Skills: How to Perform the Ball Hop in FUT16?

Do you guys get great chance to win the great players during the FUT 7 years celebration? If not, you can wish you can win for the next time. Today we still want to introduce the skills to the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. That is the Ball Hop. It will be useful for you when you catch the ball in the match and want to avoid the attacking from your opponents. This is a four star skills and it is really overpowered so that you can skip pass your opponents with ease where to buy cheap fifa coins.






























Also it is not a complicated controls for you guys. What you need to do is do a fake shot to stop the ball and make sure you didn’t touch the left analogue stick. The reason why you should do the fake shot is because you can stop the ball dead and make great space and time on your right. Then you can press the right analogue stick ( R3 button) in twice to go on. You may be unfamiliar with the first time to perform the ball hop. Just practice and you will perform it perfect fifa coins online cheap.

You can make your player scoop the ball up just like the hopping motion via double pressing tap R3. It is a very cool movement when you perform it. At the same time, it is really useful. Comparing to the free kicks, it is easy for you to get many penalties. Thus it is a good choice for you to choose the ball hop when you are in the one-on-one and want to get past a player head on. The best area for you to perform the ball hop is in the middle of the park. Any new suggestion about the ball hop, please feel free to leave a message. Check to buy cheap and reliable fifa 16 coins.

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