News: The Green Cards for ST.Patrick’s Day in FUT 16

Today is the last day of the ST.Patrick’s Day. There are some Green Cards for the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. However, we still want to give you guys the basic information about the ST.Patrick’s Day in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. There is no doubt that the EA Sports will release the green cards to celebrate the ST.Patrick’s Day. Also we have a data with the green cards this year.






















As we all know, the green cards are designed for the ST.Patrick’s Day so that you guys can celebrate these special days in FIFA Ultimate Team. For the first time to released these green cards is started from FIFA 14 which is used for the FIFA World Cup 2014 best players, while the green cards is started using for FIFA 15 best Irish players. But it is not used for all the Irish players and just for a selection of 23 players, which is just similar to the TOTW. Usually these green cards will be released in March.16 to March 21 in UK Time. You may want to know what’s the rule to get the green cards. There is not any rule to judge but all up to EA Sports FIFA coins online.




































For this ST.Patrick’s Day, there isn’t any boost to the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team just like the TOTW to show you some players cards in green. For the difference between green cards and NIF cards, the most important one is the color and the second one is these green cards will be pulled from packs. You can take it easy because these cards have no influence to the old cards because there is nothing will be changed for your FIFA Ultimate Team. There is one thing you guys need to pay attention to is the England’s Jack Grealish received a green cards. This was a mistake and EA revised the St. Patrick’s Day team and replaced him with Stoke City’s Jonathan Walters check



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