FIFA 18 Player Review: Mauro Icardi

We have talked about FIFA 18 Player Review: Zanetti before, today we will talk another player which is Mauro Icardi.  Icardi suffered a lot of criticism from the fans in the football field and complained that he had only a simple offense and would only heading. But what about Icardi’s performance in the game? Let’s take a look!


From the latest version of the database, we can see that the total score of the Argentine striker reached 86 points, and the potential value is 90 points. Can be said to be the best player in the future. Icardi has low offensive and defensive efficiency, Skills attributes are not an advantage, rarely dribbling. This kind of opportunist play is different from the contemporary popular all-around forward.

His trump card is more than a 90-point heading in the offensive attribute, and a 92 point strength. The combination of these two skills gives Icardi a heading performance. But don’t overlook his 90-point shooting and 84-point volley, This is also a very threatening means of scoring for players. His pac attributes are balance, the minimum ability value also has 76 points, the 86-point reaction is also a trait that a forward should have.

From the data analysis, we can see that Icardi is more than just a tall ST who only scores by heading in the penalty zone, but is more like a finisher in the restricted zone. But even so, he was out of tune with Argentine coach Sanbaoli’s tactical arrangement. The “seventh striker” that the fans clamored for, might missed the Russian World Cup and had to say it was a pity.

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FIFA 18 Premier League Player of the Year: Mohamed Salah

Last article we have talked about FIFA 18 Bayern Munich DM Review: Vidal & Tolisso, today we will talk FIFA 18 Premier League Player of the Year: Mohamed Salah.

The PFA announced the Premier League Player of the Year, Sarah, who has scored 31 goals in the league, defeated Harry Kane and Debrauner, who also performed well this season! In FIFA18 also launched the corresponding player card, the rating up to 98 points. I believe many players do not understand this card, let’s take a look!


Despite good performances in two seasons in Rome, but before the start of the season, I believe there are still few people who think that this Egyptian player will perform such amazing performance in his first season back to the Premier League. The sharp knife with the name “Egypt Messi” when he made the debut had finally made a Messi’s rating. In this season’s various events, Salah played 46 times, scored 41 goals, plus 11 assists, iLiverpool’s best player in recent years. With 3 rounds left in the league and two Champions League matches to be played, Salah is likely to continue to refresh his data.

Salah’s super-god-like performance not only surprised many people in the real world, even football games could not be predicted. In the popular soccer game “FIFA 18″, Salah’s initial combined ability is only 83. Such a data is very unremarkable in the Premier League where big players are gathering. However, a season has not yet ended, Salah has skyrocketed by 10 points. After winning the best player in March, Salah’s overall ability has reached 93, and the speed has reached 99.

But this is far from over. After winning the PFA Player of the Year, FIFA 18 once again created the latest player card for Salah. This PFA player, Salah, has an initial capacity of 98. You know, in FIFA 18, Pele’s ability is only 98. In other words, after experiencing a fantastic Super God season, Salah has at least been able to sing legendary in the game.

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FIFA 18 Bayern Munich DM Review: Vidal & Tolisso

We have talked about  FIFA 18 Player Review: Zanetti last article, today we will talk FIFA 18 Bayern Munich DM Review: Vidal & Tolisso.
Bayern München’s DM Vidal has started to worry about Bayern’s midfield defense after his retaliation this season. Then the following will bring you “FIFA18″ analysis of Bayern Munich’s midfielder ratings to see how these Bayern’s Defending Midfielder!


Although Vidal is 31 years old, but the style of the game is still fierce, but the hot temperament and the characteristics of easy-to-eat cards are also a headache for fans. The current player’s overall rating is 86 points, still high. As a typical B2B player, Vidal is both offensive and defensive. The abilities of the offensive attributes are fairly balanced. The lowest one – passing is 76 points.

Compared with offensive and defensive techniques, the most powerful force in Vidar is still strength and psychology: to forget the 76 strength that have fallen due to age. The lowest psychological value is only 80 points of vision, and other interceptions such as 85 points, 86 points of calm, 93 points of aggressiveness are very eye-catching.

However, the shortcomings of Vidal are also very obvious. The 65-60 dual-speed  have been difficult to adapt to some fierce game rhythm in the single defense midfielder.

At present, only two players, Martínez and Tolitso, in the Bayern array are in line with the status of the replacement of Vidal. Tolitso’s double speed has 69, 77, although not high, but other mobile capabilities are also good, Tolitso’s defensive attributes are not as eye-catching, but the 75-point shooting and 82-point header are also good. The young Tolitso also has 89 points of bouncing and 86 points of physical fitness.

Martinez as the strong defensive midfielder of Bayern Munich in the Triple Crown season. After several injuries, he is slowly recovering. Tolitso, as a newcomer introduced to Bayern this season, is often unstable, but he often has a good performance.

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FIFA 18 Player Review: Zanetti

We have talked about FIFA 18 Player Review: SALAH  last article . today we will talk about another FIFA 18 Player Review: Zanetti.

Zanetti played for Inter Milan from the age of 22 and retired at the age of 41, a full 19 years of time engraved in the history of the Inter. When Inter Milan lost to AC Milan 0-6 in 2001, only Zanetti challenged the media and fans in the back of the game. Now that he is back, he has returned to the greenfield of FIFA18. This time he will still be the most reliable captain. This high score with Zanetti reached 92. Let’s take a look.


From 1995 to 2005, in 10 years, Zanetti experienced the coming superstars and marshals, but Inter Milan is still far away from the league championship. After retiring from Bergomi, Zanetti became the captain. For 16 years, Zanetti played this role well.

Zanetti is a record holder in the Argentine national team and also the most frequent player in Argentina’s participation in the America’s Cup. He has reached an astonishing 22 times. During his long career as a player, he represented more than 145 games on behalf of the Argentine National Team, participated in two World Cups in 1998 and 2002, and the Americas Cup in 1995, 1999, 2004, 2007 and 2011.


In the FIFA 18, Zanetti continued to run in the green field. As a full-back, the sprint speed of 87 has accelerated to 85. It has been very difficult. He also has a good short-passing attribute on the pass, reaching 94. The winger was even more of a good game for the Sacramento team and the pass rating was 95. In the most critical defense aspect, Zanetti reached an unassailable 90, and the interception reached 93. The only weaker is the bounce, only 50, which occasionally becomes a fatal flaw in the corner defense, but the endurance of 92 can make Zanetti completely support the right side of the team.

About the price, Zanetti can be said to be very convinced. The most expensive PC version is only 425.45K. The Xbox is only 362.85K, and the PS4 is 365.5K.

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FIFA 18 Player Review: SALAH

We have talked about  FIFA 18 Player Review: Aguero & Jesus last article , today we will talk about another FIFA 18 Player Review: SALAH

From unobtrusive to outstanding performance, from 83 to 98, Salah with a speed of 99 conquered the world, and now Salah is the most fierce player in the Premier League or even football world. However, the career path of this player is not easy sailing. Here we will bring you the analysis of Salah’s career and data in FIFA18. If you are Interested in it then you should not miss it.


Five years ago, as a representative of Basel scored a goal in the Champions League group match against Chelsea, he became the first Egyptian player to be signed in Blues history. In the first game on behalf of Chelsea, he scored a goal for the team and helped the Blues defeat Arsenal with six goals. This seems to be a perfect beginning, but did not expect it is one of his few shining moments at Stamford Bridge.


Don’t want to spend time on the bench he chose to rent to join Florence. Once again, he performed well in the favor of the giants. This time, it was the Italian capital team Rome that gave him an olive branch. In Rome, he gradually recovered his position and scored double goals in two consecutive seasons, allowing him to regain confidence. In Rome, he gradually recovered his state and the number of goals scored for two seasons allowed him to regain his confidence.


For Premier League Liverpool who believe in attacking, such a player is obviously they can not miss. Last summer, Liverpool spent 42 million euros to invite him. Despite the high price, the deal was not paid much attention at the time. However, after less than one season, this transfer became the most successful deal in the summer of 2017.


However, this is not the end. With the best player of the Premier League in the month of March, Salah achieved the POTM in FIFA 18 for the third time. This time, his overall ability reached 98, which is a full 10 points higher than the previous ability. And the speed reached 99, surpassing Ronaldo and Obamayan.The pace of the World Cup is getting closer. Here, we also wish Salah and his national team can go further in the World Cup.

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FIFA 18 Player Review: Aguero & Jesus

We have talked about FIFA 18 Player Review: Daniel Sturridge before , today we will talked about FIFA 18 Player Review:  Aguero & Jesus

Manchester City won the championship in advance, can not do without Guardiola’s transformation of Man City and his tactical arrangements. Of course, can not do without the stable play of the players. Here we bring you guys some reviews of Man City players.


Sergio Aguero

As the main core of Man City’s forward line, Aguero scored 21 goals for Manchester City in the league, accounting for one-fifth of the total number of goals. So many goals are inseparable from superb shooting. 91 shooting combined will make it difficult for the other goalkeepers to handle. Smart moves, quickness and flexibility are also one of the features of Aguero. The only downside is that there is no advantage in high air balls. In general, Aguero is a top-level shooter.

Gabriel Jesus
The 21-year-old Hotsus is the magical kid of Manchester City! Repeatedly able to pull back Manchester City from the edge of the cliff, the league scored 10 goals and 3 assists, the efficiency is good. The point is that Hotsus is still young and there is still a lot of room for growth. The ability value in the game has reached 83 points, but the potential value has a full 92 points, showing that people’s expectations of him are still high. On the offensive end, Jesús’s value is not bad. Dribbling and alert moves are his strengths. The shooting power and long shoot ability are not outstanding, and the physical confrontation needs to be strengthened.

Leroy Sane
The 22-year-old Sane is also one of the best players this season. He scored 9 goals and 12 assists in the league, which is arguably the most important player on the way to the championship. He also was selected as the shortlist for the Premier League Player of the Year.In the game, Sane has a rating of 84. Speed is one of his strengths. It can be seen that shooting is an aspect that needs to be improved. Of course, there is still a lot of time left for Sarney. It is hoped that Sacine will become one of the top players together with Jesús.

Of course, winning the championship is also inseparable from the stable play of Manchester City’s defense. Veterans Kompany, Otamendi, Kyle Walker who transferred from Tottenham, Stones with unlimited potential, etc. They are also an integral part of the championship.

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FIFA 18 Player Review: Daniel Sturridge

We have talked about FIFA 18 Player Review Oliver Giroud before, now we will talk about another player Daniel Sturridge.
There are many players in football who have become mediocre from genius due to injury. In fact, this is also the case in the game. Today, we will introduce some players who are injured in the FIFA 18 game. Let’s take a look!

All along, injuries have always been the greatest enemy of professional players. Today, with increasingly fierce physical confrontation, it is very difficult for players to be able to maintain full play without injuries like Frank Lampard. In addition to Conti, there are many players whose career has been more or less affected by injuries, such as the former England talented striker Sturridge.
The healthy Sturridge was once a superb killer in the Premier League. In the 2013/2014 season, he and Suarez’s forward line was invincible, and almost gave Liverpool a long-lost league title. When his career was smooth, Sturridge frequently suffered injuries. In January of this year, Liverpool finally gave up waiting for the former leader and loaned him to West Brom. However, only three minutes after West Brom’s first debut, Sturridge was suffered from the injury. It is difficult to get Sturridge back to the peak of  before.
In the game, Liverpool’s talented striker Sturridge had only 81 combined ability. The speed is 80, although there were 83 shooting, However, compared with its peak period, it is still a far cry from before, plus the hidden attributes that are easy to hurt, which make it difficult for Sturridge to find the best himself in reality and in the game.

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FIFA 18 Player Review: Olivier Giroud

We have talked about the FIFA 18 Player Review Sanchez in the last article, and now we  going to talk about the FIFA 18 Player Review Olivier Giroud .

The former Arsenal player, after the transfer to Chelsea, most people have decreased their attention on him. So, how did he do in the FIFA 18? Many people don’t know, here we bring you the review of Olivier Giroud, base on his advantages and disadvantages and his perfomance.


Physical: The geight of 192cm and the characteristics of the center, brings Giroud a powerful air ability and strong physical resistance and ability to carry the ball.
Shooting: Although it does not have any shooting characteristics, its 89 shooting attributes and actual effects are very similar to Bergkamp in FIFA 16, especially for long shots, both for shooting and burst shooting. In short, if you are going to have a  long shot, if the GK is on the right side of the goal, you can shoot with a far angle. On the other hand, shot the near angle. When you are up on this skill, it is easy to score.
Mentality: M/M makes Giroud will not be particularly positive for the front, so that his position can be in the middle of the CAM, RM and another ST. It can eddectively cope with and divide the ball.

Pace: The speed of 56 is destined to not apply to counterattack and fast breaks. Personally think that Giroud still needs to rely on teamwork and cooperation, so teammates can’t be too far away.
Drribling: He doesn’t have the flexibility , not even Likes Lukaku. To a certain extent, it will waste some chances of one-on-one or even better.

Dual forwards formation is acceptable.
Since the speed has reached the bottom line, passing and dribbling are not outstanding. I have chosen the “fishiner”, strengthen the shooting and physical to increase some corresponding effect.

Personally thinking that Giroud still needs a certain number of matches to accumulate experience, and it is best to see how he plays in reality. His reasonable operation methods in the game and his style of play and characteristics in reality are similar.

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FIFA 18 Tips: All Players Attributes Expained


I believe that when some guys will be confused when choosing players in UT mode, they often have duffucukties in selecting players. Attributes are responsible for determining a player’s quality, and knowing them well can give you the opportunity to choose your team more efficiently. From acceleration to volleys, not forgetting Composure and all the other FIFA 18 attributes, you will find in this guide a complete explanation about what they are and how they can help you.


Accelerations is the increment of a player’s running speed. The higher the value, the shorter the time needed to reach maximum speed, no matter what that is.
It needs to be considered alongside the Sprint Speed stat. On a player with high acceleration but low sprint speed, his sprint evolves really well, but his maximum speed is pretty low. In this case, acceleration becomes almost irrelevant – it’s no good getting to your top speed really quickly if that top speed really isn’t very quick. In another hand, a player who has high sprint speed but low acceleration is able to run fast, but it takes longer for him to reach his top speed.


Finishing is the accuracy of shots using foot, inside the penalty area. Free Kick is a FIFA attribute used to measures the player’s accuracy for taking Free Kicks. Shot Power evaluates how hard the player hits the ball when taking a shot at goal.


Crossing measures how accurately the player crosses the ball during both normal running and free kick set pieces. Curve is used to measures the player’s ability to curve the ball when passing and shooting.


Agility measures how agile the player is while moving or turning. Balance attribute is the ability to maintain balance after a physical challenge. Ball control is the ability of a player to control the ball as he receives it. Composure determines at what distance the player with the ball starts feeling the pressure from the opponent.


This stats measures the heading accuracy of the player for either a pass or a shot. Interception determines the ability to read the game and intercept passes. Marking is the ability to track and defend an opposing player. In other words, it is your player’s ability to stay close to an opposing attacker and stop him getting to a cross/pass from a teammate. Also contributes to tracking runs.


The aggression level of a player measures the frequency and the aggression of jostling, tackling and slide tackling. It is the attribute which determines the player’s power of will or commitment to a match. Jumping is the player’s ability and quality for jumping from the surface for headers. Strength is about the quality or state of being physically strong. Strength is about the quality or state of being physically strong.


For more info about FIFA 18 tips, click here.

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