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Messi Shouted At Argentina Teammate Angrily

For the Barcelona game against villarreal, messi scored a free kick world wave at the last moment, let the team avoid the loss, but Argentina superstar was not happy, because after this match, Barcelona had fallen 5 goals behind the real Madrid. And in the match, messi and his Argentine fellow Musacchio clashed, he even shouted at his international team-mate angrily. If you want to get cheap fifa coins now, just check out fifa coins for sale.


That is the 19th minute of the match, messi got the ball at midfielder, but was intercepted by two players of villarreal, Musacchio tried to steal Lionel messi’s ball with rough action, Barcelona superstar was put down. Referees judged it fouls, Lionel messi was sitting on the ground and felt every unsatisfactory, but Musacchio was back up, and spread out his hands to express his innocence.

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After getting up later, messi scolded Musacchio, while the latter looked busy explaining why. The Argentina ole newspaper reported, what messi then blurted out was a Argentina countries curse.


Musacchio is a former riverbed player, he also was listed in the names of the Barcelona World Cup preliminaries, that is to say, Lionel messi and he is international team-mate. And for such scene, Argentina ole newspaper appealed to a way: “the boys, all calm down!”


The Daily Sports gave messi nine points after the match, and said he is “perfect,” and the comments pointed out: ” Argentine leads Barcelona’s football, he will take Barcelona to good place with the great lengths. Good cooperation, creating opportunities, fast attack… he never despair, have also made a free-kick world wave as compensation, his goal saved at least 1 point for Barcelona. At the final moment messi draw back midfield, carried his team without hesitation to his shoulders.”


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Messi Scored: Futbol Club Barcelona Was Defeated by the Result of 1:2

2016/17 Spanish king’s cup fifth round’s first round focus battle started at San Mams, Barcelona visiting field 1-2 was defeated by athletic bilbao, Aritz Aduriz and Williams scored 2 goals in 4 minutes, macy’s free-kick got the goal back, Raul Garcia and Ander Iturraspe have been sent off. Check fifa ultimate team coins if you want to save more.


Barcelona won against bilbao for nearly five times, in recent 10 years for the 31 times against bilbao, it only was defeated for two times. At three times king’s cup final, Barcelona won bilbao and got the champions, the other two double-header also got successful promotion. Enrique arranged the main players to join the battle in first game in the New Year, Messi lead the MSN combination to play the match.


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In the first two minutes after the match started, San Jose in the corner melee bump shot narrowly wide from the left column. After 10 minutes, Albas in the forbbiden area left side sent the ball back, Messi in the edge of the area volley shot widely. Lionel messi on the right cross to enter the ball to get the goal, Pique in small forbidden zone after header wide to collide Iraizoz. Bilbao in the first 25 minutes took the lead, iniesta in the midfielder lost the ball, Aritz Aduriz beat back, Raul Garcia in the forbidden zone restricted the ball in the right away, Aritz Aduriz header into the net from close range.


Barcelona in the second half strengthened to comeback and got back the goal in 52 minutes, Neymar won the left area free kick, messi directly shot from 25 yards, Iraizoz flung himself on to the ball along a line across the door under the crossbar, 1 to 2. Ander Iturraspe and raul Garcia have got a yellow card after fouling. Eneko Boveda passed the ball, Aritz Aduriz in the edge of the area of the forbidden zone shot the ball but saved the goal by Marc-Andre ter Stegen. Alba passed the ball, and the shooting of Neymar in the left forbidden area was saved by Iraizoz to the bottom line.


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James Rodríguez Now Changed Parlance: Will Stay in Real Madrid

James Rodríguez starts the new year with the best way. For the Sevilla match, the Colombian broke the records for the team firstly, showing one of his greatest strengths, that’s left foot strike ability. The Spanish newspaper Marca after the match also made the title that “James Rodríguez shakes hands with Zinedine Zidane in the way of opening the World Cup. Get free fifa coins now if you are interested!


When the match has entered into the 11th minute, Casemiro tackled Steven N’Zonzi in midfield, and the ball was just directly at the foot of James Rodríguez, the Colombian turned to sway angle within the area of arc blast into the lower left corner, and then real Madrid 1-0 led the match. After scoring, James Rodríguez felt very excited, ran to the corner area to celebrate the goal with fans by opening his arms. The team also soon gathered together to celebrate.


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In the recent 15 goals that James Rodríguez has made for Real Madrid, 11 of them are long shots outside the forbidden zone. The long shots of James Rodríguez are strong and clean, this goal also let him restore good relations with fans, the fans know his ability level, just because of various reasons, he failed to show his level comprehensively. The first half, James Rodríguez also created a scoring opportunity for marcelo. For his excellent performance of the icing on the cake, at the 44th minutes of the match, he was punished into the shoot-out ball, to complete the drama of the brace. At that time, Luka Modrić was nearly pulled down, the referee just called a penalty on capital punishment, James Rodríguez penalty kick hit the target, and the result became 3-0.


After the match, James Rodríguez said: “obviously all players in the team wants to play on the pitch, everyone will encounter difficulties, now it is the New Year and new life.” And for the possibility of leaving real Madrid, James Rodríguez now changed parlance: “I stay, I want to stay.


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Barcelona Club Is in Contact with Kingsley Coman

The Daily Sport today news: Barcelona club is in contact with Kingsley Coman, because Enrique may quit the team after the season, the club high-level managers start preparing in advance. The Barcelona “dream team” beltran said he is willing to be the coach of Barcelona. Check out the fifa coins online, you will save more here.


Kingsley Coman is a famous student of the Barcelona godfather Johan Cruyff, whose ideas conform to the total ideas in the Netherlands, who scored the winning goal in the 1992 champions league final, when he was at his player era, he played for barca for six seasons, and have won four times champions of the La Liga and one European champion. And when he retired, he successively worked as a coach at AFC Ajax, benfica, Eindhoven, valencia, alkmaar, Southampton. This summer he teaches at everton, the premier league this season has exceeded 20 rounds of matches, toffee ranked seventh.


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In fact, last April Kingsley Coman has entered the sight of Futbol Club Barcelona, at that time, Barcelona suffered failures for so many times, and then the Dutch positively responded: “if one day I am able to get the opportunity, I must go back to the nou camp.” But later Enrique led the team to get double championships of the league and Copa del Rey, Barcelona high-level managers gave up the plan which is to change the coach at that moment. Whether Coman becomes the barca’s next coach or not, the answer will be announced in June this year.


Andrés Iniesta attended the commercial activities in the beginning of this year and said: “ They did not give me a call, in fact I also did not have a translator. Every team has its plan, which all should get respect, and everyone all have their own dream and choice. I will think seriously about any quotation of the team, but I will not choose to go to any country and will not leave Spain. “


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Borussia Dortmund Julian Weigl Initiatively Shows Interests in Real Madrid

According to the AS report in Spain, the Germany player Julian Weigl has recommended himself to the high level manager of the Real Madrid through his agent. The 21-year-old borussia Dortmund midfielder is full of yearning signing for real Madrid. Real Madrid as a matter of fact also has inspected him for a period of time, and the technology department has already in the notebook marked his name in red circle. Coaches think Julian Weigl will become one of the best midfielders in Europe, but also clearly know that it is not only the Real Madrid that this player is now interested in. Check out fifa coins for sale to save more online.


Previously, the AS newspaper had reported that Barcelona and Manchester city are in pursuit of this player whose various aspects are very similar with Sergio Busquets. Barcelona and Manchester city this summer will show invitation to Julian Weigl. The question now is Julian Weigl shortly before just signed the continuous contract with borussia Dortmund until 2021.

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Even though the agent of Julian Weigl has recommended him to the Real Madrid, the high level manager of Real Madrid also thought that this operation of transfer is much more suitable to finish in the summer of 2018, not in this year’s summer. At present, there is only Casemiro in Real Madrid as important defending midfielder, but the club has the rights to take back Marcos Llorente, the latter has been on loan in Deportivo Alavés and has the outstanding performance, and also is expected to return to the club after June 30th. Real Madrid only lack of backup location can also be strengthened. In this way, the Santiago Bernabéu Stadiumcan wait the joining of Julian Weigl quietly.


It is worth mentioning that real Madrid’s plan is consistent with that of Julian Weigl, Julian Weigl would also like to stay at borussia Dortmund next season, in order to continue to grow. Also what is good for real Madrid is that, the same as the transfer of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, real Madrid in talks with borussia Dortmund has priority, because florentino has a great relationship with the high level manager of borussia Dortmund.

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Manchester United Anthony Martial Told José Mourinho: Will Consider Leave the Team

Although Manchester united is not willing to let Anthony Martial leave during the winter, the French seem to have other ideas, his agent said publicly that they are considering accepting the sevilla’s invitation. After the media disclosure, sevilla are tended to on loan Anthony Martial during the winter, but Mourinho did not want to let him go, because the team needs lineup thickness. However, Martial ‘s agent, felipe said will consider sevilla’s invitation. Where to get free fifa coins? Check out the answer.

“We are studying the choice of sevilla, looking at the details. It is a very good club, sevilla in La Liga situation is good, can play in the champions league, there is also a good coach. This is what I can say.”

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The agent’s statement seems that there is some other meaning. Martial now at Manchester united is not absolute main force, and became a rotation player, sometimes even to substitute, obviously, the French people are not satisfied with it. On last season, he is the important player in Manchester united, this year’s fall let him cannot get used to it.”This is an challenge that I must go through,” said Anthony Martial at the beginning of this month, “as a player, I also is in the growth, it is very difficult, because the only thing you want to do is to play the match on the pitch, help the team, but if sitting on the bench, you can’t do it. But for the choice of the coach, I have to accept it.”

The attitude of Anthony Martial is more implicative, but the words that his agent openly said somehow have put pressure on Manchester united and José Mourinho. Anthony Martial does not want to go to sevilla, but the team wants to make some momentum in the court of public opinion, allows Manchester united to pay more attention to him, it is not uncommon for the agent to do this kind of thing.

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Real Madrid Has Chosen Three Players as Choices of Main Positions

Pepe may say goodbye to real Madrid in the summer of next year, Real Madrid will have too many problems to deal with the configuration of the center defender. Marca, points out that real Madrid will recall the center defender vallejo, and it is also likely to turn to the transfer market, signings for the centre halfback, strengthens the team’s strength. Marca revealed three players who are associated with real Madrid. Buy fifa coins now if you cannot waiting for more deals.


1) Marquinhos: the choice of the most expensive

Marquinhos is a 22-year-old Brazilian international footballer, over the past two seasons, he is the signing target of Barcelona and real Madrid. Debuted in corinthians AnQingXun camp, now he is playing for Paris saint-germain club, and is still in growth period, not show all of his potential. But any club who wants to get Marquinhos is bound to pay a high fee, in addition, the relationship between Florentino and the Paris chairman nasser is very bad, which also makes the deal not a reality. However, from the point of view of technology and tactics, Marquinhos is very suitable for real Madrid.


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2) Iñigo Martínez: the choice of the most reasonable

Over the past few seasons, Iñigo Martínez has been one of the most security ring of the royal society defense. From the Angle of trade, he’s better and easier than Marquinhos in terms of operation. Now, he has played 200 games, and after that, he appeared the Spanish national team of Julen Lopetegui. At the aspect of Real Madrid, it can bear his euro 30 million penalty due to breach of contract. But considering the failure transfer of the Asier Illarramendi, Iñigo Martínez may not want to move to real Madrid to play football.


3) JOSé MARíA GIMéNEZ DE VARGAS: real Madrid once wanted to buy him


This season, in the competition of the central defender, savage Jimenez become main force, but the real Madrid is closely watching JOSé MARíA GIMéNEZ DE VARGAS. In January, he is turning  22 years old, his penalty due to breach of contract is 65 million euros. Before that, the real Madrid considered his potential and ability, once wanted to pay penalty due to breach of contract to sign him.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Domineering Speech: Take Evidence If You Defame Me

The most big prize of the Dp world award was awarded to cristiano ronaldo, the best player. Having been rewarded for three times, he has became the legend of this award, at the awards ceremony, the host and cristiano ronaldo was in the attachment, drawing a satisfactory full stop for this year of 2016 by cristiano ronaldo himself. (If you cannot wait buying fifa ultimate team coins, just click it to enjoy 25% off deals.)


Host: cristiano ronaldo, this is perfect year for you, now you get the best awards of global award again, can you tell us what award don’t you have until now?


cristiano ronaldo (laughing) : like what I said before, this is a fantastic year.Individual, collective, are by far the most successful year. We won the champions league, won the first European championship, as reward of patience, I also won the Golden Ball Award, and even the Club World Cup, what more can I demand?




People are still in doubt on me, question real Madrid, question my national team, you need to take out some evidence, we won the all! I’m so happy, today I want to thank my teammates at real Madrid and the national team, and my coach in the national team santos. We can win this trophy, he is the best coach in the world.


I am very happy, this is an incomparable year. Individual and collective, we always want to do the same thing (the title), but it is almost impossible. But every year is a new challenge for me. I will always try my best.


Yes, of course, year after year, I try to maintain 100% of my body status, to make every moment of the day in the top ranks. In the past these years, this is the source of my confidence over these years. Over the years have passed, I still here, into the ball that should be into, do everything I should do, I can get the champion. This is my ideal life, I am proud. I stay for ten years, this is my source of power.

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James Rodríguez: Who Can Buy the 80million James Rodríguez?

Not long ago, Real Madrid won the Club World Cup trophy, but for the final match of the Club World Cup James Rodríguez did not attend.However, Colombia’s controversial comments after the game also let him become the focus of attention of the outside world. At the time when the Real Madrid players celebrated the winning excitedly, James Rodríguez in the mixed zone said he could not promise to stay at Real Madrid, he said he got more invitations, “I will consider about it in 7 days”. (Click on the cheap fifa coins for more savings)

But Spain’s Marca in 26 reported and pointed out that James Rodríguez’s 7 days to consider this thing has passed, but for the future, he still did not give a clear answer, and was not clear about it as a week before. Zinedine zidane gave the players a vacation, but James Rodríguez didn’t think about the final results.

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Spain’s AS newspaper also noted that James Rodríguez did not have actual action after the Japan sent the “ultimatum invitation”, seemed to only stay in the level of speech, at least for now, he will stay at real Madrid, of course, James Rodríguez can’t decide, which is also related with the fact that real Madrid President florentino mendes, and the agent of him did not make a decision.

The year of 2016 is a bad year for James Rodríguez, his playing time is very less, and also has become a substitute of the substitute. Now, Chelsea and Paris saint-germain, Manchester united, Juventus are in pursuit of him, but real Madrid said “no” to these clubs.

Aspen newspaper revealed that real Madrid hope to recover 80 million euros which is invested in James Rodríguez, however, to withdraw such investments in Europe is very difficult, you know, now in zinedine zidane’s squad, James Rodríguez has become the team’s third substitute. Colombians at the 2014 World Cup have risen the value, but in the real value decreased the value. He has very little playing time, and some behavior out of the pitch is also believed to lack the sense of responsibility.

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