Tips: Use FIFA 16 Free Kick Glitch to Save Every Time

After the series news of Winter Upgrades, we would like to give some tips on the skills because you guys have lots of time to practice it. Thus today we are going to introduce the Free kick in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team so that you guys can apply it to save every time to improve your hit rate. We will explain the details about how to use the free kick so that everyone can do the simple and easy trick to gain a new skills.





























First of all, you should know when and the best time to apply the FIFA 16 free kick. According to the skills, the best time for you to use it is when there is no man on the line and your are close to the goal. Why? This is because you can catch the chance to perform the low driven. Or you can choose to dip free kick if it is really far out then the power FK. Second, you should know that which buttons you should press when you start to apply the FIFA 16 free kick. That called the 2nd and 3rd kick taker. What you should do is to press LT/L2 and RB/R1 buttons, which can make 3 palyers surround the set piece. In that case, the next steps for you need to do is to hold down LT/L2 and do a fake shot to earn much time and space to act the free kick.


What’s more, you can also perform the free kick with the second player via holding down RB/R1 and a fake shot to make him also run over the ball. It is a perfect performance as well. Third, you should know the little difference between different consoles. For example, you must do a though ball/pass using triangle on PS or XBOX and pass it in the direction if the runner using the left analogue stick. The last point, please check to buy fifa coins cheap without hesitation.



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