FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Video Game: Six Modes Previews


Here are six different game modes in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 video game to win more FIFA coins and tournaments:

Mode 1: Road to the FIFA World Cup

Any one of the 203 World Cup nations can be leaded through the qualifying rounds and onto FIFA World Cup glory directly. Considering a truly customized and unique experience, up to 32 players can play the game locally. Gamers will be offered country-specific tournament updates including over 50 hours of recorded dialogue that adapts to your team’s performance from EA SPORTS Talk Radio when making way through the 2014 FIFA World Cup. At the time, fans will celebrate in the streets at more than 15 different real world locations including London’s Trafalgar Square, Moscow’s St. Basil Cathedral and even the National Mall in Washington DC.

Mode 2: Road to Rio de Janeiro (on line)

players can take their nation through all 12 of the 2014 FIFA World Cup venues beginning at the Arena da Amazônia in the city of Manaus in Road to Rio de Janeiro Mode. Just like what can do on FIFA 14’s popular Online Seasons mode, gamers can get more and more challenging in online matches when inching closer to the Estádio do Maracanã in Rio as well as a chance to play for the FIFA World Cup Trophy, whether winning matches to move forward, remaining in a city (division) or being relegated.

Mode 3: Captain your Country

Thanks to this popular FIFA mode, triumphant return becomes available, meaning that gamers can have an established player work their way up after returning from injury or create their own future Captain as well as prove their worth on the team. To earn that significant role of leader gamers can impress their manager and win over fans. Players will never have to worry about being caught out of position in any key moments because a new auto-positioning system makes Captain your Country more accessible to new players.

Mode 4: Story of Finals (online)

Almost everyone in the world is talking about the match England and Italy wrapping up a five-goal thriller with the English side winning in dramatic fashion. Fortunately, re-create that stunning fifth goal finish to give Italy the win in Story of Finals mode is quite fun and possible. An hour after the final whistle of every match, players can enjoy a series of challenges based on the day’s final result. There will be a number of different scenarios available to challenge from replicating a specific score-line to changing the course of a match or winning a match without conceding a goal. In addition, players can also earn XP in FIFA 14.

Mode 5: 2014 FIFA World Cup

in this mode, fans are able to not only compete on line or locally but play the real 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament from the Group stage until the finals of World Cup.

Mode 6: Story of Qualifying

More than 200 nations vied for an opportunity to join this upcoming FIFA World Cup during the past two and a half years. Along the way, numerous football fans saw comebacks, blow outs and even a few upsets along the way when being treated to the fantastic matches. About 60 of the most memorable matches will be replayed in this mode, including Colombia’s three goal comeback against Chile, France 10 men’s two goals against Spain to earn automatic qualification in 11 minutes, and so on.

Featuring over 200 teams, 7,000 players, 20 new stadiums and over 15 hours of added commentary; FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 will be definitely a grand football banquet.

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