News: The Guidance for FIFA 16 Power Free Kick

After the introduction of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team winter upgrades news out, there are many readers sent the feedback to us. We are so glad that we can help the FIFA gamers to learn more about FIFA 16 knowledge and FIFA 16 skills. Thank you for your support and we will keep trying. For this new topic, we would like to give some guidance on skills. That is the guidance for FIFA 16 power free kick. Keep reading will help you do well in free kick.






















Although we didn’t introduce many skills about the basic free kicks, we still decide to give you guys an introduction about the how to score from distance with set-pieces. First of all, you guys should know how to identify the distance. You should estimate how har out you need to be so that you guys can have enough space and distance to apply the power free kicks. It is usually about 30 to 40 yards from goal. Don’t leave make the distance to long or too short because it is easier for you to miss the goal.


The second thing is that you should know how to control the button to apply the power free kicks. When you are going to use this skill, you can hold down the LB/L1 button for the entirety and put in about 2 and a half to 3 bars if power. One thing you should keep in mind is that you need to pay attention to what types of players can perform such a devastating set piece. Third, if you want to buy fifa coins and fifa points, just check Don’t miss this super hot fifa coins seller reviews site.



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