The first FUTTIES winner is a predictable source of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team ire and frustration.

Despite a rather underwhelming debut campaign for Chelsea in real life, Tiemoue Bakayoko gets a 91-rated FUTTIES Winner item in no small part for all the havoc wreaking he did on our Weekend League teams during the hay day of FUT 18. The Squad Building Challenge is available, should you choose to accept your mission, effective immediately.

The next vote is now also open, with three new left-back ‘ballot’ player items in all our unclaimed items: Tottenham Hotspur (and England international) Danny Rose, Juventus’ (for now) Alex Sandro, and Lazio’s Jordan Lukaku are your nominees. The real question is — do you punt an untradeable 86 overall who might just be many’s (particular of the free-to-play persuasion) best left-back option at the moment in hopes of a probable 90-plus rated version? Or will the ‘PLUTTIES’ reign supreme for a second straight year?

21 July:
– 91 FUTTIES Winner Tiemoue Bakayoko SBC
– Left back FUTTIES Vote SBC: 82 Danny Rose, 86 Alex Sandro, 77 Jordan Lukaku

20 July:
 End of an Era Gianluigi Buffon SBC
 End of an Era Gianluigi Buffon (Loan Version) SBC

19 July:
 FUTmas Ander Herrera SBC
 End of an Era Andrea Pirlo SBC
 Coven of Witches Ultimate Scream SBC

18 July:
 Centre-Midfielder FUTTIES Vote SBC: 85 CDM Matuidi, 82 CDM Bakayoko, 82 CM Dembele
 Ultimate Scream, Ones to Watch (Summer 2017), Path to Glory (Autumn), and European Team of the Tournament in packs
– Reward Packs: Free packs (up to 125K packs) based on previous FUT activity levels
 End of an Era 96 Andres Iniesta, Loan Iniesta SBCs

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A Better Balance Between Attacking And Defending

FIFA 18 made it really easy to attack with efficiency, but the same thing cant be said about defending.

After FIFA 17 relied too much on AI defending, EA likely tried to make defending more precise and manual for 18. However, ultimately we got stuck with unresponsive defensive players who could not afford to make even the most basic mistake.

FIFA 18 score lines are often quite high, which diminishes the magic,skill, and effort of scoring a goal.

If attacking is easy in execution, defending should be easy as well. That way, players can focus on strategy and tactics as opposed to complicated or ineffective inputs.

Whether that means defenders can turn/recover from tackles quicker, or whether the AI gets into better positions, the end result should be more consistent defending and reduced score lines.

Some people want FIFA to be arcadey, and others look for a simulation of the sport every iteration. Regardless of your stance, FIFA 19 needs to have a better balance between attack and defense.

If youre a FIFA vet and can recall the past 10 years of the series, youll realize that passing is wildly inconsistent almost every year.

Sometimes it required so much skill that it created a barrier to entry, and unrealistic first touches from 90+ rated cards.

Other times, you could literally pass it around with your eyes closed (I love you FIFA 10, but your passing was hilarious).

FIFA 18 skews closer to eyes closed passingthan anyone really wanted.

Everyones familiar with the somewhat wide driven pass to the striker that somehow becomes a perfect through ball.

Everyone knows you can ping pong it in a 2 striker formation with a CAM until your face turns blue.

Everyone can hold the ball forever, should they have the patience.

The assists in FIFA 18 are simply too effective. Im sure weve all seen the clips and gifs of the trainer showing one direction, and the ball going into a completely different one.

So what does skill based passing actually mean? Well, increasing the importance of vision and actual passing attributes is probably the key here. Reducing the assist level would help as well.

Of course, the game has to appeal to more casual players as well. Maybe the answer here is to reduce the assist effectiveness in online play outside of friendlies.

Nerfed Driven and Half Turned Shots

This is the kind of point you can sum up really quickly, or write an entire thesis on.

Simply put, driven shots are way too easy to score, from any angle and with almost any player.

Goalkeepers need more animations and better AIto deal with them, or the driven shot needs to have its accuracy reduced.

Plus, you can fire off driven shots on the turn with almost 100% accuracy. This has resulted in medium and high level FIFA player being completely reliant on the driven shot.

With how quickly attackers can create space, it makes no sense to have a shot type that is hyper effective.

Diverse and effective Tactical Options

4-1-2-1-2 (2) continues to dominate FIFA 18 due to its gameplay balance.

When you think about it, thats pretty wild! To be effective with a formation like that in real life, you would basically need to be Real Madrid at all times.

And sure, you can build your FUT club to be even better than Real, but so can your opponent.

It makes no sense to have a narrow formation like this dominate a virtual representation of football, when you could easily spank with a 4-3-3 variant in real life.

Unfortunately, wide play is not super developed in FIFA 18. Although the full backs are much better than before, they still dont link up with wingers and other players in effective combinations.

This greatly reduces the gameplay diversity.

When you think to real life, the 4-2-3-1 is sort of the fall backoption for many coaches who want to start balanced/defensive, but you end up seeing a huge variety.

Some big clubs play with 3 at the back, some play on the counter, others go wide, and some can hold the ball in the opposing third.

A lot of this stuff is missing from FIFA, and my hope is that FIFA 19 can give us some more options and better AI understanding of the sport.

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The Best FIFA 19 Skillers: 5 Star Skill Players List


FIFA 19 5 Star Skill Players

Complete list of the best FIFA 19 skillers

The Star Skill Moves measures the ability that a player has to perform technical moves. To all skill moves are assigned a number between 1 (least complex) and 5 (most complex). The players with higher skills, like Ronaldo, are able to perform more complex moves.

If you often use these moves to confuse the opponents, you should pay attention to this attribute. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform all the skills that you want. In other words, if you want to perform a 5 star skill move, you will need to use a 5 star skill player. Do you know who to choose? Take a look to the complete list of the best FIFA 19 skillers.

Please notice that FIFA 19 Ultimate Team five star skill Players
are not exactly the same ones of 5 star skill players in other FIFA game modes.

Aiden McGeady RM   IRL Sunderland Premier League

Alexandru Maxim CAM     ROM Mainz 05 Bundesliga

Andriy Yarmolenko RW    UKR Borussia Dortmund Bundesliga

 Benson Manuel RM     BEL KRC Genk Pro League

Carlos Villanueva CAM     CHI Ittihad FC Jameel League

Charly Musonda LW     BEL Chelsea Premier League

Cristiano Ronaldo LW     POR Real Madrid La Liga

Diego Maradona CF     ARG – (Icon)

Di Maria RW     ARG Paris Saint-Germain Ligue 1

Douglas Costa CAM     BRA Juventus Serie A

Edison Flores LM   PER Aalborg B. K. Superliga

El Shaarawy LW    ITA AS Roma Serie A

Élton CAM    BRA Al Qadisiyah Jameel League

Franck Ribéry LM     FRA FC Bayern Bundesliga

Gelson Martins RM     POR Sporting CP Liga NOS

Giorgi Chanturia RM      GEO FC Ural Russian League

Hatem Ben Arfa RM     FRA Paris Saint-Germain Ligue 1

Ignacio Piatti LW     ARG Montreal Impact MLS

Ilsinho RM    BRA Philadelphia Union MLS

Jay-Jay Okocha RM     NIG – (Icon)

Jordan Botaka RW     NED Sint-Truidense V.V. Pro League

Juan Cuadrado RM    COL Juventus Serie A

Marlos RM    BRA Shakhtar Donetsk Ukrayina Liha

Marta ST    BRA – (Women)

Matheus Pereira CAM     BRA FC Girondins de Bordeaux Ligue 1

Matías Fernández CAM     CHI Fiorentina Serie A

Mohamed Elyounoussi LM     NOR Basel Swiss Super League

Nani LM     POR Lazio Serie A

Neymar LW    BRA Paris Saint-Germain Ligue 1

Oussama Assaidi LM     MOR FC Twente Eredivisie

Ousmane Dembélé RM     FRA FC Barcelona La Liga

Paul Pogba CM     FRA Manchester United Premier League

Pelé CF    BRA – (Icon)

Ricardo Kishna LW     NED ADO Den Haag Eredivisie

Ricardo Quaresma RW     POR Beşiktaş JK Süper Lig

Riyad Mahrez RM     ALG Leicester Premier League

Ronaldinho CAM    BRA – (Icon)

Ronaldo ST    BRA – (Icon)

Shikabala LW    EGY Al Raed Jameel League

Sofiane Boufal CAM    MOR Southampton Premier League

Vincent Aboubakar ST    CAM FC Porto Liga NOS

Thabo Rakhale RW   SAF Orlando Pirates PSL

Thiago Alcântara CM   SPA FC Bayern Bundesliga

Vitinho ST    BRA CSKA Moscow Russian League

Yannick Bolasie LM     DRC Everton Premier League

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Another Liverpool Champions League game, another Hamez Milner assist.  Last Tuesday, Milner notched yet another assist in Liverpool’s 5-2 victory over Roma extending his total to 9 for the campaign.  In doing so Milner further surpasses the Brazilian James Milner’s (Neymar) and the Man Bear Pig’s (Rooney) previously shared record of 7.  Milner’s record setting performances earned him a Record Breaker card in the latest group of MOTM cards.

In looking at the EPL midfield options I couldn’t help but think that Milner could be the solution to some of my squad issues.  Reliance on Calcio A (hate calling it this) midfielders such as Nainggolan, FB Florenzi (God), and SMS has created endless problems for me and other players I am interested in.  I went straight to work with Milner, applying a HUNTER chem style, and deploying him in the LEFT and RIGHT CAM of a 4-2-2-2. Milner was the engine in the following squad:



Base stats alone, Milner’s pace is the obvious deficiency.  Even with HUNTER applied you cannot get away from the fact that Milner is slow at this stage in FIFA.  If this is three months ago I am not sure it is even an issue.  But at this stage in the game Milner literally cannot keep up with the competition.  If midfield speed is a necessity for your squad to properly work then unfortunately Milner will leave you disappointed.  However, if you can look past this obvious deficiency, James Milner offers a lot more than most of the quick players I have tried.

RATING: 3.5/5



Having applied HUNTER for pace, the boosts to Milner’s shooting were a welcome bonus.  Milner can crack a ball from anywhere on the pitch and it causes keepers issues.  Some players seem to have an elevation to their shots that helps allude the height of most keepers when they dive, and Milner is one of them.  Bobby Firmino and Ruud Gullit are two other cards that I have used that have both velocity and height upon striking a ball.  This puts Milner in some excellent company and his 4 STAR WEAK FOOT doesn’t hurt either.  One concern would be his finishing.  Milner is often in the right place at the right time and this opened up quite a few chances throughout the weekend.  However, he can definitely miss some open chances and my issue was with hitting the keeper, rather than missing the goal.




In some of my previous reviews I have combined stats for different reasons, but never have I combined three.  Yet, as I sit here thinking about the past weekend with this card it just makes sense.  One of the best compliments I can give this card, is that it plays like James Milner does in real life.  He is consistent, not exactly flashy, but gets the job done.  This type of consistency mixed with a Beatles-esk haircut explains why Milner parody accounts such as Boring James Milner are entertaining.  But then you see the results of consistency; assists, tackles, possession, and goals and you start to realize that consistency is really entertaining.  It is fun when your players find the right pass and it reaches your streaking Salah rather than missing two yards behind; it is fun to dribble by players as they fly into challenges; and it is fun when your player goes into a tackle and actually comes out with the ball.  If that is the results of Boring James Milner, then I hope he keeps the Wolverine side burns till the day he dies.  I am starting to realize that it is the little things in FIFA that make me enjoy different players.  And seeing James Milner with his side burns flowing, piggy backing CR7 after just setting scoring the game winning goal, brings me more joy then it should.






If the 5 base stats Milner has rated 80 overall and up, Milner’s physical stats are the most intriguing.  One 60: 68 JUMPING, one 70: 77 STRENGTH, one 80: 84 AGGRESSION, and one 90: 96 STAMINA.  If I am honest I did not look over all of Milner’s stats before jumping into this weekend’s FUT Champs.  I saw a shiny blue and red card, with crazy base stats, in the Premier League, with strong links to Salah, and I jumped in with both feet.  It wasn’t until about game 10 that I went back and looked closer at this card.  I was shocked the Milner was at only 68 JUMPING, because at 5’8 I did not remember him losing a ball in the air.  In fact he even scored a few headers along the way.  Perhaps a less central position reduced the amount of big midfielders he was jumping against?  I do not have the exact answer, but it was a welcome bonus in a position that I am normally losing aerial battles.





If I had to pick a song to go with this card it would be “Steady, As She Goes” by the Raconteurs.  Milner just bobs along to the beat of his own drum, quietly making huge contributions to your squad in his own simple, “boring” way. But all memes, Twitter parodies, and Hamez jokes aside, this card is entertaining to use.  I am quite torn moving forward with my own team as I know there are slightly better options available.  However, none fit into my team as easily as this card, and none have such a well-rounded set of attributes, especially for 100k.  The price of Miner’s card has been largely effected by numerous pack openings in relation to TOTS and lightning rounds; and with that Record Breaker James Milner has entered the category of: “You might as well give it a try if you are interested, what do you have to lose.”  That is my ultimate recommendation for FUT Managers.  He is 100% worth a try; his stats and attributes far exceed the cost, and if you turn around and sell him you are looking at minimal loses.  But I should warn you, it doesn’t get any better than seeing the long lost member of the Beatles slamming home goals and then knee sliding to the corner flag, just picture a guitar in his hands.

Cheers for Reading!

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Here are the 30 best FIFA 19 tips we selected especially for the first days of the game.


Take a few minutes to think which edition you will buy. The standard edition is good enough for most of the players. Do you really don’t mind to pay more ‘just’ to play three days earlier and receive a few packs that most likely will not add anything to your team?

If you have an active EA Access or Origin Access subscription don’t forget that you will be able to play FIFA 19 earlier (September 20). Use your ten hours wisely and double check if you exit the game when you are not playing it.

Don’t forget to redeem every single daily gift EA gives you in the first days. Each day you miss, it is one pack less you get.

Complete all objectives as soon as possible. We never know when will be your lucky day…

If you don’t mind spending real money, buy FIFA Points as soon as they are released. They are more valuable in the first days. The market tends to depreciate over time.

If you don’t have enough FIFA experience, watch the in-game tutorials, read our gameplay guides, practice in the arena and complete all the skill games.

Even if you are an experienced FIFA player, let the ‘Trainer’ turned on in your first matches. It will be useful to get used to the new movements.

Apply the 99 contracts item on a good player that you don’t plan to sell in the coming weeks.

Buy all the loan players items available in the EAS FC catalogue and use them.

Buy all the coin boost items before you start playing matches. You can not waste coins in the first days.

Ask your friends to offer you the EAS FC items you want and do the same to them. Both will pay 50% less.

As soon as they are affordable, buy managers enough to reach the 50% bonus and pay the lowest price possible for them.

Don’t focus on building a top team on the first day. Try to build a weaker team in which players could be used as substitutes or reserves in your final team.

Choose players according to their stats (and not by their rating), their positions, the squad formation and the chemistry.

Pick the players with the highest pace and physical stats. Their prices are always the ones that go up faster.

Focus on building only one team. In the beginning, you should only spend your resources on what is strictly necessary. Other teams, badges and kits can be bought later in the game.

Sell everything you own and build a team from scratch. Be persistent and avoid discarding items that can be sold for a higher price. You can also use your unwanted items to submit the first SBCs available.

Use all the contracts of untradeable players.

Keep trading simple: buy low, sell higher. It works with almost every card. It’s a matter of time and patience.

Play with the fact that most of the prices will go up. They only go down a few weeks later.

Pay attention to the market, especially during high traffic hours on the release date. Many people will be opening packs and selling the unwanted cards at really good prices.

Never invest everything you have. Always put a few coins aside. The good deals come when least expected.

If you got a top player in a pack, wait a few days to monetize him.

Don’t waste your coins buying packs. The chances of pulling something good are really low.

Don’t buy IF cards. Leave them for later. You have tons of good regular cards to try out first.

Play your first games on a low difficulty level and focus on adapting to the new gameplay. If you feel that you are better than your opponents, play Draft to get decent rewards.

If you feel confident, play the Weekend League. It is by far the game mode with the best rewards. If you are not as good or if you fail the qualification, Squad Battles is also a decent choice.

If you have started FUT 19 in the middle of the season, wait until TOTY or TOTS weeks to buy the players you want. The prices will be much lower.

Never forfeit. It will ruin your %DNF and you will receive less coins in the end of each match.

If there is something about this game that you would like to know more, just google “fifauteam + (what you want to know)”.

If you follow these selection of the best FIFA 19 tips, we are sure that you will have a season plenty of success.

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If you were holding out hope for one final Festival of FUTball squad release, you got your wish — though maybe not quite in the way you’d envisioned.
The FIFA 18 live content surprised all of us with an OP high-powered full France side after the nation’s second ever World Cup championship. Young Player of the Tournament Kylian Mbappe gets his FUT 18 best 97 RM special player item, while teammate (and MOTM) Antoine Griezmann gets a best-ever-in-FIFA 98-overall center forward one. Paul Pogba suddenly becomes an intriguing option at later this month’s 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final in London with a new 94-rated player item as well.
PTG-Selected owners of Ousmane Dembele, Thomas Lemar, Raphael Varane, and Olivier Giroud see one final boost for their patience also.
Available in packs for the next seven days, you can check out the full FOF France WCW 18 side below (including some intriguing bench options like 93 Presnel Kimpembe and 95 Nabil Fekir) below:


Click here for more cheap FIFA 18 coins related info.

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We have talk about the Mauro Icardi last article. The World Cup has started and the world has turned its focus to Russia in anticipation of a breath taking tournament.  In the virtual world, the World Cup mode also turned heads with the release of the guaranteed ICON SBC a week ago.  It is impossible not to try your luck at least once and I decided to dive headfirst into the madness. Argentina Flag, CAM, Maradona!  First pack.  I was hooked. Number two, Brazilian Flag, ST, R9! This is incredible.  Third pack, French Flag, CB, Blanc! My team had exponentially improved and I had to take one more chance.  Maradona, Maradona again, and finally Nakata and I was out of cards.

Maradona, R9, and Blanc all slotted in perfectly to my team and offered an even better link for Messi.  I rolled through the World Cup once to get a feel for each of them and with my group stage pack I pulled Dybala.  At this point in FIFA my luck is at an all-time high, to the point that Dybala doesn’t even get a starting spot in my squad, but I soon realized the level of impact he could have coming off of the bench.  These four game changers created devastation for my opponents at an apocalyptic level producing my nickname for this review: The Four Horsemen.


The Four Horsemen mark the end of days and in this case my opponents felt their wrath. The Four Horsemen are often described as Conquest (R9), War (Maradona), Famine (Blanc), and Death (Dybala) and I road these four juggernauts to back to back World Cups, here is what I can tell you.

Conquest – R9


Conquest involves the takeover of other nations, and in this case I couldn’t pick a better word to describe what R9 does to your opponent’s backline.  He is quick, agile, strong, and has FIVE STAR SKILLS mixed with a FIVE STAR WEAK FOOT.  The amount of goals that you can score from ridiculous angles feels like you have a game genie equipped (if you were not alive in the 90’s you missed out).  While I couldn’t include every goal in my video, I tried to demonstrate the audacity of the shot selection I developed with this card.  One step away from the defender is open season and after the first goal you begin to notice over commitment in defenders trying to avoid further torment.  Of course this only opens up the opposite side, which is just as clinical.  Conquest over your opposition is eased with this man at the head of your army.

War – Maradona

RATING: 4.8/5

Every war needs a general, and my squad followed Maradona into every battle knowing that he would lead the way. While R9 absolutely rips my opponents apart in battle, it is Maradona who points him in the right direction and sets him loose. I am still attached to the 4-5-1 FORMATION in the World Cup mode especially, and I was nervous to play Maradona in the CAM position. Two goals and an assist in my first match immediately put my mind at ease. While he is obviously not going to be winning headers and bullying your opponents, I was surprised at how often his pace was enough to dispossess my opponents and turn defending into attack with a brilliant turn and incredible pace. While Maradona’s 3 STAR WEAK FOOT is not the best (and the reason for his 4.8 rating) I did manage to score a few goals with his right foot due to defenders overplaying his left. The Little General is a mastermind on the pitch and I have been successful in the majority of my battles since he took charge.

Famine – Blanc

RATING 4.7/5

My video does not include a single clip of Blanc in it as I felt it is only so entertaining watching Blanc win header after header, completely demoralize attackers, intercept passes, and fly into blocking shots.  Famine in this case represents the lack of goals my opponents have scored since Blanc has joined my squad.  I am by no means a good defender and I actually acquired Prime Blanc in regular FUT with mixed success.  However, given the slightly slower game play and the lack of super powered STs (R9 and Ronaldo excluded), I find Blanc to be a constant presence in every game and he can be completely devastating too my opponents attacks.  He seems to be everywhere and always gets a foot in at the right time.  The one area of minor concern is a lack of agility that could be exposed by the right player with the right card to use.  However, I have obviously really enjoyed Blanc thus far and the solidity that he has brought to my squad.

Death – Dybala


As previously stated Dybala came into my squad after I had already started my reviews of the three juggernauts listed above.  9 games is not nearly enough to provide a full rating on a card but I couldn’t leave him out.  He is Death in my Four Horsemen review because his addition to my squad as a substitute has meant the termination of the opponents he comes up against.  With minimal minutes I can already tell that Dybala is a game changer in the World Cup mode and it is my plan to work him into my squad in some way.

Cheers for reading.


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We have talked about the FIFA 18 PLAYER REVIEW: 95 TOTMD LUKAKU last article.
Today, I’m taking a look at one of my all-time favorite real life players – Carlos Tevez.
‘El Apache” received a 95-rated Classic Hero item as part of the ongoing Festival of FUTBall promotion. It’s a item that is a throwback to his sensational FIFA 15 TOTS item, a item which, at the time, was game-breaking.
Tevez’s in-game stats are nothing short of ridiculous — some of the highlights include:

99 Shot Power and Composure,

97 Finishing, Positioning and Dribbling,

96 Acceleration and Stamina,

95 Strength and Aggression.

I used the Hawk chemistry style on him, to max out his Pace, Shooting and Physicality.

I used Tevez for 13 games — in 10, he was on 10 Chemistry, and in the remaining three, he was on 8 Chemistry.

Here are his stats after those games:

Price: 375,000

Games: 13

Goals: 21

Assists: 4

Let’s get into the review.


Pace: 10/10

He’s rapid. The combination of a low center of gravity, great Dribbling and a high Pace stat make him feel unbelievably quick in game. He can burst away from defenders like it’s nothing, and once he hits top speed, he’s uncatchable. I love his pace.

Shooting: 10/10

One of the best finishers I have used this year. His positioning and finishing are immaculate, and the runs he makes are sensational. The only caveat here is that you will have to trigger the runs — the workrates aren’t conducive to auto-runs — but when you do, oh boy are they good. His shot-power is crazy (the best I’ve used this year), and he’s a handy man to have around for volleys (I scored three bangers with him).

Passing: 8/10

A very competent passer, with no glaring flaws. He can do the short- and medium-range passes without any difficulty, but his long passing is hit and miss. However, his crossing is fantastic, and as a quick striker, it allows him to drift out wide and ping beauties into the box.

Dribbling: 10/10

Sensational. The ball sticks to his feet, he stops, starts and turns instantly, and his dribbling animations are on point. I love the way this item feels on the ball. He’s unstoppable when he gets going.

Defending: N/A (but for his position, 10/10)

As an attacking player, you don’t need him to defend. That being said, he does it anyway, and he’s ridiculously good at it. High pace, great agility and sensational strength, stamina and aggression means he can track down any opposition player, and force the ball off them. Its a wonder to behold.

Physicality: 10/10

He’s so powerful in game. His strength and aggression combination make him one of the strongest players in the game, and impossible to bully on the ball. He’s the only player in the FIFA 18 core game to have 95+ Stamina, Strength and Aggression, and they combine in game to make him the bulldog he was in real life (the short, stocky build really helps too). The only downside is his jumping, but it’s made up for completely by his power in game.

As you can see, he’s almost perfect so far. But is he one of the best players in the game? Yes. But he’s far from the best.

What hurts this item for me is the three-star/three-star combo. Keep him on his right foot, and he can beat anyone. On his left, he’s still sensational, and he gets the job done, but he’s far less effective. It does feel more like a four-star weak foot, but it’s still not perfect.

The big downside is the three-star skills. It stops him from being unpredictable in-game — your restricted to the simpler skill moves (though ones like the roulette and ball roll and still incredibly effective with this item), and forced to rely heavily on his dribbling ability. Thanks to his high agility and balance, he’s incredible good at fake shots and changing direction, but without the four-star skills, he lacks that flair and explosiveness that I love in my attacking players. If he didn’t have the strength and aggression that he has, or if his pace and dribbling were lower, this item would be really hard to use. Fortunately, he has the stats to make up for it.


I love this item. If you ignore the three-star/three-star combo, he’s one of the best strikers in the game. If you rely on the skills and weakfoot (like I do), this item takes some getting used to, but when you do, he’s a force of nature. Forget all the complicated and fancy stuff — Carlos Tevez takes you back to a time where you just had to kick hard and run fast, and my god, he’s good at those.

Rating: 9.5/10

Value for Coins: 8/10 (wait a couple of days, and I can see him dipping more).



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fifa2We have talked FIFA 18 PLAYER REVIEW: 95 TOTMD LUKAKU last articel. Today, we’re looking at the 94-rated Festival of FUTBall N’Golo Kante, who was released as part of the Team of the Matchday 4 squad.

Just like Luis Suarez and Romelu Lukaku, I will be comparing Kante to his highest rated special item — in his case, it’s his stunning 95-rated TOTY item.

This puts him in a unique position — unlike the majority of items who have received TOTMD items, Kante’s new item is cheaper than his existing item. Today, we’ll be looking at whether you should settle for this item, or if the TOTY is truly in a league of it’s own.

First, let’s look at the IG stats of both items. Here are the stats on his new item:
I used both with the anchor chemistry style, giving him the following boosts on his 94-rated item:


fifa4As you can see, the two items are very similar in their pace, defending and physical departments, with significant differences still present between his shooting, passing and dribbling.

So how do these two items compare?


Pace: The TOTY item is faster, despite only have a +1 in the pace department. This is probably due to his better dribbling, but it noticeable in game. That being said, both items are really, really fast, and they have all the pace you could ever want in the middle of the park.

Shooting: It’s like night and day — the TOTY item is far, far, far better than the 94 item. There’s just something about the TOTY item that makes him incredible in front of goal, and especially from a distance. And despite the boosted stats, the 94-rated TOTMD item just doesn’t have it.

Passing: Once again, I noticed a difference here. It wasn’t as big of a difference as the shooting stat, but it was clear that the 95 item has no weaknesses in the passing department, while the 94-rated item can fall short at times.

Dribbling: A big difference here too. The dribbling on the TOTY item is perfection, and he feels incredible on the ball. He honestly glides across the field with ease, and it’s so much fun in game. The 94 can do it too, but it’s just not the same – he feels a little slower on the turn, and the ball isn’t stuck as closely to his feet. That being said, the TOTMD item is still incredible on the ball.

Defending: Zero difference. Both are probably the best (non-Icon) defensive midfielders in the game, and they can clean up like no one else. Absolutely fanastic.

Physicality: Once again, no difference here. Both items are phenomenal in-game — the strength, aggression and stamina makes him truly unstoppable.


There’s a big difference between the TOTMD and the TOTY items, even if there is only a +1 difference in their ratings.

The TOTY item is the complete player on this game — perfect in all categories, and someone who can do everything on the pitch, all game long. The 94 is still unbelievable in game, but he’s definitely better suited to defensive duties than going forward — defensively, he’s one of the best around, but he’s a little lacking creatively and offensively.

If you have the coins, go for the TOTY item — it’s definitely the better item. If you’re looking for the perfect box-to-box mid, that’s the item for you. But if you’re only interested in a defensive minded player, the 94 can do the job too.

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Today, we’ll be looking at the 5-rated Festival of FUTBall/Team of the Matchday 1 Romelu Lukaku, who was released as part of the Team of the Matchday 1 squad. He’s been out of packs for some time accordingly, but /u/lijiang requested him, so we decided to make it happen. Hope this helps, lijiang!

Just like TOTMD3 Suarez, I will be comparing this item to his TOTS item, to see if the upgrade is worthwhile. However, so that I can churn out as many of these as possible over the next week or so (so that y’all can decide which endgame teams to build before the World Cup is a distant memory), I’ll be making this one much briefer.

This 95-rated Lukaku has all the hallmarks of an excellent target man, with sensational stats in all five major categories (pace, dribbling, passing, shooting and physicality).

I used Lukaku with the engine chemistry style, giving his TOTMD and TOTS items the following boosts:



Once the Chemistry style is applied, the difference shrinks even further.


So how do these two items compare?

In many ways, they are exactly the same. There is absolutely no difference to his pace, his shooting or his physicality – he’s equally beastly on both items. In fact, I found the 94 to be the perfect target man in many regards, so there really was nothing to improve on. His shooting is fantastic, his physicality is awesome, and his pace is incredible in-game. You can bulldoze past opposition defenders, and outstrength any player in the game. And the moment he gets a chance to score, he’ll take it.

There’s also little to no difference in two of his other item stats – his defending is trash on both of them, and despite a +2 passing boost, I noticed no improvements.

So is there any difference between the two? There is a minute difference in the dribbling ability, with the 95 feeling a tiny bit more responsive on the ball. But even then, he still feels equally clunky on both items 99% of the time.

These two items are even closer than the two Suarez items — in fact, I’d go so far as to say these items essentially identical. I would 100% recommend saving your coins, and going for the 94-rated TOTS items. They are both phenomenal strikers, but you can easily save over a 100k and get a virtually identical item.

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