FIFA Points Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team Points

 Previously, has already offered some tips buying FIFA Packs with less FIFA Coins or FIFA Points in the Blog. Here are some useful guides for FUT 14 Points.

What are FIFA Points?

In FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, FIFA Points are the FIFA currency which can be available for buying Packs. Originally, FIFA Points are first introduced for PC users in FUT 12 and then added to PlayStation and Xbox in FUT 13. That’s why players can use the same payment system on different platforms.

How to buy and use FIFA Points?

Generally, FUTers can purchase FIFA Points in bundles from their console’s Ultimate Team store. It is possible for PC users to buy Points through FUT 14 Web App, while others like PS and Xbox holders cannot. Before buying FIFA Points, players should make sure they have Microsoft or PlayStation currencies. Remember that Microsoft Points are being retired now and transactions on Xbox can be available by using local currency rather than Microsoft Point. FUTers can learn more in



Once buying FIFA Points on different consoles with currencies respectively, players can be able to use FIFA Points in all Ultimate Team Ecosystems including the consoles, the FUT 14 Web App and companion app for iOS and Android devices. For those who are Season Ticket subscribers, who get early access to download FIFA 14 full game three days before the date release together with Madden (Madden is not available for Sony subscribers outside of North America), NHL, FIFA, Tiger Woods and NCAA Football, their 20% discounts will be automatically applied to the price of FIFA Point bundles.



Additionally, FIFA Points mean Bulk Discounts. That’s, players can get a bigger discount and more bonus points if purchasing larger FIFA Point bundles, from which players who buy several packs in Ultimate Team can be offered great value. For example, players will be given 200 bonus FIFA Points if buying a 2,000 FIFA Point bundle, which is quite enough to buy two extra Gold packs.

Common issue

There will sometimes be an error message in FIFA 14 while purchasing FIFA Points. In such case, players should stop proceeding via Xbox Live or PSN menus. Instead, they should make sure to exit the purchase process completely by going back to the FUT Main Menu and restart it to receive their FIFA Points.

If someone insists to proceeding through Xbox Live or PSN menus while haven’t received a FIFA Points purchase on Xbox or PlayStation, they can contact the EA Support Center to ask for a refund with the following information:

Gamertag/PSN ID;
Origin ID;
Photo / Screenshot of proof of purchase (must have Gamertag or PSN ID clearly on the screen);
Approximate time of the purchase.

FIFA Points Transfer

FIFA Points may be transferred between PS3-PS4 and between XBox 360-XBox One as many times players want. It works like coins and cards in which players can transfer in the two ways. However, it is impossible to share FIFA Points between different platforms.

Besides, players can be allowed to transfer their FIFA Points from FUT 13 to FUT 14 only once, which takes place in the early access or in the release date.


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