FIFA-Coins.Com News: The Introduction for New Features of FIFA 17 Career Mode

According to FIFA 17 news, it will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC for the FIFA 17 Career Mode. In order to bring you guys a greater control over your club’s season, there are some new features will be added on FIFA 17 Career Mode. For your board’s expectations, it covers five categories, including the Domestic Success, Continental Success, Brand Exposure, Financial and Youth Development. Let’s explain the new features one by one. Keep reading will do you a favor FIFA 17 COINS.























As we mentioned above, the first new feature is the total club management. You can have the right to see your progress on these objectives from a new menu in Career Mode. Also you can keep your managerial popularity rating on target when you reach the goals. The second feature is the Financial system which refers to the different sources of income and expense. With such new feature, you can have a look for the detailed breakdown of your income from transfers loans, match-day revenue media and merchandising, while your outgoings on player and scout wages, youth facilities, stadium maintenance.























The third feature is about the managers. Comparing to the before edition, now you can choose one of 11 high-res coaches to occupy the technical area which you will then see during gameplay. The last feature is the new league. You can see the Japan J1 League in FIFA 17 Career Mode because they has been added in the list of FIFA 17 leagues. It is still one month or so for the FIFA 17 released and it is really a hard time to experience. For those who still play FIFA 16 and want to buy cheap fifa coins, just check to buy cheap and safe fifa 16 coins. More discounted details you can see on our site. Hope you can save more money.

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