FIFA-COINS.COM News: New Features of Pro Clubs in FIFA 17

Although we have introduced the new features for FIFA 17, today we still want to go on this hot topic. We want to give you guys more details about the new features, thus we are going to introduce the new improvements for Pro Clubs in FIFA 17. According to the EA Sports, Pro Clubs is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4. For FIFA 17, it will brought a brand new player growth system which is based on the fan feedback. It is really a good way to develop your player. Keep reading to know more details Cheap FIFA 17 Coins.























As we all know, the slogan for FIFA 17 is football has changed which leads to look forward to the changes for FIFA 17. There is no doubt that the player growth is a great change for FIFA 17, which a system to show the teamwork and co-operation. You will receive a Match Rating out of 10 when you completed a match. Your player will level up at different speeds according to the position you play. Also you can chart your progress and see the development of your player via tracking the individual attributes























What’s more, you are able to choose from a wider variety of Traits to give a new layer of depth. You can spend the skill points which you can earn in the game. Also you can equip specific Traits to physical, defending, dribbling, passing, shooting, pace or goalkeeping. In addition, customisation is another exciting feature will be added in FIFA 17, which provide you guys the chance to customise kits and crests for your Pro Club. Last but not least, you are able to choose from 24 Kit templates in FIFA 17 and customise them to match your teams personality.

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