Footballer Social Status List: Neymar Top One, Messi Top Two

News today, statistics institutions CIES released the football social status rank in world and Neymar was listed in the top spot ahead of Lionel messi, in addition, cristiano ronaldo was ranked seventh. CIES said they selected the player’s social status through a variety of factors, including the performance of the players, age, length of the contract, and so on. In the list, therefore, the social status value who ranked the top one is not Paul Pogba who signed contract with Manchester united last year at a very high price.

Finally who ranked the top one is Neymar, who is worth 247 million euros, and the second one is messi who is worth 171 million euros, Paul Pogba was ranked in third place. The fourth and fifth, respectively is Antoine Griezmannand Luis Suárez.

In 2016 even though won Golden Ball Award, the FIFA player of the year, the champions league and European Cup, but in the list of the CIES, cristiano ronaldo is worth only 127 million euros, and was ranked seventh.

In addition, the most expensive goalkeeper is Atletico Madrid Jan Oblak, who is worth 59.8 million euros, centre-back is real Madrid defender Raphael Varane, worth 64 million euros, full-back is Arsenal Héctor Bellerín, worth 70.3 million euros. Paul Pogba became the most expensive midfielder, Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Dele Allibecame the most expensive attacking midfielder, worth 111 million euros.

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