News: More Story about TOTS for FIFA Ultimate Team

According the history of TOTS, it has been several weeks for the Team of the Season. Yesterday EA Sports public the Team of the Season date which will start on April 29, 2016. Thus today we would like to introduce more story about the FIFA 16. Hope you guys can benefit from it. For the TOTS players, you guys can pay attention to our site or the EA Sports to know the players list on TOTS. Many fans may want to know how many cards there will be for TOTS in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. According to the history of FIFA 15, we can know that each Most Consistent but never IF TOTS, the EASFC and the ROTW TOTS have 23 players (11 on the main team, 7 substitutes and 5 reserves). Each one of the other TOTS has 18 players (11 on the main team and 7 substitutes) cheap fifa 16 coins.






















What’s more, there will not be the players from Brazilian League because they are ineligible. Usually, there is no rule about the amount of the defenders, midfielders and forwards each TOTS. Also There is no rule about it but usually the rating increases 3 to 6 points comparing to the regular card or, if exists, the last IF card. The attributes have a similar increase but it doesn’t mean that all attributes have to be improved cheap fifa coins.

In the most consistent TOTS, any bronze player that get a TOTS card, will increase his rating to 64. Any silver player that get a TOTS card, will increase his rating to 74. If a player already has rating 64 or 74, it will not change on TOTS version. Only players that already have changed their categories on a previous IF card will get a different category from the one they have in their regular cards. Check to buy cheap fifa coins for TOTS.


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