FIFA 17 Messi Two Goals: Barcelona 7 to 1 Won over Osasuna

Spain local time on the 26th 19:30, 2016/17 season La Liga 34 round focus match started in the Nou Camp stadium, Barcelona 7 to 1 Won over Osasuna at home, Messi, Gomez and Paco Alcácer scored 2 goals, Javier Mascherano also scored his first goal. Barcelona 3 consecutive victories continue to lead the match. Osasuna ahead of four rounds suffered downgrading. Osasuna nearly 10 league against Barcelona at the visiting field but only won one match, during which it only scored 2 goals and lost 34 balls. The two sides played against 73 matches in the history of the league, Barcelona 42 wins and 16 draws and 15 losses, including 28 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses at home. Suarez entered the bench, Javier Mascherano, Dignes, Dennis, Gomez and Turan took turns to play the match. Barcelona in the stands showed a huge banner to commemorate Messi scoring 500 goals in the official matches.


Barcelona at 12th minute took the lead, Fasto returned but Messi took the ball and then formed a single pole, and threw off two guards to make a shoot at 12 yards single-handedly and score a goal. At 30th minute, to expand the score, Rakitić corner melee in the right pass, then Gomez at the first time to shoot at 11 yards and also score a goal, 2-0. At 57th minute again opened the gap, Rakitic took the corner ball, Gerard Piqué at 10 yards made a shot, the ball hit the right column and bounced back, Gomez without being unguarded at 10 yards made a shoot and entered the gate successfully, 3-1. At 62th minute, Raktich passed the ball, Messi broke into the the restricted area and made a successful arc shot , 4-1. At 64th minute, Turan straightly passed the ball to Javier Mascherano, Paco took the ball into the small restricted area and made a successful shot on the right side, 5-1. At 67th minute, Dennis in the right side of the restricted was stumbled by Merida, Javier Mascherano made a successful penalty kick, 6-1. At 86th minute, Dennis straightly passed the ball, Paco went pass Salvatore Sirigu and made a successful shot, 7-1.

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FIFA 17: Messi Won Over Cristiano Ronaldo in El Clásico

Messi scored the goal in the 92th minute and defeated Real Madrid, and rekindled the hope of Barcelona title, but also renewed the fans expectations on Messi. When Messi stood in front of the stands and showed his No. 10 jersey and his name to Real Madrid fans, he looked like the king of the world. Messi told the enemy with this action: yes, it is me who defeated you! The El Clásico is the key battle to fight for the championship in real sense, before the match, people generally think that if Barcelona lose this season, La Liga champion will lose suspense. Under the case that out of the Champions League and the league championship hope is slim, Messi this year may be surpassed by Cristiano Ronaldo, Golden Globe is also basically hopeless.


There is nothing more convincing than the positive victory, the first round of El Clásico in this season, Barcelona at home 1-1 at the last moment equalized by Real Madrid , the protagonists are  not Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Before the second round, the Barcelona was out of Champions League, Real Madrid eliminated Bayern later, in the eyes of fans and the medias, the game may become a thorough blow to Barcelona this season, and 2017 Golden Globe suspense also Will stop abruptly. But changing life still relied on Messi! He scored a goal in the 92th minute to tie the gap with Real Madrid. In this direct contest, Messi made a victory.

For Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the first person title Golden Globe is not in the first place, winning the championship trophy with the team is the primary goal, but the Golden Globe is related with the personal achievement standards. From 2012 4-1 to 2016 5-4, Messi’s Golden Globe Award number was chased closely by Cristiano Ronaldo, these two people rule the football altar for ten years, will Cristiano Ronaldo tie the score? At least now it seems that the answer is far from being revealed.

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FIFA 17: Neymar Has Been One of Top 100 World’s Most Influential People in 2017

Spain local time at 19:45 on the 19thBarcelona VS. Juventus, before the end of the first half, Messi passed the ball, Neymar passed the ball on the left side of the restricted area, Suarez Leaped but missed. Messi took off but was knocked down by Miralem Pjanić, the Dutch referee Kui Peisi was ready to blow Miralem Pjanić for foul, but Neymar succeeded down Miralem Pjanić later, and got a yellow card. If Barcelona step into the top four, Neymar will miss the first leg of the semi-finals. The first half Juventus defensive was quite successful, Barcelona had 9 shots, only one shot by Messi straightly. In the second half, Neymar left ribs broke through Alves, and did not pass to Suarez in the middle road, 13 meters in front of the gate, his left foot volley failed.


Neymar was selected as one of the world’s most influential people in 2017 by the United States “Time” magazine . The list was published on Thursday, “Time” magazine also used Beckham’s words to praise Neymar. This is the first time that Neymar was selected in the “Time” magazine “the most influential people” list, it is worth mentioning that there are seven players on the list, and Neymar is the only one football player.

Beckham praised, “Neymar is on the road to become the world’s best player.” Beckham said: “Obviously, since he debut in Santos at the age of 17 years old, Neymar has been a talented player, He is not out of the players, each time he got the ball, he can make the fans crazy. “Beckham also said:” Nemal’s modesty has been very impressed me, he respects people, has the desire to learn. “Beckham thinks that Nemal in the game Barcelona VS Paris Saint-Germain has the excellent performance, so he is qualified to become the world’s best players. “Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi in the hegemony face a new opponent, Neymar has done a great skill to prepare.”

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FIFA 17: Cheapest SBC Netherlands

In the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, it has added the game mode SBC, and it is a kind of new modes that offers great experience on playing the game.  You’ll be shown a guidance which teach you the best way to finish your challenge group for your first time when you pick SBC. Next, three methods are optional for you to play the SBC: Basic, Advanced, and Leagues - and all of them are upgraded from the beginning to the end of the season. Aside from the challenges, if you want to get coins easily, the SBC is an excellent solution, and you just need to use the cards that you do not want, or those cards you see in transfer marketplace. To put it differently, when completing the challenge with the less coins, you will get more coins. Three days ago, the FIFA 17 SBC Netherlands was released, and if you hope to get the Gold Players Premium Pack, that will be a great opportunity. Just check out how to do in the follows:

For the requirements: it requires 11 Netherlands Players who comes from 3 leagues at least, and whose rating is 77 at least, and Team Chemistry is of 100. And if you complete the challenge, you will get GOLD PLAYERS PREMIUM PACK x 1.

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Starting XI

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CM Vilhena OVR 76 600 Coins

CM Bazoer OVR 77 1900 Coins

CM Van Ginkel OVR 77 4100 Coins

RM El Ghazi OVR 76 2100 Coins

LB Kongolo OVR 77 500 Coins

CB Indi OVR 78 800 Coins

CB Hoedt OVR 76 500 Coins

RB Tete OVR 77 500 Coins

GK Stekelenburg OVR 76 400 Coins

–According to Futbin player normal price

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FIFA 17: Prediction of TOTW 31 and Best Investment

For the TOTW, there are also several players that can be discussing, because it has several third informs and the good second, in addition, there are several nice informs to yell about. They range from the favor of Lionel Messi who won two times in the game between Barcelona and  Real Sociedad with the result of 3-2, and it may mean that it would be a card with 96 rate if he is selected by EA. Additionally here are some new IF cards for Di María and Isco, and if you are so lucky to get these IF cards in the FIFA PACKS, you will get a large amount of FIFA COINS if you sell them. If you want to know about the prediction of TOTW 31, just check out the following:



FIFA 17 TOTW 31 Prediction Players List: Starting XI

GK: Kevin Trapp (PSG) – 83 > 85 – a pair of superb saves in 2-0 win

CB: Vincent Kompany (Manchester City) – 86 > 87 – 1 goal in 3-0 win

CB: Phil Jagielka (Everton) – 82 > 84 – 1 goal in 3-1 win

LB: Filipe Luís (Atlético Madrid) – 85 > 86 > 88 > 89 – 1 goal 1 assist in 3-0 win

RW: Ángel Di María (PSG) – 87 > 90 – 2 goals in 2-0 win

CM: Ander Herrera (Manchester United) – 83 > 85 – 1 goal 1 assist in 2-0 win

CM: Isco (Real Madrid) – 84 > 86 > 87 > 88 > 89 > 90 – 2 goals in 3-2 win

LM: Yannick Carrasco (Atlético Madrid) – 84 > 86 > 87 > 88 – 2 goals in 3-0 win

RW: Lionel Messi (Barcelona) – 93 > 95 > 96 – 2 goals 1 assist in 3-2 win

ST: Jonas (SL Benfica) – 84 > 86 > 87 – 2 goals in 3-0 win

LW: Muniain (Athletic Bilbao) – 78 > 83 – 2 goals in 5-1 win



Rest Promising FIFA 17 TOTW 31 Player List


GK: Rodolfo Cota (Guadalajara) – 71 > 74 > 81 – 8 saves in 0-0 draw

CB: Francesco Acerbi (Sassuolo) – 81 > 84 – 1 goal in 2-1 win

CDM: Jean Michaël Seri (Nice) – 80 > 83 – 2 goals in 3-1 win

RM: Florian Thauvin (Olympique de Marseille) – 81 > 84 > 86 > 87 – 2 goals 1 assist in 4-0 win

RM: Anthony Knockaert (Brighton & Hove Albion) – 75 > 81 – 2 goals in 3-0 win

CAM: Kerem Demirbay (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim) – 76 > 82 – 2 goals in 5-3 win

ST: Quincy Promes (Spartak Moscow) – 81 > 84 > 86 – 1 goal 1 assist in 2-1 win

GK: Luis Ardente (San Martín) – 73 > 74 – 8 saves in 0-0 draw

LM: Mahmoud Hassan (Mouscron) – 69 > 74 – 2 goals 1 assist in 5-3 win

CAM: João Pedro (Cagliari) – 73 > 74 – 2 goals 1 assist in 4-0 win

CAM: Nick Powell (Wigan Athletic) – 70 > 74 – 3 goals in 3-2 win

ST: Enes Ünal (FC Twente) – 70 > 74 – 2 goals 1 assist in 3-0 win


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FIFA 17: 10th Anniversary of Messi Scoring Goal By Passing By 5 Players

For Messi, today, April 18, 2017, is a very memorable day, because 10 years ago, Messi scored the goal that the world are dumped for the “Malado Type “goal. April 18, 2007, the long-hair Messi was only 19 years old, in the King Cup semi-finalsat that Barcelona competed against the Tiffany at home, Messi passed by 5 players to score the goal. It was the first 28 minutes of the game, Messi on the right side in the midline got the ball passing from Harvey, and then he began all the way raid. Messi first passed off the Leandro Paredes, and passed by Najiao’s crotch, and then broke through the Alex and Berenger’s double defense, and finally over the attack of goalkeeper Louis Canada West Asia, and fell to the ground to hit the gate and then scored the goal, then the score on the field was rewritten as 2-0.

The whole process of scoring goal, Messi attacked 55 meters, with only 12 seconds time. This picture that Messi scored the goal flew like a virus and spread throughout the world, the vast majority of the media have mentioned another name of the Argentine – Maradona, in the 1986 World Cup, he also scored a goal which was almost exactly the same. Messi’s legend of the career also officially kicked off!

Is Messi not defensible? Zambrotta commented: “To defend Messi, you have to reach 100% of the state in the body and spirit, but also to get the help from your teammates, and it is very difficult in one to one to defend him because he can break through you from here or over there, I do not like manning defense, like regional defense, and Juventus is very good in defensing Messi.”

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FIFA 17: Champions League Cristiano Ronaldo 2 Goals Reversal Real Madrid and Won Over Bayern

Germany local time at 12:45 on the 12th, the UEFA Champions League 1/4 finals first round competed 2 games, Real Madrid in the visiting field 2 to 1 reversal Bayern, ending the fact that Bayern since March 2 last year being unbeaten in the 30 official games at home. Benzema topped the beam, Bidar made record first, but then hit the ball to fly. Cristiano Ronaldo equalized the goal to end of 659 minutes Champions League goal shortage. Martinez got out of the field by two yellow cards, and then Cristiano Ronaldo went ahead score, writing the Champions League scoring record for 98 goals (including 1 goal in qualifying game), and he has become the first player who got 100 goals in the Champions League.


This is the 23rd Champions League confrontation, but also the 17th confrontation of the Champions League since 1992, and made a record. Neuer comeback to replace Ulrich, Levin did not join the game because of the shoulder injury in the League, Muller joined the game as centre forward. Other locations have not changed. Real Madrid Champions League has 11 games against Bayern and lose for nine times, but the last game it won over with the result of 4 to 0, and it was also the miserable defeat of Bayern in the European Champions League at home. Zidane vs. mentor Ancelotti, Najiao replaced Pepe who suffered fracture in Derby warfare, Cross after the transfer to Real Madrid visited to Bayern for the first time.

Real Madrid at the 18th minute almost broke the gate! Cross on the right side passed the ball. Robben at the right side made a low pass, Araba 23 meters in front of his left foot crossed the beam. Bayern in this season Champions League made 6 header and ranked first. Real Madrid since October 2014, the Champions League for the first time was broken the gate by the other side header.

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FIFA 17: Neymar’s Worst Match in Barcelona Career

At the crucial moment, Barcelona’s MSN portfolio performed poorly, and after losing to Juventus, Messi and Neymar also suffered criticism. Barcelona was troubled by the injury, the fans had hoped that Messi, Neymar and Suarez can play a decisive role, but this time they are disappointing. Barcelona’s “Daily Sport newspaper” after the game said Neymar’s performance is ” the worst one since he joined Barcelona”, for the total score of 10, “Daily Sport newspaper” only gave Neymar 3 points. The newspaper commented: “The Brazilian poor performance in a game, he was diluted, in the field he is nothing.” Alves and Quadrado blocked his winger, blocked all his chances. It was one of the worst games he had in Barcelona, and he had to think about it, because it was not possible to play such a sad game if he wanted to be the number one in the world.

“World Sports Daily” called Neymar “disappeared”, “in the game against Malaga and after suffering a ban penalty, the fans expectations on Neymar were great, and Alves in the first half also got a yellow card, but Neymar was disappointed, and in the second half he tried to show, but the status was the same as the first half almost, or almost can not touch the ball. ” “Daily Sport newspaper ” gives Messi 6 points, and said he “played depressedly”, “in the case of the overall maladjustment of the team, his performance in the first half is commendable, but the strength in the next half was reduced, the team has also been affected. When the Argentine star face had confused look, it showed that there was some serious problems on the court, and this season we have seen Messi ‘s head down for many times.”

Messi is Barcelona’s miracle goddess, but this time also failed to score, and if there is a goal, then Barcelona still has hope.

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FIFA 17: Pepe Waits Real Madrid until the Last Second

After getting injured on Saturday Derby, Pepe caused a great deal of attention. Although the hospital issued a diagnosis book “left 7th and 8th fractured a bone, and need 4 weeks to rest”, the pessimistic fans are still worried with the Atletico Derby, and it may become a curtain game for Pepe in Real Madrid. When he was called to be substituted in the game, the Bernabeu also sounded: “Pepe, please stay”.

Pepe is not the first that encountered such a injury, a King’s Cup on January 16, 2015, the opponent was also Atletico, the injured parts also the same ribs, Pepe after 35 days returned the team. So that even if his recovery period is for a month, it is also the end of the season. If Raphaël Varane in early May can normally return to the team, perhaps Zidane will not be in the last two games to arrange Pepe to take risk. “This is too unfair to Pepe. Although when he transferred to Real Madrid in 2007, there is no visibility, Pepe in the past decade, for the team made a great contribution, he should have a more solemn Of the farewell ceremony. “The media commented on Saturday night when reported Pepe’s injury.

“But I have already said that I will wait for Real Madrid to the last minute. This team is my love, I am through unremitting efforts to be able to come to this step. Anyway, I think this season also has a lot of things to do, I will return to the team as soon as possible.” Because Real Madrid next season has a plan to recall the Parella, so for the Pepe’s renewal, it is difficult to reach an agreement, unless he accepted only one year contract conditions. But Pepe said that he just wants to recover as soon as possible, and then contribute to the team, but it is what the media journalists are willing to hear. This at least means that he can catch the game before the end of the season, Real Madrid also want to hold him a more decent farewell ceremony with league or Champions League trophy.

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FIFA 17: Real Madrid 4-2 Won over Leganes

Spain local time 21:30, in the La Liga 30 round game, Real Madrid challenged the Leganes in the visiting field. In the first half James Rodríguez opened the first record, Álvaro Morata scored two goals, then Gabriel and Luciano even pulled two goals, and in the second half James Rodríguez positioning ball caused Mantovani Oolong, Real Madrid won over Leganes with the result of 4-2. Real Madrid in the case of one round game less, goes ahead Barcelona only 2 goals, and this weekend Real Madrid will usher in the Madrid derby competition, so when facing the weaker Leganes it can not be lost. Real Madrid has the continuous hard fight to fight, so Zidane in this game takes a substantial rotation. Ramos and Marcelo who took rests in the last game started to play in this game, James Rodríguez and Kovacic take partner in the midfielder, Arsenio, Vazquez andÁlvaro Morata are composed of striker Trident.


When the first half began, Real Madrid kicked off. In the 2nd minute, Zimanovsky in the forbidden zone left side shoot the ball but was blocked. In the 3rd minute, Morata in front of the restricted area buckled a defensive player and went into the restricted area and left foot hit the door but did not sucessful. In the 7th minute, Vazquez in the restricted area on the right dribbling tried to pass the rival but was broken. In the 10th minute, Luciano outside the restricted area made a long shoot but missed. In the 14th minute, Timor in the right side passed the ball and Daniluo timely took the ball out of the restricted area. In the 15th minute, Real Madrid quickly counterattacked, Arsenio took the ball into the restricted area and James Rodríguez easily pushed to break the gate, Leganes 0-1 fell behind the Real Madrid. And the whole competition, Real Madrid 4-2 won over Leganes.


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