FUT 21 Career Mode: BIG changes everybody needs to see and how likely it is that they’ll see them

FUT 21 is scheduled for discharge this year. Anyway this year isn’t only any year – it’s the time of the people to come. The PS5 and Xbox Series X, are coming, so FUT has a ton to satisfy.

While FUT fans are in the millions and have some to some degree ‘warmed’ assessments on playing styles, players and groups – one component of FUT has a great many people discovering shared belief.

While there were a few alters made in the correct course with disconnected games modes, for example, presenting dynamic camaraderie and chief customisation – they were eclipsed.

Apparently boundless bugs and glitches poured down like a scriptural plague across profession mode, fuelling the aggregate clamor for change to be made.

In any case, it gives the idea that a few players were burnt out on pausing – and have felt free to make their own ideas with regards to what FUT Career mode ought to resemble.


FUT 21 Career Mode Concept

They incorporate a couple of new augmentations across budgetary administration, staff the executives and expanded club customisation.Whereas a Debts and Loans area would absolutely make the game mode progressively practical and somewhat more testing.


Expanded Staff Management

The capacity to oversee staff would likewise make for a considerably more vivid experience.


Custom Kit Design

Such a fundamental expansion, yet how extraordinary would it be in the event that you could redo your units every year?

Taking to the contribute another unit consistently would surely keep things new. The idea likewise takes into consideration customisation of arenas, peaks and club drones – this truly is the update that each FUT fan is longing for.

Obviously, there’s a huge amount of new highlights that could fortify Career Mode.


Why EA couldn’t permit pack customisation

Pack customisation would be an invite expansion to FUT Career Mode, and it sounds sufficiently basic, particularly thinking about that custom skins are a typical characteristic in essentially every computer game these days. The issue accompanies authorizing issues, and the entire host of confusions it would open up for EA. While the thought is phenomenal, and would surely be an invite expansion, executing the element could be amazingly testing. With FUT’s reputation with regards to executing change in profession mode… they may give it a miss.

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FIFA to allow contract extensions and transfer window move

FIFA are to permit the mid year move window to be moved and has prescribed player contracts be reached out until the season closes.
Tuesday’s declaration was made after meeting between FIFA’s Football Stakeholders Committee and delegates of clubs, players, alliances, national affiliations and confederations.
Just as broadening existing agreements until such time as the flow season closes, new
agreements won’t come into power until another crusade starts.
FIFA has additionally urged clubs and players to discover installment arrangements while
football is waiting, yet has said it will referee when an answer can’t be found.
With regards to the exchange window, FIFA declared its expectation to be adaptable and
permit the significant windows to be moved so they fall between the finish of the old season and the beginning of the new season.

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FIFA 20 TOTS – Release date, Predictions, Card Design, Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Vote, Ultimate Team, Player Picks and more

Discharge Dates


As per FUT site, we can expect the Team of the Season promotion to begin on Friday, 24 April 2020.


With Premier League football not set to come back from the Coronavirus pandemic until Thursday, 30 April at the most punctual – it is not yet clear whether EA push back the TOTS or not.


On FUT 19, the Team of the Season began on Friday, 10 May, and completed on Friday, 28 June, making it a seven-week advancement, where 14 diverse Team of the Season crews were discharged.


The closes date to that this year would be Friday, 8 May 2020.


Group of the Season Squads


During the Team of the Season Promotion, there are new crew discharges each week, commending the best entertainers from classes far and wide, bringing the absolute best FUT things of the year.


In FUT 19, we saw the accompanying 14 Team of the Season Squads discharged:


Network Voted TOTS


Dutch Eredivisie TOTS


English Football League TOTS


English Premier League TOTS


French Ligue 1 TOTS


German Bundesliga TOTS


Italian Serie A TOTS


Latin America TOTS


Portuguese Primeira Liga TOTS


Rest of the World TOTS


Saudi Professional League TOTS


Spanish La Liga TOTS


Turkish Super Lig TOTS


Extreme TOTS


This year, there is potential for us to see a couple of more alliances presented, maybe with a full Chinese Super League TOTS, or a full Mexican Liga MX TOTS.




As we develop to the arrival of the greatest limited time occasion of the year, we’ve given our forecasts for TOTS from the top association around the globe.


Chief League


Here are our best 3 picks for the Premier League:


Virgil van Dijk – 98 OVR


Kevin De Bruyne – 98 OVR


Mohamed Salah – 98 OVR


La Liga


Here are our best 3 picks for La Liga:


Lionel Messi – 99 OVR


Luis Suarez – 97 OVR


Sergio Ramos – 97 OVR




Here are our best 3 picks for the Bundesliga:


Robert Lewandowski – 98 OVR


Marco Reus – 97 OVR


Manuel Neuer – 97 OVR


Serie A


Here are our best 3 picks for Serie A:


Cristiano Ronaldo – 99 OVR


Ciro Immobile – 97 OVR


Paulo Dybala – 96 OVR


Network Vote


Every year the FUT people group can decide in favor of who they need to get a TOTS card, yet there’s a curve.


This just applies to players who have not gotten an in-structure card so far in Ultimate Team, and there must be three players from one division.


Contenders from the Premier League this year could be Bernardo Silva, Mateo Kovacic and Ruben Neves.

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FIFA 20 FUT Birthday Release date, Announcement, card Predictions, released content, SBCs, packs, news and more

As Ultimate Team plans to praise its eleventh birthday celebration, how about we see what presents EA may give us.


FUT Birthday has at last been declared for FIFA 20!


Indeed, you’re in karma, as we’ve sketched out everything there is to think about FUT Birthday beneath.


When is FUT Birthday coming to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team?


As we’ve referenced FUT Birthday is set to show up to FIFA 20 on Friday, 27 March 2020.


FUT Birthday Expected Content


During the FUT Birthday advancement, we can anticipate a heap of substance, including:


FUT Birthday Team


FUT Birthday Player SBCs


Flashback/Player Moments SBCs


Pack SBCs


Repeatable Upgrade SBCs


FUT Birthday Season Objectives


Devotion and Login Rewards


Packs and Lightning Rounds


FUT Birthday Squad


In FIFA 19 and 18, the FUT Birthday crew was themed around position changed things. Be that as it may, with the ongoing Shapeshifters advancement, there could be something different in store this year.


In prior FUT Birthday discharges, the crews were themed around fan most loved players from before versions of FUT. Players, for example, El Sharaawy, Doumbia, Ogbonna and Agbonlahor being well known discharges.


FUT Birthday Squad Predictions


Here are the players we hope to highlight in the FUT Birthday Squad.


Released Content


FUT Watch tweeted as of late with some spilled FUT Birthday content.


FUT Birthday Kit


The following hole is somewhat more energizing as it uncovers the FUT Birthday kit for FIFA 20′s promotion.


There’s positively a solid birthday topic to this kit, which will carry some liveliness to your Ultimate Team.


FUT Birthday Player SBCs


You can expect various further promotion players to be discharged by means of SBCs.


A year ago in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, we had 5 extra FUT Birthday players discharged by means of SBCs, these being Timo Werner, Ivan Perisic, Willian, Romelu Lukaku and Sergio Ramos.


Packs and Lightning Rounds


Being a FUT Promotion, anticipate that packs should be sold all through, and a couple of lightning adjusts all through pinnacle times in FUT, for example ends of the week from 6-8pm UK.


Flashback/Player Moments SBCs


Moreover, hope to see some Flashback and Player Moments SBCs dropped during the current year’s FUT Birthday.


A year ago we saw some of these cards discharged as FUT Anniversary themed things, being ‘essential players whose in-game execution earned them unique status in the network.’


Pack SBCs


Expect some pack SBCs to be dropped, permitting players to get some nice packs for inexpensively.


A year ago we saw a bunch of FUT Birthday themed SBCs, themed around famous players from past releases of FUT.


Repeatable Upgrade SBCs


With the vast majority of the advancements this year, we’ve seen various repeatable SBCs being discharged. FUT Birthday shouldn’t be any extraordinary, expect 81+ SBCs, 82-88 appraised SBCs, and conceivably 83+ evaluated SBCs.


FUT Birthday Season Objectives


In a year ago’s FUT Birthday advancement, we had 3 players accessible by means of destinations, permitting players to acquire these cards through ongoing interaction related undertakings/


These were Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Naldo and Gervinho. Along these lines, we can expect comparable substance during the current year’s FUT Birthday.


Faithfulness and Login Rewards


EA will probably compensate its most steadfast FUT players during the time with shifting levels of login rewards.


A year ago’s login prizes in FUT 19 included:


1-8 Days Played 1 FUT Birthday Kit


9-55 Days Played 1 FUT Birthday Kit and 1 15K Jumbo Premium Gold Pack


56-115 Days Played 1 FUT Birthday Kit and 1 45K Prime Gold Players Pack


116 162 Days Played 1 FUT Birthday Kit and 1 55K Rare Mega Pack


163+ Days Played 1 FUT Birthday Kit and 1 125K Ultimate Pack


Packs and Lightning Rounds


Being a FUT Promotion, anticipate that packs should be sold all through, and a couple of lightning adjusts all through pinnacle times in FUT, for example ends of the week from 6-8pm UK.

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FIFA 20 glitch – How to do loyalty in Ultimate Team

Handling some SBCs? For a few, you may require the FIFA 20 loyalty glitch, which is a technique used to expand the science of your players for those bothersome difficulties in FIFA 20 which require max chem. It’s a stunt that has been utilized throughout recent years across most FIFA games, and it’s similarly as simple to execute, as long as you realize what you’re doing. Peruse on to discover the specific technique for the FIFA 20 loyalty glitch.


What is loyalty in FIFA 20?


Loyalty is a technician found solely in Ultimate Team, which furnishes your players with an additional purpose of science each. This is shown by the green shield symbol when you’re taking a gander at their data on the crew screen, or a dark shield in the event that they don’t have loyalty.


How would you get loyalty? It’s straightforward; any player you receive out of a pack will as of now have loyalty, permitting them to arrive at the most extreme 10 science. Players will likewise accomplish loyalty once they’ve played 10 games for your club. For Squad Building Challenges which have a high science prerequisite, once in a while loyalty is required to finish them, however, playing through 10 games is a huge trudge when you simply need to do the SBC rapidly. This is the place the FIFA 20 loyalty glitch comes in.


The most effective method to do the FIFA 20 loyalty glitch on PS4


Here’s the manner by which to do the FIFA 20 loyalty glitch on PS4:


-Purchase all the necessary players for the SBC and add them to the SBC screen.

-Press L2 and duplicate the crew to be a functioning one that you can play with.

-Go to Squad Battles and challenge the FIFA 20 TOTW.

-Boot up into the game, kick-off, and play until the clock hits one moment.

-Respite the game, at that point press the PS button on your controller to return to the dashboard.

-Go to settings, at that point system, and separate from the web, at that point re-interface.

-Twofold tap the PS catch to bounce straight go into FIFA 20, where you’ll have separated from Ultimate Team.

-Return to the primary menu then reappear Ultimate Team.

-Check the measure of games played by one of your players by squeezing R3 and taking a gander at their player bio.

-Do this process again nine additional occasions. To help speed it up, you can twofold tap the PS button once you’ve stopped the game to go straight back to the system screen you were on beforehand.


Do take note of that you’ll likely need to give your players agreements to see them through every one of the 10 games, however doing this technique doesn’t influence your Ultimate Team record at all, so you shouldn’t complete any misfortunes assuming effectively.

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FIFA 20 92 Carlos Tevez Libertadores Player Review – Stats, Analysis, Positioning, Squad Links and more

As a piece of the new Copa Libertadores updates in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, there is a heap of new top-level South American cards into FUT.


Since a couple of days have passed, and we’ve utilized huge amounts of the new players, it’s an ideal opportunity to get some player audit pieces out, giving you our decision on them!


Tevez In-Game Stats and Analysis


The bulldog Carlos Tevez is well and genuinely back with this great new Copa Libertadores Kick-Off card! With 4 card details 90 or over, how about we investigate what makes Tevez so exceptional.


Most importantly, how about we take a gander at his rawness, which is 94 on card. Being just 5’7″ with 67 Jumping, don’t expect Tevez to win such a large number of headers, however with 99 Strength and 99 Aggression, anticipate that him should be a bunch for most protectors.


Secondly, there’s his pace in-game. With 93 Acceleration, 89 Agility and 93 Balance, expect Tevez to feel brisk and sharp ready, particularly when combined with his incredible spilling details.


With 4* Skills and 4* Weak Foot, just as 92 Ball Control and 92 Dribbling, Tevez will be a precarious player to contain, and being 5’7″, anticipate that his turns should be much more keen gratitude to his lower focus of gravity.


A gigantic in addition to this card must be his shooting. Upheld up with 97 Composure, his 91 Positioning, 91 Finishing and 95 Shot Power truly make him a clinical finisher once inside the container, and with the Finesse Shot Trait, he once in a while botched opportunities for me.


At last, there’s his passing, which is unquestionably usable, with CAM being his default position. 89 Short Passing and 85 Vision end up being all that could possibly be needed.


Tevez’s Best Position and Role


Tevez is a serious flexible card in the assault, with his best jobs being either a focal CAM in a 4-2-3-1/4-1-2-1-2, or a striker in a 2 striker development.


His passing details do positively permit you to play him behind the strikers, be that as it may, with his dexterity and completing capacity, I found that he’d be all around served jumping on the finish of assaults. I’d make certain to accomplice him with another striker, to exploit his going with speedy 1-2 moves.


Tevez Squad Links


With the entirety of the new CONMEBOL content that has been discharged in the course of recent days, it’s positively exceptionally simple to interface Tevez into a crew with some of the new meta Argentinians.


Going ahead, 91 Lopez gives a strong strike accomplice, with 91 Salvio giving a more than able wide alternative as a solid connection. Moving further back, 88 Perez, 88 Lopez and 88 Bustos are for the most part incredible players to connect Tevez to the safeguard and are generally accessible in the recently discharged Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana League SBCs.


Tevez’s Price


Esteemed at present around 950,000 Coins on PS4, and 875,000 Coins on Xbox, this Tevez card unquestionably isn’t modest, in any case, for a Team of the Season quality Carlos Tevez, I’m certain individuals would follow through on the cost.


Over the coming days and weeks, anticipate that this card should drop in an incentive as we draw nearer to Team of the Season, so in case you’re edgy to get him, however are low on coins, never dread, he should start to get less expensive.


Worth Rating out of 10


Shockingly, being another card, Tevez right now is excessively costly, despite being a splendid card in-game.


In case you’re taking a gander at meta players, when you consider that 92 Neymar is just 580,000 coins, almost 400k not exactly Tevez, it’s an easy decision truly to go for the Brazilian.



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*BREAKING8 FUT 20 La Liga POTM February chosen people REVEALED

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FUT 20 Patch Title Update #11 OUT NOW all stages – MLS update, 24 new Star Heads and more

Title Update #10 was out only half a month prior, however Title Update #11 has just shown up!

The most recent FUT 20 fix was itemized on FUT Forums, in a post from EA people group director, EA GZaro.

Title Update #10 was a broad update, so Title Update #11 just has a couple of changes.

The update is currently accessible to download on all stages.



There has been one change and two issues tended to in FUT.


Made the accompanying FUT change

Player Bios now show Weak Foot and Skill Move stars in a similar request as the Player Item itself

Tended to the accompanying FUT issues

Dynamic Images were not adjusted accurately on the Player Item during a pack opening

Some of the time, interface components stalled out on the screen in the wake of utilizing the Compare Prices work


Career Mode

No progressions for Career Mode this time, however three issues have been settled.


Tended to the accompanying Career Mode issues

Clean Sheets were not tallied if the rival group scored a claim objective

Focal advances were now and then grumbling about being happened of position when put in the CF/ST/LS/RS space

Tended to uncommon examples of the Title surprisingly shutting when endeavoring to enter Career Mode or Tournaments



There’s one change and a few issues tended to for VOLTA in the new update.


Made the accompanying VOTLA change

Added capacity to skip Player of the Match cutscenes by holding the Skip button


Tended to the accompanying VOLTA issues

The player Avatar was not wearing the right garments in the New York and Buenos Aires story occasions

Some story occasions were not showing the fulfillment checkmark in spite of being done

Availability portrayal was wrong for VOLTA TOUR and RESET VOLTA STORY

Current area defaulted to Warehouse when returning VOLTA FOOTBALL following story finishing



There are two new visual increases and a visual issue settled.


Made the accompanying visual changes

Included 24 Star Heads

Discover increasingly about the new Star Heads here

Updates to various packs and arena promotion sheets

MLS update units and new groups


Tended to the accompanying visual issue

Coordinated shots would show a “Past the point of no return” message when performed with explicit late planning, paying little heed to Trainer settings

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Upgrades and Card Design – Future Stars Second Team

FIFA 20 keeps on being refreshed in 2020, and there’s a fresh out of the plastic new limited time occasion called Future Stars to appreciate. As you would expect, this new arrangement of cards will exhibit energizing youthful possibilities in the realm of football, sparkling a light on fantastic players who presently can’t seem to have their time in the sun. There are new exercises to finish close by the Future Stars cards, giving you bounty to dive into. This is what you have to know.

Group Two Lineup

Group Two of FIFA 20 Future Stars discharged Friday February 10. Here’s the full lineup:

Haland (ST) – 92

Martinez (ST) – 92

Valverde (CM) – 91

Palacios (CM) – 89

Hudson – Odoi (LM) – 89

Tielemans (CM) – 88

Dani Olmo (CAM) – 88

Sarr (RM) – 88

Tomori (CB) – 87

Luiz Felipe (CB) – 87

Ikone (CAM) – 87

Renan Lodi (LB) – 87

Malen (ST) – 86

Kehrer (CB) – 85

Group One Lineup

Joao Felix – 92

Rodrygo – 91

Tonali – 91

Greenwood – 90

G. Martinelli – 90

Dominguez – 89

Kabak – 88

Mount – 88

Dembele – 87

Kamara – 87

Martinez – 86

Aarons – 85

Diaby – 85

Emerson – 85

Future Stars Card Design

EA has discharged the structure that will highlight on each Future Stars card. It’s an amazing hot pink on a purple foundation.

Future Stars Player SBCs

As a major aspect of Future Stars there are new SBCs (squad building difficulties) to take on. These range from Future Stars players to those that passed up a major opportunity the first run through around. A year ago we had SBCs discharge for Allan Saint-Maximin, Frenkie De Jong, Joe Gomez, Tanguy Ndombele, Joelinton, and Alphonso Davies. This is what’s accessible this week:.

Moise Kean 87 Player SBC

Kieran Tierney 86

Nicolo Barella 88

Future Stars Pack SBCs

In past promotion occasions, Pack SBCs were additionally discharged. We anticipate that this should be the situation here as well, however don’t anticipate that the prizes should essentially be tradeable.

Updating Future Stars Cards

Unexpectedly in FIFA Ultimate Team you can update certain Future Stars cards by finishing destinations. Players like Odegaard must be gotten and redesigned as a major aspect of the FUT Objectives area. You’ll have to finish a wide range of targets like scoring with midfielders, passing preparing drills and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There are four variants of every player, each with a higher rating than the last. Complete targets to do as such. Here are the players you can presently redesign:

Victor Osimhen – 79 to 88

What Else Can We Expect?

Just as new SBCs there will probably be significantly progressively new substance to appreciate. While EA still can’t seem to affirm the full lineup for Future Stars 2020, we anticipate that the accompanying should be highlighted:

Pack SBCs

Player SBCs

Week by week Objectives

Team Cards

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FUT 20 Weak Foot Upgrades

FUT 20 Weak Foot Upgrades Release Date and Rules


The Weak Foot Skill quantifies the capacity of a player to shoot with one foot as he does with his favored foot. All players have a favored foot. Having a 5-star powerless foot rating implies that a player’s more fragile foot shot is indistinguishable from their favored foot shot. Having a 1-star feeble foot rating implies that the player can just shoot OK with one foot.


1 | 20% Value of Stats

2 | 40% Value of Stats

3 | 60% Value of Stats

4 | 80% Value of Stats

5 | 100% Value of Stats


When a year, Electronic Arts refreshes the game database, overhauling the frail foot of many players. The FUT 20 Weak Foot Upgrades apply to every one of player’s adaptations, including the ones you claim in your club, the IF/extraordinary cards and the ones you pull from packs. Simply make sure to restart FUT and reemerge FUT to apply the update.


The FUT 20 frail foot updates were discharged for the current year on February 4.


New Five Star Weak Foot Players

+3 61  RB: Majed Hazazi (Damac FC)

+2 82  ST: Luuk de Jong (Sevilla FC)

+2 71  CAM: Orkun Kökçü (Feyenoord)

+2 63  RB: Lei Chen (Chongqing Lifan FC)

+1 72  RM: Didier Lamkel Ze (Royal Antwerp FC)

+1 71  CB: Dario Maresic (Stade de Reims)

+1 71  CDM: Lucian Filip (FCSB)

+1 69  CM: David Turnbull (Motherwell)

+1 58  ST: Macauley Bonne (Charlton Athletic)



New Four Star Weak Foot Players

+1 64  LB: Nico Neidhart (FC Hansa Rostock)

+1 64  CB: Aidi Fulangxisi (Shanghai Greenland Shenhua FC)

+1 64  CM: Seung Gyu Han (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors)

+1 63  RM: Zichang Huang (Jiangsu Suning FC)

+2 63  ST: Mason Toye (Minnesota United FC)

+2 62  CAM: Leon Jensen (FSV Zwickau)

+2 61  CAM: Jamie McGrath (Dundalk)

+2 61  RM: Theo Archibald (Macclesfield Town)

+2 61  RM: Nils Blumberg (Chemnitzer FC)

+1 60  CB: Shuai Pei (Tianjin Quanjian FC)

+1 60  CM: Joe Pritchard (Accrington Stanley)

+1 60  CM: Rayan Souici (Servette FC)

+1 60  CM: Soo Bin Lee (Pohang Steelers)

+1 60  LM: Lukas Scepanik (MSV Duisburg)

+1 59  LW: Bo Sun (Dalian Yifang FC)

+1 58  GK: Niclas Thiede (Sport-Club Freiburg)

+2 57  LW: Jermaine Hylton (Motherwell)

+2 57  LB: Wenjun Jiang (Hebei China Fortune FC)

+1 57  CAM: Liridon Mulaj (Neuchâtel Xamax)

+1 57  CDM: Dong Kyung Lee (Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i)

+2 56  RB: Corey OKeeffe (Macclesfield Town)


+1 74  CM: Sergio Tejera (R. Oviedo)

+1 74  ST: Luciano Vietto (Sporting CP)

+1 74  CAM: Andrés Ricaurte (Independiente Medellín)

+1 74  ST: Odsonne Edouard (Celtic)

+1 74  RM: Emiliano Buendía (Norwich City)

+1 73  ST: Serginho (Kashima Antlers)

+1 73  CAM: Alexandru Maxim (1. FSV Mainz 05)

+1 73  LW: Cesinha (Daegu FC)

+1 73  RB: Aurélio Buta (Royal Antwerp FC)

+1 71  CB: Xiaoting Feng (Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao)

+1 71  ST: Hee Chan Hwang (FC Red Bull Salzburg)

+1 71  LM: Lazo (UD Almería)

+1 71  ST: Shin Wook Kim (Shanghai Greenland Shenhua FC)

+1 70  LW: Søren Rieks (Malmö FF)

+1 70  CB: Koray Günter (Hellas Verona)

+1 70  RM: Marcus Maddison (Peterborough United)

+1 70  CM: Rafael Robayo (Atlético Bucaramanga)

+1 70  ST: Lucas João (Reading)

+1 69  RW: Luis Sinisterra (Feyenoord)

+1 69  CM: Oihan Sancet Tirapu (Athletic Club)

+1 68  LM: Moritz Stoppelkamp (MSV Duisburg)

+1 68  CB: Hang Reng (Hebei China Fortune FC)

+1 68  RB: Shenchao Wang (Shanghai SIPG FC)

+1 67  RW: Ciprian Deac (CFR Cluj)

+1 67  CB: Bill Tuiloma (Portland Timbers)

+1 67  CM: Muzepper Mirahmetjan (Muzepper Mirahmetjan)

+1 67  ST: Yuning Zhang (Beijing Guoan)

+1 67  CAM: Quentin Boisgard (Toulouse Football Club)

+1 67  CAM: Olimpiu Moruţan (FCSB)

+1 67  CDM: Tortol Lumanza Lembi (Stabæk Fotball)

+1 66  CM: Yongpo Wang (Shanghai Greenland Shenhua FC)

+1 66  ST: Yacine Qasmi (Elche CF)

+1 66  LM: Zlatko Tripić (Viking FK)

+1 66  RB: Xiang Ji (Jiangsu Suning FC)

+1 66  LM: Woo Jae Jeong (Jeju United FC)

+1 66  CM: Luciano Guaycochea (Alianza Petrolera)

+1 66  LM: Valentin Gheorghe (Astra Giurgiu)

+1 66  RW: Mustapha Bundu (Aarhus GF)

+1 66  RM: Giorgi Tsitaishvili (FC Dynamo Kyiv)

+1 65  ST: Julian Günther-Schmidt (FC Carl Zeiss Jena)

+1 65  CM: Sieben Dewaele (RSC Anderlecht)

+1 65  CM: Pierre Ruffaut (Rodez Aveyron Football)

+1 65  ST: Shon Weissman (Wolfsberger AC)


+1 84  CM: Paulinho (Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao)

+1 79  ST: Raúl de Tomás (SL Benfica)

+1 79  CAM: Diego Valeri (Portland Timbers)

+1 79  LM: Jonathan Bamba (LOSC Lille)

+1 78  CM: Florian Neuhaus (Borussia Mönchengladbach)

+1 77  ST: Giovanni Sio (Gençlerbirliği)

+1 77  LW: Maximiliano Meza (Monterrey)

+1 76  ST: Kasper Dolberg (Ajax)

+1 75  LM: Daniel Royer (New York Red Bulls)

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