increase the player’s personal chemistry.


Head coach to improve athletes training card, the effect of goalkeeper goalkeeper coach training card, the effect of increasing fitness trainer fitness card and physiotherapy coach to increase the effect of the treatment of card.If you don’t use consumables in your club, in addition to the contract is mandatory, buy fifa 17 coins you can give up your own employees.Otherwise, for their equipped with coaches and medical staff according to the material use up.Manager is an exception, because they have an important role in the contract, they are, in fact, it is very necessary, if you want to succeed.

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FIFA 17 SBC Introduction

FIFA 17 SBC Introduction
It is well known that FIFA 17th the SBC is one of this year launched a new game mode, in the final team.You can use your console, PC or FIFA 17th partner applications to complete the challenge, won the game.Challenge is divided into four categories: basic (simple), union (based on the alliance to achieve a good chemistry),buy fifa 17 coins advanced (the hardest) and living (along in a new challenge to be released).The first three are included in another guide, life can be found in the guide of the construction of the team challenge.We will help you and you need to complete these challenges: rewards, demand and team recommends the most difficult challenges.




















Is a great way to FIFA 17th challenge team construction, make use of the COINS CARDS in your team or cheap card you find in the transfer market.Obviously,How to buy fifa 17 coins you should try to complete the challenge coin spending may be less.Here are some tips you should use the best SQB experience:

17 a bang when you start playing, please do not discard your copper and silver card, until you have completed the first challenge;

Has nothing to do with the SBC player statistics, this means that you can use the low speed, bad skills and less popular way, in this way can spend less COINS;

If you are not sure you are a team of chemical building with partner application team or an external site builder.

From now on will be the last hint: you will give up all the players is part of the challenge, once you submit your team.They won’t come back!

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How well does the FIFA 17 Support Work

First of all, we want to help you choose the best way to contact for you.In our opinion, you should avoid to use E-mail, fifa 17 coins because they need to spend more time to give you an answer.Most of the time you don’t get even one.Asked FIFA 17th support by phone is a better choice, but waiting for a long time, may be costly, you didn’t get that.This is why we strongly recommend choosing “chat”, if it is in your area.It is free, usually is fast, you can read and transcribed the origin of your account at any time.























How to explain the EA sports FIFA 17th support work, we need to analyze their effectiveness and timeliness.Are all depend on the type of help you need.


They should solve your problem is not more than 15 days, but in many cases, they need more time.Simple problems, such as block club you erase five times, they are really useful, they can do it.However, for more complex problems, buy fifa 17 coins such as restoring the damaged club, they need a lot of months, most of the time they don’t fix it.Contact them really painful to support such a problem, because it involves a lot of people from different departments, they just asked us to wait for someone to repair it, almost never happen.To avoid these situations, seek a solution in your contact, if possible, please contact them experts when you connect to them.Don’t blindly believe that the service provided by the game details.According to the player beat us wrong information sharing.

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