News: The Guidance for FIFA 17 Closed Beta

Recently, more and more news about FIFA 17. Thus we still talk about the hot topic about the FIFA 17 news. Today we are going to give you guys the guidance about the FIF A 17 closed beta. First of all, you may want to ask what’s the FIFA 17 closed beta? In order to tested the new game, it will released the FIFA 17 and offer you a chance to play FIFA 17 in advance so that they can collected many kinds of problems. It is a good way to test the game and fix all the normal problems so that they can provide a perfect game for all the FIFA 17 gamers.






















Just the same as the former games, there still will be very complex joining several game modes together in FIFA 17 because it is just like the FIFA tradition for many years. According to the news, you guys can experience the FIFA 17 closed beta in the week after Gamercom at 25 of August 2016 TBC. It will last 10 days for the FIFA 17 closed Beta. During this time, you guys can have the access to the FIFA closed beta and send your feedback to them. For this FIFA 17 closed beta, it will be covered to the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 but it will not be available for PC or mobile platforms.






















What’s more, there will be four game modes tested in FIFA 17 closed beta, including the Pro Clucs, Career Mode, On Line Season and Ultimate Team. Also you can test all the consoles at the same time and you don’t have to wait for the console one by one. If you get the invitation by EA, then you will be selected by the mode you play most. Besides, all the game modes will be unlocked by EA in the last three days. For this test, you don’t have to pay any fee and you just need a direct invite from EA. For such boring waiting time, check to buy cheap and safe fifa coins to kill time.



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