FIFA 17: Who Will Be the Champion of UEFA Champions League?

Here comes to the essential moment of the UEFA Champions League, but who will be the Champion of UEFA Champions League this year?

With Real Madrid’s strength, it is entirely possible to hit the championship under the leadership of Zinedine Zidane again. If he can complete this task, Zinedine Zidane will be the first coach to defend the championship after the Restructuring of the Champions League. And as the players and coaches who has made Champions League champions the same, if in the season Real Madrid can also win the league title, then Zidane’s club resume is satisfactory. Next, we will expect Zinedine Zidane to hold the national team’s pointer, to create an unprecedented gold full slam (as player and coach, he can get the league champions, Champions League, World Cup champion, the European Cup champion and other important championship ).

Barcelona’s epic level of reversal has been able to let Enrique be remembered by history, and Barcelona has great momentum to win the championship. After announcing the news of leaving the team in advance, Enrique was on the way to self-proof. The gap between the league and Real Madrid is narrowing, in the King Cup, they have reached the final and will face Deportivo Alavés, if it is incredible to win the Triple Crown, that Enrique will undoubtedly be a legendary coach, and the achievement of twice won Triple Crown is also unprecedented.

The opportunity that Guardiola breaks the challenge still exists. There are a lot of people who think that the dream of three Barcelona’s brilliant achievements thanks to the top players in the peak period, Guardiola just hold a thigh. And if Guardiola can lead Manchester City whose strength is not the strongest to win the Champions League, then he will let all the question disappear, but also will become the legendary coach who leads different teams to win the Champions League. But in turn, if in this season, Manchester City can not broke into the semi-finals as last season, and even is eliminated by Monaco in this round, then Guardiola’s pressure will become quite large.

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FIFA 17: Messi’s Team Play Well to See Enrique Off

“National newspaper” pointed out that the Barcelona players did not do off Enrique. The team lost score and it resulted from a variety of factors. Busquets and Iniesta are surprised at the fact that captain lack of tactical change in the PSG game. But they are not shelling Enrique, just want to make the coach more concerned and focused, you know, a few months ago Enrique made a decision to leave Barcelona.

Inside Barcelona, many people have long believed that Enrique will not stay in Barcelona. For such a coach, the players do not need to “do anything on Enrique”. In any case, it was unfavorable to Enrique, and he declared his departure only to confirm an established fact, and also confirmed that he would have led Barcelona before the end of the season. Enrique left his daily life, he let the team resume memory, use the 343 tactics that are very familiar with the Nou Camp stadium. This is not to make the team become elusive, but let the team be re-recognized by the fans, and finally Barcelona won over the rivals with the result of 5 to 0.

Although Barcelona may not be able to reverse Paris Saint-Germain, and it can not guarantee to be able to win the La Liga champion, but the use of the old formula, can let Barcelona focus on playing football, to protect their own style, to restore their reputation. Now there is no player to stay for Enrique to fight, there will be no players to get rid of the effort without Enrique, the team are fighting for a common cause, and Messi is their representative.

On last Saturday’s game, Messi’s sense of responsibility has become more and more stronger, he no longer has the feeling of guilt. Messi hopes to send Enrique in the grandest way. After Enrique made his decision open, Messi and his teammates decided to use the best results to help the club to win a number of championship to send to the coach. On the other hand, Enrique’s decision also eased the tension of the club. Barcelona is not an orthodox business, they are just a club with unique rule.

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FIFA 17: Who Changes Football?

First Chelsea, after Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, it should be said that in the past ten years, the European football giants pattern has not been turned over, but also already has been upgrading. At the same time, some of the traditional giants because of various factors has been long away from the European war stadium – Serie A Juventus, Milan, are very typical examples. However, the support of the “new giants” of the oil gold and rubles can change a team’s record and a league title attribution, and even make the team become a domineering European powerhouse, in the harvest at the same time, not necessarily Can really rise to the height to “change football”.

What exactly is, changing the football ?

Players: The Era Pioneers See Messi and Ronaldo
From the technical point of view, from the heavy attack to the offensive and defensive balance, and then to the whole attack, passing control, counterattack … … constantly innovate and change the team tactics, echoing the ever-changing technical trends and the “mainstream players” style Variety. Nowadays, the classic front waist, the traditional NO.10, station pile high center began to decline, front all-round forward line, “B2B” team members, organizational defender are becoming the major giants that chase the scarcity of resources. May wish to start from two current football king Messi and Ronaldo, they changed the football, or football changed them?

First of all, the development of football technical and tactical, indeed can be showed more obviously in the offensive player – modern football keeps pursuit of a higher offensive and defensive transition rhythm, more accurate delivery and cooperation. To some extent, the core of the offensive players not only has enough super personal ability to end the game, it should also have enough system to drive the team.

From these two points, Messi and Ronaldo are well deserved, they are different, but also can become the dream characters of each team. Moreover, one can say that Messi and Ronaldo at least in terms of the data are already an unprecedented presence.

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FIFA 17: Real Madrid President Warned Isco Not to Distracted Real Madrid

Real Madrid lost to Valencia on the visiting field, so that the Bernabeu high-level felt unhappy. This is what the high-level did not expect, but Real Madrid’s internal atmosphere has not been very good recently, and a big reason is because Isco spread the question in his own fate on leaving or staying. The contract between Isco and Real Madrid will be expired on June 30, 2018, he has not yet renewed with Real Madrid, and recently Isco said a lot of uncertain words about his future. At the top manager of Real Madrid, the words from Isco are not too responsible, it can be said that it has brought a negative impact on the whole team, and even the team’s record have been affected.

According to the Spanish “Marca” report, the high-level managers of the Real Madrid including  President Florentino has warned Isco, executives believed that in the critical stage of the season, Isco should not let the problem of his future become the focus of the debate. Real Madrid is now competing for the championship, the players can not be distracted, the club executives do not want to talk about the topic. On the issue of renewal, the club hopes to discuss after the end of the season.

The words from Isco was also disgusted by Zidane, though he expressed his understanding of Isco’s dissatisfaction with the present situation. And the data shows that Isco is one of the top 10 players used by Zidane in this season. Zidane hoped that the event become small, but he will also use his own way to manage the team, as before dealing with James Ro’ríguez’s dissatisfaction.

Lost to Valencia surely brought some unease for Real Madrid. At this time, the loyalty of the players can bring peace to the team, and the words from Isco is clearly unfavorable to the team together. Real Madrid executives hoped Isco keep going to play well, put the renewal issue aside, as long as he perform well, then he will certainly get more time to play on the pitch.

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FIFA 17: Real Madrid Was Defeated By 1-2 But Still Took the Lead

Spain local time at 18:45 yesterday , 2016/17 season La Liga game the 16th round game competed in Estadio de Mestalla, and the real Madrid competed against Valencia, real Madrid after 6 minutes conceded two goals, cristiano ronaldo scored goal later. real Madrid that is 1 game less still lead the Futbol Club Barcelona after four successive premiership with one goal.

Real Madrid in 14 league clash of both sides only was defeated by one game, and the rest 13 games won 8 games and drawed 5 games. League history between both side reached 162 games, real Madrid won 84,drawed 35 and failured 43 games, to lead the Futbol Club Barcelona, including 25 champion, 22 draw and 34 failure in the visiting field. Ramos, James Rodríguez , Luka Modrić, Casemiro, and Navas took turns to play in the pitch.

In the first nine minutes, Valencia scored two goals to take the lead, in the fourth minute, Muneer passed the ball in the right direction. And in the 9th minute, the former Manchester united winger Nani passed the ball in the side direction.

“Raphael Varane was injured, he was feeling unwell, so we replaced him.” For the reason why I have to change out Raphael Varane, zinedine zidane did explain in his post-match press conference. Raphael Varane was substituted by Nacho on the 72th minute, the French muscle got injured, and he may be out for three weeks, and he had a very bad performance in this game, Spain’s marca newspaper after the game wrote the title ” Raphael Varane’s worst night: behaved badly, suffered injuries, had suspicious of whether Raphael Varane can play or not.”

Marca also pointed out that Raphael Varane had good performance, while in real Madrid’s two losing balls, Raphael Varane is the leading role of lamentableners. Real Madrid was beaten by his opponent in 9th minutes, and it has a lot of to do with the dereliction of duty of Raphael Varane.

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FIFA 17 Real Madrid: Casemiro to Be the MVP on the UEFA Champions League

After the real Madrid competed against S.S.C. Napoli, many media have commented Casemiro as the best player in this game. The Brazilian player has been very outstanding on the defensive, and it he has scored an incredible wave in this game. Casemiro in front of the forbidden zone half-volley to score a goal, the goalkeeper of the S.S.C. Napoli Pepe Reina has nothing to do. Casemiro is the team’s insurance, after the uefa, he also is commented as the “MVP” of this game.

The newspaper Aspen joked that Casemiro is zidane’s bodyguard, as long as he is in the state, zinedine zidane could be relieved. Casemiro has become a member of the indispensable in the eyes of zidane and the real Madrid players, because in the real Madrid team, he is the only one who can guard defense security of the anchor. He can perfectly perform complex tasks that need to be done by the defending midfielder. For S.S.C. Napoli, he was kicked out again a high level competition, and a magical goal is reasonable reward for him.

Casemiro is that kind of player who is not keen to hero status, he naturally accepts his supporting position. But in the game, he should originally obscure work behind the scenes, he walked to the front the pitch and has made a great goal. That is at the 54th minute, benzema scooped out of the right corner of the area cross, and Casemiro without waiting the ball falling to the ground, from the door on the right side of 25 meters outside the right foot instep volley precession corner, real Madrid 3 to 1 lead the goal, and Casemiro on behalf of real Madrid UEFA Champions League scored two goals in the 16 shootings, and both are scoring goals in the forbidden zone.

After the game when it comes to his own goals, and Casemiro, said: “this is our training for a long time, thank god, we play out. We every day are in training, because I still want to plug in in principle, to shot outside of the box.”

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FIFA 17: Futbol Club Barcelona Was Defeated by PARIS ST GERMAIN in 1/8 UEFA Champions League Final

The worst in the history of the team! Barcelona created the shameful record!

In the first leg of 1/8 uefa champions league final, Barcelona is a surprise and was defeated by PARIS ST GERMAIN with the result of 0:4. And in this game, Catalan team suffered its worst failure in the history of uefa champions league.

With Ángel Di María’s outstanding performance, as well as Julian Draxler and Edinson Cavani scored a goal, PARIS ST GERMAIN got four goals to win outright, and gifted a bitter defeat to Barcelona. In Barcelona’s 118 year’s team history, 0 to 4 is the worst defeat in the score, Barcelona in the champions league last time lost 4 balls, and it was against bayern Munich in 2013.


In Barcelona earlier 223 champions league games, the opponents got 4 goals in a total of six games, respectively A.C. Milan, FC Dynamo Kyiv, València Club de Futbol, Chelsea and bayern, single-game four goals is the highest record to loss goal for Barcelona in the champions league.

In this game, the Luxurious attack group including Messi all performed badly, and the only shooting of Barcelona in the whole game just hit the door frame , and the last time that suffered this kind of situation, it was also back to the game against bayern Munich in 2013.

Defeated in the visiting field with the result of 0:4, this meant that it almost has been knocked out, because in the long course of history of the uefa champions league, there is no team that can complete reversal under the condition of 4-0 defeat in the first leg, never.

In the next leg Barcelona will be back its home field, but what it face will be an impossible task.

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FIFA 17: Lionel Messi Is Like a Magician

The champions league knockout stages will be launched in this week, Barcelona is also meeting the confrontation against the old rival of paris saint-germain. And the game for Barcelona defender Lucas Digne, also has different meaning, because it is the first time to play against his former club after his was moving to Barcelona.

For the difference between the two teams, Lucas Digne said: “for me, Barcelona is one of the biggest clubs in the world. What impressed me the most is that it just like a big family, whether you are new or old players, whether you’re working staff and citizens, are very popular. Here the pressure also bigger than before, you must win more trophies, which is exactly what we want to do.”

For barca team-mates, Lucas Digne also has made the evaluation: “our striker (MSN) can always change the game, because we are the best in the world. They are really unbelievable to play the ball, really incredible, they always can make things that make you unexpected. I would be glad to fight together with them.”

For messi, Lucas Digne said: “messi is like a magician, those magical action are very common thing for him, I can’t say his greatness, when compared with us, Lionel messi is just like an alien.”

When asked how to defend Lionel messi in training, Lucas Digne replied: “I always try to push him taking ball with his right foot, but this is a very difficult thing, we always need to arrange a lot of people on defending him.”

Yes, not matter in the eyes of Lucas Digne, for a lot of football fans, Lionel messi is talented, and his excellent performance on the competitions make him a legend. Now let’s look forward to the fantastic competition in the champions league knockout stages.

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