FIFA-COINS.COM News: FUT Web App for FIFA 17 is Live Now!

Long time without any news and just waiting for this exciting moment. According to the latest news from EA Sports, the FUT Web App for FIFA is released on Thursday 22nd and now it is live. Thus we would like to give you guys some guidance about it. For those who are didn’t play on FUT Web App, you can learn more details about it. Keep reading to know more details about the FIFA 17. Just spend two minutes to read it and you will benefit from it, especially for those who are fist to play FUT Web App early access buy FIFA 17 COINS.






















For the first thing we would like to introduce to you guys is where is the Web App? For those who cannot get the FUT Web App for FIFA 17. There are several solution for you. First, you can check the link whether is correct. Second, you can use another browser to have a try. Third, you can clean your cache of the one you are using. Forth, you can check if you have the Flash up to date and turn off the browser extensions. Besides, you should access the FUT Web App for FIFA 17 after you finish the login verification. You just need to confirm the email or sms they sent to you, then verify your FIFA Ultimate Team Secret question and answer and store your codes in a safe place 20% off FIFA 17 voucher.


















Someone may want to ask why I cannot access to the FUT Web App. The main reason is because you are new to FUT. Only for those who have created a security question on their consoles before August 1st, 2016 can access to the FUT Web App. There are about at least two packs for the early access, including the starter pack and one back pack. If you want more coins, then you can use spend some coins to buy packs. Stay tuned more news about FIFA 17.

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