FIFA 18 Defense: How to Defend in FIFA 18? (Part One)

FIFA defensive ideas and techniques are definitely a science. Like real football, you need to do a lot of thinking in the game, such as what kind of defensive ideas and techniques you should use on the sidewalk! This chapter is the first chapter of the basics. And the defensive skills will be introduced in the later chapters and how to use them. This basic chapter mainly refers to you the concept of defense and hopes to help you. PS: Many ideas and techniques are based on the experience of professional foreign players. If you have a better method and advice, please leave a message under the article.

FIFA 18 defense criteria and philosophy:

(1) Always separate the opponent from the goal/goalkeeper with the player (figure 1)

(2) Do not run too fast. Try to use the LT/L2 to move. Follow and defend the opponent and get close to him and then use the manual buttons to grab the ball.

TIP: In most cases, if you don’t press the button manually to grab the ball, you can’t steal the ball or even will leak the ball.

(3) Don’t blindly attack: In particular, it means the situation where there are only 1-2 defensive players left in the backcourt, and even with less defense, do not use the defensive player to attack blindly and confidently. How to do? You need to run backwards and slow down. Use the criteria (1). Use defensive players to separate the player from the goal, delay the time, and wait for your defender to return to position.

(4) Defensive concept: When defending, it is very important not to run directly to the opposing player to try to steal the ball, you need move backwards, try the LT/L2+A to defend, and stop in the best defensive position (between the opposing player and the goalkeeper). When the opponent player approaches, press the interception button manually and the ball is successfully closed.

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FIFA 18 Tutorial: How To Optimize Your Defense In FIFA 18 (Part Two)

Today, we keep talking about some easy way to optimize your defense in FIFA 18, it is simple and useful. The following skills and tips are basically no player’s attribute limit, you can use it free. So, let’s getting start to learn this tutorial.

Press A button to intercept.

Has any gamer ever thought of using the short pass of the A button as an interception method?

In fact, this is a feasible method. When the ball files to you and the other player, you press the A button at this time, although it is considered as a passing, the passing will also cause similar actions such as interception to opposing player. This interception method was not punished by referees before FIFA 17. However, FIFA 18 has a chance to give penalties for fouls. This is mainly based on systematic judgments.

This trick is very useful, not only for interception, but also for passing. You should use it more.

fifa 18 defense

fifa 18 defense

Sliding Tackle

The difficulty of the sliding tackle is much harder than other defenses. The key is to have a predictable distance and speed. The general interception time is when you and the ball player running side by side, and the opposing player suddenly kicks the ball off the leg, at this time you can use sliding tackle in the direction of the ball.

If you can not intercept the ball, it will cause a big loophole in the rear, and it is basically impossible to recover. Once the spade fails, you immediately switchplayers to make up.

keeper pounced

When the opposing player is Single-pole ball, you can press Y button to let the goalkeeper pounced. You can let him out of the penalty area to use as a defender, but don’t do it often, otherwise there will be danger of being beat back by the opponents. When you release the Y button, the goalkeeper will shrink back, and if you are sure that would be the single-pole ball, you need to hold the Y key tight.

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FIFA 18 Tutorial: How To Optimize Your Defense In FIFA 18 (Part one)

Many FIFA 18 gamers are advocating offense in the game. This habit can easily lead to very large loopholes in their defense. The loose defense will also make it easy for opponent to beat your team. This will make you afraid to defend each other’s players, but how to resolve the opponent’s offense only rely on computer defense, it is quite passive. In the absence of morale, the offense is not necessarily effective, so improving the defense quality is a problem that gamers must pay attention to.


Use your physical advantage

Use your defender hits the opponent who is dribbling, you can rely on physical advantage to knock off the offensive player and grab the ball.


This skill is very simple. When you are close to the offensive player as a defender, you first get close to each other and become entangled, when you determine the running trend of the opponent (non-ball trend), you directly hold down B button, keep 1 second, instead of tapping the B button for an instant steal. At this point, you will use your body to hit the opponent.



Block the restricted area


Many gamers will be in a hurry to defend when the opponent are pused into the area.


In fact, the defense work in the area is very simple. You only need to pay attention to the opponent’s passing routes and shooting directions, and then block the routes that are likely to pass and shoot.


Use your player’s body to block the route, it may cause the other person to pass the ball and make mistakes when shooting. As the system will sometimes make judgments, so that your players make reasonable interceptions and tackles automatic, so you don’t have to bother about the action, and all you have to do is to take a defensive more.


If the game has a handball, remember to hold down the LT button while you are in the penalty zone. This will allow the player you are currently manipulating to keep his arms behind him, then you don’t need to worry about the handball.




The tackling requires you to be close to your opponent, press B to extend the foot to steal.


When you faild to tackling, it’s easy to lose your position, but this kind of dislocation is not serious, but it’s almost impossible to get back to the tight state, so after the interception, you can try to follow the ball player, then switch other players to keep up the defense.


The tricking is judge the opponent’s next move and intercept his foot position. In fact, when you are close to the opponent, you can use interception to try to steal the ball. Pressing the B button form a pull or force action.


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FIFA 18 Guides: FIFA 18 Authorized Stadium List

Even though the FIFA 18 has been released for half a year, and now it is going to release the FIFA 18 TOTS, but maybe there still some gamers don’t know which authorized stadium has been included in FIFA 18? Comepared to FIFA 17, the new series has added 4 new stadiums in the game, so follow FIFA-COINS.COM and let’s take a look.

The new series has added four authorized stadium in the game, including Wanda Metropolitan (Atletico Madrid), Home Depot Center (Los Angeles Galaxy), Kirkleys Stadium (Huddersfirld) and Express Links (Brighton).

Premier League


Emirates Stadium

Goodison Park

St.James’ Park

St.Mary’s Stadium

Stamford Bridge

Stoke City FC Stadium

The Hawthorns

Vicarage Road

Selhurst Park

London Stadium

Old Trafford

Liberty Stadium

King Power Stadium

Etihad Stadium

Vitality Stadium

Turf Moor

The Amex Stadium

Kirklees Stadium

Wembley Stadium



BC Place Stadium

CenturyLink Field

StubHub Center


La Liga

Wanda Metropolitano

Santiago Bernabéu


La Primera

El Monumental

La Bombonera


Virtual Stadium

Al Jayeed Stadium

Aloha Park

Arena del Centenario

Arena D’Oro

Court Lane

Crown Lane

Eastpoint Arena

El Grandioso

El Libertador

Estadio de las Artes

Stadion Hanguk

Stadion Neder

Stadion Olympik



England Football League Championship

Stadium of Light

KCOM Stadium

Carrow Road

Villa Park

Loftus Road

Fratton Park

Riverside Stadium


Ligue 1

Parc des Princes

Orange Vélodrome



Allianz Arena


Veltins Arena




Serie A

Allianz Stadium

San Siro

Stadio Olimpico



Amsterdam Arena


The Maxican Super League  

Estadio Azteca


Saudi Arabia football professional league

King Abdullah Sports City

King Fahd Stadium

J League

Suita City Football Stadium


Virtual Stadium

Estadio El Medio

Estadio Presidente G.Lopes

Euro Park

FIWC Stadium*

Forest Park Stadium

Ivy Lane

Molton Road

O Dromo

Sanderson Park

Stade Municipal

Stadio Classico

Stadion 23.Maj

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FIFA 18 Tutorial: How to Achieve the Achievement in FIFA 18

How to achieve all the achievement in FIFA 18? And what’s the requirements? There are 44 achievements in the game which need you guys to unlock. Here we, as a site to review  Best place to buy fifa coins, bring you the achieved conditions guide, come and check it.

There are 44 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret:

Name Description Gamerscore
A+ Win a penalty shoot-out without missing 30
Star pupil Complete an entire day’s Daily Objectives in FIFA Ultimate Team 15
Get your head in the game Score a goal with a downward header 15
Shiny Win the Women’s International Cup tournament 30
Lofty Finish Score a goal from a High Cross 15
Going up in style Win a division title in FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons 15
The big league Win promotion to Division 1 of FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons 80
Tailored Spend a skill point in Pro Clubs 15
Fake it Make it Score a goal by tricking the keeper with a Fake Shot 15
Weekly objective complete Complete a Weekly Objective in FIFA Ultimate Team 15
Let’s play a game Play a women’s football match 15
Trick or treat? Score a goal with a Flair Shot in a women’s football match 15
A solid test Complete a Squad Building Challenge Group in FIFA Ultimate Team 15
More to come Play 20 games in any game mode within FIFA Ultimate Team 15
In Perfect Harmony Achieve a 10 partnership rating with your striker partner 30
Steal the show Win Division Title in Online Head to Head Seasons (must be obtained through game-play) 30
Just getting started Complete and win your first Pro Club Seasons league match 15
My Only Hope Perform a quicksub after you concede a goal 15
Investor Sell a player and negotiate a Sell-On Clause with the buying club 15
Challenge? What challenge? Complete your first Squad Building Challenge in FIFA Ultimate Team 15
You got skills Complete a multiplayer skill game 15
You’re a real keeper! Score a goal from a counter attack that started with a goalkeeper driven throw 80
Handyman In Pro Clubs, use in matches each of your 3 Play Styles 15
You may have won the battle… Win a game in FIFA Ultimate Team Squad Battles 15
A test of skill Challenge and complete a match against the Team of the Week in FIFA Ultimate Team 15
Master builder Complete 20 Squad Building Challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team 30
It’s what I do Score by performing an outside of the foot free kick 15
You’ve got a friend in me Finish an Online Friendlies Season 15
Go low! Score a goal using a low shot 15
Should’ve brought my sunglasses Win the EFL Cup in The Journey 30
Sniped In career mode, compete for the same player with other teams, and win the negotiation war 15
Your own path Unlock all traits in one skill-tree path 15
Sharp Shooter During open play, score a long-distance goal with a defender (25 yards out) 15
Always be closing Secure a player on the first try. 15
You’ve read my mind Assist a goal using a threaded through pass 30
Magician Perform 3 successful threaded through ball passes with the same player in the attacking third 30
What a comeback Finish The Journey 90
Objective complete Complete a Daily Objective in FIFA Ultimate Team 15
Build bridges Successfully dribble an opponent by using The Bridge 15
Stylist In the journey, add a cosmetic item to Alex Hunter 30
Pristine victory Win all 4 matches in a FUT Draft session in FIFA Ultimate Team 15
Just one more Score 5 goals in a women’s football match 15
Brute Force Buy a player by paying his release clause 15
I’m getting dizzy Score a goal after 10 consecutive passes in the opposing third of the pitch 15

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FIFA 18 Tips: FIFA 18 Top 10 Defender List

Which players of FIFA 18 have stronger defensive ability? Presumably a lot of players are very cuious. Today, bring you the list of Top 10 Defender in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, let’s have a look.

FIFA 18 Top 10 Defender

FIFA 18 Top 10 Defender

10. Alderweireld (CB) – Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

9. Sokratis (CB) – DortmundBVB

8. Boateng (CB) – Bayern München

7. Godin (CB) – Club Atlético de Madrid

6. Miranda (CB) – Internazionale Milano

5. Silva (CB) – Paris Saint-Germain

4. Ramos (CB) – Real Madrid

3. Barzagli (CB) – Juventus 

2. Hummels (CB) - Bayern München

1. Chiellini (CB) – Juventus 


The above is a list of the Top 10 Defender of FIFA 18, it represents only my personal opinions. Also check Best Cheap Serie A Player Suggestion if you want to know some more FIFA 18 players reviews.

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FIFA 18 Tutorial: Best Cheap Serie A Player Suggestion

How to choose the FIFA 18 Cheap Serie A Player? Here FIFA-COINS.COM will recommend the best cheap FIFA 18 Serie A Player for you, and just keep reading if you are interested in FIFA 18 Serie A Players.

Gianluigi Donnarumma fifa 18

Gianluigi Donnarumma fifa 18

GK: Gianluigi Donnarumma

For Buffon and Belhanda, it not easy to say who is strong and who is weak. The top recommendation of the third goalkeeper is Gianluigi Donnarumma, as he is tall and has fast speed to save the ball, and it is enough for the basic goalkeeper. And he is much more stable in the weekend leagues, but just has less magic saves. But with cheap price, he is high cost-performance.

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FIFA 18 Tutorial: How To Beat The Legendary AI In FIFA 18

The Legendary AI’s familiarity and shooting accuracy are very good, for the beginners, it is not a simple matter to beat the legendary AI. Today, FIFA-COINS.COM bring you some ideas for how to beat the legendary AI, have a look and learn some tips!

Competing with AI can’t be the same as playing with your friend, because people will making some mistakes, but AI is basically a program and they won’t make mistakes.

Find a formation with two wings, you must attack from the wings, when you have get use to it, even you absent-minded, you can win 5 : 0. After a few times one-two, pass the ball to the winger to speed up. When you nearly the bottom line, return in the direction of fake shots or other skill moves, then pass the ball to the middle, the first one to catch the balls has the opportunity to shoot.

Don’t attack from the middle, unless you are very patient, not that the middle road doesn’t work, with its easy offensivve from the wing, why do I seriusly attack from the middle.

Try you best to play some useful skill moves. The AI will suddenly stop.

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FIFA 18 Tips: FIFA 18 Defense Recommendation

Many players said that this series of the AI is not easy to defense, then how to defense in FIFA 18? Here bring the FIFA 18 defense recommend for you, come and learn it.

I found that the default aromatic defense mode not only assists you with the passing and shooting, but also take the position automatic when defending. You just need to stand in a good position, it’s easy to get the ball when you step up and get at least 3 goals. But, when you switching to manual mode, you can’t defense the AI anymore. You just looking at the AI and they will passing, shooting, do everything they want, even thought I have already kept my formation well, the AI can still easily pass through the midfield, then go freely in the area.

fifa 18 gameplay

fifa 18 gameplay

Even using a strong team to beat the weak team, it is also very difficult and lose. After many trials, finally, I found out where the problem lies. The original manual mode of FIFA 18 need to jockey for the position manual, you need to use LT /L2 when you defense.

The breakthroughs is very threatening in this series, the speed of the players is no longer limited, so they can go through the penalty zone free. But when I found that I need to use LT/L2 to jockey the position, this kind of attack is in control.

In a word, if you don’t fit your defense with LT/L2, there is no way to defend.

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FIFA 18 Kits: FIFA 18 France Kit Recommendation

Which player is best to use in your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team? Strong player makes your team strong too, and here FIFA-COINS.COM will share the FIFA 18 France kit essential player recommendation, and if you are interested in it, just follow us.


FIFA 18 France kit essential player recommendation:


fifa 18 france kit

fifa 18 france kit

The FIFA 18 France kit essential player we recommend here is much excellent than Ousmane Dembélé, and it is like the low-level Messi when you use it, but much more resistant. I do not use Messi in FIFA 18, but used gold card Messi and Annual Messi player card in FIFA 17, the hand feeling is very similar, and the former one let me feel it like Mohamed Salah, but the two-star Weak Foot still have the shortage, and this card mainly have 6-7 hidden attribute, speed, long shot etc.


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