FIFA 18 Gameplay Tips: Details You Need Pay Attention To In UT Mode (Part Three)

We have mentioned that we should pay attention to the network and the mentality in the part one of FIFA 18 Gameplay Tips, and the details in the part two of FIFA 18 Gameplay Tips, now we will keep talking about the factor that will affect the progress when playing FIFA 18.

Fourth: SM, skill moves

There are some reasons I put skill moves in the end, many FIFA gods do not use sm, just by a simple pass with the transfer to coordinate with other players, I think this is closer to real football, as we can play well without sm! Like Berbatov, scoop turn is not really real. But fifa is a game after all, and these sm are indeed based on the reality of someone used , and on the basis of a series of beautiful sm, a goal will look pleasing, and it also reaches the purpose of the game. If you do sm, you have to judge the defensive player of the opponent side is the manual defense or ai defense, as it is best not to do too much sm if it is ai defending, ai is not easy to grab, but it also gives you to stay The opportunity to get the ball easier, you can observe the surrounding circumstances and choose a good pass line, and you must note that this time the opponent is controlling the player to cut your pass line.

Huge gorilla often used scoop turn in the restricted area, as long as turning sucessfully, then he will score the goal generally. For SM, mainly you must be skilled and then cooperate with the scenario to figure out what time to use which sm.

These are all FIFA 18 Gameplay Tips I’d like to share to you, and if you have understood, you can check fifa ultimate team store to buy cheapest fifa coins for the game now.

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FIFA 18 Gameplay Tips: Details You Need Pay Attention To In UT Mode (Part Two)

I play FIFA from the beginning of fifa16, and I have to say fifa substitution is too strong, especially for those people who love playing football, sometimes it is really excited. In FIFA 16 I achieved d2 in the final. In FIFA 17 I finally rose to d1, which is the closest to D1 in this round. I have said some opinions on playing FIFA 18 UT Mode in the last article, and now let’s discuss together more key factors affecting the progress in the follows:


fifa 18 gameplay tips


Third, the details
Details determine the success or failure, I will watch some FIFA 18 Pro players’ videos, in the beginning I felt that I was almost the same as them, mostly their ability to seize the opportunity is stronger than me, and know more sm than me. Actually it is not! When you stop the ball, where is your ball, is the incidental turn or hold back the ball, or go directly to the ball or throw off the defending along the line of the ball? All of these have Different options under different circumstances, especially in the restricted area, a stop ball may decide whether you can hit the gap to shoot. Also, in the face of high pressure defense, whether you can hold the ball, will be easily broken the line or not, the ball is not simply by pressing lt, even though lt is sometimes useful, relying too much on lt will waste a lot chances, after you get the ball you will subconsciously hold the ball back, so that the probability of a threatening shot came down greatly! I was particularly dependent on lt for some time, then I found myself do not know how to attack! So just keep in mind: using lt + rt more, and looking for a breakthrough in the moves.


Just check more FIFA 18 Gameplay Tips here for more tips that you should pay attention to when playing FIFA 18 UT MODE, or just buy ultimate team coins now to improve your level in FIFA 18.


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FIFA 18 Gameplay Tips: Details You Need Pay Attention To In UT Mode (Part One)

FIFA 18 has a lot of changes in the gameplays compared to the forme FIFA, whether it is the choice of skill action or the lineup of the team, it will affect the final result, then how to quickly become a elite in FIFA 18? Let’s take a look at the key factors affecting the progress when playing FIFA 18. Also check this fifa ultimate team store where I usually buy fifa coins at low price.




Factor One: the network

I think a good network is the most critical factor in determining what level in FIFA 18, as even though you delay one second, people have shot, and you even have not cut to the defensive player, in this case, how to play, not to mention you are offline in each game. I feel now the network as long as to choose ss in the general situation, and then click on the online tutorial for dmz, and connect the router, and open the nat, then it will be okay for playing FIFA 18 UT Mode.


Second, the mentality

I feel this is the most crucial point in the subjective which will affect the personal level when playing FIFA 18 UT Mode, some time ago I have been wandering in d1 to d3, and each time when playing week race, I’m particularly looking forward to it, and also will be very impatient after the opening of the game, and I like to grab the ball, even though knowing that if you can not grab the ball I will be very dangerous, then I loss the game so often and the psychology completely collapsed. Later I figured out and continued to play and made the goals in the week match, and I will often think of the defensive problems. And when it is offensive time I will not keep pressing the rt to rush blindly, on contrary, I will patiently organize the team, look for opportunities, and took 20 wins, and acheived d1 stably , and there is a chance to get T.


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FIFA 18: FIFA 18 Operation Difference Compared to FIFA 17 ( Part Two)

Last week, we have share tha part one of the FIFA 18 Operation Difference Compared to FIFA 17, now FIFA-COINS.COM is going to share more details so as you can have smooth cooperation when playing FIFA 18.

4. Learn 3 fancy actions, the first is a fake shot, which you need to learn three kinds: the first is stopping the ball when facing the goalkeeper by pressing L1 for the rhythm control, the second is to press R1 to take you to the direction you want to go, this is very steady if it is used to stop the ball, but also take the opportunity to avoid each other to grab your ball (highly recommended), the third is purely fake shot to make direction, for rapid change. The second fancy action is the Marseille maneuver, the feeling of Marseille maneuver of 18 has unique sense of space, which is easy to use when compared to FIFA 17, and you can check the online tutorials. The third fancy action is Dimitar Berbatov roundabout.

5, Learn to accelerate, some people will feel how to accelerate for one-stop, here is a trick, that is, you look at your opponent’s defensive inertia. The first one is when he is defending you, he accelerates the defending acceleration direction you see him, acceleration in the opposite direction, of course, it requires some extra skills, such as emergently stop the speed or pressing the speed up button and the direction button, this can be depending on the touched feeling. The second is that you pay attention to the control cursor of your opponent, if he did not switch to the nearest position around you, but you are already accelerating, and his defensive player without cursor is close to you, in this case, you do not need to care, and just need to continue to flush, AI response insufficient in FIFA 18, and can only see you playing all by yourself on the pitch.

6, When it comes to defense, I will tell you one thing, defense has inertia, you do not follow the whole press to speed up to grab, acceleration only makes you close to each other, and then let go. Most of the time, when we are on top, we are accelerating.

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FIFA 18: FIFA 18 Operation Difference Compared to FIFA 17 ( Part One)

What is the difference between fifa18 and FIFA 17 in the aspect of cooperation? Presumably this is the issue that a lot of old players of fifa series concerned about. Today for everyone FIFA-COINS.COM is to bring you the analysis introduction about the difference between FIFA18 and fifa 17, and if you are interested in it, you can follow us to see more details, or you can directly buy cheap fifa 18 coins to play the game now!




Introduction about the operation difference analysis


1, abandon your had habit of using the crabs footsteps in the case of being close to other player in fifa17, as in FIFA 18, the crabs footsteps are actually cut to be weak, at most it can only be a rhythm control, not as good as FIFA 17 to play easily, which also led to a lot of FIFA players rather not used to it as they were relying on crab footsteps to walk rampantly.


2, Abandon the case of protecting your ball by pressing L2 you like, as it is not automatically turned your body to protect the ball in FIFA 18 in the face of each other’s defensive player by pressing L2. But it does not mean that you can not protect the ball, you need to get used to push the shaft straight forward, and then press L2 to protect the ball.


3, Let go of your accelerator button, FIFA 18 is not so good as FIFA 17, the inertia for this is too much, not just your offensive has, but also your defensive also has, but the AI move is particularly good when using this as attack, you sometimes are simply two pass one, you also can run well in place, so unless there is a grassland in front, do not mindless run. All you have to do is to let go of the accelerator, defend the ball, give the ball back to the player who gave you the pass before.


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FIFA 18: The New Man of the Match cards(MOTMS)

The Man of the Match cards were created in FUT 12 to reward the best players of matches not covered by the TOTW cards. It is the case of the UEFA club competitions final stages, domestic cups finals and International National Teams finals.


This year, there are two types of MOTM cards: dMOTM, domestic man of the match cards, used for domestic cups played by clubs; and cMOTM, continental man of the match, used for continental tournaments played by clubs.



This time, after a week of action in the German DFB-Pokal, England’s FA Cup, Spain’s Copa del Rey, and the Belgian Cup, we get five shiny new orange special items from a range of teams represented in those.


One of Spurs’ goal scorers, the versatile Erik Lamela, gets an intriguing position change to CAM. His lack of pace probably will limit him outside the most ardent Argentina/Tottenham backers’ sides, but he’s an interesting collectors’ item none the less.


Arjen Robben headlines the release arguably after his missile strike for Bayern in their emphatic 6-0 win over lower league Paderborn. His 89 RM orange player item looks to be superficial at best, but it’d make for a great pack pull if you’re lucky enough to do so.Rounding out the group is Sevilla’s Franco Vazquez, Swansea’s rising star Tammy Abraham, and Genk’s Ibrahima Seck.


If you own the regular card of a player elected MOTM, your card will be kept unchanged. If you want the improved version, you will need to buy the corresponding MOTM version in the market or pull it from a pack in that day.


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FIFA 18: Defense and Attack Experience

Hey guys, just want to know what’s your feeling when experiencing the defense and attack in FIFA 18? As a elite FIFA player, I really have some crazy feeling on FIFA 18’s defense and attack.

1, FIFA 18 pays attention to defense, if your defense is not good, you certainly will lose the game. If defense substitutions is not in time, then it has been lateafter you have changed the player.

2, It is too powerful if you attack directly to enter the ball, or the players moves are too good? Anyway, directly entering the ball sometimes feel that the ball even did not pass well, but it will become a very good pass.

3, Long shot is too powerful.

4, The door frame probability is too high

5, Under the bottom pass it does not work with the same power of FIFA 17, as it will appear to be a small force, and then quickly pressing the passing function in the bottom for 2 times cannot be seen in FIFA 18, that is rapid low-arc pass.

6, The bottom map is always black and white and I do not know if it is possible to modify the patch.

This is my feeling about the FIFA 18 defense and FIFA 18 attack, and if you have other experiences on FIFA 18 gameplay, just feel free to share with FIFA-COINS.COM!

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FIFA 18: How to Use Messi in FIFA 18?

We have simple reviews on Messi in the last article, now just find more details about Messi so as to better use him as attacker in FIFA 18.

Mayebe you have seen that there is no one whose shot conversion rate is as low as Messi’s shot at the same price (810k). Messi’s strongest weapon is rubbing shot, inside and outside the restricted area, inverse foot or straight foot can rub out a piece of the day, just look rubbing shot, maybe it is only Pierro with about 5 inverse foot is more powerful. However, Messi not only has rubbing shots, in addition to long-range shot, Messi at any way can shot easily to convert into a goal, even he is pulled by the opponents, even if the pace is not fully adjusted, Messi can shot the ball, it can be said, if you own Messi in FIFA 18, you will lead the game at the opening with 1: 0.

When it is position attack, Messi ai offensive moves will definitely not let you feel his mentality is mm, and you will have the most obvious sense only at counterattack, for rm, because the location itself is relatively back, if there is no way for counterattack, Messi often will run up at last, even if it is set to stay in the frontcourt, it is the same, so put him in the middle to let him go ballistic counterattack, and it can be said it is the best solution, but still we suggest setting him to stay in frontcourt, and if you put Messi on Cam, you can maximize both his ability to play, but also save his fitness.

In conclusion, Messi as a player worthy 810k coins, his ability completely exceed the price, in this stall he has a high cost performance, rw default location may need to make you pay for some of the costs with Messi, but just believe me, it is absolutely worth it. And just buy cheap fifa 18 coins to get Messi from the market now.

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FIFA 18 Attackers: Review on Messi in FIFA 18

For Messi, my emotions are a bit more complicated, I have nothing interests on Futbol Club Barcelona, but I really like Messi. The reason why so many fans play ut is because they want to set a team around Messi. Therefore, here I may add more personal subjective views. Messi played about 230 games in my team, in the beginning he is as rm, the effect is worse, the goals and assists are about 0.6, the effect was significant after changing him as the cam, and the goals and assists are at about 1.1 and 0.7, at the current he is my team’s first shooter, regardless of online (currently d4), sqb ultimate difficulty almost is no misfiring. From the data point of view, Messi can be said almost is without any shortcomings, even the height is his advantage, the data of Messi in FIFA 18 does not have to do any analysis, as the word “perfect” is sufficient.

DRI, PAC, PHY can be said together, FIFA 18 as it deduces AI defend ability, so compared to the previous FIFA, Messi is more strong in FIFA 18. Messi’s speed may not be the fastest, but the explosive power to get the ball or catch the ball in the game is strongest, regardless of slow dribbling and fast dribbling changes can easily get rid of any computer back defend, because of the high value of the dribbling, even if the body is not strong, with a touch of one-touch from the back defend of other side will not be carried away, even slightly lost his position, he can also  through the change of position to control the ball possession. Therefore, Messi’s dribbling can give players a high degree of fault tolerance, even if you are hand-disabled like me, you will not lose the ball. In addition, due to the shorter stature, Messi can cut the ball off the opponent’s back.

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FIFA 18: How to Choose and Use Attackers in FIFA 18?

Which attackers in FIFA 18 are good to use? Here we are to share the tips on choosing and using the attackers in FIFA 18 and help you to choose the suitable Attacker in FIFA 18 too.

How to use the attackers?

We will recommend the 4231-2 Formation, Andriy Shevchenko’s location is st, Messi’s location is cam (changing location in the beginning), Matthus is cam and cdm (changing location in the beginning). The low-profile Andriy Shevchenko uses about 260 games, most of which are legendary sqb and online d10-d6, late 30-40 final sqb, and goals and assists are about 0.9 and 0.7. From the data point of view, Andriy Shevchenko ‘s advantage is the two-speed and the end, the disadvantage is the mentality and passing, Andriy Shevchenko ‘s actual experience and data are the same.

Andriy Shevchenko’s speed and the ultimate speed are in the level of the upper, which can be best reflected in the counterattack, the speed when the game begin and the speed after touching the first ball can easily get away from the sqb legendary defender, but due to dribbling values constraints, although it is not really bulky, the personal breakthrough ability and player breakthrough ability is basically proportional to, simply speaking, you can not expect Andriy Shevchenko’s dribbling achieve the same fault tolerance rate as Messi, how much Exceptional ability you have, that is how much Exceptional ability Andriy Shevchenko has. Andriy Shevchenko’s biggest advantage is the level of the top end of the game, regardless of which foot, shooting conversion rate in the same class of legendary players belongs to the top, as long as the ball enters into restricted area, as long as there is room, then just start his feet, he can make the goals.

Does it sounds fantastic? And want to get Andriy Shevchenko in your FIFA 18 Formation? Just check fifa coins cheapest to prepare enough coins and buy him in the market!

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