Guidance: The Introduction for Team of the Season of FUT 16

As we get closer to the Team of the season, more and more FIFA gamers hold the opinion that TOTS will be start at the last week of April. Today we are going to give you guys the introduction about the TOTS for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Hope this can give you more understanding about TOTS and make sure you guys can catch all the packs and players during TOTS. For the fresh man to TOTS, I would like to tell you guys the whole name of the TOTS is Team of the Season, which will be released many players who have played better on the whole season fifa coins for hot sale.
























As we all know, there is the TOTW for every week. Comparing to the difference of TOTW and TOTS, you will know that it is about the best player of the week for TOTW, while the TOTS is about the best players of the season. Also you can judge the difference for their whole name. Then you must have another question. That is what’s the difference between TOTY and TOTS. Different from the TOTY, it means the players who played better during the calendar year and it has been voted by the FIFAPro. However, the TOTS has no relationship to the calendar year because it is just about the players of each league who play better during the season. It is usually between August/ September and May. They don’t have to be chosen by FIFAPro members cheap fifa 16 coins.


















During the TOTS and TOTY, you guys will get a lot of players’ cards. You must want to know which player card is better between TOTS and TOTY. To the same player, it is better for you to choose the TOTY card because they are more expensive and with the better stats than TOTS version. There are six kinds of In Form cards, including the TOTW, TOTY, TOTS, MOTM, Record Breakers and Heroes. is the best place to buy fifa coins.



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