Tips: How to Perform Scoop Chip Move in FIFA 16?

As we all know, for the professional gamer, there must be many skills and strategy to play the game and arrange his Ultimate Team. A little detail will have the great influence to scoring the goal. Thus pay attention to the skills and practice more so that you can devise strategies within a command tent. Thus today we are going to give you guys some guidance about how to scoop chip move.






























For the controls, it is really straight forward to you guys. What you need to do is flick analogue stick three times in a row in the direction where you want. For the most FIFA gamers, it is not a hard skill to perform and literally anybody can do this. There is one thing you should keep in mind is that please choose the star players to perform it. In fact, this skill is regarded as the incredibly overpowered skill. You can choose situation and place you want to perform it and you can just perform it for one time or play it for many times because it is the useful skill. It is up to you.



By the way, you can combine this skill with other movement together, so that you can have a high skill in the match and earn more chance to win the game. For this skill, you had better to wait for the ball to come down again after you chip it up to your players chest. You may win a free kick or penalty if players try to tackle you when you have scooped the ball up they’ll commit a foul. Are you still looking for the cheapest fifa coins site to buy fifa coins or fifa points, just check



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