FIFA18 First Top 10 Goals: C Ronaldo Fancy Assists and Bale Completed the Scorpion Tail Pendulum

On the last issue we learned about the FIFA 18Top 10 Goals in October, let’s review the first Top 10 Goals.

In these wonderful goals completed by the players, we can see Real Madrid player Bale completed the wonderful scorpion tail pendulum, Glitz completed the wonderful volley and C Ronaldo completed the pick volley and other very exciting goals. The specific situation we use the wonderful goal of moving pictures and enjoy it with everyone:

C Ronaldo completed the beautiful Ball roundabout, even Crossed than two players, pick the ball long-range volley, complete set of actions at one go:


C Ronaldo wonderful assault, and Baleflying to completed the scorpion tail pendulum:


The wonderful cooperation of gunmen, the final wonderful long shot completed by Ramsay.


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