News:FIFA 17 Activities Arrangement Calendar

As someone said, it is not a most exciting moment for FIFA 16 even during the TOTY of the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Due to the price range and the limitation of the FIFA coins trade, many people feel upset to FIFA 16 and someone think the game is boring and give up their FIFA Ultimate Team. For the FIFA 16, there will be the TOTS on May. Then we will welcome the FIFA 17. Hope this new series will give us more surprise and more innovation for the game. There is the symbiotic relationship among the EA Sport, FIFA gamers, FIFA Coins store and Youtubers. If they can have a cooperation for to benefit each other, then FIFA 17 will become more and more popular.


According the rule of EA Sports, the FIFA 17 will be launched on September. Thus today we are going to give you guys the guidance on the activities for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. Hope this can give you guys the confidence and wish to keep playing FIFA 17. Check to buy fifa coins and fifa points cheap.






















Demo Launch (XBox 360, PS3, PC, XBox One and PS4):Sep.6th,2016 Tuesday
Demo Launch (European Playstation gamers):Sep.7th,2016 Wednesday
FUT 17 Web App Release: Sep.13th,2016 Tuesday (Note: not available for new FUT players)
First TOTW Release: Sep.14th,2016 Wednesday (Note: a new TOTW will be released every Wednesday at 6pm UK time)
EA Sports FIFA companion app Release for FUT 17: Sep.15th,2016 Thursday
Early Access to EA Access Subscribers: Sep.15th,2016 Thursday (Note: only 10 hours of playtime)
First Game Update: Sep.16th,2016 Friday
Official North American FIFA 17 Release (all platforms): Sep.20th,2016 Tuesday
Official Latin America FIFA 17 Release: Sep.22nd,2016 Thursday
Official Australian FIFA 17 Release (all platforms): Sep.22nd,2016 Thursday
Official European FIFA 17 Release (all platforms): Sep.22nd,2016 Thursday
Official UK FIFA 17 Release (all platforms): Sep.22nd,2016 Thursday
First Happy Hour: Sep.29th,2016 Thursday


First Round of FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017: Oct.1st,2016 Saturday
Official Japanese FIFA 17 Release (all platforms): Oct.6th,2016 Thursday


FUT United – First Edition: Nov.7th,2016 Monday(Note: available until November 14)
Daily Gifts & Black Friday: Nov.25th,2016 Friday
Cyber Monday: Nov.28th,2016 Monday


Social Giveaway ’17 Days of FIFA’: Dec.9th,2016 Friday (Note: available until December 25th)
FUTMas – Holiday Daily Gifts: Dec.16th,2016 Friday (Note: available until January 2nd)


First Winter Transfers Updates: Jan.3rd,2017 Tuesday
Team of the Year Announcement: Jan.9th,2017 Monday(Note: available in packs by one week)
TOTY Goalkeepers and TOTY Defenders Release: Jan.9th,2017 Monday (Note: available in packs for 46 hours)
TOTY Midfielders Release:Jan.11th,2017 Wednesday (Note: available in packs for 48 hours)
TOTY Forwards Release: Jan.13th,2017 Friday (Note: available in packs for 24 hours)
Full TOTY Release: Jan.15th,2017 Saturday (Note: available in packs for 48 hours)
Lunar New Year Event: Jan.28th,2017 Saturday


Upgrades Release: Feb.3rd,2017 Friday-Feb.24th,2017 Friday


St Patricks Day Tournament: Mar.17th,2017 Friday
Eight Years of FUT: Mar.18th,2017 Saturday


FIFA 17 added to EA Access The Vault: May.3rd,2017 Wednesday
First Team of the Season Release: May.17th,2017 Wednesday (Note: during 6 weeks, every Wednesday and Friday it will be released a new TOTS)


MSL All Stars Players Release: July.28th,2017 Friday



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