FIFA 18 Gameplay Tips: Details You Need Pay Attention To In UT Mode (Part One)

FIFA 18 has a lot of changes in the gameplays compared to the forme FIFA, whether it is the choice of skill action or the lineup of the team, it will affect the final result, then how to quickly become a elite in FIFA 18? Let’s take a look at the key factors affecting the progress when playing FIFA 18. Also check this fifa ultimate team store where I usually buy fifa coins at low price.




Factor One: the network

I think a good network is the most critical factor in determining what level in FIFA 18, as even though you delay one second, people have shot, and you even have not cut to the defensive player, in this case, how to play, not to mention you are offline in each game. I feel now the network as long as to choose ss in the general situation, and then click on the online tutorial for dmz, and connect the router, and open the nat, then it will be okay for playing FIFA 18 UT Mode.


Second, the mentality

I feel this is the most crucial point in the subjective which will affect the personal level when playing FIFA 18 UT Mode, some time ago I have been wandering in d1 to d3, and each time when playing week race, I’m particularly looking forward to it, and also will be very impatient after the opening of the game, and I like to grab the ball, even though knowing that if you can not grab the ball I will be very dangerous, then I loss the game so often and the psychology completely collapsed. Later I figured out and continued to play and made the goals in the week match, and I will often think of the defensive problems. And when it is offensive time I will not keep pressing the rt to rush blindly, on contrary, I will patiently organize the team, look for opportunities, and took 20 wins, and acheived d1 stably , and there is a chance to get T.


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