Guidance: Where to Buy Cheap FIFA Coins & Get Free Coins?

Hello everyone, it has been half month without any updated news. We will update the news regular as before from now on. Hope you guys will like it. At this moment, I believe you guys are in holiday to enjoy your happy time. Also you will spend your time to go on a trip or play FIFA 16 to kill time. Then you guys must need a lot coins to play. Thus today I would like to give you a guidance to know where to buy cheap FIFA 16 coins and how to get free coins. Keep reading will help you a lot.



















For the cheapest FIFA coins, there is no doubt to recommend the Now there is the daily promotion on their site. That means there will be the special offer every day. It is a good way to save money to buy fifa coins. But you should keep one thing in mind. Don’t forget the special offer time. It just last for 3 hours every day. It is on the 5-8 P.M UK Time daily. Don’t miss it! Also you guys can use the 5% off coupon “FIFACOINS” or “FIFACOINSZONE” to get more off. Besides, there has been added another 5 languages on their site, including the Italian, France, German, Dutch and Arabic. It will help you a lot to place an order. ^^



















What’s more, for those who want free coins. You guys cannot miss the FIFACOINSZONE.COM. There will be the daily giveaways on their Twitter and Facebook. What you need to do is just click like bottom or share their posts. Also there is a special page called “giveaway” for you to join the betting giveaway. Good luck to you~








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