News: The Guidance for FIFA 17 Arcade Elements

Two weeks ago, we welcomed the most exciting moment for FIFA 16. That is FIFA 16 TOTY. There are so many high level players in the packs at that time and all the FIFA 16 players released. About on May, we will welcome another wonderful moment. That is FIFA 16 TOTS. However, we are not going to talk about the FIFA 16 TOTY or TOTS. We would like to talk about the next FIFA series. That is FIFA 16. We will give you guys some guidance for the FIFA 17 arcade elements. Hope this can attract you to go on your FIFA Ultimate Team dream.






















As we all know, although in such stiff competition game world, the FIFA 16 was regarded as the best-selling game in 2015 due to its pro evolution. But there are still many FIFA 16 gamers give up this game because they think it is the boring game. Thus we will pin our hope on the FIFA 17. Hope it will have new ides and great changes to attract people back to the FIFA 17. There is no doubt that there will be the new additions for the new game, such as the spray. For the next series, EA Sport still will feature the managers in FIFA 17, which bring more difficult to pull off in respect of licensing but it would be amazing.


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