FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: The 100k Hybrid Squad – Coman, Wijnaldum, Kimpembe & more

If you’re low on coins, try out this team and see how it fares against the mega buck super squads.

You might not think so, but 100,000 coins still gets you a lot in Ultimate Team… if you play your cards right.

In fact, we built a squad to prove it! (The PS4 price is currently slightly above the 100k mark, but will likely level out to under 100k soon).

If you’re a little low on coins, try out this team and see how it fares against the mega buck super squads.

For this squad we set up in a standard 4-3-3 formation, offering attacking threats on the wings and solid cover with a three man midfield.

Keylor Navas (OVR 87)

Age: 32

Position: GK

Club: PSG

Country: Costa Rica

Best stats: 90 diving, 82 positioning, 90 reflexes

Cost: 14.5k PS4 / 14.5k Xbox One

A solid keeper for the price with a strong link to our PSG centre back, Keylor Navar is a great card. His 90 diving and 90 reflexes make him good choice as our new shot stopper.

Presnel Kimpembe (OVR 82)

Age: 24

Position: CB

Club: PSG

Country: France

Best stats: 83 interceptions, 88 aggression, 84 strength

Cost: 4.7k PS4 / 2.3k Xbox One

Kimpembe is a really good card for this price. His French nation means he’s easy to link, but besides that, he’s a well-rounded defender. At launch, the Frenchman was 15,000 coins. With a Shadow this guy stops anything!

Lucas Hernandez (OVR 84)

Age: 23

Position: CB

Club: Bayern Munich

Country: France

Best stats: 85 reactions, 86 aggression, 83 stamina

Cost: 15k PS4 / 9.2k Xbox One

Everyone’s new favourite CB in FIFA 20. Not much needs to be said about him. Hernandez is class. 83 sprint speed and 79 acceleration means he will catch almost anyone. Give him a Shadow chemistry card and he has 93 pace. Get him in your team!

Jerome Roussillon (OVR 82)

Age: 26

Position: LB

Club: VfL Wolfsburg

Country: France

Best stats: 90 sprint speed, 87 acceleration, 84 stamina

Cost: 8.5k PS4 / 6k Xbox One

If you think Roussillon is only in the team for the strong link to Hernandez, you’d be wrong.

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He is a solid defender with good work rates, good physical stats and next-level pace. Give him an Anchor chemistry style and tear up and down that wing.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (OVR 83)

Age: 21

Position: RB

Club: Liverpool

Country: England

Best stats: 88 crossing, 83 stamina, 82 curve

Cost: 9.6k PS4 / 7.7k Xbox One

Trent is a great card, not only for his solid defensive stats. His passing is great for a defender. 88 crossing means he’s a danger in the final third, and 80 free kick accuracy make him a good choice at set pieces too.

Moussa Sissoko (OVR 81)

Age: 30

Position: CM

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Country: France

Best stats: 85 sprint speed, 91 stamina, 90 strength

Cost: 26.5k PS4 / 14.5k Xbox One

If you’ve played Weekend League this year, you will have bumped into Moussa Sissoko, literally.

He is an absolute monster in midfield. Chuck an Anchor or a Shadow chemistry style on him and you have yourself a brick wall in the middle of the park. A very fast, brick wall.

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