News: The Introduction for FIFA 16 Attributes Tackles

As a professional FIFA gamer, we cannot only pay attentions to the Forwards, Defenders and Goalkeeper but also need to pay attention to attributes,which are responsible for determining a player’s quality and knowing them well can give you guys the chance to choose your team more efficiently. On the other hand, take it series will do you a favor to increase your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team chemistry and the team work. Thus we are going to introduce the FIFA 16 attributes tackles. Hope this can help you.




















Most of FIFA 16 gamers may hold the opinion that it is the most important thing to outrun the opponent’s attacker because they think most players aren’t do well in dribbling anyway. However, there must be the a good centre back behind the high tackles, including the standing and sliding tackles. You should take the risk to do these movements because these movements may cause free kicks and booking. But they will be shut the attacker most times when you are good at controlling and have a good results to your team. In game this also translates into being able to taunt the opponent with shirt pulling, grabbing and other not-so-fair moves without being caught by the referee if your player’s Tackles attributes are high. They’ve become even more important in this FIFA since the referee is giving away free kicks and penalties much more easily. So be sure to give more attention to Tackles!




All in all, there are two things you guys should keep in mind when you want to make use of the FIFA 16 attributes tackles. First, please try your best to hit the tackles button one more time when you miss the first one, which will make your player get back on his feet more quickly to try again. Second, try to look for players with good interception. Check to buy fifa coins cheap.

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