FIFA 18 Player Review: Daniel Sturridge

We have talked about FIFA 18 Player Review Oliver Giroud before, now we will talk about another player Daniel Sturridge.
There are many players in football who have become mediocre from genius due to injury. In fact, this is also the case in the game. Today, we will introduce some players who are injured in the FIFA 18 game. Let’s take a look!

All along, injuries have always been the greatest enemy of professional players. Today, with increasingly fierce physical confrontation, it is very difficult for players to be able to maintain full play without injuries like Frank Lampard. In addition to Conti, there are many players whose career has been more or less affected by injuries, such as the former England talented striker Sturridge.
The healthy Sturridge was once a superb killer in the Premier League. In the 2013/2014 season, he and Suarez’s forward line was invincible, and almost gave Liverpool a long-lost league title. When his career was smooth, Sturridge frequently suffered injuries. In January of this year, Liverpool finally gave up waiting for the former leader and loaned him to West Brom. However, only three minutes after West Brom’s first debut, Sturridge was suffered from the injury. It is difficult to get Sturridge back to the peak of  before.
In the game, Liverpool’s talented striker Sturridge had only 81 combined ability. The speed is 80, although there were 83 shooting, However, compared with its peak period, it is still a far cry from before, plus the hidden attributes that are easy to hurt, which make it difficult for Sturridge to find the best himself in reality and in the game.

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FIFA 18 Player Review: Olivier Giroud

We have talked about the FIFA 18 Player Review Sanchez in the last article, and now we  going to talk about the FIFA 18 Player Review Olivier Giroud .

The former Arsenal player, after the transfer to Chelsea, most people have decreased their attention on him. So, how did he do in the FIFA 18? Many people don’t know, here we bring you the review of Olivier Giroud, base on his advantages and disadvantages and his perfomance.


Physical: The geight of 192cm and the characteristics of the center, brings Giroud a powerful air ability and strong physical resistance and ability to carry the ball.
Shooting: Although it does not have any shooting characteristics, its 89 shooting attributes and actual effects are very similar to Bergkamp in FIFA 16, especially for long shots, both for shooting and burst shooting. In short, if you are going to have a  long shot, if the GK is on the right side of the goal, you can shoot with a far angle. On the other hand, shot the near angle. When you are up on this skill, it is easy to score.
Mentality: M/M makes Giroud will not be particularly positive for the front, so that his position can be in the middle of the CAM, RM and another ST. It can eddectively cope with and divide the ball.

Pace: The speed of 56 is destined to not apply to counterattack and fast breaks. Personally think that Giroud still needs to rely on teamwork and cooperation, so teammates can’t be too far away.
Drribling: He doesn’t have the flexibility , not even Likes Lukaku. To a certain extent, it will waste some chances of one-on-one or even better.

Dual forwards formation is acceptable.
Since the speed has reached the bottom line, passing and dribbling are not outstanding. I have chosen the “fishiner”, strengthen the shooting and physical to increase some corresponding effect.

Personally thinking that Giroud still needs a certain number of matches to accumulate experience, and it is best to see how he plays in reality. His reasonable operation methods in the game and his style of play and characteristics in reality are similar.

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FIFA 18 Tips: All Players Attributes Expained


I believe that when some guys will be confused when choosing players in UT mode, they often have duffucukties in selecting players. Attributes are responsible for determining a player’s quality, and knowing them well can give you the opportunity to choose your team more efficiently. From acceleration to volleys, not forgetting Composure and all the other FIFA 18 attributes, you will find in this guide a complete explanation about what they are and how they can help you.


Accelerations is the increment of a player’s running speed. The higher the value, the shorter the time needed to reach maximum speed, no matter what that is.
It needs to be considered alongside the Sprint Speed stat. On a player with high acceleration but low sprint speed, his sprint evolves really well, but his maximum speed is pretty low. In this case, acceleration becomes almost irrelevant – it’s no good getting to your top speed really quickly if that top speed really isn’t very quick. In another hand, a player who has high sprint speed but low acceleration is able to run fast, but it takes longer for him to reach his top speed.


Finishing is the accuracy of shots using foot, inside the penalty area. Free Kick is a FIFA attribute used to measures the player’s accuracy for taking Free Kicks. Shot Power evaluates how hard the player hits the ball when taking a shot at goal.


Crossing measures how accurately the player crosses the ball during both normal running and free kick set pieces. Curve is used to measures the player’s ability to curve the ball when passing and shooting.


Agility measures how agile the player is while moving or turning. Balance attribute is the ability to maintain balance after a physical challenge. Ball control is the ability of a player to control the ball as he receives it. Composure determines at what distance the player with the ball starts feeling the pressure from the opponent.


This stats measures the heading accuracy of the player for either a pass or a shot. Interception determines the ability to read the game and intercept passes. Marking is the ability to track and defend an opposing player. In other words, it is your player’s ability to stay close to an opposing attacker and stop him getting to a cross/pass from a teammate. Also contributes to tracking runs.


The aggression level of a player measures the frequency and the aggression of jostling, tackling and slide tackling. It is the attribute which determines the player’s power of will or commitment to a match. Jumping is the player’s ability and quality for jumping from the surface for headers. Strength is about the quality or state of being physically strong. Strength is about the quality or state of being physically strong.


For more info about FIFA 18 tips, click here.

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FIFA 18 World Cup A Group: Saudi Arabia Squad Introduction

In June this year, we will have the World Cup. The following is the recommendation of the FIFA 18 World Cup group A Saudi Arabia national squad . Analyze its preparation and prospects, and then select the core players in the squad to combine FIFA 18 to make recommendations. I hope you guys will like it.


In the entire group A, Saudi Arabia is the weakest. If they wanna qualify, they should win the first game against Russia. Then fight Egypt and Uruguay and get 5 points, which is normally enough to win the second position.


Republic of Ireland team group


The Saudi squad’s three-dimensional rating in FIFA 18 is only 73, 73 and 72. This is Saudi’s recent rating. Such stats can be great enough to rach the World Cup stage.


Formation: 4-2-3-1

GK: Y. Al Mosailem

CB: M. Al Harbi, O. Hawsawi, Y. Al Shahrani

DMF: S. Al Faraj, A. Al Khaibari

CDM: N. Al Abed, T. Al Jassam, Y. Al Shehri

ST: M. Al Sahlawi


Y. Al Shahrani is the important player in the defense line of Saudi squad. Saudi Arabia entered the World Cup with a strong defensive ability, and the most outstanding player of this stable defense line is him.


In the position of the left-back, only had Harbi who scored 66 rating. Halbi is 30 years old. It was a turing point for the defense players. In the World Cup qualifier, he provided very clear defensine ideas, become an integral member of the Saudi team.


In all fairness, the Saudi team can score 3-4 points in this World Cup, enough to their fans’ support and hope that the Saudi team will go further.

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FIFA 18 Player Review: Sanchez

In Manchester Derby, the outstanding players Pogba and Sanchez have become the focus of the recent Premier League, then How are the two players in FIFA 18? How to use them? Here’s a review at FIFA 18 Sanchez’s stats.

Manchester United takes Sanchez from the Gunner when winter transfer, in the first few games he just joined Man United, the performance was not so good, but with the deepening of the game, his performance is getting better and better. In FIFA 18, Sanchez is also a combination of strong psychological and strength attributes, which is also in line with the characteristics of Mourinho’s choice of players. Aggression, position, and vision all reached 80 points or more. All of his physical  stats are pretty good, in addition to strength.

FIFA 18 Sanchez

However, unlike Pogba, Sanchez’s pace attributes are also quite high. Although the two speed attributes are not the top level, but it is enough. 87 reaction, 90 agility and 87 balance. he has a strong ability of interception.

About his skills, his dribbling and ball control have 90 and 87 points, he has all the attributes of being a nice forward.

With Sanchez’s great threat to the opponent’s backcourt and containment, Pogba will be able to play his talents at his best position. The tacit cooperation of the two core players allowed Man United beat Man City. It also gives fans more reason to expect Man United to be able to bring more exciting matches.

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FIFA 18 Player Review – Pogba

In Manchester Derby, the outstanding players Pogba and Sanchez have become the focus of the recent Premier League, then How are the two players in FIFA 18? How to use them? Here’s a review at FIFA 18 Pogba’s stats and feeling shared FIFA-COINS.COM.

The psychological attributes of Pogba in the game is good. In addition to a slightly lower awareness of interception. Others ,such as aggressiveness position and vision, are relatively balance, no shortcommings. He has the Top-level power attributes.

The attributes complement each other, good ability values and strong, makes he can always precail in the Premier League. In particular, the three attributes of physical,strength and shooting have reached more the 90points, which is quite amazing. The characteristics of these two attributs make Pogba feel like a duck in the tactical of this match.

Another advantage of Pogba is its superb skill attributes, whether it is 86 dribbling, 89 ball-handing, or the 84 arc and 88 long pass. Pogba can be described as well-proficient. This is one of the reasons why Manchester United is willing to give Pogba ball. However, Pogba’s shortcomings are also obvious. There is no advantage in offensive attributes, especially poor shooting skills, moves slowly and 63 balance. indirect makes him unable to have an advantage in speed, sometimes slowing down the pace of the offensive and defensive.

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FIFA 18 Defense: How to Defend in FIFA 18? (Part One)

FIFA defensive ideas and techniques are definitely a science. Like real football, you need to do a lot of thinking in the game, such as what kind of defensive ideas and techniques you should use on the sidewalk! This chapter is the first chapter of the basics. And the defensive skills will be introduced in the later chapters and how to use them. This basic chapter mainly refers to you the concept of defense and hopes to help you. PS: Many ideas and techniques are based on the experience of professional foreign players. If you have a better method and advice, please leave a message under the article.

FIFA 18 defense criteria and philosophy:

(1) Always separate the opponent from the goal/goalkeeper with the player (figure 1)

(2) Do not run too fast. Try to use the LT/L2 to move. Follow and defend the opponent and get close to him and then use the manual buttons to grab the ball.

TIP: In most cases, if you don’t press the button manually to grab the ball, you can’t steal the ball or even will leak the ball.

(3) Don’t blindly attack: In particular, it means the situation where there are only 1-2 defensive players left in the backcourt, and even with less defense, do not use the defensive player to attack blindly and confidently. How to do? You need to run backwards and slow down. Use the criteria (1). Use defensive players to separate the player from the goal, delay the time, and wait for your defender to return to position.

(4) Defensive concept: When defending, it is very important not to run directly to the opposing player to try to steal the ball, you need move backwards, try the LT/L2+A to defend, and stop in the best defensive position (between the opposing player and the goalkeeper). When the opponent player approaches, press the interception button manually and the ball is successfully closed.

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FIFA 18 Tutorial: How To Optimize Your Defense In FIFA 18 (Part Two)

Today, we keep talking about some easy way to optimize your defense in FIFA 18, it is simple and useful. The following skills and tips are basically no player’s attribute limit, you can use it free. So, let’s getting start to learn this tutorial.

Press A button to intercept.

Has any gamer ever thought of using the short pass of the A button as an interception method?

In fact, this is a feasible method. When the ball files to you and the other player, you press the A button at this time, although it is considered as a passing, the passing will also cause similar actions such as interception to opposing player. This interception method was not punished by referees before FIFA 17. However, FIFA 18 has a chance to give penalties for fouls. This is mainly based on systematic judgments.

This trick is very useful, not only for interception, but also for passing. You should use it more.

fifa 18 defense

fifa 18 defense

Sliding Tackle

The difficulty of the sliding tackle is much harder than other defenses. The key is to have a predictable distance and speed. The general interception time is when you and the ball player running side by side, and the opposing player suddenly kicks the ball off the leg, at this time you can use sliding tackle in the direction of the ball.

If you can not intercept the ball, it will cause a big loophole in the rear, and it is basically impossible to recover. Once the spade fails, you immediately switchplayers to make up.

keeper pounced

When the opposing player is Single-pole ball, you can press Y button to let the goalkeeper pounced. You can let him out of the penalty area to use as a defender, but don’t do it often, otherwise there will be danger of being beat back by the opponents. When you release the Y button, the goalkeeper will shrink back, and if you are sure that would be the single-pole ball, you need to hold the Y key tight.

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FIFA 18 Tutorial: How To Optimize Your Defense In FIFA 18 (Part one)

Many FIFA 18 gamers are advocating offense in the game. This habit can easily lead to very large loopholes in their defense. The loose defense will also make it easy for opponent to beat your team. This will make you afraid to defend each other’s players, but how to resolve the opponent’s offense only rely on computer defense, it is quite passive. In the absence of morale, the offense is not necessarily effective, so improving the defense quality is a problem that gamers must pay attention to.


Use your physical advantage

Use your defender hits the opponent who is dribbling, you can rely on physical advantage to knock off the offensive player and grab the ball.


This skill is very simple. When you are close to the offensive player as a defender, you first get close to each other and become entangled, when you determine the running trend of the opponent (non-ball trend), you directly hold down B button, keep 1 second, instead of tapping the B button for an instant steal. At this point, you will use your body to hit the opponent.



Block the restricted area


Many gamers will be in a hurry to defend when the opponent are pused into the area.


In fact, the defense work in the area is very simple. You only need to pay attention to the opponent’s passing routes and shooting directions, and then block the routes that are likely to pass and shoot.


Use your player’s body to block the route, it may cause the other person to pass the ball and make mistakes when shooting. As the system will sometimes make judgments, so that your players make reasonable interceptions and tackles automatic, so you don’t have to bother about the action, and all you have to do is to take a defensive more.


If the game has a handball, remember to hold down the LT button while you are in the penalty zone. This will allow the player you are currently manipulating to keep his arms behind him, then you don’t need to worry about the handball.




The tackling requires you to be close to your opponent, press B to extend the foot to steal.


When you faild to tackling, it’s easy to lose your position, but this kind of dislocation is not serious, but it’s almost impossible to get back to the tight state, so after the interception, you can try to follow the ball player, then switch other players to keep up the defense.


The tricking is judge the opponent’s next move and intercept his foot position. In fact, when you are close to the opponent, you can use interception to try to steal the ball. Pressing the B button form a pull or force action.


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